Podcast 9 + Happy (belated) 3rd Anniversary!

Happy (belated) 3rd anniversary to us! We’re late but at least we made it within the year! Here’s a random podcast put together by us on the topic of Vita otome games. Feel free to leave a comment – whether it be what (will prompt) prompted you to get a Vita, what Vita titles you are looking forward to, or anything else related to the topic. (Of course congratulatory greetings are most welcomed too. /o\)

Hope that the sound’s okay and that you enjoyed the random listen! I hope to be back with a Jyuuzaengi 2 post…later this year. Till then~

Getsuei no Kusari -Kyouran Moratorium-: Satoya’s Route


I’m back with Mochizuki Satoya (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu). When you think things couldn’t get any worse, it does – in Satoya’s route again-. Likewise this contains two parts: Another (alternate story) and After (after Aijou end) so naturally this means spoilers for the original game. Satoya is Hibiki’s right-hand man and the leader of Koukaseinendan‘s shock troops. He’s a polite and a person of firm character. He tends to act before thinking.


Ken ga Kimi Artbook


I received my copy of Ken ga Kimi Wafuu Denki Emaki last week, a heavy, 160-page hard cover artbook. I got the normal edition as the deluxe was sold out (though recently SKiT Dolce has reopened orders gee) plus the box for the deluxe edition would’ve added a hefty shipping price. Naturally, expect (visual) spoilers below the cut.

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Getsuei no Kusari -Kyouran Moratorium-: Nozomu’s Route


Next is Haruna Nozomu (CV: Naruse Makoto). Again, this contains two parts: Another (after Izon end) and After (after Aijou end) so naturally this means spoilers for the original game. Doesn’t it sound like fun…Nozomu is not a resident of the island, but appears to be staying long-term on the island. Filled with mystery, he visits Megumi’s store whenever he’s free and woos her.


Getsuei no Kusari -Kyouran Moratorium-: Wataru’s Route


I thought that I could finish the fandisk first since I heard it was short. Umm yeah it is short so far but gosh that one route sent me into despair land for weeks before I could continue again. Yeah this isn’t a fluffy fandisk. You’ll learn about it later. Anyway I’m starting with Inoguchi Wataru (CV: Asanuma Shintarou) again. This contains two parts: Another (alternate story) and After (takes place after Aijou end) so naturally this means spoilers for the original game. Wataru is one of the soldiers dispatched from the mainland to this island, though his family is actually a prestigious family of the island. He has a foreign mother and younger brother, who aren’t blood-related to him.


Ken ga Kimi (non-spoiler)


I finished Rejet’s Ken ga Kimi quite a while back. But honestly, as much as I enjoyed it I don’t know if I have the time and energy to go back and write a detailed review for the game. So I thought that at least, for now, I should write a non-spoiler review for it. I don’t know how much it’ll help others since everyone by now should have heard something about it. But hopefully my post can offer another (non-spoiler) opinion of Ken ga Kimi.

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Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- III ~Yami no Hanayome~


Here’s my review for Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- III ~Yami no Hanayome~. As the heroine has no name, I’ll be going with “Yuu” (for you).