Important note about translations etc

28 APRIL 2019 UPDATE: I have approached and sorted things out with two youtube users. The first one did not delete the videos, but chose to blur out the subs. Please inform me if this user ever repeats their actions.

I have worked things out with the second youtube user. Things are fine now. Please don’t bother them.

Sadly, this incident has shown that if a person really wants to take your hard work, they will do whatever it takes even if you password-lock all your posts and put a stern warning. There is no way for me to judge their intentions if they disguise it well. So fine, I will make everything public again.

However, I ask for your cooperation in telling me if you ever see anyone using my translations without my knowledge/credit. I will approach them to settle things.

To everyone who keeps asking why I don’t sub my translations on the videos: I don’t want to repost another fan’s hard work without their permission. I have tried asking original uploaders but to no avail. So I could only proceed this way. I have many footnotes which I think will enhance people’s understanding, but cannot fit in a video. Those are the top reasons. I allowed people to use my translations as long as they tell me first and credit and link back (including re-translating into another language).

So like I always state at the end of my posts: If you want to use my translations for anything, ask me first. Please don’t copy/paste/edit my translations elsewhere without my knowledge. If you truly do wish to share, please post a link to my blog instead of reposting my translations. If you take advantage of my hard work, don’t expect me to 给你面子.

Lastly, if you enjoy my blog content, you may consider buying me a ko-fi ( If not, a simple “thank you” and/or comments are always appreciated. This applies to any translator – please take the initiative to show them your appreciation.

Light and Night – Charlie’s symbols and themes

I’ve been wanting to write/translate interesting analysis about Charlie for a long time. I was just lazy cos the information is massive, and keeps building up with the constant release of events (so this post does not necessarily cover everything). But since the main story update, which all players have been waiting since forever, has yet to be announced even after months – I thought I should get to work before it does drop.

Charlie is strongly associated with multiple symbols and themes. I am going through one by one, but in fact there are many overlaps, as you will find out when you read on. Therefore I foresee this to be rather messy, even though I will do my best to categorise as cleanly as possible. Obviously, you should expect spoilers up till the latest scenario (which is the current white day fairytale event, and season 21 of truth & dare).

You don’t have to agree with everything written. In fact, I didn’t agree fully with the analysis posts, so I was selective. In any case, hopefully you can appreciate Charlie’s character better.


Nintendo Switch Games #6

Oops my first post of 2023 – another review post of some Nintendo Switch games! But actually for two of them, it’s just general thoughts as I’m sure they’ve been well-reviewed already. As usual, if interested, you should wishlist them for your own future reference. Especially if you wish to wait for a sale.


Nintendo Switch Games #5

Here’s another review post of some Nintendo Switch games! I finished these games a few months back aka I sure procrastinated on writing up this post. Hopefully I still remember majority of them. If interested, you should wishlist them for your own future reference. Especially if you wish to wait for a sale.


Light and Night marie claire magazine – Charlie

I’ve been playing the mobile CN otome game 光与夜之恋 for almost a year already, and if you follow my twitter, you would probably know that my bias is Charlie / Zha Lisu. I actually wasn’t planning on making any blog posts about him, as work can get hectic and I juggle quite a few hobbies within whatever free time I have left lol. But I really enjoyed the recent magazine collaboration with marie claire, which prompted me to translate Charlie’s portion.

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《心辰》犯罪心理 – English Translation

This is a translation of 心辰, from 犯罪心理 (Criminal Psychology). It’s the main couple’s theme song from the audio drama’s third and final season.

The lyrics really represent Lin Chen and Xing Cong Lian’s feelings, especially given what happened in the audio drama’s third and final season. No obvious spoilers from the song alone. However, if you already know the spoilers, you may end up crying like me sobssss.

ALSO I’M SO HAPPY THAT WE WERE NOT LEFT HANGING, THAT WE GOT THE LAST SEASON AND PROPER CLOSURE TO THE STORY. The first few episodes were rocky as it changed hands to another production team (same characters cast, no worries). However, it really improved after the third episode, so great job to the team!
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Quick CNovel Reviews #9

So…long time no post. In case you don’t know yet, jjwxc (where a lot of cnovels are) announced earlier this year that they are planning for an international version. Which is good and all, except that their ambiguous terms for proposed translations kinda sent fan translators into a flurry. So now many fan translations are either locked or deleted.

For my past cnovel recommendations, I only picked those with existing English translations, since I know not everyone can read in the original language. But with the current situation, it will be difficult for me to stick to that. In fact, I need to edit my old posts but I’ve been procrastinating on that. Ehh, anyway for this time, I decided to recommend cnovels without any English translations. Sorry, but you have to put up with my poor summary skills and translations. Please don’t use my translations for anything, it was really rushed with little proofreading. ;;;

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