Important note about MDZS / TGCF posts

I started translating MDZS and TGCF fansongs because I admired the fans’ creativity, dedication and efforts. So I wanted more people to appreciate them, by translating into English.

Recently, I have to constantly remind myself of this sentiment which spurred me on. When a fandom grows bigger, naturally you will see more people and more kinds of people.

Similar to what happened with my DMMd (including Re:connect) spoilers posts – I am tired now. I have locked all my MDZS and TGCF fansong translation posts. They’ll require unique passwords now to be read. (I did not lock my List of 天官赐福 characters post.)

Yes, I reached my limit quicker this time. Again, this is tedious on my end. But I don’t want to see my translations being used any longer without any credit, an experience which will in turn affect my love for the fandom.

You may think that I asked for this because I don’t sub my translations on the videos. I have my reasons, which I always share when people ask. I don’t want to repost another fan’s hard work without their permission. I have tried asking original uploaders but to no avail. So I could only proceed this way. I have many footnotes which I think will enhance people’s understanding, but cannot fit in a video. Those are the top reasons. I allowed people to use my translations as long as they tell me first and credit/link back (including re-translating into another language), so I don’t think I should get this in return.


If you want the password for certain post(s), leave a comment saying which one(s) and I can email the respective password(s) to you. Please don’t think that I’ll automatically email you though as the whole purpose of me locking my posts, is so that I don’t have to deal with upsetting business anymore. ): So I have to exercise discretion, it’s not that I mean to offend people. And please don’t entertain the thought of sharing it in public.

Thank you for reading, and especially to those who’ve always left kind comments. There’s no need to follow + ask me on twitter. Just a comment here will do, as you’d need to enter your email when you comment. Feel free to enter your URL too.