2016 in review + Happy 2017!


WordPress has no annual report this time, but it’s been a SUPER quiet year here so no problems for me to write a brief summary. Basically, the main highlight was two games for me. 😄 Oh well, thank you to everyone for still dropping by!

Here’s to hoping that the 2017 will have more activity and more great titles. Thanks again for following us, and hope that the new year is brighter than the previous one!


Taisho x Alice epilogue: Yurika & Concluding Thoughts


After you finished Alice’s route in Taisho x Alice epilogue you unlock Yurika‘s side of the story. A cheerful and energetic girl, who is also quick-witted and good at playing her cards right. She has fairy tale-like romances with the men of the mirror world. Naturally, going through this route means that you should have been through the rest already, and are aware of all the previous spoilers. Also, this route contains elements which might be triggering.