PC adventure games

Really wanted to share a little fandom on PC adventure games so here’s just a short summary of each!

Monkey Island series (LucasArts)

The game comes in a series of 5, of which started from pixel-ish art to 2D to 3D renderings.

Everyone i know who knew MI, recommended that i should play the first of the series “The Secret of Monkey Island”, which is the kind of the best of the series. But, i’ve only got to play the 4th and 5th (Escape from MI and Tales of MI). So my thoughts are based on these 2 games.

Monkey Island is about the caribbean. You think of the caribbean, you think of…. Pirates!
Yup, a world of pirates and lots of puns and jokes… and monkeys too. The world of MI also involves Voodoo magic.
The main character, Guybrush Threepwood, a self-claimed Mighty Pirate (but actually a loser pirate lol), goes on different adventures to fight againist his arch-nemesis, the demon pirate Le Chuck.

The script is very hilarious, sometimes using modern world terminology and subtly implementing modern world stuff like Starbucks and youtube in their dialogues.
It’s a fully voiced game with animated cut scenes. The voice cast is amazing and it’s one of the things that i look forward to in the game (the other being the dialogues).
The characters are very colourful, ranging from hippie dudes to hyper-active salesman to pirate-turned-painter.
MI has fantastic music as well. It has a more reggae feel to it (imagine hawaii, the beach and abit of Pirates of the Caribbean battle scenes).

Some puzzles can be time-consuming, like alot of adventure games, but they are relatively easy to solve once you’ve figure it out.

This game will surely brighten your day!

Grim Fandango (LucasArts)

One thing about LucasArts adventure games is that they have really hilarious scripts and memorable characters.
Grim Fandango is considered the best PC adventure game during it’s time, and i totally agree.
The plot, music, art, dialogues, gameplay, puzzles are all really awesome.

The story sets in the Land of the Dead where there is corruption going on that prevents the dead to proceed to the Ninth underworld. Manny is a grim reaper travel agent, and he’s working in the undead city to pay off his debts in his living days. He discovers the corruption in his company and the world and the and trys to put a stop to it.

GF’s environment and character design gives a noir and aztec feel, while the music consists of blues, jazz and swing, enhancing the game’s atmosphere.
Puzzle wise, it’s similar to Monkey Island, where you go around town to gather items and talk to others. There are many mini-games that you’ll have to solve in order to proceed. Dialogues are used to an advantage as puzzles are also found when you converse with an NPC.

Give this game a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Syberia (Microids)

Set in modern day in Europe where the cities you travel to all rely on clockwork or automatons (clockwork robots). You play Kate, a lawyer, who goes to settle an Automaton factory inheritance but finds herself dealing with a bigger and complicated case.

While I really enjoyed the beautiful designs and renderings, which is one of the highlights of the game, the lack of music is abit of a downer but it’s not a big deal. This game has a more serious tone though they do have a few funny moments.
The puzzles can be reeeeeally time-consuming and irritating as you require to travel great lengths just to get a certain item. Plus, the puzzles are DIFFICULT. You really have to use every juice in your brain man. Had to follow a guide for this lolol.

Though the game can be very tedious and difficult at times, this game still wins because of the art and story.

Dreamfall (Funcom)

I’ve yet to complete this game but so far I’m enjoying it!

This is actually a sequel to ‘The longest journey’ game.
There are puzzles to solve and abit of fighting, stealth and hiding as well. I struggled with beating up a guy at one point that I had to retry many times. Then again, i suck at fighting games. xDDD

In Dreamfall, there are 2 parallel worlds, one fantasy-RPG-ish, the other technology driven. In the modern world, an organization is plotting to brainwash the world with its technology and somehow the fantasy world is affected as well. Heroine Zoe, gets caught up in the case when her ex-bf gets into trouble with the organization.

The story is quite complicated and since i didn’t play the prequel, it’s abit hard to understand what’s going on. That, and cos i put this game on hold for so long that i kinda lost certain details of the game. lol

I should get back to complete this!


2 thoughts on “PC adventure games

  1. lenaleemelodee says:

    Hey! I know my comment’s coming pretty late but still, it’s sooo nice to see someone else play Dreamfall! I haven’t played the prequel as well but I remember coming across the game on the internet and I talked my friends into buying it for me back when it was brand new. I LOVEd the game, actually I thought it was more of a movie than a game, and I kinda cried in the end.

    From what I’ve heard, all its fans are excitingly waiting for the next game to be released, but the creators said that it’s unknown when they’re able to release it. And when they were asked why, they said something like “if people stopped buying pirate copies, then we would have money to work on the game”. It’s kinda sad. Have you finished playing it?


    • chromite says:

      Oh hey! Glad to see a Dreamfall player! Haven’t met anyone who has played it lol.
      Yeah the game’s awesome and i wish i could complete the rest of the game right now, but i don’t have it with me :/. I am still stuck at the part where april’s in the ogre/goblin’s cave, i kept dying there haha.
      Yeah, i heard about a future release but it’s been so long, i kinda doubt they’ll be releasing it any time soon, or at all. Really hope they do though!


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