Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~

Drama CD (plus free postcards)

Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~ is a doujin drama CD by Cineria. This looks like the first of a ‘Kareshi Igai’ series, and this time it features Ishida Akira. If you are unable to guess by now, I am a huge sucker for this voice actor, which is a huge reason why I bought this.

Another contributing factor is that the premises of this drama CD seemed rather unique. As the title suggests, the character Ishida Akira plays is someone other than your supposed current boyfriend – so yes, in the context of this drama CD, you are supposedly…well, cheating.

Cineria writes on their website that they don’t actually encourage cheating (that would be troublesome lol), but they would like people to think about what exactly is considered as cheating – whether it be a physical relationship, or maybe just a change of feelings within your heart.

In this drama CD, Ishida Akira plays a fellow colleague, Takano Nozomi. It starts off with him listening to your complaints about your current boyfriend. This leads to the two of you meeting up for a drink after work to talk more about it, and one drop too much leads to the two of you ending up in his house for the night.

Your relationship somehow develops into an intimate one for the next few days. However, reality hits you as your current boyfriend starts worrying about your whereabouts (the two of you are actually co-habituating). As a result, you have to come to a decision about your relationship with Nozomi.

The ending may come as expected or not, but either way, it definitely touched me. More often than not, I hear Ishida Akira play laid-back roles, or extremely flashy weird or cute roles. In this case, Nozomi is your regular office worker who enjoys smoking and drinking, with that bit of a perverted side. Yet during your intimate moments, he can come off as somewhat passionate and clingy, but also mature and reserved since he wouldn’t commit himself 100% being the third party. So it was pretty refreshing to hear Ishida Akira portray Nozomi.

I enjoyed his free talk too, and the special track. I will definitely keep a lookout for future releases from Cineria too. Of course, this comes from a biased perspective so I would recommend this to fellow bias fans pfft. However, you won’t find this on sites with international shipping like cdjapan or yesasia. So you will need to get a proxy (or unless you happen to be in Japan yourself).

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.

11 thoughts on “Kareshi Igai ~Douryou to no Ayamachi~

  1. angstch says:

    reading your review have tempted me (somewhat) to have a try for this series (which I put off initially) 😛
    ah ano, do you know where I can get the translation for this volume?


      • angstch says:

        Ah it’s alright 😛 Just wondering in case you might have come across one or so (^^;;;) I get the gist but not as detailed as I’d like it to be… Thank you anyways :3


          • angstch says:

            I did enjoy the drama CD… after repeating it thrice (^^;;;)
            Correct me if I’m wrong, in the bonus track, instead of (spoiler) … is it? -scratchscratch-


            • Yume says:

              Sorry that I had to edit your comment as I didn’t want to spoil anyone who happened to haven’t listened to it yet. ;; But yes you got the main gist of the bonus track. (:


            • angstch says:

              aaah!! gomeeeeen >///////< i forgotten about that;; oh noo! ive ruined it *shotself* i dont know how to not spoil it ^^;;; if i need to ask you,, unless you know a way?

              On another note, have you listened to the 4th vol?


            • Yume says:

              Unfortunately I don’t think WordPress has any functions to hide spoilers in the comments. ^^; If you want, perhaps you can ask me on twitter (if you have an account).

              I haven’t. XD To be honest I only bought vol 1, 3 to listen to. I’m not as interested in vol 2, 4, 5. Ahaha.


            • angstch says:

              aahh σ(^_^;) oh well, true… unlike LJ, WP doesnt have the spoiler tag. lols are ishida (does he have any nickname?) and nobucchin one of your favourite seiyuus? or is it the characters that you like?

              PS OFC I HAVE TWITTER! err, my twitter’s @anstch 😀 what’s yours?


            • Yume says:

              Ishida is my bias and Okamoto’s character appeared really cute (from Cineria’s character tweets) so I got them. ^^

              My twitter is @orenjiyume. (:


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