Amnesia: Kent’s route

Amnesia has a surprisingly simple set-up: you’re the heroine who finds all of her memories gone, and in a dream-like world with a new companion: Orion. Orion tells you that he’s a spirit who came to the human world on a task but accidentally crashed into you and somehow, that impact caused you to not only lose consciousness but also all your memories and your personality too. He’s stuck with you ‘cos apparently he’s sealed away just like your memories, so you’ll have to regain your memories if he’s to be released from you. If not, he’ll slowly but sucking away the life from you.

Okay, that all sounds extremely freaky. But Orion is really the most adorable side-character ever, whether it’s his expressions or his lines (and most of the times, they’re exactly what I’m thinking). He pretty much narrates everything since 95% of the time you don’t have any lines. He tells you that there are parallel worlds and from there you are able to choose the one you want to go too. Since I went after Kent (CV: Ishida Akira) first, it’s the Clover world.

You discover that it’s the summer holidays and you basically have that one month of August to try and recover as many memories as possible before a new term starts at your university. I’m not going to go into much details but rather summarise the main happenings in Kent’s route. So this is really SPOILERS AHEAD.

Kent is your boyfriend, however you two had only just started going out for a week. He’s an extremely logical person and often rattles away into theories and stuff like it’s the usual thing for him. Despite that though, he can still sense that you’re really lacking your usual spite since the two of you often bicker a lot. But, he also welcomes this change since he gets to talk to you like normal couples should. Obviously though, there’s something weird about your relationship before you lost your memories since he gets really shocked when you speak normally to him even when his tone is rather sharp and argumentative.

Nevertheless, you get to learn more about your usual routine: you work part-time at a maid/butler cafe on three days of the week. On the other days, Kent basically asks you out as he believes that the first step of a relationship is to spend as much time together. Sounds sensible. Thing is, most of the times he does his own stuff and you do yours. Along with Orion’s encouragement, you try to talk to him to trigger anything in order to regain your memories. The very first memory you regain though, is that in the past Kent said that you hate him. …well that went well. Orion, being strongly linked with you, can also view these memories you saw.

You also learn that Kent is a graduate student doing Maths, but he pretty much has a great interest in anything scientific – even to the point where he raises plants, feeds them weird things, and gives them names like “Yogurt”. You also get to know his friend, Ikki, who is a huge flirt but he can’t do anything to you with Kent burning holes in his back with his eyes. Ikki also often has hilariously serious “showdowns” with Kent but it’s actually just Kent dealing out extremely difficult Maths puzzles for him to solve pffft.

Your relationship gets spurred on though when Mine, a junior at your workplace, proclaims that she’s in love with the same guy as you and clearly full of envy. (However, things turn out to be a huge misunderstanding which is really too fun and should be played out instead of me explaining.) You tell Kent about this and like most cases, he takes what you said and puts it in the worst possible scenario. He doesn’t understand why you’re reporting him about this and somehow this flow to the point that he asks if this is your sign of wanting to break up with him. Obviously not, but you don’t know how to explain yourself and things end sourly that day.

The next day he asks you out and apparently he had a talk with Ikki who gave him pretty sound advice. He brings you to this road where the two of you used to meet quite often. Somehow, that triggers a past memory: you told him that you were heart-broken since you pretty much got your feelings rejected by another person. Kent theorises that it’s natural and good for you since it builds up your relationship experience, so in fact, you should experience more of this. Obviously you get mad and raise your hand at him, but he stops you.

Of course, Kent doesn’t know you’re going through all of these flashbacks. He becomes surprisingly honest about how he feels, without all the logic lectures, and says that he often walks extremely fast because he gets overly-conscious of your presence and gets the urge to hold your hand but is afraid you’ll be disgusted (homg, how much bad terms were you both on?). However, this is the you now and you say it’s alright. In return, he refers to what happened yesterday and says that other people’s feelings don’t matter, he’s just in love with you and that won’t change.

Orion clearly concludes that Kent is in love with you, he even surprises you with a cake to celebrate your relationship’s half-month anniversary. But the problem lies in what the you before felt about him. Other than that, you get to know other people such as your fellow co-workers and friends. At the same time, you encounter this creepy guy called Ukyou. You also find out from Sawa, a fellow co-worker, that Kent tutored you, her and Mine before in Maths so that was how you met each other. Also, he’s preparing for his talk on his paper for a seminar on August 25th. After that he’s possibly leaving soon for one year of student exchange if his talk went well. Things are not looking good.

Still, your relationship manages to progress for the better since now the two of you are more honest with each other. Kent becomes extremely honest about how he feels and his thoughts. It’s just that the past is really bugging you since Kent seems rather careful with how he approaches you too.

Other memories you recall include how Kent was the one who confessed to you first. However, he phrased it in an extremely unpleasant manner, saying that what he’s going through now must be love and he’s interested in experimenting with it more. You were clearly shocked. However, he went on to say that you claim that love has no rhyme or reason, unlike what he believes in (that it’s all a chemical reaction in the body). So if you went out with him, you could also try to prove what you believe to him and he’ll respect that. Hence, you pretty much just got caught up on his challenge.

Even though your relationship with Kent is looking good, things escalate to a point where he becomes suspicious that you can’t remember your past you so you decide to come clean with him. He takes it all in and says that he’ll support you. However, he’s also scared that you will remember the past and that it will break your current relationship with him. After this point in the game, I swear, I was completely taken over by Kent’s passion, sincerity and love.

He’s just so devoted, to which Orion also completely agrees, and admits that though Kent was a real blockhead at first, he warmed up to you and has became almost like a different person. You also make a trip to his house and happen to meet his parents. From there you learn that his parents are a 200% version of Kent, in that they’re extremely logical in whatever they do. So you clearly know his influences. However, Kent has changed now and he starts to admit that maybe love doesn’t have a reason after all.

At the same time, you also tell him about Orion. He finds it hard to believe at first, but slowly does so (with amazingly logical reasons). The two of them communicate via you, and at this point I’m a total Orion fan. Orion says that he can tell Kent is truly in love with you and that you probably are too. He also says that no matter what the memories were, you view Kent differently now so the two of you would be able to make it through somehow.

So, despite his fears of you recalling bad memories of him – Kent told your other friends that you’re doing some video project and asks everyone to talk to you about the deepest memory they have of you. So bit by bit, you recall: Mine actually asked Ikki to tutor the three of you (hoping to hit on him, have fun). Instead, Ikki asked Kent to do it. You all were not serious about getting lessons in Maths, however, Kent was unfazed and dead serious in teaching Maths. So you recall that you were probably first taken in by that side of him. In addition, you often met him on that road ‘cos you were walking your dog in the mornings and he would be taking a breather from his work.

…wait, your dog? That’s right, you recall this extremely important bit of memory on the day of his talk (August 25th). Ikki was supposed to pick you up to go see Kent together, however, you overhear that Kent forgot something important. You decide to go get it for him but someone pushes you from behind and you get into an accident. That impact triggers your memory of how your dog, which you had raised since young, met with an accident and died as it broke away from the leash. However, as you are grieving over this, Kent, being his logical self then, tells you to stop dazing and instead learn from this experience and not make the same mistakes (such as the leash being old and worn out etc.).

Imagine that this dog was as close as a family member to you, obviously hearing these words would anger you. So you shouted at Kent to leave you alone and to just let you feel sad right now, and also that you hated him. Since you’d just recalled this, Orion tells you that he is able to leave you now and says farewell to you. He also adds that you’ll probably forget him but he won’t and will always watch over you. Meanwhile, Ikki receives a call from the hospital and tells Kent about it. Kent decides to give up the talk and rushes over to the hospital to see you instead.

Kent finds out that he recalled it all and he apologises for what he said that time. He felt extremely guilty ‘cos at that time, he told your dog to leave the two of you alone. It was a coincidence that the leash happened to break and so on, but he felt it was like the devil gave him what he wanted etc. You decide to forgive him and admit that you were over-the-top at times too. And from then on, I swear, it’s even more lovey-dovey between you two.

At one point, he even proposes to you, but says that it’s an advanced notice but he’s pretty serious about wanting to marry you. After that, he continues treating you extremely well and loved, and also tries to trigger more memories. You recall that you were actually already in love with Kent. But when Mine tried hitting on him, he turned her down really badly and said that he has no interest in relationships. You overheard that and pretty much felt that your hopes were gone. So you told Kent that you were heart-broken, hoping to stir up something in him as a last chance and so on. You get extremely embarrassed recalling this, at the same time, Kent gets curious about who it was you were actually in love with in before. When he finds out the truth, the two of you have a good laugh and realise that you’ve been going in circles.

At the end, he says that he’s going to try again for the student exchange the next year, and asks you to join him in London. The epilogue shows the two of you in London and much more lovey-dovey lines than in some otome games.

My only problem with this happy end is that they made him say ungrammatical English (“I’m sorry for waiting“). OKAY IT IS EXTREMELY OUT-OF-POINT but yeah. In the normal end, there are a few differences but the main difference is that Kent managed to shift his talk to the very first one, get that out of the way and rushed over to see you. As a result, he still went on the student exchange that year and parted with you. The epilogue was that he missed you hnng. The normal end really got to me though, ‘cos after Orion is gone you recall that someone really close to you once said that you will be alright with Kent now since you see him differently. /I really love Orion.

In the first bad end, he sends you to the hospital after hearing you out and your condition gets worse since Orion is sucking away your life. However, Kent says that even if you forget him, he won’t forget you. In the second bad end, Kent doesn’t rush over to see you after hearing about your accident. As a result, creepy guy Ukyou gets to you and pretty much murders you homg.

All in all, Kent’s route is extremely sweet despite all the drama before. The lines he delivers towards the end of the game are just so full of passion and love. Yet he has such discipline and control over himself, it’s commendable (aka he doesn’t jump at you like some guys do). Appearance-wise, I like his character design the most ‘cos he looks the most manly. Eheh. Voice-wise, don’t even get me started on my bias towards Ishida Akira. I enjoyed the other characters as well – it was nice to see that the heroine actually has female friends. Even though Mine was bratty at first, she becomes on good terms with you, like Sawa, after the misunderstanding is cleared up. Kent’s relationship with Ikki was also nicely shown. One character I failed to mention though was the cafe manager – Waka. He apparently has different personalities in each route. In Kent’s, he was silent and strict, and can pretty much order you around with just him looking at you pffft.

In case you’re wondering about the heroine’s family, it’s only said that you live away from home so you don’t meet them at all. Well, I’m heading onto another character’s route now and it looks like that will give a different side of the whole story. But I don’t know if I’ll write on the other characters. You may wanna check out the Amnesia tag on my tumblr for more.


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    • Yume says:

      Umm if you’re talking about a walkthrough for Amnesia, the Japanese ones out there are quite straightforward. I used the one from for example. If you’re talking about a review, sorry but I don’t plan on going back to review the other Amnesia routes as I played those way back last year. Instead, Hinano, Rin, Ilinox, Twentyninenights all already have awesome Amnesia reviews of varying depths which you can read.


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