Amnesia Impressions, Official Poll Results

I actually finished Amnesia almost a month ago and already started on another game but I haven’t found the time to do reviews for the other characters, ahaha. No idea if I will ever end up doing them. /bricked

So this will just be a short spoiler-free write-up of my general impressions of the whole game, and recommended order of play for those who are interested in playing the game.

Coincidentally, the poll results for the favourite character of the game was released on the official website today! I admit I was a bit surprised at the results but then again…it also didn’t seem like a surprise. Well, so below is also the sexy ご褒美画像 and translations of each character’s comments. (Didn’t translate voters’ comments ‘cos they’re suggestive, so don’t read them on the official webpage if you understand Japanese and don’t want to be spoiled.)

First, spoiler-free impressions of the game: I didn’t have high expectations ‘cos the very fact that you, the heroine, is this girl with no memory or personality seems rather…Mary-sue to be frank. But it turned out pretty interesting! Firstly, in each character’s route you get to read new stories and character interactions. Or in other words, there are no overlaps. So in that aspect, they made the characters have at least some amount of depth (well, there are “different” types of depth lol).

Also, definitely towards the end of the game there are romantic scenes to please fan inner fangirl (again, there are “different” types of romances lol). Individually, Shin is an aggressive, passionate character though his route was filled with mystery and snooping around for clues. Ikki is the popular flirt with a fanclub (which is annoying, trust me). His route is romantic and has a lot to do with coming to terms with his real feelings. Kent is the stoic, logical, intelligent guy, who is immature in his feelings-department. A lot centres around your relationship with him. My bias comes in here and I find him really adorable towards the end. Toma is…I don’t even know what to say without spoiling anything. He’s the caring, older brother archetype with a twist I guess.

In any case, I definitely recommend doing Shin’s route immediately after Toma’s. It makes things a lot better in my opinion. Other than that, I would say end with Kent or Ikki lol. Ukyou is the hidden character so you can only go after him after you’ve finished everyone’s routes 100%. Is he worth the effort? 100% yes.

Ukyou’s route explains everything plot-wise (why he keeps coming after you in other routes, why you lost your memory, why Orion is stuck with you etc.) and his character is really adorable and the relationship with him endearing.

I think all the seiyuu did a great job, except that I’m still not as convinced with Kakihara’s handling of Shin. Maybe it’s my personal preference but I found his lines too monotonous. And even with what happened in Toma’s routes, Hino did such a great job I just…got taken in.

The OST wasn’t too bad, especially the one they use for the creepy scenes (lmao) and the touching scenes. The CGs are so pretty, which was also a reason why I have ordered the Visual Fanbook for Amnesia. You can probably expect a post on that when my copy arrives. Ah, and how could I forget dear Orion! Best side character ever. I voted for him in the poll so let’s move on to the results.

Yes, Toma won. LOL. Apparently everyone loves his type of character the most. I thought that maybe Ikki would’ve taken top spot, or the two would’ve had a closer difference in votes.

1st: Toma (1558 votes) “Ha? I’m first? ……it’s a lie isn’t it. What sort of joke is this? Eh, this is for real? ……Aah is that so.”

2nd: Ikki (1018 votes) “Oh? I didn’t think that I would’ve lost to Toma. Aah, but there’s no need to worry, I only belong to you who voted for me.”

3rd: Shin (829 votes) “Toma is first? Fu—n…well, it doesn’t really matter. Or rather, melon soda is sold out.”

4th: Ukyou (795 votes) “Eeh!? There are people who voted for me!? I thought that you had forgotten about me but still……! 10 years from now I’ll lose myself in happiness recalling this, thank you!”

5th: Kent (507 votes) “The percentage of votes I got out of the total number of votes is 9.57% huh. I would’ve liked it to have at least crossed 10%. No, more importantly, it can’t be helped to be rather shocked over the fact that Ikkyuu isn’t first. All of a sudden I feel a wave of interest in Toma, fufufu…”

6th: Orion (227 votes) “Thank you for voting for me! I’m really happy~! I’m so happy that I feel like dancing the flamenco on top of the gate!” [OMG too cute!]

7th: Heroine (202 votes) “Keigo, or colloquial form…… which form should I use to answer “thank you”…”

8th: Waka (76 votes) “You there! You have great courage to vote for me!! I’ll specially send you to the front line. Rejoice!!”

9th: Mine (56 votes) “I’m above Sawa-senpai~! I feel bad for Senpai, but I guess I’m a bit happy.”

10th: Rika (10 votes) “My ranking doesn’t matter at all…! More importantly, Ikki-sama…Ikki-sama is second!!”

11th: Sawa (9 votes) “Nn~ Well, that’s how things are! There’s no way that I’ll be above that girl (heroine). I didn’t think that I’ll be more popular than Mine either~”

12th: Heroine’s father (5 votes)

13th: Owner (4 votes)

Total: 5296 votes

Toma: “You really have bad taste. There are lots of guys better than me, right? Even so regardless of that you picked me……you’re really an idiot.

I’m aware myself that I’m the lowest of all guys. but since you took the trouble of choosing me, at the most I’ll make the effort to make you happy. No matter what happens afterwards I promise to protect you, and cherish you for life.

That’s why……give up and become mine.”