Kimi to Boku – After School- Fanbook

Along with the release of the manga’s volume 10 last month, the official fanbook was also released for Kimi to Boku (Hotta Kiichi).

It’s about A5 in size and 130~ pages in all. The lovely part is that there are 60~ pages of colour illustrations inside this, coupled with character profiles, chapter event summaries, interview with Hotta Kiichi, short comics, drama CD scripts, sketches and notes by fellow mangaka.

The colour illustrations are all of the watercolour variant and are really delightful to flip through! Probably almost every other illustration that existed is included with so many pages. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, at least you can fully appreciate this 40-50% of the fanbook.

Here are sample pages of the fanbook (do click for a bigger view):

Personally, I think it was a really neat buy! It’s like the usual fanbook + artbook but in a reasonable size with the illustrations all nicely spaced out. The content such as the character profiles were fun to read too, and it was interesting to see what Hotta Kiichi had to say about her own work (for example, she initially thought of setting it in the casts’ middle school days, and the twins had interesting club activities lol).

Hopefully this will help some people to decide whether they want to get the fanbook or not!


2 thoughts on “Kimi to Boku – After School- Fanbook

  1. lenaleemelodee says:

    This one is my most favourite fanbook so far. It’s kinda like… it’s made with so much love from both the editor and the mangaka, you can feel it. I read everything in it, I think I’ve even reread some parts a few times. I adore this fanbook.


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