Amnesia VFB and others

This arrived way faster than expected. I’ll try to avoid turning into a jumble of fangirling, and show the contents of the Amnesia Visual Fanbook, as well as the Clock Zero PSP, Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Limited/Deluxe Editions. In that way you can know what to expect if you’re interested in getting them. Lots of photos underneath and potential spoilers for Amnesia.

The Amnesia VFB is simply put, really pretty. Personally, and I think for many others, the art is one of the strongest points of this game.

The first 20~30 pages are taken up by such illustrations, some old and a few new ones (at least for me haha). They are all really gorgeous. Shin seems to be the cover boy for Amnesia, so he has a few to himself.

Following that, are the character profiles, and CGs from all of the different routes. It was rather cute to see the chibi done for the sub-characters too. It was interesting to read what the staff comments were on the main characters. For example they initially planned on making Toma a senpai studying to become a vet. However, that changed upon seeing his final character design. Yet when the cage scene was brought into his route, it felt as though it corresponded with his initial profile of wanting to become a vet pfft. On a random note, I’ve compared the yandere expressions of Toma, Ukyou and Rika and personally, I think Toma’s is the scariest. /bricked

Moving on, we have the four seiyuu interviews, the creators’ comments, as well as short stories of the main characters at different points of the game. It’s a pity they didn’t add in an interview for Ukyou’s seiyuu, Miyata Kouki. In addition, there are the short stories and illustrations that were featured in B’sLOG magazine previously. (Personally, I’m really thankful for these ‘cos I don’t frequently purchase B’sLOG.) At the end, are the guides for each character’s routes in the game (not shown in the photos), initial character and CG sketches, and finally the extra CGs from the game.

Overall, you can be sure that the illustrations in this VFB are not everything (for example, Shin + heroine’s new illustration featured on the Otomate Lab cover, and another on the Otomate Still Collection vol.7). However, it’s still pretty to gaze at. Besides gazing at those and the profiles and CGs, I think a large part of the enjoyment comes from reading the comments and short stories (Ukyou <3). So that would mean you would have to have really enjoyed the game and the characters. It’s going to sound pretty obvious but yes, you would wanna be a fan of the game to purchase this. Not just for the illustrations, but also for the content.

Clock Zero PSP Limited edition version consists of the game, limited edition drama CD, booklet with chibi drawings and short stories related to those drawings (it’s recommended to read/listen after playing the game, but as you can see, the drawings are about the characters drinking lol). As a preorder, I also got the preorder drama CD and the portrait tokuten from NeoWing.

Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Deluxe Edition comes with the game, deluxe edition drama CD, booklet (illustrations from B’sLOG/Dengeki Girl’s Style magazines, short comic (Wendy x Hook), sketches and short stories). As a preorder, there was also the preorder drama CD and the portraits tokuten.

I’ll be finishing up on the game I’m playing now (and may write a non-spoiler review for it). After which I may move onto CZ PSP next week or so depending on my RL schedule~ Anyway, you can expect my near future game reviews, if any, to be around these two games I bought.

11 thoughts on “Amnesia VFB and others

  1. twentyninenights says:

    Congratz for it! The package was safely arrived (mine must take it to the post office that make me think twice to make an order).

    CZ booklet is so tempting! More cute pictures there. And I didn’t buy Amnesia VFB, but still felt happy for you too! I don’t think I have many time to play CZ though, so maybe I’ll just skip it and read the new parts. Also, I wish to play Peter Pan from Quinrose too (Now is behind my many many schedules).


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! ❤ (Ahh that's true, it's such a hassle.)

      Too many games, so little time! But I think it'll still be enjoyable if you just read the new parts in CZ. X3 Personally, I foresee Peter Pan being a long game haha. Probably shouldn't start on it till we're more free~


  2. Yukiru says:

    OMGOMGOMG!!ヽ(≧∀≦)ノキャー♡ THE L2 PORTRAIT IS MY PURE LOVE! XD *regrets not ordering from CDJapan/Neowing .. I should have ordered 2 copies of CZPSP /bricked* HNGGGG at CZPSP Limited booklet


    • orenjiyume says:

      When I saw the portrait I immediately though of you. XD And the booklet is so cute~~ Didn’t want to spoil myself though so I’ll leave it for later. Where did you order your copy from?


      • Yukiru says:

        aww *w* thank you~ I ordered mine from Stella-worth 🙂 I had to beg a friend for help.. Stella is so foreigner-unfriendly. Everything kanji, katakana only including credit card name. I want to order from them again but I don’t want to bug my friend every time so -_-” But Neowing/CDJapan is SO FAST! ii ne~~


        • Yume says:

          I see I see. O: I’ve never tried ordering from there before but I just went to see the main page and…I think I see what you mean. Previously my orders from Neowing/CDJapan took a week, I really wonder why it’s so fast this time. ^^; But at least that meant the shipping fee was worth it. orz


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