Aishite ageru nya! -Boku no Pet- vol.1

Aishite ageru nya! -Boku no Pet- is a drama CD by Frontier Works. Similar to my previous drama CD review, this is also the first of the series, and features Ishida Akira.

The context is that Ishida Akira plays Seito Keiichi, a system engineer who lives with his (female) pet cat, Silk. Obviously, he loves his cat to death (not exaggerating) and you’re supposed to imagine that he’s pampering you, if you want to. However, that’s only the first 10 tracks and 14th track. After that, Ishida is forced to also does tracks where his “pet” is a snake, bike, and daikon. Lastly, is his free talk, with an unexpected hidden track at the end.

I’ve always had this image of Frontier Works, that they have some of the most random and silliest (but enjoyable) drama CDs. These include the successful Oujisama (Warai) series, and their upcoming plans for Pasta Mafia. So when I heard of this, I couldn’t quite picture it as the usual otome drama CD. And well, I was proven right in a way.

It starts off with Keiichi coming home late after work, worrying over the fact that his cat must be starving by now. Upon seeing Silk (“you”) come to welcome him, he turns extremely soft and starts cuddling the kitty, a lot. Apparently Silk is a huge soft spot of his and his speaking tone totally changes into babytalk. You know those people who seem to act like a (stupid) parent to their pet? Yeah, something like that. Even though Keiichi keeps going over how adorable Silk is, I couldn’t help thinking the opposite: Ishida Akira is so cute. I can’t help but imagine how he performed those lines. ❤

The rest of the tracks goes through mundane routines like cleaning, eating, bathing and so on. It goes onto the context that it’s the weekend and Keiichi has time to play with Silk but gets interrupted with late minute work from the boss. He clears that up though and continues with the planned schedule to play. Finally it ends off with him going off for work at the start of a new week.

Yes, it all sounds normal. What’s the most that can happen with a cat? Apparently a lot though. When Keiichi realises Silk messed up the place (pfft, toilet training matters), he starts to scold her but then turns all soft in the end ‘cos he thinks she wanted attention. Or after eating, he suddenly drops the sexiest line (「おいで」gets to me every time) and things turn extremely suggestive. Or when he gets the call from his boss, his voice changes from “working” mode, to “pissed off” mode, to the “idiot owner” mode in a matter of minutes. Or the sound of him waking up in the morning being convincingly adorable, before Silk starts licking to get him up (and you can turn on your “dirty mind” mode now to read what I just said again).

If that “excitement” is not enough, Ishida Akira has to perform these omake tracks where now his pet is either a snake, bike, or a daikon. This time though, the double meanings are upped a lot more. But Ishida Akira just sounds so into it and doing his job like a professional should, I couldn’t help admire him once again instead of thinking seriously about the connotations. Especially for the daikon track because he had to use dialect and it was pretty…new. The last omake track switches back to Keiichi and this time, his affection for Silk is overflowing~ From the cat noises I’m pretty sure Silk got mad eventually. ❤

In his free talk, Ishida Akira talks about pets and how he’s not the type to own one and so on. Pfft~ I just really enjoy listening to him talk. /forever bias  The hidden track comes about after three minutes of silence of this same track, and it was…definitely shocking. But I listened to it again for the laughs.

I’ve heard from others how they couldn’t take the overload of sexual connotations from the lines. Yet I’ve also read Japanese reviews fangirling over this. I understand both sides but I guess I sympathise with those fangirling more ‘cos to be frank, I was pretty much laughing throughout my listen of this. ;; Despite this though, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

So my suggestion is that if you want to listen to this, don’t take it too seriously – ‘cos in the first place the things that happen here are really not realistic. Once you can think so, this will be entertaining after a long, tiring day. Also, fellow Ishida Akira fans are a “prerequisite” since you are going to hear a lot of variations of his voice. Also, do listen to the sample tracks the official website has because it is a pretty accurate sample of what you are going to get.

Personally, I take this drama CD as a title to hear the silly stuff Ishida Akira is capable of doing. ❤ If you are interested, you can find this on sites with international shipping like cdjapan or yesasia.

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.


3 thoughts on “Aishite ageru nya! -Boku no Pet- vol.1

    • Yume says:

      Sorry but this is just a review of the drama CD. I noticed that I got referred to by a blog saying that this is a drama CD translation but it’s not really one.


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