Clock Zero PSP: Shuuya’s route

Continuing after Riichirou in Clock Zero (PSP), I decided to go after Tokita Shuuya (CV: Ishida Akira) due to obvious bias reasons, plus his character was such an oddball it amused me to no ends. Shuuya is a year younger than Nadeshiko, rather knowledgeable due to the massive reading he does, and works as a kid model. However, he speaks like a lord would do in the past and is very, very forgetful. His route, like all others, starts the same so you may want to read the first part of my review for Riichirou for details. /lazy

In summary, Shuuya is part of the after-school Clock Zero group members Nadeshiko gets called into by Kaga-sensei. At night, she dreams of a broken world and during that time, her body is that of an adult’s. During the time she spends with him, he is very often in his own little world – in that, no one ever gets why he speaks what he speaks. For example, in the very first school assignment, the students have to make popcorn and Shuuya succeeds…too much. He loses control as popcorn keeps pouring out and rather than panicking, he gets a bit mad at why they seem to be rebelling against him pffft.

Or in one of the CG events you get when Nadeshiko talks of the same topic 3 times with Shuuya on the way home, Shuuya says that he received a love letter in his shoe cabinet and passes it to Nadeshiko to read. Turns out, it’s actually an invitation for Shuuya to join some religion lol. Another note-worthy point is that Shuuya loves being praised, and often asks to be praised more, or on the rare occasion he’ll get embarrassed.

This honest personality of his probably makes it easy for Nadeshiko to converse with him, and on one occasion she remarks how she can’t imagine him doing his model job with his…quirky personality. He gets offended and drags her to his photo-shoot site since he happened to have an assignment that day. There, Nadeshiko observes Shuuya doing his job extremely well (as long as he doesn’t speak lol) and changes her impression of him, which makes Shuuya really pleased. SPOILERS AHEAD

She probes further as to why he’s doing this job at such a young age, taking away the fact that he’s the son of a famous actress Tokita Rei (father: unknown). Shuuya replies that he needs to support his hospitalised mother which only makes things more surprising for Nadeshiko, as it is hard to imagine an elementary school kid taking on the financial burden.

Later on in the game, like in Riichirou’s route, Nadeshiko meets the people she’s been seeing in her dreams, including Waka, who is an acquaintance of Shuuya. As explained, Shuuya is from the broken world and after transferring his consciousness here, the after-effects included the messing up of his memory. Hence, he only recently remembered that his mission involved approaching Nadeshiko. The funny bit is, he directly approached Nadeshiko and asked her straight-out to meet Waka lol.

Also, Nadeshiko follows Shuuya to visit his hospitalised mother one day, suggesting to bring flowers to his mother. She finds out that Shuuya’s mother is actually mentally ill, and doesn’t recognise Shuuya as her own son, but as a kind child who frequents her place. She is also extremely happy at the sight of flowers, and Nadeshiko notes that Shuuya’s expression turned especially soft at the sight of his mother smiling.

On the way back, Shuuya buys a bouquet of flowers for Nadeshiko, thanking her for whatever kindness she has given him so far. Nadeshiko though, thinks otherwise and finds that Shuuya is the kind one. Shuuya says that it’s his fault for his mother turning out that way, and has always felt guilty. But he realised that even though he can’t change the past, he can change “now” even in small ways like giving flowers.

Just before the “climax” of the game, there was a holiday and so Nadeshiko was free. Shuuya turns up at her doorstep asking her out on a data aha. He brings her to all sorts of places continuously, trying to make the most of the day. At the end, they stop by his place (where he lives alone) to rest for a bit. There, Nadeshiko sees pictures drawn by him. Shuuya points out one picture he drew at the age of 2-years-old, and she thinks it was pretty good. However, Nadeshiko sees the other pictures which he drew as he got older and realised that they all look the same pfft (aka he has zero talent for drawing). However, she sees that the date for the drawing he drew at 2-years-old didn’t match if he was 11-years-old now.

It becomes apparent that Shuuya has regained most of his initial memory and he tells Nadeshiko that something will happen to her, which may be painful for her since he will play a part in it, but he promises her that he’ll still protect her no matter what and won’t make her sad.

The next event that follows up is true to his words, as the time is stopped in her world and her consciousness gets transferred to her older 22-year-old body by Kaga-sensei (otherwise known as King in the broken world as the head of the government) and his government body members. However, Yuushinkai, of which Waka and Shuuya are part of, managed to capture his 22-year-old body from the government at this critical moment. So, like in Riichirou’s route, Nadeshiko wakes up to an unfamiliar room with an unfamiliar man sleeping beside her.

Turns out that this is Shuuya’s adult body in the broken world (hnnng), and the reason why he looks different as a kid is ‘cos the stylist suggested him to change his hair style for his model profession. Like in Riichirou’s route, Yuushinkai plans to take Nadeshiko hostage and use her as a bargaining chip with the government. If necessary, they’ll harm her to get what they want. Here, Shuuya steps in, saying that it’ll do them no good to act so rashly when they don’t know what the government wants with Nadeshiko. He goes on further to indirectly say that if they do harm her, he’ll wipe out the important data of Yuushinkai since he’s a vital part of the organisation and pretty much the brains of their operations.

Shuuya continues to display kindness and concern for Nadeshiko, almost too openly that it troubles the guard, Kaede and sometimes Waka. He visits her ever so often, and when Nadeshiko says that she has no appetite to eat anything, he brings her food and feeds her personally. He takes the initiative of bringing her out to walk, even getting Waka and his men to watch them and later purposely “running away” while being chased so that she gets some “exercise” done, and later is able to easily fall asleep. Nadeshiko also manages to get friendly with Kaede as Kaede respects Shuuya highly, and so he gradually becomes someone both Shuuya and Nadeshiko can rely on within Yuushinkai. Nadeshiko feels comforted that Shuuya is the same Shuuya she knew back in her own world, unlike Toranosuke (Waka) and Riichirou.

However, things never stay peaceful as Nadeshiko discovers that Shuuya’s memories are beginning to fade away from him. Apparently, having transferred his consciousness twice between his two bodies is taking a toll on his current body, especially with technology that isn’t perfect like the government’s. In fact, Shuuya transferred to his younger self from the day he was born, aka as a baby. Since this also affected Shuuya’s memories etc., he didn’t really act like a normal 1-year-old would and so on, hence it is suggested that this caused his mother there to become mentally ill.

Therefore, there doesn’t exist the consciousness of a younger Shuuya since Shuuya himself was “born again” and lived out those 10+ years in order to fulfill his mission. The reason for this is ‘cos there is a high possibility of “rejection” if another consciousness already existed, and may result in death. Also, Shuuya is actually 24 years old, so by right, he should have been 14 years old in 2010. However, he faked his age in order to be able to easily approach Nadeshiko in elementary school. Meaning that he has lived 14 years in his younger body, which has resulted him in becoming overly-familiar with that body, and less familiar with his original body – hence causing worse-than-imagined rejection symptoms of memory loss, gradual dis-functioning of the nerves and so on. Eventually, it will result in death.

This causes both Shuuya and Nadeshiko great discomfort. However, Shuuya bears no regret since he knew of the possibilities, and even feels that he deserves it since he did play a part in causing her current situation. He later decides to find a way to send her back to her own world and that he has found a way to prevent the accident which caused her older self to fall into a coma – it is all linked to one guy Nadeshiko met. Shuuya attempted to sketch his looks but failed miserably lol. However, Nadeshiko feels reluctant to leave behind Shuuya, especially with his current state. She feels that he’s sacrificing himself too much, and fails to see how much other people have benefited from his kindness, including herself. Instead, she wants Shuuya to think more of what he himself wants, rather than thinking for the benefit of others. Shuuya answers that his organisation’s mission was his top priority, but it appears as though Nadeshiko is the most important to him now.

It becomes clear that the two of them are obviously in love with each other, just that the two of them are both pretty stubborn and want to be the one returning whatever favours, which they felt that they had received from the other side.

Meanwhile, the first negotiations with the government break down (the demand was for the government to dissolve), and so Yuushinkai attempts a second negotiation (and here it is hinted by Toranosuke that the temporary leader, Osa’s, real motive isn’t for the government to dissolve). The second negotiation was for the government to release the Yuushinkai members they have captured. However, King again rejects this and decides to take forceful action to get Nadeshiko back, while also hinting that he’ll threaten with something related to Toranosuke.

On the night the government attacks Yuushinkai, Kaede sneaks Nadeshiko out to the laboratory where Shuuya is. Shuuya is determined to send Nadeshiko back but he himself is in a bad shape as he can hardly stand up. Toranosuke manages to find them quick enough though but Shuuya asks for him to spare Nadeshiko. Toranosuke settles for a lock of her hair instead and tells the three of them to scram lol. They seek refuge in where Shuuya’s mother is (and yes, she’s perfectly healthy in the broken world), with Shuuya still forcing himself.

Everyone tells him to put his situation as top priority for now, and Shuuya’s mother and Kaede head back to Yuushinkai to try and convince doctors and researchers there who are willing to come over to help Shuuya. This leaves Nadeshiko behind and she starts to see Shuuya’s resolve soften as he keeps blaming himself for causing her situation, not being able to prevent time stopping in her old world and hence causing everyone’s lives to stop, causing his mother’s situation there and so on. He catches himself before he goes on though and apologises for worrying Nadeshiko.

Shuuya then asks Nadeshiko to give him water through the mouth as he’s too weak to get up, though it’s actually just an excuse to feel her pfft. Nadeshiko gives in anyway, after two failed tries ‘cos Shuuya couldn’t contain his amusement. However, after this he falls into a deep sleep and as assessed by the doctors and researchers whom Kaede and Rei managed to successfully bring over: he appears to be subconsciously running away out of guilt, even if consciously he wants to help Nadeshiko etc. They say that someone can go to his subconscious (or dream) to “wake” him up, given the time limit of half an hour, and naturally Nadeshiko is best suited for the job.

She goes into his dream, set in their elementary school. Nadeshiko eventually finds him in the classroom waiting for the rest of the Clock Zero members. She tells him that they won’t come but instead, they can go find them, and leads him out. Both Nadeshiko and Shuuya wake up, much to the relief of the rest.

After some rest, Shuuya comes out to announce that to announce that he wants to return Nadeshiko to her old world, and that he’ll be coming along with her. In other words, he’ll be risking himself again for a third transfer of conscious from his current body to his 14-year-old body. Shuuya says that his younger body is healthy and not breaking down unlike his current self, and this time the transfer may be smoother since he has grown accustomed to his younger body. However, the researchers protest to this since it can risk in his death in the worst case scenario. This then breaks up into two endings.

Stay: In response to this, Nadeshiko insists that Shuuya doesn’t risk his body anymore. So rather than risking the chances of him dying and disappearing from the world forever, she’d rather stay and find a way to cure him with the help of the others. Shuuya gives in and so they slowly adapt to their life. Each time Shuuya falls into a deep sleep, when he wakes up becomes uncertain.

In the epilogue, a flustered Rei calls Nadeshiko to go see Shuuya. She sees that he’s still sleeping even after a few months and confesses that she loves him and will continue waiting for him, but to not let her wait too long. Shuuya suddenly hugs her, saying that that was a passionate confession from her. Apparently Shuuya is awake already and just pretended to not be pfft. His body is now better enough to get out of bed and walk around. And while they treasure “now”, Shuuya comments how their situation seems similar to Orihime and Hikoboshi, but at least they are happy and have each other~

Return: Against the protest of everyone, including Rei, Shuuya is determined to go back to the year 2010 with Nadeshiko despite the risks. He tells her not to worry and that he’ll prevent her accident and undo the time stoppage. They sneak back to Yuushinkai with the help of everyone and transfer back to 2010. Nadeshiko finds herself in her old body within a vessel. She manages to find her way out as she escapes from a manhole, leading directly to her elementary school. Meanwhile, Shuuya is seen transferred safely back to her 14-year-old body and before the school gates.

After that, he is seen back in the year 2010 and goes to find Takato, asking him if he knows of 時の停滞 (literally, time stagnation, as time is moving extremely slowly and hence appears “frozen”). Takato seems surprised but acknowledges that it’s the current Clock Zero project he’s working on and agrees to help Shuuya. Over at Nadeshiko’s side, time is soon unfrozen and everything is back to normal, so she concludes that Shuuya (with Takato) must’ve done something.

She meets up with Nakaba and Madoka, and they go around to find the rest of the CZ members. Shuuya tells them that they should find Kaga-sensei (whom by now should’ve noticed what happened) and confront him. Shuuya and Takato does most of the confrontation as Shuuya says that Yuushinkai won’t let him take away her older body so easily, and Takato (whom apparently Shuuya has explained everything to already) says that he’ll just have to give up his research in order to prevent Nadeshiko’s accident. Kaga-sensei concludes that they seem to have the upper hand in knowing something he doesn’t and decides to give up on stealing Nadeshiko, at least from this world.

After successfully solving everything, Shuuya and Nadeshiko have a bit of lovey-dovey time, only to find out that the rest of the CZ members were eavesdropping on them pfft. So they all go home safe, sound and happy~ In the epilogue, it shows them 10 years later: Shuuya is a successful model, Rei has been discharged from the hospital a few months ago and resumed doing some work, and Shuuya and Nadeshiko’s relationship is still going strong aha. Even though Nadeshiko gets jealous when girls on the street recognise him, approach him and ask for his autograph, Shuuya reassures her that she’s the only one in his eyes and the other women are like pumpkin and carrots in his eyes…in front of his fans lol. By the way, Shuuya mentioned before that he dislikes vegetables ‘cos they look and taste weird to him pfft.

When they’re at home, Shuuya abruptly asks Nadeshiko to fill in a form and sign a marriage registration form lol. Nadeshiko can only sigh but gives in, saying that she’ll rewrite his part too ‘cos it’s way too messy. She comments that she was expecting a more romantic proposal but this seemed like Shuuya anyway. Shuuya answers that he was extremely nervous too and wasn’t sure how to bring up the topic. After an initial embarrassment, Shuuya attempts to propose to Nadeshiko again, while also saying the same vows he made 10 years ago.

Bad end: The single bad end happens when Nadeshiko doesn’t manage to find Shuuya in his dreams in time, and wakes up. Shuuya wakes up as well, unfortunately, his memories have been wiped clean. Nadeshiko tries her best to remind him but no to avail, and as a result she feels like she’s pressurising Shuuya to remember. After some time, Shuuya’s memory gets worse and he can hardly leave the bed. Whatever happened in that day, he is very likely to forget about them the next day. Still, Nadeshiko stays by his side. However, one day Shuuya calls Nadeshiko and passes her a flower (Nadeshiko) which he asked Kaede to help him get. He says that even though he doesn’t know her, he always sees her looking pained. He asks her to take the flower from him and to forget him at the same time.

Extras: Similarly, each CG has a voice-over where Shuuya comments as if reminiscing the times with Nadeshiko. There is also a Q&A with both the younger and older Shuuya, as well as a bonus ご褒美 image for completing everything (Shuuya is seems to be posing as some…secret organisation member holding a gun lol, and says that fate has brought us this way but he also loves you and decides to let you escape).

In addition, there is a short novel told which happens after the Return ending. Shuuya notices Nadeshiko acting oddly and somehow, he makes his own conclusion and asks if she’s pregnant pffft. Nadeshiko clears up his huge misunderstanding and tells Shuuya that he seems to be acting less clingy to her which makes her feel uneasy. He explains that it’s ‘cos she always tells him to watch himself but Nadeshiko hints that she actually doesn’t mind it at all. (Why are these two so lovey-dovey homg.)

In the Stay after story, Shuuya is shown to be recovering and being able to walk outside for longer lengths of times. When Nadeshiko gets too far out on one of her walks and meets one of the security guards under the government, Shuuya helps her out by threatening the guard. Shuuya confirms that Nadeshiko must’ve thought of wanting to get into the government for the sake of the better technology which has better chances of curing Shuuya. He tells her to forget these thoughts and just like how Nadeshiko said that she just wanted him to be by her side, he wishes for the same.

After that, Nadeshiko and the rest organise a party to lighten the mood (to celebrate Xmas, New Year, birthdays and everything haha). Shuuya’s memory is also getting better as he recalls how Kaede often got drunk and dressed up as a girl whenever they had such events in Yuushinkai pfft. Before this, Nadeshiko also heard from the researchers that there was a chance for Shuuya to completely recover his body, however, there is the risk that he’ll forget everything till now. She takes this chance and asks everyone to play the Ousama game. She deliberately sets it up such that she’s gets to be the Ousama, and tells Shuuya to accept the treatment.

After persuasion, Shuuya gives in and unlike before, he firmly says that he’ll remember no matter what and even if he does, Nadeshiko says that she’ll refresh his memory etc. It then shows Shuuya dreaming of his 14-year-old self. Shuuya thinks that it’s his usual dream, however, the younger Shuuya tells him that he is forgiven. This can be seen as a sort of release for Shuuya, as he wakes up from what felt like a long sleep. Shuuya goes out to find Nadeshiko and sees that it is snowing. He comments how it appears like Spring, which isn’t too far away from Winter. It is unclear if he has finished the treatment or not, but I’d like to see it so since it was said that he felt as though he woke up from a long sleep.

In the Return after story, Nadeshiko is shown waiting for Shuuya. She receives a text message from him, something uncommon as she can never understand what he sends lol. The message has Shuuya telling her that he’ll be late, apologising to her and to not misunderstand anything. Naturally, Nadeshiko doesn’t understand and then she tunes into a documentary on him which is on-air now. It announces that Shuuya is on the scene now. The host asks Shuuya to give out quiz questions around himself and…the question he gives out are just…impossible to answer lol.

The host also asks Shuuya if rumours of a love affair between him and another actress are true. Shuuya denies the scandal by saying that he never gets involved with anyone in work. The host probes him if he’s romantically-involved and Shuuya doesn’t exactly confirm it, but neither does he deny it. The host concludes that he is in a relationship and questions further, but Shuuya only answers that they should wait for good news. Nadeshiko finally understands his message and at the same time, Shuuya arrives home. Apparently that footage was filmed a bit earlier in the day.

Nadeshiko assures him that she didn’t misunderstand anything and even asks if it was okay to hint their relationship on TV. Shuuya answers that it’s okay and that they’ll be able to announce their good news soon~ He also asks her if she still remembers what happened in the broken world (as by right she should’ve forgotten everything). However, she says that she still does, thanks to Shuuya constantly talking to her about it. And whenever his memory is confused, she would refresh his memory.

Overall: Is my bias obvious? I think it is, seeing that I managed to write this pretty quickly and with fresh details. /bricked  Anyway, Shuuya’s route was so sweet and funny at the same time. I love his quirky but kind personality. Like Riichirou’s, his route doesn’t go much into the plot. However, he does reveal that during the times when he met Nadeshiko in the broken world when she was “dreaming”, it was before he transferred his consciousness over to the past. Therefore, we can know for sure that the time lapse between the broken world and her world isn’t 100% linear.

I loved his Return ending, it was so sweet and while I like his Philosopher outfit a lot, his modern-day clothes are hot. Plus, he’s a model there. The stylists must have fun dressing him up. /shot  I felt that the Stay ending’s after story made everything so much more complete, especially the part when Shuuya is seen to have forgiven himself and where it hints as a happier ending. My bias will overrun any other comments I make so I’ll just say that this is a good route to play if you want something lighter and happier~ That isn’t to say that the parts where Shuuya reveals that his body is breaking down etc. isn’t sad, but everything gets resolved more or less in the end.

You can check out the Clock Zero tag on my tumblr for more screenshots and corresponding translations.

I’m currently doing Toranosuke’s route next but I’m hardly halfway through that so his review will take some time!

4 thoughts on “Clock Zero PSP: Shuuya’s route

  1. Eu says:

    Aaaahhhh I forgot to comment here before. ;A;

    I’ve re-read your post and have the feels all over again. Shuuyaaaaaa~~
    So far, CZ made me cry buckets of tears in every ending that idk if it’s tears of joy or relief or I’m just sad lol. Shuuya’s ending made it a bittersweet route. (geez, just remembering it and my chest is about to explode from feels…for the nth time wwwww)

    My favorite ending is probably the Last Smile /slapped. I don’t know, it’s so sad…and sweet…and sad www. I liked the other endings of course, and I’m happy for this couple. But that end is just so heart-breaking and painfully beautiful. Shuuya is still the kind and caring Shuuya even after he losses his memories. (brb gonna gross sob in the corner)

    I missed him so much while playing Tora’s route and when he appears again (in the last part though u.u), I have to resist the urge to scream ‘bbbbyyyyyyy!!!’ and glomps him. xD Clearly, I’ve come to love his voice and his philosopher’s outfit. XDD


    • Yume says:

      Asdlkajsd your comment revived my feels again – Shuuuuuyaaaaaaaa~ Last Smile is my favourite bad end out of CZ but…I prefer happy ends so :’3 You’re spot-on though, his kind personality is still the same despite him losing his memories .;w;

      Eheheh glad to hear that I wasn’t alone. I missed Shuuya a lot when I was playing the other routes too. I loved seeing his older self in modern clothes too ‘cos hshs model figure hshs /smacked


  2. Yukiru says:

    I want to hear your bias /bricked XD
    Shuuya’s route is still my second favorite (story wise) .. I thought the memory loss, the unique way of solving the problem, and how Shuuya retained his memories in the return end made it very interesting. I’m glad to know Nadeshiko remembered everything too. Shuuyaaaa^w^ He’s really the kindest weird character ever. *loves him in the Drama CD*


    • Yume says:

      You do, you do? XD I really like that Shuuya is not the usual kind of characters Ishida voices – he’s really quirky and says some of the most amusing lines! Yet he’s really sweet too, as you said. I now find myself smiling whenever he appears in the game. X3

      Yeah, I thought the memory loss was an interesting flow of the story, and Nadeshiko was pretty honest and quick in realising her feelings for Shuuya and vice versa. Everything felt so natural between them haha. ❤

      I'll listen to the drama CDs after I finish all the routes~ Can't wait to hear Shuuya~


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