The virus starts now

I caught the youtube virus thanks to my friends (who like to spam me with random stuff xD) and yeah, i can’t stop. I considered even signing up for youtube just to subscribe to the channels. lol

Here are some i would recommend!

communitychannel is really good. Nat’s words speak the truth of everyday life. So hilarious xD

Swoozie! He’s such a great storyteller. I’ve listened to most of his stories, real-life personal stories, and i don’t know how he has so much drama in his life. It’s so cool.

Epic Rap battles of history. Really funny stuff. Speaking of epic, epic meal time came to Sheridan a month ago or so. Didn’t have the chance to watch them do their stuff. Wonder what they made and ate. Prob something with ALOT of bacon. xD

And others like….

WongFu Productions

Everybody knows nigahiga

Kids react

Have fun watching!

If you have more, do share!


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