Clock Zero PSP: Madoka’s route

Nadeshiko, Nakaba, Madoka

Next in Clock Zero (PSP) is Hanabusa Madoka (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), the younger Hanabusa brother who is a year younger than Nadeshiko. As Madoka often sticks around his older brother Nakaba, Nadeshiko basically gets to interact with the two siblings in this route. The cheerful Nakaba often doesn’t think through his words carefully, and the seemingly emotionless Madoka is constantly in favour of Nakaba – add in the serious Nadeshiko and you get quite amusing conversations. However, you’ll see that Nakaba is actually a pretty good older brother and that Madoka is not as straight as he appears to be. Again, this route, starts the same like all others so you may want to read the first part of my review for Riichirou for details. /lazy

In summary, Madoka is part of the after-school Clock Zero group members Nadeshiko gets called into by Kaga-sensei. At night, she dreams of a broken world and during that time, her body is that of an adult’s. Since Madoka and Nakaba pretty much come as a pair, when Nadeshiko does the CZ homework and chooses to walk back home with someone, she does so with the both of them. SPOILERS AHEAD

There are a few occasions when it’s just Nadeshiko and Madoka though. For example, Nakaba rushes back home to watch his favourite anime (lol) and asks Nadeshiko to accompany Madoka for some grocery shopping, especially since they’ll be meeting a big fluffy dog on the way. Apparently, Madoka is really bad with dogs, so bad that he freezes up once he catches sight of them. However, he refuses to admit his weakness, puts on a brave front and drags Nadeshiko along…in a different direction and cuts across someone’s garden pfft.

Nadeshiko also finds out that Madoka’s eyesight isn’t 100% perfect, though it isn’t exactly revealed why he doesn’t go get some contacts or glasses. Nadeshiko also comments unwittingly how they don’t appear like real brothers, and Madoka answers that they are not real brothers actually, and that he’s adopted. Some of the cute interaction between the brothers and Nadeshiko occur when they walk home: they are talking about their likes and dislikes, and Nakaba brings up how Madoka is excellent in not being picky over his food or disliking anything – in fact, he’s so kind that he always gives Nakaba his favourite spring onion without fail. Clearly, Nakaba fails to see the truth and when Nadeshiko tries to point out otherwise, Madoka denies vehemently.

On one rare occasion, Nadeshiko chances upon them arguing and Nakaba leaving Madoka alone. She tries to approach Madoka, and he takes her up on her offer to walk back home together. Nadeshiko admits that she saw them argue, and probes further in attempt to understand what happened. She soon interprets that Nakaba is upset that Madoka doesn’t act on his own selfishness at all, and always acts in interest of Nakaba. However, Madoka feels that the role of always supporting Nakaba is his role in the family. Nadeshiko tries to reason that his family and Nakaba probably don’t seek that, since it isn’t exactly family-like, and instead says that they’ll be ecstatic if he acts more selfishly and relies on them sometimes. Madoka mulls over this, and in the end remarks that he’ll try doing so next time.

He also passes Nadeshiko a delicate handmade strap he made while thinking of her, saying that he likes making such trinkets in his free time. Nadeshiko is delighted and thanks him for making it for her. Madoka, whom by now Nadeshiko observes can be rather dishonest sometimes, insists that it isn’t for her but something he made which he thinks will suit her lol.

Nakaba soon comes searching for Madoka since it had gotten late already. The two brothers make up, and then Nakaba asks Madoka to walk Nadeshiko home holding hands since it’s dangerous at night pffft.

On the free-day, Madoka asks Nadeshiko out as thanks for her accompanying him that night. He is dishonest at first by saying that Nakaba told him to do so, but soon admits that it’s his own selfishness too, since he asked his parents to let him bring Nadeshiko to one of Nakaba’s dessert stores. The Nakaba family run several businesses, including famous dessert chain stores which can take months to book a table. Nadeshiko gladly accepts the offer and the two of them have a sweet tea time. Seeing Nadeshiko’s blissful expression while eating, Madoka comments on how he understands Nakaba’s feeling of being happy when seeing someone eat like her, even if he didn’t make the food.

It is also on this date did Nadeshiko give the suggestion that one day, Nakaba and Madoka should open their own store, where Nakaba would serve his food and Madoka sell his trinkets. Madoka is greatly taken into this idea and remarks that he and his brother would work hard for both of their dreams.

Like in previous route, Nadeshiko also meets the people she’s been seeing in her dreams, including Waka, who is an acquaintance of Shuuya, as well as Bishop who appears to be acquainted with Kaga-sensei. However, unlike previous routes, Kaga-sensei suddenly quits his job and disappears. In addition, Nadeshiko regularly chats with Rain the bunny, and grew close to it (doing so makes the bunny gradually turn black – ignoring it makes it turn white). So just before the climax of the game when time is “stopped” in her world, Rain tells her to not blame herself for whatever happens next. Nadeshiko is shocked when time is “stopped” but is soon grabbed by Bishop. Both Waka and Shuuya, whom are part of the anti-government organisation Yuushinkai, act too late. Hence, Nadeshiko’s consciousness gets transferred to her older 22-year-old body by Bishop and wakes up to an unfamiliar room, with a stranger sitting beside her, and a larger talking frog puppet (which is actually an original AI).

He claims to be a regular salary-man (lol) who is in-charge of taking care of her needs within Clock Zero, the current government in 2020. But Nadeshiko finds his way of speaking and tone overly-familiar and soon learns that he’s actually Rain’s real identity. Rain briefly explains that her consciousness was transferred to her older self 10 years later, but did not go into the specifics since she’s still rather disorientated from the transfer and asks her to rest first.

Nadeshiko attempts to rest but can’t help getting distracted as she sees that she’s in the broken world from her dreams. As Rain told her that she’s free to walk about, she leaves her room and gradually makes her way towards the main entrance – only to be stopped by guards since she doesn’t possess any identification code on her. Before things get worse, Bishop shows up and drags her back to her room against her will. Nadeshiko tries to explain that she wants to learn more about her situation, and if possible, learn about the safety of the people she knew back in 2010. Bishop casually reveals that he’s the 21-year-old Madoka in 2020, much to Nadeshiko’s surprise. However, when she mentions Nakaba, Madoka’s mood darkens and he replies that Nakaba’s whereabouts are unknown.

Fast-forward and Nadeshiko gets to meet the person who brought her into the broken world in the first place – King, the autocratic ruler of CZ, or rather, Kaga-sensei, or rather, the 22-year-old Takato. Nadeshiko can’t help but feel more confused. Takato assures her that he’ll explain everything, but before that he confesses that he likes her and always wanted to meet her. She connects this to a conversation she had back in 2010 with Kaga-sensei then, and how he lost the chance to confess to the person he loved, as she met with an accident and fell into coma ever since. Nadeshiko realises that he’s referring to her and he confirms that, saying that he had done every other research he could’ve done in order to wake up her. He eventually started researching in quantum and countless manipulations in “time/space” led to an explosion in 2016, resulting in the current broken world. However, that also led to the final step in his plans to transfer 2010 Nadeshiko to 2010 Nadeshiko’s body. In addition, Takato created the governmental body CZ with the vision of building a world where no unfair deaths occur (ie. from accidents, murders) for her sake so that she isn’t harmed anymore.

Feeling scared, confused, lost is only the tip of what Nadeshiko is feeling. From then on, she avoids Takato as much as possible, which includes rejecting his invitations to go outside. Madoka goes to check after her upon the orders of Takato, and teases her by saying that he’ll do whatever he can to make her feel better, including acting as her lover. Nadeshiko gets flustered over this and rejects him with all that she has. Madoka answers that it’s only a joke and that he’s not rotten like Takato to the extent of being interested in 12-year-old kids lol, but at least she seems less down than she was a minute ago.

Nadeshiko grows closer with the older Madoka since unlike both Takato and Rain, he is more honest about his feelings, even if it appears that he dislikes her and constantly teases her for fun. Madoka also seems relatively unaffected whenever she compares him to the younger, cuter Madoka she knew. She learns that his job involves messing about with technology, and for example, he created a mobile vending machine in the form of a car. Madoka also honestly tells her that even he himself thinks that Takato is a scary person despite his kindness.

On one occasion, Nadeshiko finally accepts Takato’s invitation, but on the condition that Madoka comes along. In the end, they and Rain go out together to see the broken world. They chance upon a civilian resisting against the guards, complaining about how their every minute is controlled by the government. Nadeshiko probes for further explanation from Takato, who throws it to Rain and Madoka to explain. The government provides food, shelter, clothes and jobs in every possible orderly manner and controls the daily activities of the citizens, at least in the Tokyo city area. This controlling is for the purpose of preventing unfair deaths. The government also works by two codes: to harm no one, but to not let anyone resist. In the case of resistance, they would carry out “corrective” treatment.

Nadeshiko also learns that the people close to Takato in CZ have code names based off chess pieces (Takato=King, Rain=Rook, Madoka=Bishop). Madoka tells her that her place was long decided by Takato – the Queen caged up beside the King. Upon return, Nadeshiko can’t help but feel even worse, as it appears as though she’s the root cause behind the current situation – what Takato has made this world into. Only then does she understand why Rain told her before everything happened, to not blame herself.

Observing Nadeshiko, Madoka sharply remarks that it’s only natural to feel confused and lonely and questions why she’s putting on a brave front. He provokes her deliberately till she breaks down and cries about how she wants to return home as he hugs her. After that, though Madoka attempted to lightly tease her by saying that he likes making her angry, Nadeshiko sees that his expression looks pained. She questions his motives for following Takato and if he believes in Takato’s beliefs. In response, Madoka says that they should switch to a more private setting and abruptly leaves the room. Nadeshiko follows to his room and he confesses that he doesn’t care for Takato’s vision, nor does he pity him like Rain does.

Madoka goes on to say that after the explosion, he was separated from his family, or more accurately, abducted in similar fashion to her. He was made to work for CZ and Takato promised him that he would search for Madoka’s family and let them live peacefully in return. Nadeshiko realises that Madoka is pretty much unchanged, as he still prioritises his family above all. Madoka hesitates as he says that his family isn’t the only reason, only to be interrupted by a call from Rain asking after their whereabouts and warning him to not say anything unnecessary. Madoka pulls back after hearing this and escorts Nadeshiko back to her room.

Nadeshiko is now a lot calmer and having sorted out her thoughts, decides that she’ll do whatever she can to find a way back home, and if ever possible, change Takato’s mindset. On a later date, she gets Madoka to bring her out to look around some more to understand the world better. Nadeshiko recalls Madoka’s fear of dogs and starts teasing him, finding it as effective as before. He gets truly annoyed and questions what she dislikes to make things fair. In reply, Nadeshiko says that it is him lol. They later bump into Yuushinkai members, to which Madoka fought them off effectively…till Nadeshiko suddenly gets lifted up by a stranger and brought to a random alley.

It’s the same “hero of justice” from Tora’s route (yay~) and apparently he intended to help her out since he thought that she was caught in a fight between the government and Yuushinkai. He tells Nadeshiko that he’s a journalist on neutral grounds, and lets her in that his identification code is fake (‘cos she’s pretty ahaha), hence he can wander as he likes. Their conversation gradually leads him to talking about wanting to be able to freely cook food, and Nadeshiko realises that he’s actually the older Nakaba. Nakaba is puzzled when she suddenly calls out his name and hugs him, before he recognises her too since apparently she was a friend of Madoka’s in middle school. Nakaba tells her that his whole family is safe, but has yet to locate Madoka.

Nadeshiko, Madoka, Nakaba

Soon after, Madoka catches up with them and starts chiding Nadeshiko for getting too friendly and Nakaba for taking his “thing”. It was only when Nadeshiko interrupts, saying that they’re Madoka and Nakaba respectively, did a long silence fall upon them. The two brothers naturally suspect each other’s true identity at first, till they came to terms with the truth as they recall a common childhood memory together. Nakaba brings them to a secret hideout to talk some more, and learns from Nadeshiko that Madoka is currently working for the government. Madoka abruptly interrupts them though, saying that he’ll have to take Nadeshiko back before it gets too late and Takato gets suspicious. He drags a confused Nadeshiko against her will, only to have Nakaba tell Madoka to not treat her so roughly and to go back holding hands pfft. Nadeshiko is puzzled as to why Madoka isn’t happier to be reunited with Nakaba, and all Madoka replies is that he can’t save her.

Madoka takes her to his room again and confesses that in the past 4, 5 years he had thrown in everything in order to find his family, though recently he had almost given up all hope of finding them again. He adds that he can’t leave freely as he likes to be with his family now as Takato will surely not allow that, and hence putting them all in danger. Nadeshiko sees again that Madoka prioritises his family above all, and pushes him to leave since he has now lost his initial purpose for being under Takato. Madoka is hesitant at first, but eventually agrees, after emphasising over and over that she’ll be all alone as he will not bring her along since Takato would definitely not let it rest. Nadeshiko feels the reality of his words, but puts on a brave front and insists on his leaving. Madoka tells her that she’s too kind to him and that he doesn’t deserve it at all, especially since he’s one of the reasons behind her accident.

He says that he won’t apologise for anything that he has done to her up till now, except for always calling her a child as he now sees her as a fine lady. After Madoka’s departure, Rain hands her a handmade strap, saying that Madoka asked him to pass it to her. Nadeshiko sees that it’s the same as the one she had left behind in her previous world, and also notes that when Madoka’s disappearance was found out, Rain didn’t seem as surprised as the rest. She also goes to see Takato, who also tells her that Madoka was a cause of her accident since he was threatened by someone and hence called her out on that day, so her accident was actually deliberate. Nadeshiko also learns that Takato long knew where Madoka’s family were, but didn’t tell Madoka so that he continued to work under him as “punishment” for his wrongdoings. Nadeshiko tries to reason that Madoka had his difficulties too, and after the accident he had always felt pained, so she asks for Takato to not bother with Madoka anymore. However, Takato replies that he can never forgive anything or anyone who hurts Nadeshiko, which includes Madoka.

After that, Nadeshiko tries to act like she has always done so, but can’t deny the emptiness she’s been feeling after Madoka left. On the other side, Madoka is constantly in a daze even when he’s talking to Nakaba. Meanwhile, Rain also suddenly suggests for Takato to hold a wedding. Later, Rain pays Nadeshiko a visit and tells Nadeshiko to stay within CZ for a few days as they are currently busy with certain activities. He also suddenly brings up that humans are weak beings, however, they refuse to give up. He questions Nadeshiko about why Takato decided to become King, and eventually answers that it’s ‘cos he never gave up even though he knows that he’s being arrogant. Rain then tells Nadeshiko that if she wishes to resist Takato, she would need to persist and be arrogant in her thoughts and actions as well. Nadeshiko wonders if this is Rain’s way of encouraging her.

On the other side, news of King’s wedding reaches Madoka and Nakaba. Madoka is obviously ruffled, but refuses to take action since it will put Nakaba and his family in danger. Nakaba tells Madoka off, even hitting him, since he doesn’t want his brother to continually suppress his true feelings. In fact, he feels happy that Madoka has found an existence besides family to treasure. Madoka finally gives in and breaks into CZ, rushing to Nadeshiko’s room only to see her with Rain. When asked about the wedding, Rain casually asks if he’s referring to the wedding between the frog AI Kaeru and Kaeruko-chan pfft.

Clearly, this was a trap to lure Madoka and soon after Takato enters the room. Still, Madoka doesn’t back down, saying that he came back to get something he forgot. Takato allows them to leave, if they think that they are capable of escaping. Madoka drags a confused yet happy Nadeshiko out of the room, saying that he’ll protect her no matter what. After they left, Rain asks if it’s really okay to let them leave, and Takato replies that it doesn’t matter if they want to be together. Everything boils down only as to how much effort he puts in. In other words, Takato suggests that he’ll bring Nadeshiko back, and even if it’s after he builds his envisioned world, it isn’t too late. Rain remarks that he’s really the devil, but says that he’ll continue working for Takato still.

Madoka drags Nadeshiko to Nakaba’s hideout and they start quarreling, only for Madoka to shut her up by kissing her lol. He tells her that he can’t let anyone else have her, so she should only look at him. He also asks Nadeshiko to take responsibility for tempting the pure-hearted him pffft, as it looks like she’s necessary to him. Nadeshiko also becomes more honest about her feelings, and they both admit and learn that they like each other.

Madoka brings up that it is possible for her to return to her world, just that he never mentioned it to her before since he was working under Takato then. He would also do something about her future accident. However, he leaves the important decision to her and that it’s best to decide asap since if she wants to return the facilities are at CZ. But if she stays, it’s best to move to a safer location soon. Nakaba remarks that it’s indeed to rushed to make a decision, so Nadeshiko gets a day to decide.

On that night, Nadeshiko asks Madoka to take her outside for a walk only for them to run into a big dog. Madoka claims that he has overcome his fear already as he takes her hand, but then he says that the stars tonight say that this road is too dangerous and drags her away while they run from the dog lol.

After their successful escape, Madoka passes her a handmade bracelet he made while thinking of her. Nadeshiko takes the strap she received earlier from Rain, only to find out that in fact Madoka didn’t intend to give it to her actually and had left it in his room. Still, Nadeshiko thanks him and he blushes while honestly answering that he did indeed make them for her.

Nadeshiko then asks Madoka what he really feels, even though she knows that she shouldn’t be asking. Madoka replies that it would be a lie saying that he doesn’t want her to stay. But he has actually always felt guilty for what he did, so if she does return he would definitely protect her future there.

The next day, Nadeshiko makes her final decision and it then splits into two different endings.

Stay: Nadeshiko decides that she wants to stay with Madoka, though before she could answer, Madoka hugs her and tells her that he can’t let her go after all. Nadeshiko feels slightly happy that he’s acting selfish because of her. She tells him that she hopes to be able to help to change Takato’s mindset and this broken world ever so slightly. Madoka abruptly leaves to prepare for their departure, in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. Nakaba thanks Nadeshiko for choosing to stay. They escape that night and settle down successfully. The epilogue takes place a few years later, as the three of them are trying to expand their influences.

Nadeshiko gets upset that Madoka seems to always exclude her when the brothers are discussing about the government. They eventually quarrel till Nakaba breaks up their argument and Madoka leaves the room. Nadeshiko chases after him and admits that she was just lonely recently and even jealous of Nakaba. Madoka admits on his side that she always seemed to look pained when Takato is brought up. She asks if he’s afraid of hurting her and Madoka says that he gets in a bad mood since she would be thinking of Takato. They make up after realising their petty jealousy, only for Nakaba to see them and tells them to be more aware of their surroundings. But Madoka chases Nakaba away so that they can continue their lovey-dovey time lol.

Return: Nadeshiko decides to return and Madoka replies that it’s only natural for her to want to return to her own world, though it’s clear that it pains both of them. As Madoka makes the preparations, Nakaba tells her that she’s a victim of circumstances and that it’s alright to be more arrogant to achieve what she wants, which makes her recall what Rain told her. They then successfully sneak into CZ with Nakaba’s help of causing a decoy. Nadeshiko feels the reality when they’re just one step away from separation, and Madoka assures her that everything will be alright and that she’ll forget him within a month. He tells her to forget him and to be happy with his other self. As the capsule closes in on her, she hears Takato and a struggle occurring. However, she can’t do anything as she gets sent back to 2010. Just to make things worse, Otomate decided to include monochrome CGs of Nadeshiko and 2020 Madoka flashing as her memories get fuzzier.

She wakes up in a hospital room and sees the younger Madoka. Nadeshiko gets overwhelmed with feelings and starts crying as she feels that this isn’t the same Madoka she loved. She asks why he’s here and he hides his embarrassment at first by saying that Nakaba told him to do so, only to later admit that he couldn’t help feeling uneasy upon hearing the news about her. He remarks that he didn’t want to seem to be the cause of her tears, to which Nadeshiko said he is (referring to the 2020 Madoka). Madoka replies that he’ll stay with her until she stops crying.

In the epilogue ten years later, Nadeshiko is waiting in Nakaba’s café for Madoka. Nakaba’s chain of shops are now famous worldwide and he’s been busy overseas so it’s been a while since they saw each other. However, he is holding an event in Japan that day. They start joking about how Nadeshiko should switch to Nakaba before getting interrupted by Madoka, who later coldly greets his older brother and tells him to stay away from Nadeshiko. Nakaba starts complaining to Nadeshiko about the recent cold treatment from Madoka and how he must be in his rebellious stage pffft.

After Nakaba left to handle other customers, Madoka explains that he was late making her birthday present – a bracelet. Nadeshiko realises that it’s the same as an old one she has, which she assumed was from Madoka. Madoka denies it and gets rather jealous, before kissing her in public, making things embarrassing for both Nadeshiko and Nakaba. He jokes that he was tasting the best cake in the world made by Nakaba, which she happened to be eating then. But then tells her to not worry ‘cos her kiss is the best too lol. After leaving the shop, Madoka is still rather jealous and tells her to take responsibility for tempting the pure-hearted him. Nadeshiko replies that she will if he honestly tells her that he loves her so much that he can’t stand it. Madoka obliges much to her surprise and tells her to make him happy pfft.

Bad end: There are two bad endings. The first is basically if Nadeshiko accepts Takato’s invitation, she accidentally cuts herself with the broken teacup fragments after dropping it. Takato gets overly alarmed and paranoid and her being hurt so Nadeshiko gets more caged up.

The other one is when Madoka refuses to hear Nadeshiko’s answer and forces her to return to her world, also in an attempt to redeem his sins.

However, before Madoka could send Nadeshiko over: Takato comes in, attacks Madoka pretty bad, and opens the capsule Nadeshiko was in. He refuses to let her go and asks her to return.

Extras: Similarly, each CG has a voice-over where Madoka comments as if reminiscing the times with Nadeshiko. There is also a Q&A with both the younger and older Madoka, as well as a bonus ご褒美 image for completing everything (Madoka is dressed up like those scholars in the Taisho period).

In addition, there is a short novel which happens after the Return ending. Nadeshiko tells Madoka that she’s starting a part-time job at a café, thought strictly speaking since it’s a bar at night and she’s working in the evening shift. Madoka is rather opposed to this at first since there’s the possibility of her getting bothered by other guys. She asks if he’s worried but he answers that it’s just that he feels uneasy. Nadeshiko recalls when Madoka confessed to her during her middle school graduation day and how cute he was in an attempt to tease him lol. Madoka says that he’s still cute now and gets touchy with her, before he finally tells her that he’ll pick her up after her working hours.

In the Stay after story, Nakaba and Nadeshiko are alone, so Nadeshiko takes this chance to ask Nakaba about his future plans, since Madoka always steers her away when a topic related to the government is brought up. Nakaba answers her, but also adds that if things settle down it puts her in greater danger since Takato has more time and resources to find her. However, he assures her that they’ll protect her. Madoka interrupts them, obviously in an unpleasant mood. Nakaba tells Madoka that it isn’t the time to be jealous and even if he is, he should worry more about Nakaba who is right next to Nadeshiko rather than Takato. This shocks both Madoka and Nadeshiko. While Madoka fiercely defends that Nadeshiko is not suitable for Nakaba at all in every possible way that insults Nadeshiko lol, Nakaba still cheerfully says otherwise. That is, till Madoka finally says that he won’t hand Nadeshiko over to anyone else. Nakaba then scolds Madoka that if that’s the case, the subject of Takato is unavoidable to both of them and they have to talk over it.

They go outside to talk and Madoka recalls how he had a conversation with Rain once. Rain told him that Madoka actually doesn’t truly hate Takato. Unlike Madoka and Nadeshiko, Takato was deemed as a genius and lived in a different world, hence Takato envied them. Madoka admits to Nadeshiko that Takato is a fearful person, but it’s not his appearance or actions. Madoka has no intentions of forgiving him for what he did to him, or handing Nadeshiko back. In fact, Madoka is scared of the sense of guilty overflowing from within, towards Nadeshiko’s accident or how it then led to Takato’s twisted being.

He goes on to say that if he admits this guilt, it’s accepting the fact that he recognises all that Takato has done, as if he’s in favour of the current broken world and his vision. So Madoka feels that he has to hate Takato, and to not forgive him. Nadeshiko becomes honest with her feelings too after seeing his vulnerable side, and says that she is thankful towards Madoka. She reassured him that she would stay by his side, and even more so if that would help ease his guilt. Madoka flushes at her sudden honesty and tells her to stop it lol.

Upon their return, Nakaba sees that they made up, but then teases Madoka some more by saying that he thought that his flirting would’ve worked. Madoka insists that no matter what happens Nadeshiko would stay by his side. Nakaba feels relieved seeing this and Nadeshiko sees that Nakaba was encouraging his younger brother in his own way, even if it was rather extreme.

In the Return after story, Madoka and Nadeshiko are out on a date and Nadeshiko asks Madoka what he wants for his upcoming birthday. He replies that he wants her for one day to which she promptly refuses as she found it too absurd lol. They are approached by a reporter doing a magazine feature on fashionable-looking couples. Madoka ignores him at first, but upon Nadeshiko’s interest he gives in – especially when the reporter says that couples will be rewarded a pair of Hanabusa Sweets Café Resort vouchers. Apparently Nadeshiko herself hasn’t visited it yet, and says that she feels bad to always rely on Madoka’s parents for such entrances.

Madoka is relatively uninterested in answering the first couple of questions, but later he promptly teases Nadeshiko during the interview. In the last question, when asked to say something you don’t usually tell each other, Madoka answers immediately that he wants her to bother him more if not he’s lonely. Nadeshiko is surprised but then embarrassingly says that she wants to be with him more too, only to have him suspect her words instead lol.

After that, Madoka is still in a bad mood, which Nadeshiko notes has been going on recently. He tells her that 100% of the time the root of his bad mood is her fault, but she is clueless as to why. Madoka gets a bit forceful with her as he grabs her and hugs her in public. As she resists, he accidentally snaps the handmade bracelet off her hand. Shocked, Nadeshiko tries to recover the loose pieces before Madoka stops her, saying that he’ll do it. She snaps at him before running away. It then shows Nadeshiko in her room. Only after a while, did Madoka show up outside her room, asking her to just listen.

Madoka confesses that he always wanted to be that someone “special” to her, but he felt that he never caught up with her. Nadeshiko realises that he felt the same way as her. She opens the door abruptly and sees his embarrassed face since she was wondering how he looked like while saying everything pfft. She also sees that he had picked up the remaining loose pieces of the bracelet which was why he didn’t chase after her immediately. They make up as they realise that they’ve been going in circles this whole time.

Overall: This is such a long review! Anyway, I thought that Madoka was adorable when he was 11 years old, who would’ve expected him to grow up like that lol. Nakaba on the other hand, hardly changed, except that he surely matured and acted more awesome and brotherly. Oops, okay so before I go on let me get this out of the way first – I love Nakaba. I enjoyed him as a kid and what little appearance he had in Tora’s route in the broken world. In this route, he was amazing and everything I wanted him to be. Each time he flirted with Nadeshiko to provoke Madoka I couldn’t help but laugh like an idiot. The two brothers and Nadeshiko make a great trio, and I think Nakaba and Nadeshiko would be great brother/sister-in-laws. However, I really hope Nakaba gets his own route in a FD or something.

Now, the actual Madoka route. Definitely you learn a lot more plot-wise since Nadeshiko gets captured into CZ. It was fun to see Madoka and Nadeshiko blow hot-and-cold as a couple, but I think that compared to the bickering or lovey-dovey scenes, the two of the most outstanding scenes were when Madoka left Nadeshiko in CZ, and then when Nadeshiko leaves Madoka to return to her world. Either that or I like bittersweet stuff.

I enjoyed the interaction between Madoka, Rain and Takato, especially when Madoka and Rain talk bad about Takato pfft. Again, I find it hard to choose my preference for the Stay or Return endings. I think that the Stay after story really helped though, in a way similar to Shuuya’s, where you see Madoka coming to terms with what he did. Not to mention that I loved Nakaba’s lines. The Return after story was cute but I guess too much jealousy doesn’t mix well with me~ At least it ended well. I loved most of his CGs. Can’t fault the CV by Toriumi, in fact I’m bias towards him eheh.

You can check out the Clock Zero tag on my tumblr for more screenshots and corresponding translations.

Now all that’s left is the last boss character Takato! \o/

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  1. Eu says:

    I love Nakaba too! ^O^ He is just so cool! I squee-ed a lot whenever he appears, or laughed at his lines, or be touched with his onii-chan advices. www Seriously, this guy needs to have a route. But FD…where…. ; 3 ;

    Toriumi voiced him? Eehhh rare for me to not make Madoka my fave chara when everytime I see a potential fave recently, it’s always voiced by Toriumi. XD

    Oh and it’s not like I hate Madoka or something. More like, I’m torn in his route. ^^;; I’ve always been on Takato’s side (though he can get really scary). So being with Madoka is like cheating with him. TuT In the end, I liked Madoka and how his route was handled. I just don’t like the emotional rollercoaster ride that I’ve been through www.

    I kinda missed the Yuushinkai side while playing this. Especially when Rain greeted Nadeshiko when she woke up instead of bby Shuuya. :(( But thanks to this route, I’ve finally appreciated Kaeru’s badmouthing of other people esp Rain and Takato lol.


    • Yume says:

      IKR Nakaba is so awesome. He’s still one of my favourite sub-characters ever. Nakaba route where… :’3

      Eh you didn’t know? But yeah, he’s voiced by Toriumi! I actually really admire the cast for CZ since they have to voice the child versions, and then the adult versions. Quite fascinating to see them do it live too XD

      Well I don’t blame you. Since Nadeshiko learns most of the truth while on CZ side, the “betrayal” is a lot more obvious here as compared to Yuushinkai side. But that bad end of Madoka’s…did you play the bad end? w

      Ahhhh Shuuya~ I love that CG of him waking up to see Nadeshiko so much /o\ But I like Rain a lot too so I was so excited to see his true form haha. But yes Kaeru is such a great personality. You will be saddened by the truth behind him though. ;w; Can’t wait for you to finish the game!!


      • Eu says:

        Ah well, I usually don’t look for the character’s seiyuus and just guess them along the way. But I never thought of Toriumi ww. Uwaaa I’d love to see a vid of them doing it live! *U*

        Yeah, it’s like you’re finally looking at the problem objectively now that Nadeshiko is in front of the root of the problem. I’m starting to understand her anxiety now that I’m in Takato’s route ^^;; (though it’s already making me sad thinking of what will happen now in this route D: ). Which bad end is that? w The one when Takato brought her outside or the one where Takato was able to intercept the transfer?

        I guess, after 3 routes of waking up in Yuushinkai, I missed the other side of the destroyed world. XD I like Rain too! /o/ I squee when he introduced himself as Rain because i didn’t thought that he’d be a human lol. I thought he’s a deity or something. www

        …I kind of don’t want to finish this game. wwwww


        • Yume says:

          Umm the one where Takato intercepted and we hear him hitting Makoto but we don’t know how Makoto is so we presume the worst…ahaha :’3

          Rain wwww well your deity comment is interesting ‘cos…well you’ll see in his route~


          • Eu says:

            Oh…that. DD: What about it? :O /slowpoke

            I’m starting to understand what you mean…xD;; Wait, so does that mean the poem in the start of the game is meant for him? Like he is saying that for himself and not for Takato just like what he said?


            • Eu says:

              Oopps. We’ve reached max thread in the previous comment. XD

              Yume-chan wwww.

              Goooo~ spoil away! I’ve just finished CZ this afternoon. 8D


            • Yume says:

              I hope my memory isn’t too foggy huhuh. So you know Rain’s backstory right? I think it works both ways in that the poem applies to both Takato and Rain. But of course if you go by chronological order, Rain comes first. When he later saw young Takato, young Takato said that he wouldn’t go to such an extent (human resurrection). This angered Rain and so he kinda manipulated Takato to feel and want the same thing as him – find a way to revive humans. I feel that his question to young Nadeshiko (do you believes in God) is quite intriguing too…considering his initial views on God.

              …I hope I made sense lol.


            • Eu says:

              I see, I see. I find that intriguing too. It’s just my guess but I think, that question is like testing Nadeshiko since she reminds him of his sister. And he might have changed his views about God after his sister’s death. I can’t explain it really well, sorry xD;;;


            • Yume says:

              No no I get what you’re saying! But indeed, Nadeshiko probably reminded Rain of his sister. Maybe that’s how he slowly found himself getting attached to her too when he was supposed to be just watching over her (when she thought he was just a talking rabbit keychain).


            • Eu says:

              That may also explain how he feels about her. He loves her but not the love Takato feels. It’s more of a familial kind of love. So he acts more as a brother and always on her side despite…doing those things. ; w ;


  2. twentyninenights says:

    Madoka is cute, really. His sentence and act is really cute!! But too bad I feel bored (maybe because of his seiyuu?). And yes, I want Nakaba more!! I hope Otomate will make a FD for CZ since a year ago.

    Okay, will wait for your Takato’s thoughts later.


    • Yume says:

      Hmm looking back, his route felt pretty long, or maybe it’s just my review. Haha I’m bias towards his seiyuu so I’m not sure. But I do know that a large reason why I enjoyed his route is due to Nakaba eheh. /huge bias

      Yeah I really hope Otomate does a FD with his route, it has potential. Even Amnesia is getting one. Which reminds me, I have yet to do the Amnesia survey.

      Haha I hope I don’t take too long. ;;


  3. Yukiru says:

    “rotten like Takato” <– *heartpain* T^T lol

    Nakaba~~~~ <333 loves him too / Yes we need a Nakaba route I feel it every time / I love all your details on Nakaba

    And ^_^.. the interaction between the CZ government side is my favorite .. I love everything like how they badmouth Takato occasionally and then sometimes they'll make a mess/create trouble which Madoka has to clean up XD and Kaeru-kun is always badmouthing both Rain and Takato etc

    I really think Tori-san did exceptionally well for Madoka (*´ω`*) His voice is just perfect and I love the way Madoka speaks as both child and adult<33

    HNGGGG Madoka<333 <–getting lost
    He's my 3rd fav otome character of all time

    I really loved the After story for the stay ending for their talk about Takato ;w; I'm happy that Madoka really cares about Takato …

    You really write good summaries GJ!


    • Yume says:

      Pfff that’s one of my favourite lines. XD

      I think I paid special attention whenever Nakaba appears, he’s too awesome to not have a route of his own~~~ ❤

      Oh yes, Kaeru! How he badmouths both Rain and Takato is so awesome. The CZ government characters really make a good combination~

      Yeah I think Toriumi really did well for both the younger and older Madoka~ So glad that his character route didn't disappoint!

      I think Madoka's and Shuuya's Stay after story really enhanced the endings! \o/ There was much more closure.

      Eheh, thank you~ Just Takato's left~ X3


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