Dream Say★You Collection: Mitsumeru Saki ni Aishi no Kanojo

ドリー夢 Say★You コレクション: 見つめる先に愛しの彼女 is a drama CD & comic by B’s-LOG, featuring Ishida Akira and Miyano Mamoru. The title “ドリー夢 Say★You” is actually a play on words (as confirmed from how it is pronounced in the drama CD) – Dream Seiyuu – which gives you an idea of what this is about. You get to imagine yourself performing side by side with fellow seiyuu (voice actors), and specifically, this is geared towards a female audience. This is the third in the series which features two seiyuu, and actually there was a previous series (ドリー夢Voiceブック) which only featured one seiyuu.

For this, Ishida Akira plays Shindou Chiaki: a student teacher, whom you (the heroine) used to know and live next to. Miyano Mamoru plays Koyama Satoru: the fellow classmate who is quite the mood-maker. There is a short original story introducing you to such a context and things eventually play up to receiving confessions from both of them. This then splits into two separate after stories, where you choose either one or the other.

Throughout these tracks, the heroine has lines to say but instead of the usual otome drama CD where you kinda imagine her responses, you can refer to the comic and try to practise saying out those lines instead – as if you’re recording. There is ample amount of time given in the drama CD tracks for you to say out your lines. Or optionally, you can refer to just the lines of the script attached after the comic. Or very bluntly, this is how it goes:
– <Ishida/Miyano says his lines>
– <there is a period of ‘silence’ for you to speak out your lines>
– <repeat accordingly>

There are also three Highlight Scene tracks, where basically three scenes from the story are pulled out from the original story for further practise. It is suggested by the maker to try these out first before jumping into the full length story. Following that are two SWEET VOICE tracks by each seiyuu, where they basically say out “sweet lines” to you. After that, there are Boys Voice Only versions of the original story and after stories – in which case you can just listen to the tracks like any other drama CD. Lastly, there is a free talk track by both Ishida and Miyano.

It sounds like a lot, but actually it’s pretty short considering that the Highlight Scene and Boys Voice Only version tracks are essentially the same content as the original story and after stories. Also, the SWEET VOICE tracks are pretty short too.

It is a pity ‘cos the characters are actually quite enjoyable. Chiaki is the mature, brotherly type who occasionally enjoys teasing for fun. I really liked that Ishida speaks in a deeper voice than he usually does (he’s been getting many shota roles lately). Satoru is the cheerful, loud guy who says what he thinks. Miyano speaks in a higher voice than usual which was a bit odd at first (not used to it) but it’s pretty fun when his character fumbles and panics. Both used to be yankees and Satoru admires Chiaki a lot – these points should’ve totally gotten more coverage as I think it would’ve been fun! All three characters, including the heroine, are very honest, something which I really like ‘cos it gets a bit painful when you continually read/listen to characters otherwise. The comic, drawn by Mero, is really cute too.

The free talk at the end was fun to listen to! The two questions they had to answer were about their fated reunion with someone/something and something that a woman wears which would attract them. But somehow both Ishida and Miyano got off-topic pretty quickly, I guess their personalities are too “free” in that sense lol.

I have never read/listened to the other titles in the series so I can’t make comparisons. But overall it was a cute read/listen. It’s fun to get to read out your lines alongside the recording. My only complaint is that more original content could’ve been added, especially given the price (sobs). So personally, I think you should only get it if you like both seiyuu, wanna try practising lines with them, and feel generous. If you are interested, you can find this on sites with international shipping like cdjapan.

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.

7 thoughts on “Dream Say★You Collection: Mitsumeru Saki ni Aishi no Kanojo

    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! I personally thought that it was a bit pricey despite the original concept so I thought I should review to let other people know what they’re getting.

      I’m glad my review helped and I hope you enjoy your copy! :3


      • Yumemi says:

        It’s OK, Drama CDs are rarely cheap anyway. Plus when I really like the seiyuu/story it’s worth it. Plus here I’m getting the manga too, which I wasn’t sure of until I read your review, so no regrets here and thanks for the pics with the review.

        Your Drama CDs are very helpful, I don’t comment often but I appreciate them, I also purchased “Aishite Agerunya” because of your review (and Ishida of course)


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