Clock Zero PSP: Takato’s route

Last in Clock Zero (PSP) is Kaidou Takato (CV: Namikawa Daisuke), the cheerful and friendly transfer student who is well-liked by others. Takato is actually a kid genius, whom actively does research work. He takes a keen interest in Nadeshiko (and Riichirou) from the start, and Nadeshiko also admires him. Again, this route, starts the same like all others so you may want to read the first part of my review for Riichirou for details. /lazy  Some parts overlap with Madoka’s too so there are copy-paste repeats lol. Takato’s route can branch off to Rain’s ending so this review will cover that too.

In summary, Takato is part of the after-school Clock Zero group members Nadeshiko gets called into by Kaga-sensei due to a turn of events. At night, Nadeshiko dreams of a broken world and during that time, her body is that of an adult’s. SPOILERS AHEAD

Nadeshiko’s first impression of Takato is that he’s very adult-like, especially since he is “working” in his research area already, and his optimistic attitude towards everyone is the same (including when he first met the CZ members). However, upon getting to know Takato, Nadeshiko discovers that Takato has his surprising weak areas too, such as cooking and tidying up. Okay, let me emphasis, cooking especially. In one CZ assignment, they had to pour soy sauce onto pudding. Takato did so and…the pudding turned purple and smoke came out homg. Though Takato follows the cooking instructions closely whenever he attempts cooking, he always fails and it could be attributed to his lack of concentration at times. Takato also mentions that once he was listening to classical music while experimenting and fell asleep…clearly, the kid genius has some pretty amusing flaws.

In addition, Nadeshiko regularly chats with Rain the bunny in this route too (doing so makes the bunny gradually turn black – ignoring it makes it turn white). At one point, Rain advises her out of the blue that while Takato’s smile is genuine and he’s regarded as a genius, there’s something missing in him, so it’s better not to think of him as perfect. Nadeshiko understands part of this when she catches Takato alone in the class after school. The topic leads Takato to saying that he envies both her and Riichirou, as even though they seem mature they’re actually really childish. And upon knowing that side of themselves, they want to make up for it. He goes on to say that he has no dreams to speak of, and often got told that it wasn’t child-like at all. But that’s ‘cos he is able to achieve whatever aims he sets himself all along. In response, Nadeshiko tells him that it’s not necessary to have a goal in mind now, and it’s enough to just enjoy what you’re doing, and maybe even make someone you don’t know happy with whatever you’re doing. She cites herself as an example and that she’s aiming to be a doctor ‘cos she merely interested in the subject, and not for any selfless reasons like saving others etc. Takato is surprised initially, but then laughs and thanks her for enlightening him, and can’t help but admire her more.

Another event with Takato is that Nadeshiko invites him to her place to bake cookies together, after hearing that he failed to do so and caused an explosion in class earlier. They successfully do so and Takato expresses his gratitude and happiness honestly. He also guesses that besides Riichirou, he’s probably the only other one Nadeshiko has invited home.

On the free day, Nadeshiko was on her way to the library when she heard that the Kaidou Group building had been attacked. She goes to see the situation and meets Takato outside the building. He tells her that the situation is actually already under control (and the media was blowing things a bit out of proportion), in fact, the criminal is actually part of the staff who was a spy, trying to steal their research. He brings her up to his room, which is actually in the Kaidou Group building itself (aka he lives there). Nadeshiko realises that Takato’s research work for his father is actually a lot more than she had thought at first. She explores his research in his room, and accidentally injures herself when some crystals exploded upon her touch.

Takato panics, but promptly gives her treatment and apologises instead, when Nadeshiko apologises. He tells her not to mind it and that she’s way more important. Takato admits that he was used to his research so didn’t give it deep enough though when inviting her – that his research could possibly hurt her. It’s a first that he has felt this way, and he’s afraid of her getting hurt, and wants to get closer to her. Nadeshiko understands that his feelings are special for her, and feels the same way too.

Like in previous route, Nadeshiko also meets the people she’s been seeing in her dreams, including Waka, who is an acquaintance of Shuuya, as well as Bishop who appears to be acquainted with Kaga-sensei. Kaga-sensei also suddenly quits his job and disappears. At the climax of the game, Nadeshiko is shocked when time is “stopped” but is soon grabbed by Bishop. Both Waka and Shuuya, whom are part of the anti-government organisation Yuushinkai, act too late. Hence, Nadeshiko’s consciousness gets transferred to her older 22-year-old body by Bishop and wakes up to an unfamiliar room, with a stranger sitting beside her, and a larger talking frog puppet (which is actually an original AI), Kaeru. The stranger is actually Rain, who is in-charge of taking care of her needs within Clock Zero, the current government in 2020. He has actually been keeping watch over her through the bunny. Rain briefly explains that her consciousness was transferred to her older self 10 years later, but did not go into the specifics since she’s still rather disorientated from the transfer and asks her to rest first.

Nadeshiko attempts to rest but can’t help getting distracted as she sees that she’s in the broken world from her dreams. As Rain told her that she’s free to walk about, she leaves her room and gradually makes her way towards the main entrance – only to be stopped by guards since she doesn’t possess any identification code on her. Before things get worse, Bishop shows up and drags her back to her room against her will. Nadeshiko tries to explain that she wants to learn more about her situation, and if possible, learn about the safety of the people she knew back in 2010. Bishop casually reveals that he’s the 21-year-old Madoka in 2020, much to Nadeshiko’s surprise. However, when she mentions Nakaba, Madoka’s mood darkens and he replies that Nakaba’s whereabouts are unknown.

Fast-forward and Nadeshiko gets to meet the person behind everything – King, the autocratic ruler of CZ, or rather, Kaga-sensei, or rather, the 22-year-old Takato. Nadeshiko can’t help but feel more confused. Takato assures her that he’ll explain everything, but before that he confesses that he likes her and always wanted to meet her. She connects this to a conversation she had back in 2010 with Kaga-sensei then, and how he lost the chance to confess to the person he loved, as she met with an accident and fell into coma ever since. Nadeshiko realises that he’s referring to her and he confirms that, saying that he had done every other research he could’ve done in order to wake up her. He eventually started researching in quantum and countless manipulations in “time/space” led to an explosion in 2016, resulting in the current broken world. However, that also led to the final step in his plans to transfer 2010 Nadeshiko to 2020 Nadeshiko’s body. In addition, Takato created the governmental body CZ with the vision of building a world where no unfair deaths occur (ie. from accidents, murders) for her sake so that she isn’t harmed anymore. So actually, he really needs her above all. Takato asks for her to fall in love with him, no matter how long it takes.

Naturally, Nadeshiko feels afraid of Takato, even though he treats her gently. He attempts to brighten her mood with breakfast one day, and suddenly asks if she’s afraid of him and she could only say “yes”. Takato knows that this is a given, but Nadeshiko observes that he must feel hurt. She knows that he’s kind but can’t accept what he’s doing. Nadeshiko asks Takato to bring her outside to see the broken world in person. He agrees, bringing Madoka and Rain along. They chance upon a civilian resisting against the guards, complaining about how their every minute is controlled by the government. Nadeshiko probes for further explanation from Takato, who throws it to Rain and Madoka to explain. The government provides food, shelter, clothes and jobs in every possible orderly manner and controls the daily activities of the citizens, at least in the Tokyo city area. This controlling is for the purpose of preventing unfair deaths. The government also works by two codes: to harm no one, but to not let anyone resist. In the case of resistance, they would carry out “corrective” treatment.

Nadeshiko also learns that the people close to Takato in CZ have code names based off chess pieces (Takato=King, Rain=Rook, Madoka=Bishop). Madoka tells her that her place was long decided by Takato – the Queen caged up beside the King. Upon return, Nadeshiko can’t help but feel even worse, as it appears as though she’s the root cause behind the current situation – what Takato has made this world into. Only then does she understand why Rain told her before everything happened, to not blame herself.

Upon their return, Takato says that he wants to show her one more place and takes her to a greenhouse at the top floor. In the broken world, nearly all the plants have died off, and Takato is researching on bringing them back. Nadeshiko questions his way of restraining people, and he says that he merely wants to watch over them since by doing so, they most likely won’t commit anything criminal. She questions why he stopped time in her old world, and he explains that their worlds are closely linked – hence whatever happens in this 2020 world is likely to happen there. Since her 2010 body is now in coma, it is almost a given that the 2010 Takato will do what he has done now. He explains there are endless possibilities, or branches. Her accident happens almost every time, as someone is purposely out to get her. He still has yet to track the mastermind. Even if he has her avoid the accident in the past, the Takato in that world will be happy, but it would be meaningless to him.

Takato pushes against her and says that everything he did was to gain her, and this broken world was created as a result of that wish of his. He says that he’s the only one who can make her happy in this world. Nadeshiko still finds herself unable to accept this and says that she’ll do what it takes to go against him instead. Takato gladly accepts this and says that he won’t give way either. However, there is news of Yuushinkai being more active now, so Takato orders more strict surveillance over Nadeshiko.

Nadeshiko also dreams of her old world, and she talks to the young Takato, asking what would he do if she met with an accident and never woke up. He replies that he would do everything it takes to save her, but also says that it’s wrong to implicate other people. Takato asks her in return the same question, and she answers that she feels similarly. She wakes up and thinks that perhaps she was just giving herself the answers she wanted from Takato, but still believes that some of that must be truth. She decides to take action on her own and tries starting from Madoka. He tells her that he won’t get involved, since Takato will just get jealous seeing them together lol. However, he suggests to her to find Rain instead.

Nadeshiko follows his suggestion and finds Rain at the entrance, giving out orders to the other staff. She’s surprised to see this side of him, since it’s a first seeing him work. Nadeshiko probes for more information about the staff and he explains that it’s divided into three general sections: Hour is in-charge of all the labour work, including security. Minutes covers the research work, of which Rain is in-charge of and Madoka is part of. Second is in-charge of the governmental work. However, Rain sees that Nadeshiko wants to get information from him and suggests going outside to talk.

Rain guesses that Nadeshiko wants to resist Takato. He tells her that everyone is working in the government for their own motives, whether it’s for security reasons, for selfish reasons, and so on. So then Nadeshiko asks Rain’s motive for working for Takato. Rain explains that after her accident, Takato requested help from the research facilities of different countries, and Rain happened to be one of them and got sent over to help Takato’s research. (And Rain is actually 25 years old, and is a “kid genius” but not the same extent as Takato.) He goes on to add that Takato is able to realise his ideals, and that probably only he supports Takato’s ideals. He doesn’t care about what happens to the current world, in fact, he would like for it to continue to be this unhappy – though it’s not absolute. So there is no need for him to betray Takato. He also remarks that he has a wish which absolutely needs her, but refuses to elaborate. Rain offers to help Nadeshiko, as even if their final goals are different, part of the process has benefits to both of them.

Depending on the choice you make, Nadeshiko can either choose to not depend on Rain or not. But in either case, Rain persuades her to cooperate for now, seeing that there’s no harm done, and she can always reserve her better judgement for later. So, Rain takes action to help Nadeshiko to resist against Takato, which includes making contact Yuushinkai.

Upon her return, Nadeshiko goes to see Takato and requests for him to let her walk around outside freely. Takato gives in, with the condition that it’s 4 hours and she returns before dark (even if she doesn’t he’ll send guard out anyway lol), and in exchange she would need to abide to a request of his. Nadeshiko gives in reluctantly and Takato asks her to kiss him. Nadeshiko is mildly shocked, and tries to explain that she’s 12 years old in the inside. But he explains that ever since she has been synchronising with her older body through her dreams, so she’s actually an adult now. Obviously, she feels disturbed by this though, but gets ahold of her nerves and agrees to his request. Still, Nadeshiko can’t help but feel that Takato must be hurting himself since this kiss is merely her keeping her end of the promise.

Meanwhile, Rain is shown talking to Kaeru in the greenhouse, and about how he may be finally able to see his wish fulfilled. He also remark how he doesn’t mind if the same thing happens again ‘cos “that child” needs “anger”. The scene jumps over to Waka (aka older Toranosuke) and Wandere (aka older Riichirou). Tora lets in that they are a step closer to their goal of taking down the government due to “sources”. He knows that Riichirou just wants to save Nadeshiko and asks him to control himself. Riichirou gives in since he sees that that’s also the fastest way to saving Nadeshiko.

Several days later, Nadeshiko is in her room and hears an explosion. She overhears the guards saying that it’s from King’s room and rushes over to see the situation. Turns out though, that Takato was baking cookies but somehow lost concentration and blew up the oven, which led to him currently receiving a scolding from Madoka for doing unnecessary trouble. Naturally, Nadeshiko can’t help but be surprised by all of this, but she feels relieved at the same time and recalls that Takato was a failure in cooking in 2010 too.

Takato calls her to one side, saying that he has something else to talk to her – he reveals that he has caught the person who knocked her down in the car “accident”. He asks her what he should do with the person, even though he isn’t the main culprit and just acted on orders since he had a grudge against the Kurou Group. Nadeshiko asks his opinion, since one of the government rules is to not hurt anyone. So if people who didn’t have any crimes shouldn’t be hurt, what about those who have? Takato knows that she’s testing him and replies a life which has committed a sin shouldn’t be killed, but given a chance to change. He goes on to say that he has always thought of her as his important someone, and hence should hate this criminal, but he didn’t in the end when he caught him. All he felt was pity. He weakly remarks that he’s scared of himself and hates himself for being this way, and that he isn’t human without her. Nadeshiko feels relieved to hear his answer, but also starts to truly realise the extent of her existence to him.

It then jumps to Nadeshiko walking outside alone, and eventually wandering to Ground Zero, aka the most damaged area – the destroyed Clock Tower of her elementary school. She starts to have doubts, and seeing that it’s almost dark she decides to return. Takato finds her at the same time, as he couldn’t help but worry about her.

Takato says that he’s contradictory when it comes to her: he can’t do without her, yet he becomes arrogant to the point of not caring about anything when he has her. Nadeshiko reassures him that she would keep her promise with him and return on time next time. However, Takato hugs her from behind and tells her to not leave him in a weak voice, and to stay even if she can’t accept and thinks he’s wrong, or even hates him. He continues on to say that only when she’s with him does he feel alive and has human-like feelings. Nadeshiko is shocked to hear this vulnerable side of Takato, and then asks what he thought of the world just after he destroyed it, and now. Takato answers that he could only feel sadness back then, and that he doesn’t know what to think of it now. Nadeshiko doubts her initial intentions of resisting Takato, as she starts to see that he merely directed himself in the wrong path.

While she’s thinking over this, Rain comes to see her to bring her to meet the Yuushinkai members. Nadeshiko asks why Rain is taking such extreme measures if he supports Takato, and he remarks that with her, Takato can no longer stay the arrogant and ruthless way he had been up till now, so there is no way he can maintain the current situation for long. As they leave, they bump into Takato. Rain calmly explains his excuse for bringing Nadeshiko out, and they safely make their way out. Nadeshiko questions why Takato trusts Rain so much, to the point that Rain doesn’t carry any identification code tracking his movements. Rain merely replies that it’s perhaps ‘cos Takato sees themselves as similar beings.

They meet up with Tora and Riichirou (but their real identities are not revealed to Nadeshiko). Rain is striking a bargain with them and asks for Yuushinkai to lead a revolution to bring the government down. In exchange, he would provide all the necessary resources. They are suspicious of Rain’s true motives at first, but Tora eventually agrees since it’s in their favour. Nadeshiko only then, realises the reality of truly resisting Takato. She is hesitant and asks Rain if such measures are necessary. In reply, he says that one who would be sacrificed is the King, since he’s the common enemy which would unite the people. Nadeshiko finds herself unable to accept this. Rain asks her to go back first and so she does so.

Nadeshiko goes to see Takato and finds him sleeping, and the pocket watch next to him which has stopped running. He wakes up, relieved to see her back safe. Nadeshiko comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to really resist Takato, but to save him and guide him back from where he went wrong. She reassures him that she’ll always be by his side, and wants him to free the people. However, he can’t and could’t stop worrying over losing her a second time, which led him to eventually control the world as it is now. Nadeshiko realises that the time in Takato’s heart is stuck like the pocket watch, and haunted by the past. Jump to Rain’s side and he suggests for Yuushinkai to use Nadeshiko as a hostage, and the revolution would be an easy success. He also asks for Tora to give him two/three Yuushinkai members.

Back at the other side, Takato suddenly asks Nadeshiko to sleep together tonight much to Nadeshiko’s surprise (lol). He explains that he never stayed the night together with her since they never went on any field trips together, so he wants to be able to do so while talking into the night. She agrees to his request, not knowing that he was seeing this as their final night together. Takato confesses that at first, he was just happy to see her moving and talking again. But he was only seeing her through the shadows of the past and so even though she was right next to him, she felt far. He felt that he deserved it. However, this Nadeshiko accepted him and said that she’ll always stay with this him. Takato admits that he has fallen in love with her again, the Nadeshiko before him.

He also recollects that since a very young age of 5, he knew that he was “different” from other kids. In fact, he had an IQ of 280 then (wth). And so since young, he had been involved with research at Kaidou Group. Nadeshiko comes to term with her feelings for him as well. She thinks to herself that it’s alright even if Takato is weak, she’ll be strong on his behalf, so she’d like for him to not be stuck in the past and move forward.

Rain is seen at Ground Zero saying out a poem which he created after hearing Takato recite something similar (thanks yukiru for clarifying <3). Kaeru, lazy to operate his translation skills lol, asks him to translate from English to Japanese. I can’t remember the original words but roughly: I don’t need a world if you’re not there. There is no meaning in such a world. If there exists a god and he breaks you away from me, then I’ll break this unreasonable world in the same manner. Rain also remarks how he just wants to see “him” become a god which supports this world.

The next morning, Nadeshiko wakes up to see Takato missing. Takato has actually gathered all the CZ staff, announcing that he is going to dissolve the government. He reveals that he knows that no one really supports his vision. Takato foresees that Yuushinkai will attack them soon with their recent heightened activity, and since Madoka just discovered a hole in information network system, they wouldn’t able to cleanly defend themselves. Plus, it means that the resistance members have probably already infiltrated the government. Takato doesn’t want bloodshed and plans on safeguarding their escape, while he remains alone.

Much to Takato’s surprise though, the staff respond that even though they each have their own goals, they are in the government as they all respect Takato. And they knew what he was doing was wrong, yet they didn’t stop him, so they have just as much iniquity. Madoka adds that even though everything started from Takato’s selfishness, in the end everyone is gathered here on their own will. Takato feels grateful for their support. Meanwhile, Nadeshiko is approached by a guard who claims to be acting on the orders of Takato to protect her, since there is notice of an attack by Yuushinkai soon. Nadeshiko is alarmed at the news and worries for Takato’s safety. She asks for the guard to lead her to where Rain is, hoping to salvage things. However, she gets led to her room instead and is knocked unconscious.

On the other side, Takato reveals that Rain is the betrayer, as he asks for him to remove the virus from the network. Takato elaborates that due to Rain’s betrayal, he felt that the situation was too dangerous and it would be difficult to maintain the government as it is. Rain admits that he underestimated Takato. However, he isn’t worried as the Yuushinkai member, disguised as the guard, appears holding Nadeshiko hostage, who soon wakes up. She soon grasps the situation as the Yuushinkai member asks for Takato to step forward, and sees him aiming the gun at Takato. Nadeshiko resists her captor and gets shot in place of Takato.

Nadeshiko apologises to Takato, as she had promised that she wouldn’t put herself in danger. She knows that Takato won’t be able to take it again, but pleads with him to not lose it like the last time, as she’ll be alright. Nadeshiko loses consciousness and Madoka and the other medical staff do their best to save her. Nadeshiko sees memories of the 2020 Nadeshiko, from V-day to elementary school graduation, to the day of her accident, to accidentally bumping into a foreigner before her school entrance. She even sees how Takato lost it after her accident. She is worried for him and struggles to “get out” of the darkness she’s currently sunk into.

Meanwhile, Rain is doing all he can to provoke Takato now that his beloved Nadeshiko is in danger. Rain tells him to remember the anger he felt when he lost Nadeshiko, and to challenge himself once more, so as to research a way to revive human lives. Outside, Tora and Riichirou are seen planning to attack the government. Back inside, Rain lets in that he purposely wanted Madoka to discover the hole in the network, but didn’t expect Takato to guess that he did it. Rain wanted Takato to feel the danger from Yuushinkai, since recently Takato has grown weak and less arrogant after spending peaceful days with Nadeshiko. Takato realises that Rain is the one behind her accident in 2011, and his motive is for Takato to continue that research. Takato agrees that he felt the need to control the world since Nadeshiko can be in danger anytime, and he didn’t want to regret things. So he should continue the resurrection research, even if it’s unforgivable. However, the revived Nadeshiko wouldn’t be her anymore. Takato recalls what Nadeshiko said to him before he fell unconscious, and says that he’ll believe in her and his staff, and that what he should be doing now is taking care of Rain, who is a danger to Nadeshiko.

Soon, Takato is informed that the operation was a success and hurries to see her. After Madoka and the staff left, Nadeshiko tells Takato that she likes him as she regretted not doing so before. Takato is shocked to hear this, and couldn’t come up with any response initially pfft. He asks her to repeat it one more time and she obliges. Takato is overwhelmed with happiness and asks if he can kiss her. Nadeshiko questions about the last kiss and Takato replies it doesn’t count since it was wrong. Nadeshiko feels the same way and agrees.

Nadeshiko asks about what happened afterwards, and he tells her that the situation is under control, and Rain is currently imprisoned. However, he still needs to settle things, including guaranteeing the safety of all the CZ staff. Takato asks Nadeshiko to stay the night in his room since it’s safer there.

Nadeshiko wakes up the next day only to find Takato missing. She soon hears an explosion and a blackout occurs, she can only guess that Yuushinkai has attacked. Madoka appears before her, and takes her away to escape. The building is all on fire as the security has been fiddled with, so it isn’t responding to the fire. Nadeshiko is worried for Takato’s safety and keeps probing a mute Madoka, before he finally lets in that Takato’s on the top floor. Nadeshiko struggles free and dashes off to find Takato. However, she’s lost and finds herself at the entrance where she bumps into Rain.

He has gotten free and he says that there’s no longer a need for him to be here since there’s no way his wish can be fulfilled anymore. Rain says that it’s not a lie that, even when he was with her in 2010, he had some feelings towards her. Nadeshiko eventually asks what her existence was to him.  He diverges her question by pointing her the way to the greenhouse as he guesses that she’s going to find Takato. As Nadeshiko leaves, he remarks that he enjoyed their time together and that she’s similar to his younger sister.

Nadeshiko makes her way to the greenhouse and finds Takato there as expected. From here, it can branch off into the Stay or Return ending.

Stay: Nadeshiko tells him that she won’t leave him, and if he stays she’ll stay, and if he leaves she’ll leave. Takato replies that he’s afraid of her getting hurt due to him, and of losing her. Nadeshiko tells him that even though he’s smart he’s pretty dense lol. Takato said that he’ll give her happiness, and her happiness is by his side, so she won’t be happy if she leaves him behind. So she leaves the decision to him. Takato gives in and the two of them escape through a secret passage and exit CZ. As they are outside, Takato remarks how he has always looked away from the past, present and future. In response, Nadeshiko says that all the more they shouldn’t forget the past, the present and hope for the future.

A few months later, Nadeshiko and Takato have settled down, in a place quite far away from where CZ was. Yuushinkai declared that the government is gone now, and that King died in the fire – but his body was never found so it’s likely that Takato’s still wanted. Nadeshiko goes out to look for Takato, and sees him with a few children, who are telling him the story of the “King”: it’s basically how Yuushinkai saved the people by defeating the evil King and everyone lives happily ever after. Of course, things aren’t so dandy in real life and Yuushinkai will have bigger issues to tackle from now on.

The kids get called back by the parents, and the two of them leave, before being approached from a girl from the group of kids, and she hands Takato a flower ring. She says that her grandmother told her that it was thanks to King that such flowers grew along the walkway, and have food everyday. So even though he did things wrongly, he’s a kind person, and she doesn’t hate King. The girl also asks him to not hate King before leaving. Even though Takato points out how imperfect the flower is, Nadeshiko sees that he actually feels like crying. Takato slips the flower ring onto her hand and they head home. It’s still not safe but as long as they have each other they’re happy.

Return: Despite Nadeshiko saying that she’ll stay by Takato and refuses to leave, he abruptly leads her away from the greenhouse and down the secret passage. Along the way, he tells her that he gathered the students for the after school classes was to keep watch of any dangerous people around her, and to watch over her as her “life cycle” slowly changes and synchronises. Though he admits that he wanted to also hurt the young Takato as he steals the happiness from him. However, it’s also true that he enjoyed his time in 2010 as their teacher. He also points out that the reason why he named the government CZ is ‘cos he would be playing the role of controlling time, and the reason is nothing innocent as the young Takato naming the members CZ.

They reach an underground lab with capsules, which is where her body used to be. Takato is afraid of hurting her so he plans on sending her back to 2010, and knows what to do to prevent her future accident. He assures her that the 2010 Takato would be able to protect her and tells her to live as she always has and to be happy there. Even though he really wants her by her side and to just live normally to see her smile, he feels that he doesn’t deserve that, especially after what he did to her. Nadeshiko tries to insist otherwise but apparently he had placed some fragrance which caused her to slowly lose consciousness. Still, she’s aware that Takato’s crying and hears his last words as she leaves 2020: He loves her and loved the world she was in. But if she isn’t there, then the world has no meaning.

Against her will, Nadeshiko gets transferred back to her 2010 body and wakes up in school. She remembers that Riichirou and Takato were knocked unconsciousness before. Riichirou has already woken up but not Takato, who soon does. Overwhelmed with relief, Nadeshiko hugs him and cries, asking him to not leave her and to always stay by her side as she’ll stay by his. Takato is unsure what happened but hugs her back and assures her that he’ll do so.

Slowly but surely, she lost all memories of the broken world. 11 years later, Nadeshiko is at her elementary school waiting for Takato. He’s now a teacher there, and a popular one at that. Nadeshiko tried to tease him since he gets love letters from his students but Takato answered that he rejected them all properly since he only needs her. This made Nadeshiko recall how Takato is so straightforward and honest about his feelings towards her, so teasing him won’t elicit any other responses.

As they walk outside, Nadeshiko wonders why Takato chose to switch the teaching, while also recalling their teacher back then (but they both fail to remember “Kaga-sensei”). He replies that he enjoys his job, but soon the topic turns to Nadeshiko’s accident and Takato reveals that he received a mysterious letter addressed to him, from the him 10 years later. It told him about her accident beforehand, and the steps to take in order to avoid it and to save her, including the advice that he should stop his research.

Takato wasn’t sure whether to trust the contents or not, but seeing that it’s so personal and addressed from the Takato from the future, he decided to do so. In the end, he managed to save Nadeshiko on the day of her accident. They both want to treasure their time together now since they don’t know what tomorrow brings. And Takato remarks that it’s because he has Nadeshiko, that he thinks of this world dearly now. They both remember that it’s already time to recover the time capsule they buried with the CZ members, and so are planning to have a reunion with everyone.

Back in the broken world, Takato watches over the unconscious Nadeshiko and says that he’ll always be waiting for her to wake up even if the world ends. After he leaves, she is seen opening her eyes.

Bad end: There are a few bad endings. One of them is that Nadeshiko can’t decide whether to stand by Takato’s side, or to go all the way in resisting against him. Before she knew it, Yuushinkai has attacked CZ and even then she remains undecided as she stays in her room. Another is that Takato gets shot and dies, leaving Nadeshiko behind.

The last one is that Takato succumbs to Rain’s words, and loses it. So even though Nadeshiko wakes up from a successful operation, Takato tells her to not worry anymore and that he’ll get rid of everything harmful to her. He’ll protect her, even if it means reviving her multiple times, and wants it to be just the two of them together. Nadeshiko realises that nothing she says gets through him as he’s truly “broken”. It ends with Takato telling her that since they only need each other, then there is no need for the rest of the world.

Extras: Similarly, each CG has a voice-over where Takato comments as if reminiscing the times with Nadeshiko. There is also a Q&A with both the younger and older Takato, as well as a bonus ご褒美 image for completing everything (Takato is in military uniform, and totally like the boss lol).

In addition, there is a short novel which happens after the Return ending. Takato invites Nadeshiko over as the school is holding a school festival. A few boy students came up to ask if Nadeshiko is his girlfriend, Takato immediately confirmed so and told them to not go after her (not like they have a chance right lol). Nadeshiko remarks how children these days are growing up faster and faster, but recalls that she felt similarly about wanting to grow up quicker when she was young too. She also comments that Takato was adult-like and almost in another world of his own when he was young, but is more “normal” now lol. Takato also confesses that he was scared of growing up since he was unsure of the future. However, they both changed thanks to each other’s support and are more hopeful for the future now that they have each other.

In the Stay after story, it’s been some time after the two of them settled down. Nadeshiko gets up one night and notices Takato’s up and in the kitchen next to the window. She notices that he seems somewhat off, but he assures her that it’s nothing. The next morning, he appears to be back to normal and even offers to cook breakfast (oh dear). Nadeshiko convinces him to make it together instead and they enjoy a somewhat peaceful day. However, Nadeshiko starts to observe that Takato’s out of bed almost every night, and one night she goes out to find him.

She eventually finds him at Ground Zero, and asks what’s bothering him. Takato replies that it’s nothing much. He’s happy to be living together with her like now, but would like to do something to help themselves and the current world. He knows that they’re still in danger, so he shouldn’t attract attention, but even if it’s small stuff he wants to do so. Nadeshiko agrees with his thoughts and supports him, and thinks that it’s human-like to want to do so.

On another day, Takato brings her to Ground Zero and shows her a small flower growing there. It’s the most damaged area and hence the hardest area to grow plants, but it’s something which he has been trying to research into. It’s a small but significant step into the future. It ends on a light-hearted note as Takato wants to try improving his cooking skills too, but Nadeshiko teases him that maybe he’ll need 100 more years before he can cook on his own pfft.

In the Return after story, Nadeshiko is rushing to meet Takato as she is late thanks to her train getting stalled for some time. Upon meeting him, Takato tells her that she needn’t rush as he enjoys waiting for her and seeing her brighten up when she spots him. In response, Nadeshiko says that she’ll come earlier next time, but thanks him for waiting for her. The scene switches to a flashback of Takato’s confession to her back in middle school.

After that, it is almost evening time already and Nadeshiko was prepared to separate ways. But Takato asks her to come to his home first as he has something important to tell her. She agrees and they arrive at his home, only to be suddenly shocked at the presence of Takato’s father pfft. Takato’s father is very welcoming of Nadeshiko and happy to finally see her. But his true objective was to actually pass Takato something he forgot to take with him. Nadeshiko can’t see what it is, but it was enough to make Takato flustered and thank his father who soon left them alone.

Nadeshiko brings the topic back and asks what was it Takato wanted to talk about. Takato is somewhat nervous and tells her that he wants to be with her even more while passing her a key to his house. He says that she’s free to come over anytime. He only just got his job and isn’t fully independent yet so he can only offer this for now. Nadeshiko is pleasantly surprised by this and thanks him for always thinking of her as she feels similarly to him.

The last scene has Nadeshiko being late again and rushing to meet Takato. She receives a voice message on the way and it’s from Takato, telling her to take her time. He adds that the key he passed her is a reservation of sorts and he’ll pass her the “real thing” one day. And even after he does so, he would like to meet outside like they do now. Nadeshiko feels heartened by this, even though they’re only just a few minutes from meeting up pfft. However she feels similarly and wants to be with him even more from now on.

Rain’s ending: This is unlocked after you view all of the はじまりの記憶/First Memory (which you can view after getting all the return/stay endings of the characters). This basically shows in a glance each character’s back story and what led them to their situation in the 2020 broken world. However, besides the 5 guys, Rain also has his own chapter. So I’ll briefly describe this before diving into his ending as things make more sense that way.

It starts off with Rain debating what divides the normal and abnormal. His fellow researcher and friend is unable to get at it. He answers that perhaps it’s merely personal values as people judge based on their own views, and that Rain must be looking down on people if he’s even debating this – it must be noted that this friend’s way of speaking is exactly like Kaeru. They are currently in Japan and on their way to meet the kid genius (Takato) for work-related reasons. Rain has a younger sister, Rachel, whom met with an unfortunate accident and passed away when she went out to get him a birthday present. Rain was obviously affected by this, to the point where it was like time stopped for him. Yet the world continued on. He feels that the world has lost its meaning, and the time in his heart may only continue moving when he revives his sister. Hence, he uses that as his goal for living and it is suggested that Rain is carrying out such a “research”.

He meets the 11-year-old Takato on the first death anniversary of  his sister, and it dawned on him that Takato could achieve what he himself desires but can’t achieve. But, Takato feels that researcheing on resurrection for personal motives is immoral. Rain is maddened, as he seemed to be saying that such research has no meaning. He refuses to give up. Rain probes for who Takato likes and goes to his elementary school. By coincidence, he bumps into Nadeshiko that day and feels that it must be fate. And so, he constructed Nadeshiko’s accident to provoke Takato. /end of Rain’s First Memory

Rain’s ending branches off from when Nadeshiko meets him at the entrance in the fire. She dashes off to save Takato, but can’t bring herself to leave Rain alone at the same time. Hence she promises to herself that she’ll come for him afterwards. Meanwhile, Rain remains where he is, thinking about how Nadeshiko is similar to his sister since they don’t seem alike at all. And while he hoped for things to collapse, he didn’t hate the peaceful days as part of CZ, and even thought of “them” dearly. Kaeru tells him that he should escape, but Rain shows no signs of doing so, and ponders over how neither he nor Takato truly received punishment for their “sins”.

Madoka catches him and tells him that he has no intentions of saving him, understanding his motives, or forgiving him. However, he acknowledges that it was Rain who taught him everything, get used to CZ, how to do his work etc. He says that this is the last time he’ll respect Rain as his senior and leaves. Rain thinks back at how Madoka has matured, and how Takato is human after all. As for himself, who isn’t afraid of death, has no regrets and feels at ease hearing the sounds of distortion and appears inhumane – he’s still human too. Kaeru tries to call out to him as Rain slowly loses consciousness as he inhaled too much smoke. He wonders why he inputted and all his friend’s data into such an AI, something completely different from human revival. Rain tells Kaeru that he had enjoyed himself before passing out.

Rain recalls his sister’s last words passed onto him – telling him that she’s alright and to not lose himself – and receiving the birthday present from her, a broken pocket watch. He can’t help but feel guilty for her death, since she went out to buy the pocket watch he had always said he wanted. So it’s almost impossible for him to not lose it. This leads us to Rain’s chapter which starts off with him reciting the English poem(?) and a series of flashbacks.

The first one showing Rain with his sister when they were young. Rachel is crying over the death of a cat after being bullied, and can’t help but pity it. Rain tells her to pray to God then, to thank God for giving it life so that it’ll return to God after death and be happy. Rachel says that even so, she has never met God and thanking won’t erase the pain. Rain replies that God isn’t omnipotent and isn’t an existence which solely provides salvation – it’s impossible to save everyone in this world. He merely created this world and watches over, so he’s someone existing in and supporting everyone’s hearts. Rachel understands his point, but asks him to ignore his research for today and to play with her instead. She adds that Rain is the one supporting her, and always granting her wishes, so he’s her God. Rain teases her about it, but it’s obvious that he’s heartened by her words and says that he’ll always be her brother.

Next, Rain is before the elementary school and he recalls his meeting with Takato, and how it’s a waste that Takato has no interest in human resurrection. While Rain felt anger towards his response, he also holds that pure interest in the research. He bumps into Nadeshiko, something which he thanks God for, and the scene is recounted.

Next, he’s in King’s room and gets shaken out of his “daydream” by Takato. Takato wants Rain to be in-charge of watching over Nadeshiko in 2010 (through the bunny). Rain doesn’t mind but asks why Takato doesn’t want to do so, to which he replies that he’ll be going there himself so it’ll be hard for him to keep watch 24/7 – plus, it’s embarrassing in several ways pffft. Rain agrees and Takato thanks him, while noting that he appears tired. Rain replies that he has not slept for 3 days already, and Takato remarks that he’s indeed also the type who doesn’t see his surroundings when he gets enthusiastic about something. As Rain leaves, he observes that Takato looks happy, and Kaeru says the same can be applied to Rain. Rain acknowledges it as he can hear the sounds of the world distorting.

After that, it shows Rain being woken up by Kaeru, informing him about Nadeshiko. Rain starts talking to Nadeshiko through the bunny, asking after her since he thought she’d gone to sleep already. He slips up though, and Kaeru tells him off for always saying unnecessary things lol. In response, Rain flippantly changes the topic to that of how to sleep peacefully, talking about the Copernican conception. He goes on to say that if you keep thinking that you’ve to sleep, you won’t be able to do so. So he asks her to think that she can’t sleep, or that she’ll have a nightmare instead. Nadeshiko remarks that Rain is unexpectedly practical for a doll. After some time, Nadeshiko eventually feels sleepy and goes to sleep, telling Rain to stay by her side.

Rain obliges, but goes to check on the 2020 Nadeshiko’s body at the same time. He doesn’t want her to blame herself for what is to happen soon, but at the same time he wants her to show him a new world.

The next scene shows Rain explaining to Nadeshiko about the broken world. While she’s annoyed that he’s brushing through the details, he surprises her by telling that he’s happy to be able to meet her, and presses Kaeru to her lips (lol). Nadeshiko flushes, but tells him to not distract her and if he isn’t willing to tell her more then he should leave. Rain says that if she needs anything she can call him though, even if he can’t tell her everything. Nadeshiko pauses, before asking him what should she do here and now. In reply, Rain tells her that she should live freely and continue being loved by King. As he leaves, Rain wonders if he was too straight with her and if she’ll be upset and crying later. However, to his surprise, the next day Nadeshiko asks him to accompany her outside. Rain observes that she has matured into her older self, and is happy she’s looking forward and taking steps to move forward.

Next, Takato tells Rain and Madoka that he wants to hold a birthday party for Nadeshiko, as her birthday will take place soon (Madoka almost immediately left the room haha). Rain observes that even though Takato can be cruel at times, when it comes to Nadeshiko his mind is literally like a flower field. They all oblige in the end and Rain goes to sound out Nadeshiko for her agreement…except that it’s supposed to be a surprise and he just spoiled it. Things proceed smoothly though, before Rain abruptly leaves the room and asks Kaeru why he didn’t remind him of the date.

Rain goes to the greenhouse and gets some lilies for Rachel’s death anniversary. He wonders if he’s slowly losing his emotions like Takato did, to have even forgotten this. Nadeshiko follows him soon after and asks what was wrong. Rain eventually tells her that it’s the death anniversary of a person important to him. Nadeshiko apologises and says that they’ll celebrate her birthday another time instead of today. Rain wonders if this is her way of comforting him and feels his resolution starting to shake.

The following scene shows Rain and Kaeru talking at Ground Zero. Rain notes that Nadeshiko is moving forward and accepting Takato, while Takato is moving “backwards” in what he has done till now. If this keeps up, it’s likely that the government will dissolve. He likens the situation to the princess saving the prince, and him being the witch who cast a spell on that prince and is relied on by the princess. Kaeru remarks that Rain is still caught up with Rachel’s death, but Rain dismisses that and says it’s for his new-found ideal.

Finally, it shows Rain having just escaped the prison. Kaeru questions what is Rain’s real motive, which puzzles Rain since the AI shouldn’t be asking such a thing, and wonder if an error occurred since he’s been saying such stuff recently.  Rain answers that he wants to see the limits of human, and if Takato can surpass God to become one himself and if the powerless Nadeshiko is the key to changing the world. However, Kaeru then questions why Rain created “him” as an AI, and not Rachel. Rain himself should know that it’s meaningless, so he didn’t choose Rachel, and he’s just like King, afraid to just believe and wait. Rain finally cuts Kaeru off by shutting him down, before switching him on again when Rain reaches the entrance engulfed in flames.

Rain apologises, which shocks the heck out of Kaeru and he wonders if it’ll rain lol. It is apparent that it was an error and Kaeru has forgotten the previous conversation. As Rain looks on at the fire, he feels a bit of loneliness, before he spots Nadeshiko on her way to save Takato, and approaches her. Cue the previous scene and when Nadeshiko asks Rain what her existence is to him. His mind becomes blank, and the only thing he can think of is that she’s someone important to him. However, he doesn’t answer her in the end.

Eventually he’s alone (with Kaeru), and sees the world collapsing. Before even if “his” world had collapsed, the world didn’t collapse. Still, just like he looks back on his days with Rachel with warm feelings, he feels the same way when he was in CZ and with Nadeshiko and perhaps that’s happiness.

Rain finally wakes up to see Nadeshiko crying and calling him a big idiot lol. He is dazed, but realises that while he always though of his sister as cute, he sees Nadeshiko’s tearful face and finds it “beautiful”. Nadeshiko tells him that she enjoyed her time with him too, and it’s only human and natural to think so because that person important to you. Even if he had other motives, that doesn’t change that fact, so she doesn’t want him to die. She won’t die and be revived as he wishes, and she wants him to not run away but to live.

Rain is shocked to hear that, but realises that Nadeshiko is like that, and he finally understands that Rachel probably didn’t hate the person who killed her either. It was all on his part. The “time” in him has been ticking all along. However, unlike Nadeshiko and Takato, he isn’t searching for happiness, and refuses her. Rain avoids the topic and asks about her initial intention to save Takato. He feels himself being supported and sees that it’s Takato himself, who tells Nadeshiko to secure the exit door first.

Rain is even more surprised to see Takato, since he never expected Takato to be saving him, the mastermind behind everything. Takato answers that he plans on saving every staff, including Rain. No matter how Rain betrayed him or what happened in the past, it’s true that Rain did support him and his wishes, and Rain was the only one who agreed with his actions so that he finally could be with Nadeshiko. Takato refuses to believe that Rain was only working for him to betray, and that he must’ve had some feelings involved in the process. Finally Takato tells him that he’s still angry, and so Rain shouldn’t die so easily. Even if Rain tries to hurt Nadeshiko again, he won’t allow it and won’t let Rain lose himself. Rain can only laugh and give up all resistance. However, he realised at the end that he never truly wanted to go crazy.

Some believe in God but others do not. God helps them who help themselves. Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. Vengeance belongs only to God. After a storm comes a calm. Blessed are the dead that the rain rains on. March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

After these lines is the epilogue. The three of them have settled down similar to Takato’s Stay ending. However, Rain feels like a third party lol and asks if he should scram soon. Nadeshiko disagrees and is even thankful since his presence helps with the “atmosphere” they get if they’re alone lmao. Rain strokes her hair and remarks that recently, he’s begun to think that it’s alright to search for his own happiness. He says that the past him would have run away since he dislikes trouble and he has no confidence of confronting Takato. However, facing a losing battle is also human. He knows that his feelings aren’t like that of Takato’s, but he now thinks of Nadeshiko as someone important and no longer as a shadow of his sister.

It’s human to be arrogant, have limitless desires, and have dreams, that’s why they’re living. He probably likes humans more than he had thought so. So he starts to think that it’s alright to live some more as a human. Rain kisses her hair and asks if Nadeshiko can consider him as candidate as her “number one”.

Overall: Did you manage to read every single word? You did? Good work. ‘Cos I can’t believe that I wrote so much, maybe I should’ve made Rain’s a separate post, since I pretty much jotted down every last detail zomg. Anyway, Takato first: the young Takato is really cute! He’s very frank about himself towards Nadeshiko at least, and his flaws are surprisingly amusing. So it was also interesting but sad to see that Takato become the Takato in the broken world.

Usually, I would find characters overly-obsessed with the one they love creepy. I mean, it’s a natural first reaction. But I think Takato’s route really did him favours and flashed out properly just how much Nadeshiko meant to him. She wasn’t just some random heroine who happened to get friendly with him, she really changed and opened up his horizons and way of thinking. I think if Takato had to write some essay on the most influential person in his life, it’s no big wonder why it’s Nadeshiko. It’s just as heartening to see Nadeshiko learning to love that older Takato and how she didn’t want to forsake him.

The Stay ending, felt happy in that sense. But the Return ending feels like the perfect one since the original 2020 Nadeshiko eventually wakes up. My favourite scene is where Takato hugs Nadeshiko from behind and exposes his vulnerable side. I think Namikawa did a great job especially in that aspect. I wasn’t sure what else they could add for the after stories but I was pleasantly surprised – especially when Takato got all flustered in the Return one.

And I think I now know why people enjoy the government guys, their interactions are really fun. Compared to the Yuushinkai guys, a lot more thought is put into them and it shows in their routes. They cover all the relationships: the trio, Takato and Rain, Takato and Madoka, Madoka and Rain.

Takato’s routes answers a lot of questions, but I think Rain’s answers even more. I really like Rain. Sure, he’s even more twisted than Takato and the “big bad guy” but I love the way he speaks and his many contradictions in personality. So I was excited to read his narration which explains the details in my review. Okay, so he’s um obsessed with his sister. Looking past that, I enjoyed seeing the wavering in his beliefs in his chapter, and how Kaeru challenged it towards the end. Yes, Kaeru, is awesome. I wish we were given the name of Rain’s friend, whom he was modelled upon on (and yes, I think it’s for certain that this friend is dead).

You can check out the Clock Zero tag on my tumblr for more screenshots and corresponding translations.

I’ll write about the epilogue and my thoughts on the game as a whole in the next post! This post is too long already, having just crossed 10k words.

6 thoughts on “Clock Zero PSP: Takato’s route

  1. Yukiru says:

    *Read every word .. took me almost an hour* I can read every word about Takato forever even though I know the story already, it’s nice to find out about things I missed/forgot about and of’corse, your interpretation on them. kuwashii desu~ *is jealous of your writing skills and ability to express thoughts*

    The poem in English (CZ’s signature poem from the prologue) was written by Rain himself not Takato, Rain said Takato said something similar in the past. The main similarity is “kimi no inai sekai nante iranai” and “kami-sama”.. Takato’s version is in the PS2 ver. limited drama CD and mainly focuses on saving Nadeshiko.

    I’m so happy you felt the same way about Takato’s obsessiveness being creepy but has a very valid reason for it.. and that you understand the fun about the government side^w^ ehehehehe *happy for CZ and Takato, Rain, Madoka*

    I really loved Rain & Kaeru-kun in Rain’s route too.. I loved it all Rain with Madoka, with Takato and with Nadeshiko. Nadeshiko somehow managed to save everyone lol. She’s so awesome.

    I’m also happy for NMKW XD Everyone praised him for Takato.. yes, he was whispering in this soft voice in that scene.. I loved it ;w; ahhhhh *stops myself from becoming nonsensical* You’ve really made me happy with this long post //’w’// Arigatouu~<33 otsukaresama deshita!


    • Yume says:

      Ahh, thank you for reading everything~~ 君もお疲れ!I found myself so long-winded huhuh. ;;

      Ohh I see I see. /will edit later Would the English one be like Rain’s own poem, and the Japanese one Takato’s? If Takato’s one is the one that also appears in the OP. (I haven’t listened to any drama CDs yet wah~)

      So far, usually Takato’s similar kind of character (in other games) appear boring to me, as I simply can’t understand them. orz So I was really happy to see otherwise for Takato, I didn’t expect myself to like him this much. And yes the government people~~

      Oh yes, in that ending Nadeshiko saved all of them. ❤ I was really curious what happened to Rain when he was left alone, am glad he got a happy ending of sorts.

      Ahaha no no, you're making sense. XD I'm glad this post made you happy, eheh. ///


      • Yukiru says:

        Since the Japanese one uses “boku” not “ore”, so it’s just a translation of Rain’s English poem. So in the OP and the prologue, it is Takato reading Rain’s poem to us..(I think). Even though a lot of the events in CZ happened because Takato, the real mastermind is Rain.. Rittan, Tora, Shuuya got involved incidentally but Madoka was involved directly through Rain too. …Everyone in the broken world timeline aren’t connected to each other but then in the school ver. timeline Takato as Kaga sensei gathered them together while young Takato named them CZ. *w* I love CZ because a lot of the story is really deep and everything is connected to each other…だと思いますw /bricked for talking about whatever random /loves discussing points in CZ

        *looking forward to your final post!*


        • Yume says:

          Ahh yeah, that’s true…makes me curious about Takato’s one now. I should go listen to the drama CDs. X3

          I found Rain a really interesting character, since he certainly doesn’t seem like the usual mastermind character lol. Likewise, for Takato, he certainly isn’t the usual…King you expect. Ahaha, as expected of yukiru-chan~ :3

          Eheh, I hope to post it by today~ /o/


  2. twentyninenights says:

    Congratzzz! You already finish it. It’s a long journey.

    I like Takato and Namikawa because they gives special sad feelings which differs from other games or characters Namikawa have so far. He’s voicing Takato (older) with very dramatic voice that I, or maybe everyone who heard it, felt something sad bursting out.

    And, I agree. I like how they finally made Rain’s route though it didn’t end with romance or like that. At least he have opened up his heart to Nadeshiko,.


    • Yume says:

      Thank you~~ \o/

      I think Takato is really one of Namikawa’s signature roles (in terms of otome game roles). Usually such characters don’t grow on me, but I ended up liking Takato in his own way. :3

      Yes, Rain route made things feel much more complete! I think it’s quite impossible for him and Nadeshiko to have romance like the other characters, especially since it’s from Takato’s route. ^^; But I was happy to just see him move on as he opened up his heart to Nadeshiko, like you said. ❤


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