Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Prologue

I had kinda lost my momentum after being away lol. Anyway, this post will review the prologue of Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP). I’ll review up till the point where the game then splits into each individual character’s events. All the character routes have a few common events in between though, I’m still debating whether to post that in detail in the first character route I review or in its own individual post. In any case, prologue first!

It starts with Wendy out on the streets, heading home after shopping. She then spots a curious-looking boy glancing all around. Thinking that he’s lost, she calls out to him and this surprises him…and causes him to literally ROFL.

Wendy is both confused and irked at this, but she also wonders why no one else notices his rowdy reaction. Seeing the boy continuously laughing, Wendy decides to leave. However, he holds her back and tells her to become one of his followers as he finds her interesting. Wendy naturally rejects him, thinking that he must be playing some imaginary adventure like kids do. This shocks him greatly, and he finds her responses so different from others that she’s weird. Wendy finds herself unable to leave the weird kid alone and questions where his destination is.

He answers that he has no idea but he’s not lost like she thinks. He also remarks how he dislikes the current place they’re in, to which Wendy asks why does he stay here then. The boy answers that he’s waiting for someone here, Tinker, though he has no idea when Tinker is coming. This confuses Wendy further and when she asks after his safety, he proudly tells her that he’s the one and only Peter Pan who had defeated the pirate captain, James Hook, and cut off his hand. Obviously, Wendy has no idea who he is talking about. However, Peter soon takes a liking to Wendy.

Peter wants her to stay with him till Tinker arrives, but Wendy says that she has to get back to make dinner for her two younger brothers. In return, she gives him some cookies she had received from one of her brothers earlier, telling him that it would “save her” for him to take it as she’s on a diet now. Her words delight Peter as he happily eats the cookies and declares that all three of them can be his followers. Peter tells Wendy straight-out that he likes her and will treat her specially, promising to bring her to his secret place (a flower field). He kisses her and says that he’ll fetch her tonight.

Wendy is surprised at first, but soon dismisses the true meaning of his words as she leaves. At home, Wendy’s mother leaves the dinner table to return to work after receiving a call. She adds that their father won’t be coming back either and leaves home. Wendy recalls how her mother has changed, as before she was a house-maker and would treat Wendy gently. However, after her real father passed away, her mother started working and prioritising money above all else. Even after remarrying her current step-father, her mother remains the same. However, Wendy reasons with herself that her mother is working for the family and respects her.

Both John and Michael understand Wendy’s opinion, but don’t think that their current family situation is the most ideal of sorts. However, they’re happy to just have each other, and Nana (a dog which has been with Wendy since young). In case, it isn’t clear yet, John and Michael are younger step-brothers to Wendy.

After dinner, Wendy clears up, John returns to his room and Michael stays behind to study. Michael asks if Wendy ate the cookies from this morning yet, and she answers that she gave them to a boy instead. He’s disappointed to hear this though, since he had made those. This surprises Wendy, but she rejects him when he offers to make another batch for her. Michael brings up that when his teacher knew that he’s Wendy’s brother, the teacher had complimented on Wendy’s excellent performance. Wendy is heartened that the teacher still remembers her, and comments that she aims for perfection.

Michael fails to understand her, thinking that it’s alright to just live happily, even though he knows that he has no abilities in studying he has other practical skills like cooking and cleaning – unlike his older brother, John, who can do nothing else but study.

John interrupts the scene, obviously annoyed. He proceeds to ask why Michael studies with Wendy, instead of coming to him. In reply, Michael says that it’s easier to understand Wendy as compared to him. John then sits down beside them, full of passion, as he plans to observe and learn how Wendy teaches Michael. However, Michael announces that he’s done for the night and leaves.

Later, as Wendy is about to go to bed, she hears noises. She gets a bit afraid, wondering who had come in, since she had clearly closed all windows and her room is on the second floor. As she opens her eyes, she sees Peter looking down on her, who happily greets her. Wendy then realises that he’s floating above her. As she’s trying to register reality, a fairy-like person appears, who is apparently Tinker. Tinker fails to understand why Peter has chosen her. Wendy is even more shocked to see a fairy before her, and in order to confirm whether she’s dreaming or not, she slaps Tink pffft.

This appalls Tinker even more, who insists further that choosing such a rough woman is no good. However, Peter is amused since he can never predict Wendy’s actions. Soon, Nana comes charging into the room and starts chasing Tinker. Both John and Michael also come in soon after as they were woken up. Unfortunately, the sight of Peter and Tinker flying about shock them, especially John. While Michael is also somewhat fascinated, John is unable to comprehend the “science” of it all since he has never encountered anything like this – to the point where he brain kinda stops functioning and he freezes on the spot lol. After a while, he even hits himself to realise that he’s not dreaming. In response, Michael can only remark how John is truly useless when critical times call for his brain.

Wendy realises that she’s the main cause that brought Peter and Tinker here, and wishes for them to just deal with her and leave her brothers alone. However, Peter is actually already set on bringing all three of them with him. Since Nana was still chasing Tinker, he decided that they’ll just bring the dog along too. Tinker sprinkles her fairy dust upon all of them at Peter’s order and they start floating. Michael eventually starts enjoying the moment, but John is still in disbelief from all that is happening. Wendy can’t help but worry what her parents would think if they all left like that, which puzzles Peter since he thought that she hates this “boring world” (退屈の世界) just like he did. Wendy denies it since it’s her home. Peter remarks that she just doesn’t understand things yet since after all, there’s a reason why she could see Peter in the first place.

Wendy tries to convince Peter to bring them back, but sees that it’s futile. She then asks why Peter is bringing them to this “eternal world” (永遠の世界). In reply, he tells her that they are the three judges for a sweets contest they are holding. Once they choose the best one, they can choose to go back home.  They have been other people brought in from other worlds as well, as some choose to stay and others choose to return. However, this is the first time that people from the “boring world” have been brought in, and the first time they’re doing a sweets contest (but they had had all sorts of contests before).

He also explains that unlike their “boring world”, the “eternal world” is fun and that’s the main reason they’re holding this contest. He tells her that usually the people at literally at each other’s throat (and Wendy realises that his fight with Hook was an example). Since as long as both sides are still alive, the “fight” goes on forever. However, for this contest, contestants can’t kill each other, and they have an obligation to protect the judges. This is different from what they do everyday which makes up the “fun” factor. Peter also tells her that there are four contestants: himself, Hook, Scissor and Tink. Hook is after Peter’s throat, while Scissor is after Hook’s throat, Tink entered the contest ‘cos it seemed fun.

Soon, they all go through the dark side of the new moon, which is the gateway to the “eternal world”. After they arrive there, Peter points out Neverland in the distance, an island. He leaves Wendy to fly on her own and Tinker approaches her and offers to tell her a way back home, since she doesn’t want Wendy hanging around Peter. However, they can’t let Peter be in know of this, and she tells Wendy to land on a certain spot first and she’ll come by later. Having all of the siblings disappear would be too suspicious too. Wendy decides to trust her and tells her brothers that she’ll leave for a while first.

Wendy successfully gets away and heads towards the indicated meeting spot. However, she suddenly finds herself unable to fly anymore and drops down. She’s dead certain that she’s heading towards her death as a flash of her past memories comes flooding through her mind. However, she feels herself landing on something and opens her eyes to see a man, who remarks how it’s the first time he’s seen a woman fall down from the sky. Wendy wonders if she’s dead and why Heaven has such as weird floor and has a ticking sound. But he tells her otherwise, and for her to get off his pet.

Wendy does so and greeted with the sight of a crocodile, aka his pet the Clock Crocodile (時計ワニ). The man is prepared to let his pet eat her up since it seems to have taken a “liking” to her. Wendy is left aghast at this, but quickly gets up and away. The man asks if she has seen a pirate around and Wendy answers that she hasn’t. Wendy tells him that she’s the judge for the contest and he re-introduces himself properly as Scissor Gavialwatch. Wendy recognises his name as one of the contestants, remarking that she can’t imagining him competing alongside Peter in a sweets contest. Scissor remarks that he’s definitely the one among the navy who likes sweets the best, and if he doesn’t have his three o’clock snack, he has no will to work lol.

Wendy remarks that he’s surprisingly childish and Scissor answers that sweets aren’t just for children, but adults too. Wendy denies this strongly, listing how it’s fattening, bad for the skin etc. Scissor comments that she can’t possibly judge with such a biased opinion, and that if there’s no verdict the contest goes on forever. He also tells her that deciding which is the best is not so simple, which puzzles Wendy. Scissor ignores her later request to let her stay beside him since there was a dangerous pirate around the areas, as he has no obligation yet to protect her since the contest hasn’t officially started yet. However, he also realises that he has limited time to kill of Hook too and leaves Wendy.

After that, Wendy realises that she most probably was deceived by Tinker, who still has yet to show up. As she’s deep in thought, Hook suddenly shows up behind her. Wendy immediately recognises him as she recalls Peter saying that he cut off his hand – which is now a hook. When Hook discovers that Wendy is one of the judges brought by Peter, he decides to kill her off immediately – since that would mean that Peter would have to leave and find another judge, then he wouldn’t have to see Peter’s face for another long while.

Wendy tries to talk back to him, but Hook still attacks her. Thankfully, Peter rescues her just in time, much to Hook’s frustration. Peter makes fun of him but Wendy tells him to not aggravate the situation, to which he complies since it would be boring to have one less competitor. Instead, he tells Hook that he can hear the sounds of a clock ticking away, and this scares the heck out of Hook who retreats in fear, while insisting that he’s not running away.

Peter leaves with Wendy, who asks the reason for her disappearance. Wendy replies that it was because she grew tired. She asks about her brothers and he tells her that they’re at the Heart of the Forest (森の中心), which is where they’re heading now. They’re going to officially announce the start of the contest there, as that’s the place which holds the world’s will, so they hold all important events there. They also have to abide by the rules of the world, if not, their existence would be removed. Wendy is shaken by this and asks Peter to tell her all the rules – but he says he can’t remember them all since they’re too obvious lol. So Wendy asks him to tell her whenever he remembers them instead.

Tinker soon appears next to them, as Wendy wonders why she suddenly started falling. Peter explains that it was because she drifted away from Tinker, and she was flying with Tinker’s fairy dust. Wendy realises that Tinker had tried to kill her, but decides to not say anything since it won’t help the situation. She soon reunites with her brothers at the Heart of the Forest.

Tink, the older brother of Tinker, arrives not long after, and so does Hook. Hook soon starts fighting with Peter, since he wants to finish him off asap before the contest. The three siblings try to avoid them for safety’s sake, but both Tink and Tinker laugh in amusement at the fight. However, Scissor and his crocodile arrive, and Hook shouts at Peter to start the contest immediately. It later becomes known to Wendy that the reason why Hook is so afraid is because the crocodile had eaten his cut-off hand, found it extremely delicious, and wants to eat the rest of him.

The first round of contest promptly starts and the sweets served: Peter’s Drop of Happiness, Hook’s The Only Chocolate, Scissor’s Biscuits of Destruction, and Tink’s Rainbow Ice-cream (the names lol). However, John detests sweets and Wendy refuses to eat any of them either, much to Hook’s disbelief. This leaves Michael, who gladly eats everything – but he can’t decide on a best one since he finds everything delicious. They are soon scooted off to a room, and told to all picture the decided sweet in their head when they’re ready. The room is closest to the world’s will, which will decide if their chosen decision is sincere. Since Michael can’t decide on any one, both brothers decide to let Wendy choose. No matter which one though, they find the ground disappearing soon after, and all of them falling into the room they were before.

Apparently the judgement failed, so they’ll have to wait for the next round – which will take place whenever the world’s will feels like it. None of the contestants seem surprised that they failed, since it would be boring if they’d succeeded at the first try. However, Hook complaints that they should’ve just eaten the sweets, and Tinker is obviously upset that Wendy can’t go home immediately.

Peter takes them back to his home, which is like a large-scale treehouse of treehouses. However, the entrance is a tree stump (there is a separate one for the exit too). They all slide down and are warmly welcomed by Peter’s four followers (or more well-known to everyone as Lost Boys). They prepare odd-looking mushrooms and fruit which turn out to be surprisingly tasty. However, Wendy notes that the way they live is not very organised and proper – in Peter’s words, they play when they feel like it and so on. In fact, despite the many rooms in his home, most of them are playrooms so you can’t sleep in those.

Soon after, Wendy and her brothers voice out that they want to retire for the night. Peter gets his boys to show John and Michael to their rooms, while he shows Wendy to hers – the biggest, prettiest and most comfortable one. Wendy thanks him and she soon falls fast asleep……only to wake up the next day next to Peter.

She’s alarmed at this and demands to know why he’s sleeping next to her. Peter replies that it’s his room and his bed that they’re in. She quickly leaves the room to find Tinker, back from an errand on the orders of Peter – to get them all a change of clothes. Wendy also sees her brothers, who had slept in each of the boys’ rooms – however John got one who snored really loudly pfft. After changing, Wendy insists that they’ll be living elsewhere. Peter asks for her ideal home and she answers that it’s one where she can have privacy and be comfortable in.

Peter remarks that it’ll be very simple and leaves. He returns shortly, bringing all three of the siblings to an open space not far away from his house. He gives Wendy a black seed and tells her to hold her ideal house in mind as she plants it. Wendy does so, not knowing that it’ll start growing massively. Peter flies away and tells them all to run lol.

After it has settled down, they all enter their new house and find a surprisingly normal-looking one, except with branches and leaves all over……and sweets growing off them. On the second floor are the brothers’ rooms, and Michael’s has cookies growing while John’s has pound cakes growing. On the third floor is Wendy’s room which has all sorts of candy growing. Wendy can’t help but feel a bit sick at the smell of sweets, something which she noted was present throughout the forest. Peter tells her it’s because there are sweets growing throughout Neverland itself.

In fact, currently their kitchen sink is connected the water from underground – but they could change it to chocolate if they wish to. Of course, Wendy quickly declined this. And so, Wendy and her brothers stay in this house for the time being as they await for the next round of contest. And so ends the so-called prologue. QuinRose-worthy length? Yes.

Similar to QuinRose’s Alice games, Wendy gets to choose where to move to for that day (luckily it’s not separated into morning, afternoon and night). This will trigger events with the different chase-able characters. Though once you’re “locked” into a character’s route, there is no need for choosing the location anymore.

I’ll be starting with Tink’s route first, followed by interchanging between the Darling brothers and Hook/Scissor. This leaves Peter and the Truth routes for last. If there are any misc. endings that branch off from a certain route, I’ll cover them together.


14 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Prologue

  1. suri says:

    Wendy sounds like the classic spunky QuinRose protagonist. ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)/ I’ll be looking forward to the brothers and Hook; I don’t do so well with childish characters like Peter Pan ehe. ;;;; If the premise is a sweets contest, it sounds like this game will be all fun!


    • Yume says:

      She is so far! 8D Ahaha, truth be told, I had no idea what to expect for all the characters – but so far they all seem fun in their own way. I’m wondering if Peter remains in his child form for all the routes except his own. And it’s a game that’ll make you hungry hnng. I wanna taste them sweets. /kicked


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