Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Common Events

There are three main common events throughout all the routes in Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP), so I’ll cover them in this separate post. It’ll probably make more sense if you refer to this once I get the first character route up. It doesn’t hurt to read it on its own either but be warned of spoilers. You should probably read the Prologue first too.

EDIT: I apologise, I forgot about two more common events which have already been added.

Common Event 1

After spending some time in Neverland, Wendy is seen handling the laundry just outside their “home”. She then takes (adorable) Nana for a walk. Midway, it starts raining so they go to seek shelter, chancing upon an old and dusty-looking house. However, it seems strangely familiar to Wendy, who soon realises that this is her old house, where she had stayed in before her mother had remarried John and Michael’s father. Nana, who had been with Wendy since young, also lived in the house before as a little pup.

Wendy has no idea why her old house is here, but she gets nostalgic as she recalls the times when she was little, when her father was still alive and her mother still treated her gently and complimented her efforts in dancing, singing, piano-playing etc. However, she also remembers the sudden change in her mother after her real father died – often berating her and scorning her efforts, remarking that her daughter wasn’t doing enough of what she was expected to do aka being perfect. Even as Wendy tries to help her mother, such as by making dinner, her mother doesn’t hesitate to remark how awful it is and calls Wendy’s efforts a bother and her daughter an embarrassment.

As a result, Wendy has always been seeking her mother’s approval for whatever she does, as she sees her mother as her ideal. Wendy feels a greater need to be “perfect” since she’s the eldest sister and would be the role model for her younger brothers. However, whenever her mother initially looked down at her efforts, she could only cry. She wonders if she has matured since then after coming here. Seeing that the rain has lifted, Wendy goes back to her Neverland home with Nana.

Character Event 4

This happens prior the second round of contest. Peter comes bursting in and announcing that it’s time for the next contest. Wendy can’t help but think how flippant the will of the world is as she prepares herself before they leave. Even after arriving and their hair is in a mess, she holds Peter back to “clean up” their look since they are technically in a holy place. However, Peter fails to be the first one who arrives at the contest place, losing to Hook. As a result, he gets mocked at by Hook for “losing” to him. Obviously Wendy doesn’t get any of this childishness lol.

This gets the two of them in a bad mood, and they disrupt the place, which is filled with spectators since the contest is something meant for everyone to enjoy. Seeing that they’re putting everyone’s lives in danger, Wendy warns Hook that they are forbidden to kill each other, but Hook merely replies that he’s “greeting” Peter. Peter also doesn’t bother about the situation since he just wants to get back at Hook for the prior insult. Wendy eventually grabs Peter, with the intention of protecting him, and tells Hook off for targetting a kid.

With the ahem, comfortable position, Peter eventually gets tired of fighting Hook and just wants Wendy to continue hugging him, much to Wendy and Hook’s disgust lol. Hook shows no signs of giving up the fight though……till the sounds of a clock ticking grow closer and Scissor arrives with his beloved pet crocodile. This alarms Hook and his pet parrot to no ends, especially so since Scissor tells him that his crocodile has yet to eat and is especially hungry. This causes even more chaos in the room and Wendy’s attempts to tame the situation is to no avail.

So, she tells her brothers that they might as well go into the room first and get their judgement done so that everything ends asap and everyone can leave and take their fighting elsewhere without harming the people anymore than they’ve done so already.

Common Event 2

After some more time has passed in Neverland, Wendy feels as though she has changed somewhat. Depending on whose route you’re on: if it’s a Neverland resident, she feels that she’s becoming less strict with herself. If it’s her brother, she feels that she’s starting to rely more on them instead of the opposite. Whichever the case, Wendy decides to go to visit the old house with Nana, hoping to remind herself of the past and her feelings of striving for perfection.

There, Wendy recalls her mother speaking more harshly of her than she had previously recalled – including her mother scorning her cheap-looking hair colour and wondering who she takes after. Her mother also tells her that it’s not the process (aka how much effort you put in) that matters, but it’s all about the results. This is why Wendy’s thinking was influenced in this manner too, which is as opposed to Michael’s thinking that the process is more important.

Furthermore, her mother believes that with money you can buy happiness for herself and the family, hence her workaholic nature. Her mother then takes the chance to trust her daughter in handling the household affairs since she’s busy outside with work, much to Wendy’s delight. However, Wendy starts to wonder if she remembered things too sweetly as she recalls a different and harsher version, and that in fact her mother didn’t really trust her to the household affairs, but just told her to do what’s she’s expected to do.

Naturally, Wendy feels both confused and saddened at this contradiction of memories, and wonders if her mother would feel disappointed seeing the change in her now. However, she also feels the weight of her shoulders gone since in Neverland, she has no need to seek her mother’s approval. Wendy finally leaves the old house with Nana.

Character Event 13

For whatever reason (depending on whose character route), Wendy is left walking alone in the rain on the way to the contest venue for the third round. There, Tinker calls out to her. Wendy wonders if she’s here upon the order of Peter, but Wendy tells her otherwise. She laments that this world will slowly tire of Wendy and Wendy will become unnecessary, since she feels that Wendy has no chance of being “successful” with the contest judgement. In fact, her very existence is this world is wrong. Wendy is obviously offended and tells her that she’s doing her best, and if she was really opposed they shouldn’t have brought her in the first place.

However, Tinker scoffs her as she reasons that she’s a doll created by this very world, so she can tell what the world is feeling. But as a doll, she basically has no will of her own and only carries out the will of the world no matter how much she doesn’t want to. If she does so, she’s opposing the world and its system, and risks getting disposed of.

Still, Tinker worries about the contest failing continuously, since it may cause the world to break down eventually. As a result, before that happens, she decides that she might as well kill off Wendy while she can and get replacement judges instead. No matter what Wendy says, Tinker is unfazed and raises her blade at Wendy……only to be stopped by…?

Common Event 3

Seeking for some alone time, Wendy goes to visit her old house by herself. She’s now much more aware that she used to live in a narrow world revolving around her mother, and after coming to Neverland her world has opened up. Even though she had “failed” the judgement of the most recent sweets competition, she doesn’t feel distressed like she would’ve in the past. Wendy knows that it’s ‘cos she has started to accept the support of others, which gives her strength to focus on moving forward rather than constantly dwelling on her failures.

As she recalls her mother’s words on money buying happiness, Wendy rebutts her mother’s words, as even though the results are important, so is the process within which she finds happiness from. One’s thinking shouldn’t be cooped up on just the results. Soon, she is waken up by John and Michael, and realises that it is evening already. Apparently her brothers got worried and Nana led them to where she was.

As Michael starts lamenting on how worried he was when John wanted to make dinner (apparently, the only useful thing John can do is wash dishes and cut vegetables lol), the brothers start a light bicker. Wendy realises that being with her loved ones is happiness, and that you mature from your failures. It’s not completely wrong to aim for perfection, but she shouldn’t be overly-focused on it either. She even comments that John’s good intentions were enough. The brothers naturally realise this change in Wendy taking place throughout their stay in Neverland.

They leave the old house, but Michael whispers to Wendy as he apologises if they had unintentionally broke into her secret hideout. Wendy answers that it does not matter anyway, since she has chosen to start believing in herself more and probably won’t come back to this dusty house anymore. Hence, she closes the door and this marks the end of the common events.

Please be patient with the rest as I play my way through haha. There are common bad/dead endings, but those are unlockable in certain characters routes and will be reviewed there instead.

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