Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 5 Review (non-spoiler)

Hai Gais!


Finally completed Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 5 (遙かなる時空の中で5) and I can’t wait to share it! I don’t see any reviews of it around which is kind of sad lol. It’s sooo long omg, the longest i’ve ever played but very satisfying. To help ease pain of future players: PLAY WITH A GOOD GUIDE. PLEASE. If you don’t, it’s impossible to complete the game. Trust me even with a guide, I got lost and misdirected. So find a good and clear guide to avoid wasting time. Even so, i enjoyed the ride haha.

I don’t know if i’ll review each character as there are 10 characters + 4 sub-chara (that can be grouped into 1). If time allows, I may do all. And also, I played this game early last year but went on hiatus for a few months and just got back to it a week ago. So… some details might be rusty. If you guys have played the game and see any mistakes, let me know. XDD

The screenshots are from the game and the website.


Miyako, Yuki, Shun, Sou

You play as Kasumi Yuki, who travels back to Japan from studying abroad on a plane with her cousin Miyako, childhood friend Shun, and his younger brother Sou. There was a bad turbulence and Yuki got sucked into a time hole where she meets a dragon telling her that she is a priestess and has to save this other world and her own as both are in danger of being destroyed by evil forces.

Yuki, Miyako and Shun were transported back into the Bakumatsu Period, while Sou was stuck in their world. However, their world turns into a deserted desert-like place due to the damage, so Sou is kinda alone. Just a brief intro of Bakumatsu: it’s the transition between the late Edo period to Meiji period where anti-shogunate forces are at war to overthrow the feudal goverment. It’s also when the isolation policy loosens so foreigners and western influences start to spread.


The 3 of them were instructed by the advisor in the shogunate, Amami, to gather the 4 heavenly gods in order to restore their world. These 4 gods are being ‘used’ as tools of power by different factions around the country. Also Amami wants Yuki to purify the land as there are occurences of people turning into zombie-like beings, and monsters are more active than usual.

So they travel around to ‘gather’ the gods’ talismans and that’s when they meet all the other characters. All 8 main guys are somewhat paired as ‘bonding’ buddies (i don’t know how to call it xDD). Also 7 of them are based on real historical figures.


Ryouma. お嬢!

They meet Sakamoto Ryouma who is always running and hiding from the shogunate forces since he leads the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate. He meets Yuki and keeps mentioning about destiny (i thought he was some obsessed destiny freak but he has a reason lol) and takes a liking to Yuki immediately. He holds the Seiryuu God (Dragon) and volunteerily gives the talisman to her. He and Shun are paired and their personality suit each other, one very outgoing, the other cold and quiet.

Ernest. Cross my heart, princess.

Takasugi. I love my country

Next is Ernest Satow the british diplomat, and Takasugi Shinsaku a samurai who fights to expel foreigners, but he did it to protect the country. Because of this, both are always at odds. Yuki had to stop their fight in which she save Ernest from getting killed. So he kinda treats her really well and calls her princess. His english is actually correctly pronounced but the thing was, he spoke in an american accent when he’s supposed to be british hahaha. Takasugi holds Genbu (Snake-tortoise creature), which Yuki persuades him into giving it to her. Both are similar despite their differences like both are the romantists of the group… in their own way. Ernest shows his affections by being a gentlemen but he has a sharp-tongue. Takasugi’s very patriotic and serious and his filial piety got me. xD



They meet Okita Souji (please throw away any Hakuouki reference at this point lol) and Chinami (real name is revealed in his route). Both are the shotas of the gang and with their associating God, Suzaku (Phoenix), they are like a mother-children group, though Suzaku isn’t female lol. Both of them also don’t like each other in the beginning due to them in opposing sides. Chinami’s the tsundere who has traditional thinking and Souji’s the sickly and gentle one.


Fukuchi, the stalker

Lastly are Komatsu Tatewaki the Satsuma clan leader, and Fukuchi Ouchi an informat. Komatsu holds the Byakko (White Tiger). Fukuchi is known as ‘Yume no ya’ and everyone calls him that at first. Both are opposites of each other. Komatsu being very orderly while Fukuchi’s lazy in a way. Oh, and a shout out to both of them ‘cos they’re awesome. Now you know who my favourites are. XDD

If you’re wondering about Miyako, she’s a she. She doesn’t LOOK like one and she doesn’t act like one too. Neoromance, give her sex change or something. Don’t try to trap us!

So Yuki has all 4 gods and goes to her world to save it when she discovers that Sou is playing the bad guy, using the Gods to kill them. He hates everything and everyone so ya, agnsty teen lol, but he has a reason too. He tells them about Amami’s evil plans and they learn that Amami is behind the zombies and attacks.

So basically they view Amami as their enemy and tries to kill him which will in turn overthrow the goverment (win-win situation). After the battle, something happens to all of them (SPOILER) and Yuki takes the chance to time skip using Amami’s hour-glass to start all over again. YES ALL OVER AGAIN. I got shock when i was playing. At first i was like, did i end up in the bad end or what? So no need to fret lol.

The dragon in the time hole tells her to gather the 8 guardians (who are the 8 guys) who are all needed to destroy Amami once and for all and to restore her world. So the story begins again at chapter 7 after going through 11 long chapters, and that’s where you can unlock each route.
That’s what you get for a time-skipping heroine!



There is a RPG-ish fighting system where it is VERY NECESSARY you level up constantly from the beginning as you need the points to restore buildings in Yuki’s world. Well, I didn’t know about that and realised when i finished playing the 1st part of the story. If you don’t have enough points, you cannot unlock a route or event. SO i started all over again ROFL, but in the end i think i kinda maxed out everything (leveling-obsessed when it comes to RPG lol).
Another point is about collecting the elemental orbs (or pearls idk lol). You want to place different elements in each character and not according to their personal elements (each has an assigned element, including Yuki who is assigned based on the birth date you give her). This is to use combination spells that can defeat monsters in one shot. You might be smarter than me and realised it in the beginning. Lol clearly i played this game without reading the instructions.

Lifeline (top left), hour glass (top right)

You travel around the city where there are markers to indicate events. In the 2nd part of the story, you are given 5 lives of time-skipping. Once those are out, you’re a goner. Also, there is a step counter. Every step you take decreases the hour-glass time. Once empty, you have no choice but to time skip to Yuki’s world that takes up a life. So be careful not to wander around too much and go to the location you need to be at. That said, it’s enough to go around and kill monsters too.



One of the things I really love about the game is the background art. Damn.
Very clean yet detailed and best of all, the perspective is correct. The colours fit the mood too. The music suits the whole atmosphere really well.
The event CGs lack background and some CGs were meh, some were awesome so there is inconsistency going on.

Play order

Playing in order doesn’t really affect the enjoyment since i played in order of preference. However, i found it easier to go in order of the pairings, meaning 2 guys in a pair right after the other. This is so to unlock the Gods route easily without jumping here and there. And the pairs’ stories are intertwined so it’s good to keep the flow. But as i said, doesn’t really matter. Go after the guy you want the most is fine.

I recommend playing in this order:
Amami (you can only unlock his after completing everyone else’s)

All in all, it was a freaking awesome game despite the lengthy-ness. I loved all characters and none were unlikable. Among all the otome games i’ve played and am currently playing, it’s my favourite. Once again, I stress that you follow a guide.

Those of you who are interested, Koei is releasing a fandisk in february!!!! Woot~Woot~!
Spazzed like no one’s business. LOL

Done with this, I have Harutoki 4 but gonna leave the harutoki world for now and finish Arcana!

15 thoughts on “Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 5 Review (non-spoiler)

  1. Haruna says:

    I’m sorry for spamming you with my thoughts, but I just can’t keep it all to myself…

    Chinami, why are you so precious??? His route made me go ♪゚+.o(*萌´д`从´д`萌*)o.+゚♪ so often… Near the end he gets all デレデレ with you and I fangirled so hard xD, but it can’t be helped, he’s just too CUUUTE! Especially when he blushes madly…(人´∀`*)It’s really hilarious, how Miyako is always trying to sabotage his romantic attempts.. ッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ LOL

    I loved the scene, where he asks Yuki if she’s in love with Amami and you are given the choice to ask him why he does want to know it… OMG I LOVE YOU KOEI!!! It was so awesome!

    I do really love this game!! 8D


    • regina.y says:

      lolol don’t worry, we fangirls must share our passion!
      xDD oh yeah, miyako’s such a boss at trolling people. And yup chinami’s a cute tsuntsun!
      Have fun with the other characters!


  2. harunafuu says:

    Wah! Another Harutoki 5 player! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* Well, I’m currently playing it without a guide and I think that’s a really bad idea… since my Japanese is far from perfect. I’m such an do-M… LOL

    I just reached the point of “WTF??! WTH is going on!!!” Yeah, some characters turn out to be bad and OMG everything is so confusing… orz But I do really like this game, I wished it was voiced fully though, since it’s kinda weird when suddenly the voices are gone… (´・ω・`)

    The battle system is okay, but I raged so hard when I got new characters with level 4 (!), when everyone was on level 12… ಠ_ಠ Couldn’t they made it more flexible?!

    I can’t decide which character route I should do first… ARGHH!!! I wonder if I should do Fukuchi first or Chinami… 😦 Fukuchi is such an adorable stalker and his sprites are wonderful! (*°∀°)=3 But Chinami on the other hand is a lovely tsundere! ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶


    • regina.y says:

      Yay to a fellow harutoki 5 player!

      I suggest you really follow a guide to lessen your frustration lol.

      Well, it’s normal when leveling characters, one high and the other low. Take turn to level each one and you’ll eventually have equal levels for all. Don’t worry too much about that.

      And yeah, the half-voice thing is disappointing but i got used to it. It made me concentrate xDD.

      Lol, do any route you like! (I’d go with fukuchi just cos he’s my bias lol)

      Have fun!


      • Haruna says:

        Haha, I aimed for Chinami, Fukushi or Ryouma and ended up on Chinami’s route. 8D I actually got quite many character events until now, but yeah, maybe it’s just my imagination that everything is fine and I will end up in a Bad Ending… LOL Can you even get Bad Endings?!

        Oh and Fukuchi’s events are soooooooooooo freaking funny!!!! Do you remember the Shun-Onii-san scene or the poem (aka stalker) book scene? LMAO Really, I laughed so hard that tears were coming… xDDD


        • regina.y says:

          lol well you can get bad endings but it’s more like a general bad end rather than individual. Not sure if i’m making sense here haha.

          And yeah Fukuchi~ those scenes were hilarious!


  3. nyomomon says:

    oh~ it’s quite rare to see haruka 5 review here 0v0/
    I got all characters except the gods sob even when I was playing with a guide, I still can’t get their ending ;;v;;;


    • regina.y says:

      Glad to hear from a harutoki 5 player!
      The Gods route is quite tedious. I followed this guide: http://www.ladygamer.jp/otw/harutoki5/index.php?%BB%CD%BF%C0
      If i remember correctly, you might have to start at the beginning of the game (after she times skips) and during battle, you must make use of the battle stances with the God’s name in it for 5-10-15 times. Every 5 time you use the stance, you’ll get a God’s event. Check your battle stance log to see if you have unlocked the 4 stances, but i guess you should have them since you completed all characters.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Willow says:

    Oh, thanks for the review! Since there are almost no reviews of Haruka 5 around the web in English, I thought it wasn’t a good game so I gave up on it, especially those who have played it were disappointed in it. You seem to love this, so I think I should give it a try again 🙂

    Since you’ll be playing Haruka 4, I reccomend this guide: http://peche.parallel.jp/game/haruka4/index.htm

    Also do you mind sharing what guide you used for Haruka 5? Thanks!


  5. Yume says:

    Lol Fukuchi’s stalker image, and your point about Ernest’s American accent. XD

    Still remember you telling me about all the gameplay elements last year and being boggled by all of them haha.

    Arcana \o/


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