Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Tink’s route

So for Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP), I decided to do Tink (CV: Sugiyama Noriaki) first, the older fairy brother of Tinker Bell. Tink’s personality is very simple and straightforward, his main motive is to have fun and interesting experiences and that drives almost all of his actions. He listens to Peter’s words every time though. With respect to Wendy, like Peter, he finds her interesting and takes her as a playmate at the start. However, both he and Wendy slowly change and grow the longer they interact with each other and the rest of the post is spoilers. Do read the Prologue first.

In order to get the best end, you gotta go through with a few of Peter and Hook’s events at the start (only Tink’s route is like this so I’m not really sure why). However, since that’s common with Peter and Hook’s routes, I’ll cover them in their posts instead (makes more sense that way).

Tink Event 1

The Darling siblings go their different ways: John goes to find out more information in hope of finding a way back. Michael decides to get himself more familiar with Neverland. Wendy decides to go find Peter to directly ask him on alternate ways to get home. She goes to the town to ask around for his whereabouts but no one knows. However, one old man directs her to a possible area just a bit away from the busy marketplace. Wendy climbs to the spot and sees children playing but Peter is nowhere in sight. Thinking that she may as well give up for today, she sits on a swing hanging from a large tree and relives some of her childhood fun…only to be shocked as Tink looks down at her from a tree branch above. He invites Wendy to play with him, who instead asks after him.

Tink replies that he’s observing humans as he finds them interesting and never gets tired of them, and this is his usual observation spot. Nearby, a girl trips, falls, and starts crying, to whom Wendy quickly shows her concern for. However, the girl soon realises that he’s Tink the fairy and gets so scared she scrambles away – falling down again on the way. In response, the fairy starts laughing, and even mulls over how interesting it would be to keep the girl in a cage and cast a spell on her to have her constantly fall. Wendy is alarmed and tells him off, saying that that she’ll really get angry. However, Tink fails to understand her, and asks her to be angry so that he can judge if it’s interesting or not. Wendy becomes speechless, thinking that he’s just as bad if not worse than his sister.

Tink finds out that Wendy’s looking for Peter in an attempt to find another way back home, and remarks that if it’s interesting he’ll help them. They soon come to the proposition that Tink will help Wendy with flying so that she can one day fly back home (since he has fairy dust) and she’ll “entertain” him in return. Tink refuses to do so for her brothers since using too much fairy dust tires him out and he’s only interested in Wendy – so he suggests that she can teach them later herself.

Wendy wastes no time in starting her practice, as Tink warns her that his fairy dust is “lighter” than Tinker. Before she could fully understand, Wendy finds herself floating upwards really, really fast. And for the next few moments, Wendy basically gets played around with until she cries out for Tink to help her properly and he finally supports her. He informs her that the time you fly or the effort you put in doesn’t matter, it’s the number of times you get to fly. However, Wendy doesn’t understand such illogic…which doesn’t really matter to Tink, as long as he gets to have fun.

Tink Event 2

Wendy goes to find Tink for more flying practice at his usual spot, but she finds herself getting dragged by him as he flies at full speed. Next thing she knows, she’s getting spun around by Tink. She complains that she isn’t practising properly, but he replies that part of the bargain is for him to have fun and her efforts don’t translate anyway. Wendy, however, doesn’t believe in that putting in no effort equals improving. She tries asking for tips on flying but Tink gives the analogy of trying to teach someone to walk and how it’s difficult to put it in words since for him, flying is something inborn. Wendy understands his point and in the end, insists for him to fly slowly, leading her by the hand.

Soon, Tink gets bored and calls her a masochist for being able to stand such boredom pffft. He then likens their current postures to a scene he saw: a dad helping his kid to swim. He then stands imitating the dad while calling Wendy “baby-chan” lmao. He shows a moment of seriousness as he remarks how he doesn’t want her to improve no matter how many times she flies and continue having fun like this……before starting his daddy role-play again and cheesing Wendy off lol.

Tink comments how he likes the feel of her hands, to which Wendy sarcastically responds that it’s a blatant lie since her hands are rough from constant housework. However, Tink tells her that it’s just right for him. This time, Tink says that he doesn’t understand why she’s going through all of this and Wendy tries to reason with him. But soon, Tink says that it’s too difficult for him and that he can’t process it. Before long, Peter comes interrupting them as he was searching for Wendy.

Tink promptly gives way to Wendy, while voicing his envy that she has Peter’s interest. Wendy, who is annoyed to have her practice disrupted and called the subject of envy for that, only calls him an idiot fairy lol. She then gets tired out by Peter as they bumped into Hook and things got messy. Wendy finally returns home and as she’s about to rest, she hears a knock on her window, and finds Tink there. Wendy questions Tink’s visiting purpose and he answers that he wants to know more about her since he finds her interesting……like does she sleep at night lol. Wendy, a bit unsure if he’s for real, replies with the obvious while asking if he doesn’t do the same. Tink informs her that they sleep whenever they want to, and then questions her further: why does she want to return to her world.

Wendy answers that it’s ‘cos she was born there and lives there, plus she has people important to her there like her mother. She likens it to his siblings ties with Tinker, however, Tink replies that Tinker would probably have no qualms killing him which shocks Wendy. He then asks if she has someone more important than her mother in this world, would she stay then. In response, she says that it’s impossible for someone like that to exist so she feels no need to answer. The fairy tells her that he enjoys talking to her and would like to continue their conversations from now on. Wendy can’t refuse him since he says that if she doesn’t, he just won’t share his fairy dust with her.

Tink Event 3

Wendy goes to find Tink again, and wonders why he always observes from such a high place and not up-close. Tink says that he wishes to, but whenever he does so everyone runs away from him. Wendy can only guess that he must’ve done something horrible before, but Tink denies this. Or rather, he’s clueless. But then he suggests Wendy coming down with him since maybe having her around may make a different. Wendy reluctantly obliges and for a while, Tink gets to enjoy his up-close observation around the marketplace, and wonders about the “insides” of human. They also spot John, who has his head buried in a book while walking, and soon bumps into a flower seller.

Tink enjoys the commotion and seeing rare and pretty flowers scatter the floor, he decides to make them float which distresses the flower seller. This alarms everyone else of his presence, but no one dares to interfere. Wendy tells him off for causing further trouble. When Tink fails to understand and sees no reason to stop, she slaps him and this only puzzles him further. Wendy demands he and John (since he’s the root cause) to both apologise to the flower seller.

Wendy wonders about her reaction, and whether Tink killed someone or something – to which Tink lightheartedly replies that he did as he was curious about the “insides” of human (and this shocks Wendy ‘cos she thought he was referring to their way of thinking). Tink explains that he wanted to know why Hook enjoyed slashing at Peter, but in the end all he got was gross, red liquid and he didn’t understand anything. Upon hearing this, the flower seller shakes with even more fear.

Wendy repeats for him and John to apologise. However, Tink just says the words, which causes Wendy to slap him again. Again, Tink is only surprised, but he finds this fresh since no one has reacted like that before. Normally he would’ve killed her off since to him, everything is divided into him having fun vs. everyone else, but she doesn’t seem to fall in either category.

This results in the flower seller panicking and asks Wendy to stop. Wendy feels apologetic as she has no way of compensation. But the seller soon finds out that she’s a judge and asks her to buy all of her scattered flowers, and payment is no problem ‘cos all of the judges’ expenses are provided for by the world itself. Both Wendy and John don’t really comprehend, but agree.

Wendy tells Tink to start picking up the flowers, and when he questions the reason for doing so, she attempts to reason that it doesn’t sit right with her to leave such pretty flowers on the floor. The fairy eventually listens to her and Wendy comments that she likes such an obedient Tink. Tink feels delighted to see her smile for the first time.

Common Event 1

Tink Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails yet again, as Wendy suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar room. Tink finds her soon enough though, telling her that Michael was found elsewhere and John fell from the ceiling (but was saved in time by Peter). He remarks that them sneaking off kills off part of the fun of the competition. Wendy’s obviously disappointed and Tink points out that she’s practising flying with him as her way home anyway. But she replies that she wants to secure two solutions home if possible.

He’s glad that it failed anyway ‘cos that means more time for them to play, and still doesn’t understand her being adamant on returning to such a boring world. Wendy tells him that it’s only there where she can attain perfection, and not in such an illogical world. Tink muses over what perfection is and asks for her to show it to him, but she tells him that it’s not something tangible and attainable here anyway. However if she has it, it would mean that she could fly perfectly and succeed in her judgement immediately. Tink remarks how perfection is a convenient thing lol.

Wendy questions if the contests goes on forever since it has no time limit. Tink answers that it does, but she will die anyway. This sends shivers down Wendy’s back, and she ventures for his words’ true meaning. Tink reminds her that the contest is meant to be spark interest, but if it drags on forever it becomes a daily thing and something boring. The judges would then lose their privileges and people like him would want to trying killing her, someone who couldn’t be killed previously. Wendy becomes more wary since death is a possibility, hence she becomes even more determine to succeed the contest and/or fly well.

Tink Event 5

Wendy decides to bring her two brothers and Nana along and tries to persuade Tink to let them all practice. The brothers, especially John, are wary of Tink’s nature but Wendy reassures them. Eventually, Tink gives in since he expects that it’ll be fun, especially with John. He has fun initially seeing how stiff John is hugging Nana in midair, but eventually he starts flying around more with Wendy and ignoring them ‘cos he prefers spending time with her alone. Wendy tells him to be more serious and think of others, but he sees no need to as he draws a clear line between everyone else and himself. The topic of Tink’s ice-cream is brought up and when Wendy asks why he chose such an entry, he replies that it has a fleeting existence similar to him, which only puzzles her.

They soon fly back to the rest as Wendy voices her worry, and Tink starts spinning John and Nana for fun. In return, John can only demand for him to stop, which is pretty futile. Wendy tries asking Tink to guide John like he does for her, but Tink replies that he’s not interested in leading some man by the hand lol. He then surprises them all by kissing Wendy lightly in order to see her reaction, however John can’t see any of this as he’s stuck with his back to them all at this moment.

Michael questions if it’s really safe to be with Tink which just alarms John all the more. In reply, Wendy tries to reassure them again (and herself) as this is the only way she’ll get to practice flying and secure an alternate way back home. However, she also decides that it’s probably best for just her to practice with Tink lest her brothers are really endangered.

Tink Event 6

Both Wendy and Tink have been practising the whole morning, to which Tink commends her and how he’s always in awe of her useless efforts pffft. Wendy is annoyed his words as usual, but she has grown slightly used to them. However, she still can’t get used to the overwhelming presence of sweets – there’s even cotton candy in the skies shaped like clouds. Tink tells her that Neverland has the most delicious sweets in the eternal world, and as a by-the-way, fairies like him only exist in Neverland too. Eventually, they decide to stop practising and Wendy says that she’ll accompany Tink with his what he usually “plays”.

Tink wastes no time and leads her to where Scissor and his men are – in the forest tracking the secret hideout of pirates. Tink decides to trick them by leading them astray with the use of some fairy dust. However, Scissor spots the unusual signs in time before they were led to the edge of a cliff and to their deaths. Apparently Tink was curious as to how Scissor would act in a situation of danger. Wendy immediately tells Tink to apologise, but as usual he is clueless since he was only playing like he usually does. Tink gets bored though since Scissor found out quicker than he had expected, and prepares to leave. Scissor shows no hesitation in voicing his intention of hurting Tink once the contest is over, even though his men warn him that Tink’s a fairy. Scissor merely remarks that he doesn’t fear a fairy’s death, which puzzles Wendy and she recalls how everyone else feared Tink back then but no one dared to interfere and only pitied the flower seller.

As Wendy tries to explain to Tink that he’s bothering other people, Tink only asks what “bothering” is and if it’s fun. Wendy elaborates that it’s not when you’re the one receiving it, so Tink decides that he’ll be the one giving it as that’s probably fun lol. Tink’s next target is Hook as he tells Wendy to stay quiet outside Hook’s room. Tink gets out a pocket watch and with his fairy dust, he makes the ticking sound bigger, naturally scaring the heck out of both Hook and his parrot, Jewel. Tink fails to hold in his laughter, as he finds himself being so amused at their reactions every time. Soon enough, Hook appears by the window looking far from pleased.

He remarks how Tinker just placed an alarm clock next to his bedside not too long ago, and threatens the two fairy siblings. Wendy tries to apologise in place and calm him down. Hook insists that he’s not angry by mere ticking sounds and Tink cheekily agrees with him. However, Hook soon loses it and starts slashing his sword at them. Tink and Wendy safely escape though, and Wendy can only shout back that she’ll give Tink a good scolding in his place lol.

Wendy tries to find out just what “fun” does Tink find in doing all of this, and he answers that he finds everyone’s reactions (running, shouting, making funny expressions) interesting. In return, Tink doesn’t understand why Wendy doesn’t find it fun like Peter and Tinker do. Midway through flying, Wendy finds herself suddenly dropping down only to be saved by Tink in the nick of time. She gets angry at him and asks if it’s fun to almost kill her, and the fairy merely replies that he finds her angry face interesting. However, he would like to see her other expressions, and recall that she only smiled at him once. He decides to start a game of making her smile and asks her what he should do. Wendy tells him that if he starts treating other people kindly she’ll do so, but she doesn’t dare hope for too much from Tink.

Tink Event 7

In the middle of their flying practice, Tink voices that it would be nice for her to be a bird so that they can freely fly together. But then Wendy points out that they wouldn’t have a chance to be together since she would’ve long flown back home, and it was because she was human in the first place that she got dragged here.

As Tink slowly understands her words, Peter interrupts them and drags Wendy to town as there’s a festival going on. Tink expresses his interest in joining them, but Peter prohibits him from following. As Wendy observes how Peter enjoys having fun, she remarks that he’s similar to Tink. Peter disagrees though as Tink only pursues his own enjoyment but he himself pursues everyone’s happiness – of course, Wendy can’t see any of this difference.

The townspeople soon flock to Peter, offering him all sorts of sweets. Wendy was offered to but she rejected them, and received a hat instead. However, Wendy is soon separated from Peter in the crowd of Peter-pleases and almost falls, only to be supported by Tink. She realises that this may be the first time Tink has saved her, but wonders why Peter is so warmly received. Tink tells her that he’s an existence loved by everyone, but Wendy can’t see why. She also realises that the hat she received is all messed up. Tink assures her and shows her three pretty feathers he had obtained from a bird, thinking that they would’ve suited her.

Wendy wonders darkly if he had gotten them forcefully, but he tells her otherwise: seeing the bird caught in a crossfire between pirates and the navy, he had unintentionally saved it. In return, the bird gave him its feathers as a form of gratitude. Wendy is surprised at first, since she never expected Tink to save others. But no matter the motive, the result is the same and she feels heartened about this. Wendy says that she likes the him now.

Tink starts feeling weird since it’s the first time someone told him that, and Wendy tells him that he must be feeling embarrassed. Again, this is a first for him. Wendy becomes amused and remarks that he unexpectedly has a cute side too. Tink feels confused again and asks if it’s his face that’s cute. Wendy starts laughing at this and apologises if this offended him. The fairy tells her that it’s okay if she finds him interesting since he wanted to see her smile anyway, and wants to see her smile more since he’s curious about these feelings inside of him. Wendy sees Tink in a new light and praises his good act. Tink starts feeling happy as he realises that saving others and getting praised is fun. He then takes the hat from Wendy and fixes the feathers on in a flash, as he tells her that he’s good with these things. As a result, the hat looks even better than the original, much to Wendy’s delight. She thanks him, and wonders if this is the first time someone thanked him.

In reply, Tink proudly tells her that his specialty is making people have angry, crying, troubled, and faces full of hate LOL. However, he enjoys what he’s feeling now too. Wendy tells him that it’s “joy”, one that’s different from the previous ones he got bothering others. This piques Tink’s interest and he wants to learn more about himself, and Wendy finds herself wanting to teach Tink more too. Peter cuts through their moment though as he finally finds Wendy and chases Tink away.

Wendy wonders why Tink obediently listens to Peter, and Peter tells her that there’s no one who dares to oppose him since he wishes for everyone’s happiness. Wendy begs to differ in her case but Peter merely says that he wishes for her happiness and knows what’s best for her, so he doesn’t bother for her opinion lol. Despite what Peter said, Wendy finds herself thinking about Tink who was left behind with a lonely expression on his face.

Tink Event 8

Back at home in the evening, Wendy is approached by John who asks if something happened with Tink, since he was suddenly bombarded with questions concerning his sister by the fairy. John was apparently resistant at first, but then he got so involved in conversation with Tink since the topic is Wendy lol. Wendy realises that Tink is sincere in getting to know her, and as she prepares for bed, she hears him outside her window. Tink flew over to find out more about Wendy. She tells him that it’s against the manners to visit a lady’s home late at night, and that he may get despised for it. Tink questions her statement, and is intrigued since this means having to think about other people’s convenience – something he obviously hasn’t been interested in before. He asks if she’ll hate him now but Wendy gives in and says that tonight he’s specially forgiven.

Wendy says that she heard from John that they were talking about her. Tink tells her that the impressions of Wendy he gets, and the impressions other people have of her are all different yet the same her. So he wanted to ask how she feels about herself. The first question Tink asks is what would she do if she’s male – apparently John got very excited over this question pfffft and answered that his sister would be a perfect man. Wendy remarks that all he thinks is about fun, and only holds back if there is punishment, which is most likely death. In that case, he should fear death and know the important of life. But the fairy remarks that he doesn’t fear death and that if he dies he’ll only be bored since he can’t do any fun stuff anymore.

As they talk, Tink soon points out that she’s finding herself in other people’s opinions. This surprises Wendy, while Tink enjoys trying to understand her and ways of thinking he hasn’t thought of before. Though the biggest mystery is why she wants to go home. She repeats her reason, and that her parents must be worrying about her now. Innocently, Tink says the opposite: if there’s no one worrying then she has no reason to return. He wishes for her to always stay by his side as he likes her. Wendy is unable to answer back immediately and Tink feels relieved to see her hesitation. He doesn’t expect her to really stay back, and is just happy to see her swayed by his words. Tink expresses his interest in such unpredictability, and decides that he’s going to let his feelings grow and express them as they are now……and suddenly kisses Wendy.

Wendy finds herself not resisting, much to her surprise. After a deep, lengthy kiss, Tink says that kissing her is different from others and he feels a certain sensation around his hips (QuinRoseee, you!!). The fairy asks if he can kiss her elsewhere but Wendy rejects him, saying that they’re not lovers. So Tink asks what he should do for them to become lovers. Wendy insists that it’s impossible but realises that he must seriously like her, just that he doesn’t know it yet.

She takes this chance to strike another bargain: every time she improves on her flying, he can kiss her. This excites Tink who suggests immediately going out to fly, but she turns him down since an early night is essential for her beauty. Tink is intrigued to hear this, since all it takes is a little fairy dust to get their skin glowing and radiant, it can even repair wounds. Wendy remarks how convenient it must be, and how nothing is this world requires effort. However, she can’t bring herself to do that, which amuses Tink as how she’s all about “effort”, he’s all about “fun”.

Tink Event 9

Wendy finds herself out of control as she constantly spins round and round, and finally stops with the help of Tink who can’t stop laughing. She decides to stop practice for the day since she feels a bit unwell, and voices that she wants to get a drink. Tink decides to get her one from the marketplace. It’s all good, till a kid accidentally bumps into Tink and starts crying. The townspeople then starts speculating that Tink’s about to kill the kid, but again they don’t dare interfere. Wendy can’t help but be annoyed at their exaggerated reaction and Tink tells her to not mind anything as if someone hurts a fairy they’ll be cursed – not that he knows how since it hasn’t happened before. Wendy finally understands and decides to leave since she doesn’t enjoy the atmosphere.

Wendy feels a bit bad for Tink since he’s so feared and disliked by all even if he didn’t do anything. Tink fails to understand though, and asks if that’s against the manners. Wendy tries to explain to him but he answers that he doesn’t care what others think, since other people’s likes and dislikes are up to them. He doesn’t understand why she’s so concerned with other people’s judgement. However, he is concerned with Wendy – not wanting to be disliked by her and always wanting her to smile. Wendy tries to explain to him what’s it’s like to be liked by others again, and Tink comes to the conclusion that being like definitely has more merits than being disliked. He asks what sort of person she likes and Wendy answers that she likes someone kind. Tink remarks that she’s simple, but then he doesn’t fully understand the term asks what should he do to be kind lol. Wendy repeats her answer, and that he should start thinking of other people and not solely himself or herself.

They decide to go to town again and they spot Smee, one of Hook’s henchmen, probably running an errand since he has lots of chocolate with him. Tink suggests killing him since he dislikes chocolate, and that it’s ‘cos Hook eats such stuff he’s weaker than Peter…and stupid lol. Smee overhears him talking bad of Hook and Wendy apologises before things worsen. Smee commends her on her efforts to teach Tink, since he’s long used to Tink’s thoughtless words. Wendy realises that Smee is a rather reasonable person and they get into a conversation – apparently Smee’s buying some “healthier” chocolate for Hook since the captain hasn’t been all that well lately. Wendy remarks how kind Smee is……and suddenly Tink slashes Smee – ‘cos Wendy called him “kind” and he doesn’t want Wendy to like Smee more than himself. In fact, he’s already suppressing himself from killing Smee off. Wendy calls him an idiot since that may mean he’ll start killing off everyone else and tells him to stop immediately, while reassuring him that she won’t fall in love with Smee.

Smee can’t take this lying down though, even as Wendy tries to calm the situation. In the end, she forces Tink to escape asap before things worsen anymore.

Tink Event 10

Tink is walking with Wendy in the forest, leading her in a certain pattern so that a red tree eventually appears and they can enter the fairy residence. Normally, a fairy like himself could just fly into the hidden area, but since he’s with a human they have to do this. Wendy’s unsure of his invitation, but he reassures her that they would all welcome her since Peter has taken a liking to her. They finally enter and all of the fairies initially hide of out unfamiliarity towards humans. Only Tinker comes flying out complaining. However, Tink purposely comments loudly that Wendy’s someone Peter likes, and all of the fairies eventually comes out to welcome her warmly and start an impromptu festival.

Wendy wonders why Peter is so well-liked by the fairies but Tink tells her it’s a secret. As they sit down, fairies start dressing Wendy in flowers, commenting that even though she’s human she’s surprisingly pretty (this among other comments, makes Wendy wonder whether they unconsciously look down on humans lol). Tink informs her that those flowers are to neutralise the smell of humans, something fairies aren’t used to. Wendy questions about the fairies that served them at the Heart of the Forest during each contest, and he tells her that they are created differently.

Peter soon joins them as he heard about Wendy’s arrival, and eagerly makes conversation with her. This leads to a tension between him and Tink for Wendy’s attention. Peter warns the fairy but Tink says that they’re currently competitors in the sweets contest so it’s only natural to compete. Peter is easily convinced and decides immediately on a contest to see who Wendy chooses lol.

The human tug-of-war literally hurts Wendy so much that she shouts aloud that she won’t choose anyone with such rough treatment. This scares all of the other fairies and causes Peter to sulk. But Tink reassures her it’ll pass and soon enough, the festive mood is back on. Tinker comments that Tink has changed somewhat, and tells Peter to play with her instead but he refuses her right-out and that he’s staying where Wendy is. Wendy recalls Tinker’s comment and realises that it’s true, since she would’ve never imagined him reassuring her in such a manner before. She feels herself wanting to work harder to teach Tink more things.

Common Event 2

Tink Event 11

It’s a full moon’s night and Tink is leading Wendy to see the birth of a new fairy. Wendy remarks how the dark is scary since you can’t see ahead of you, but Tink says that he finds it charming since you see a new side to the forest. Wendy replies that it’s ‘cos his skin is glowing in the dark lol. Tink offers to hold her hand and Wendy accepts this, but starts feeling self-conscious. They soon reach a flower field and wait for the birth which only happens on a full moon. He tells her that a fairy is born only when the world wishes so and gives its blessing, so in a sense a fairy’s parent is the world and a fairy exists for the world. Fairies are there to comfort the world with their song and dance, which is rather unsteady now.

They witness the birth of a new fairy – whom is a fully-grown one from birth much to Wendy’s surprise. Tink tells her that all fairies are born like that. This time, a flower fairy is being born so they’re in a flower field. However, both he and Tinker are the only light fairies and were born from a flash of light. Also, they’re the only fairies that are okay being around humans as they were created with such a nature. In fact, it has only been about 100 days since Tink was born. Wendy finally sees why he’s lacking in knowledge since in human terms he’s like a baby.

Tink learns from Wendy that humans give birth to each other and grows curious about the human family. He then thinks that if he’s to better co-exist with humans he should have a “mother” like Wendy – suggesting that she’s to be his, or that he’s to be hers lol. Wendy tells him that he would be a “father” instead, and that humans fall in love, marry, be happy and give birth to procreate, that’s how they become parents. Tink starts to think that it would be nice if they could become lovers, marry and have their own family of three. In that case, she would have a reason to stay behind.

Wendy realises that what Tink is saying is like a proposal, and hesitates in her answer. Tink is happy to see this, and feels that if family is an amazing thing since she previously remarked that she’s most happy with her family. Upon hearing this, she realises that this is in contradiction to what her mother said about money buying happiness. This draws Wendy into deeper thought as she ponders if she was truly happy in her old world previously. She tells Tink that people have different forms of happiness, which leads Tink saying that he wants to experience even more things so that he knows what that happiness is for him. Wendy decides that she should treat Tink more kindly as well.

Tink Event 12

Wendy dreams of her mother in Neverland, and tells her that she’s doing her best, and has gotten well in flying. Her mother is doubtful though, and when Wendy tries to show her to prove it she’s initially successful, but then suddenly falls down from where she was. She hears her mother saying that she’d expected it, and it would be just as well if only John and Michael came back. Wendy starts thinking negatively – maybe her mother really isn’t waiting for her return, even though she’s well aware that this is a dream.

Tink catches her by her hand and saves her. He tells her to play with him since he finds it fun to be with her, and that he has decided to become kind for the sake of her liking him. She feels somewhat saved by his need for her, since she is insecure concerning her mother. Wendy asks if he would still feel the same way if he knew that she was just making use of him, to which there was no answer, since this is just her imagination and she doesn’t know what his answer would be in reality.

Wendy is woken up by Tink knocking on her window. The fairy asks her out for a fly, and since she feels in need of a change in mood, she agrees. Tink remarks that he truly wants to get to know everything about her, even if it may be troublesome, he’ll put in his own effort. Wendy is surprised to hear the word “effort” from him. In response, Tink says that he has learnt a lot from her and wants to try putting it into practice. In return, Wendy says that her world has opened up since she came here.

Tink decides that they should find somewhere to rest after flying for so long. However, they’re over the sea and the only place to land is Hook’s ship. Wendy tries to persuade him not to but he says he wants to be kind to her and let her rest. Wendy only sighs and says her heart can’t rest lol. Of course the crew don’t welcome Tink, but they’re afraid of the curse. Hook is soon lured by the commotion and is determined to attack Tink ‘cos he attacked Smee, but more important, insulted chocolate lmao. Wendy tries to calm the situation, and tells Tink that she’ll start hating him if he fights and to leave immediately. Tink listens to her, which surprises Hook since it’s the first time he saw Tink listening to someone other than Peter and asks how did she manage to wheedle her way through. This starts Tink on listing all of the things he likes about Wendy haha, till she reminds him that they’re leaving right now.

Tink suggests going to rest on the cotton-candy clouds instead and they do so. Tink expresses his desire to sit like this together till the next morning, and Wendy gives in for today only. Tink is happy with just that and calls her kind. However, Wendy feels guilty since she’s making use of his honest feelings for her own motives to get home.

Tink Event 13

The Darling siblings are having breakfast, though Michael is later since he barely got up seconds ago. Wendy sees him eating messily and tells him gently to eat slowly. Michael remarks that his sister has changed since previously, she would’ve just gotten angry at his poor manners. Soon, Peter comes barging in announcing that it’s time for the next round of contest, and hurries them up since he wants to reach there first. Plus, a storm’s approaching so all the more to leave earlier.

This only causes Michael to stuff himself even more and Wendy tells Peter to wait, but this only makes the kid more impatient. In the end she tells him off and that he could very well go by himself first. Her brothers try to persuade her otherwise, but Wendy feels that it’s only right to discipline a kid. This infuriates Peter and he leaves her alone while flying off with the brothers forcefully.

As Wendy walks towards the contest venue by herself, it starts raining. She starts feeling lonely and wished Tink was here, which is a strange thing since she’s planning on returning anyway. She starts to wonder about her mother’s words and her imperfect self which Tink came to like. It feels weird to be liked by such a fairy full of flaws but she doesn’t dislike it. Still, she’s aware that he may just find her unique from others and that’s why he wants to get closer to her.

Character Event 13

Tink saves Wendy from his sister’s attack, and Tinker asks if the will of the world has found out about her motives already which is why he’s here to stop her. Tink tells her otherwise, and that he’s acting on his own will. Tinker answers that she’s just acting ahead of what’s to come, and that Wendy will be destroyed sooner or later. In response, Tink says that he’ll protect her when that time comes. Even if they are dolls, it can’t be helped if  they have stronger feelings which can be repressed. Tinker is unable to believe the change in Tink, and warns him while leaving that he’ll die if he gets further involved with Wendy. Tink hugs Wendy, and tells her that upon imagining that she’s gone he felt pain.

He offers to bring her to the contest venue, but Wendy says that she has no mood to judge after hearing what she heard, and asks him to bring her elsewhere. Tink remarks that the world will probably be angry but if that’s what she wishes for, he’ll accompany her.

Later, Wendy returns home to two very worried brothers, as Tink told them that she was attacked by a monster lol. She reassures them. Wendy asks her brothers to stay with her for the night after going through a near-death experience, and they happily oblige, saying that it’s been a long time since they had such a “sleepover”. Wendy feels more strongly that being able to live and laugh together is happiness. Due to Tinker’s words, she also realises that she hasn’t been serious enough about the contest as she said, and instead focused all of her attention on flying back home. So Wendy decides that she would get herself used to sweets now.

Tink Event 14

At night, Tink invites Wendy to the source of his Rainbow Ice-cream, a rainbow running past a waterfall. Actually, the rainbow is jelly. Tink invites her to sit on the rainbow, his favourite gazing spot as every time it shakes the colours change and he can never get tired of it.

He gives some of it for her to try, and Wendy is pleasantly surprised by its sweet-and-sour taste as it tastes more like a fruit rather than a sweet. She feels a bit more ready to try some fruit and Tink promptly offers to go and get some and flies away. While Wendy worries about the effects of the fairy dust wearing off, Peter finds her and realises that Tink must’ve brought her here. He tries to take Wendy away but she tells him that she can’t just leave Tink. Peter doesn’t understand why Wendy prefers being with Tink. He says that both Tink and Tinker were created by the world with such sculpted natures, so anything they do anyway is ‘cos the world wills for that.

Wendy refuses to think so, and insists that Tink has changed. Instead, she hates such a forceful Peter. Soon, Tink returns to see Peter prepared to leave with Wendy against her will. Tink doesn’t raise any objections, till Wendy pushes him to say something and finally, Tink opposes to Peter and says that he won’t forgive him. Peter is not-so-amused and asks Wendy if she hates him, then does she hate Tink? Wendy overcomes her hesitation and says that she does. Upon hearing this, Tink takes Wendy away and flies as fast as he can lest Peter catches up.

They settle down in a cave and Wendy asks if it was alright to just leave like that, as she thought that he liked Peter. Tink answers that he does, but right now he likes her the most and doesn’t want anyone else to take her from him, even if it’s Peter. He feels happy to have heard her feelings as well, and asks what he should do. In response, Wendy takes the initiative to kiss him, and he soon returns the move~ Tink then asks if it’s okay to think that they’re lovers, and if it’s okay to do things that feel good. Wendy just embarrassingly tells him to do as he likes lol.

Tink Event 15

Wendy wakes up in the morning to see Tink next to her, who had apparently let himself in and waited for her to wake up. He’s prepared to take her out to play but she tells him that she has to get ready and prepare breakfast instead. Tink has no idea what that is since he eats whenever he wants to. Wendy invites Tink to join them and this creates an awkward atmosphere, especially since the brothers saw Tink coming out from Wendy’s room and suspect that he spent the night lol.

Wendy reassures her brothers otherwise and that Tink has changed, but they’re still wary of Tink’s nature. Tink tells them that he finds humans fascinating, and Wendy the most of all, so much so that he’d like to open up her body once – but since that means dying he can’t do it……which doesn’t help ease their worries at all lol. Michael reminds themselves that since Tink is obliged to protect them anyway, but Tink says that there is no guarantee now because he likes Wendy. This only confuses John into thinking that Tink did something loose with Wendy pfft.

However, Wendy soon realises the true meaning of his words as Tink suddenly swoops her up and she sees a black mass chasing them. She worries for her brothers’ safety but he tells her that its target is him so they shouldn’t be in danger. He tells her that actually he went to her place to seek safety temporarily, as the black mass recently started chasing him.

As they temporarily escape, Tink explains that fairies are dolls created by this world, or in other words, toys for the world to play with. Once the world tires of them or gets angry at their opposition, it destroys them. In fact, the world is probably toying with him now to see how he escapes since if the world really wanted to, he could die there and then. However, since Wendy is not a resident of this world, it may be safe to say that she won’t be in danger. Wendy is unable to understand Tink’s lighthearted attitude and expresses her concern. In response, Tink merely remarks that death is merely being removed from this world and isn’t such a sad thing. Since his life was created by this world, it’s only fate if he’s destroyed by the world too. However, he realises that Wendy is worried for him and says that it isn’t such a bad feeling.

Wendy insists that she’ll feel sad if someone important to her is gone as she recalls her deceased real father, and she doesn’t want to go through the same experience twice. So she asks Tink to stay alive for her sake. Tink agrees to her request since he doesn’t want to see her sad, and says that he’ll do his best at least till the contest is over and she returns home. Hearing this, Wendy feels conflicted since that means Tink will die once she goes back.

Tink Event 16

Wendy is in the forest and trying to psych herself into eating some sweets, till she’s suddenly scooped up from behind by Tink and sees him being chased by the black mass yet again. When they’ve finally shaken it off, Tink happily invites her to go eat his handmade Rainbow Ice-cream. Wendy gets angry at his attitude which puzzles him, since he’s doing as he’s told to. Wendy feels sad at his existence which is easily ridden of. He soon realises that she fears death, something which he doesn’t see a need to think deeply about. And if if you think about the reason for dying, then what about the reason for living? Tink also finally realises that the townspeople must have disliked him ‘cos he killed them off easily lol. But now he’s more interested in the feelings he has now, rather than the “insides” of people.

Tink offers her again to go eat his ice-cream and she accepts. He brings her to a freezing cold cave, however, he doesn’t feel the cold like she does since his body temperature adjusts to it. He soon brings her a tub of his ice-cream and offers her a scoop. Wendy’s hesitant at first, but reminds herself of her determination to no longer resist sweets. (Initially, the reason why Wendy resists is ‘cos she made a resolution to herself to be perfect, and hence starting dieting. She felt that if she easily broke this resolution, it’s a weakening of her will. However, it’s not like she hated sweets in the first place like John does.) She finally takes a bite and finds it extremely delicious. Tink is delighted to hear this and remarks that he had wanted to see her pick his as the winning contest entry.

Wendy questions his choice of tenses and he says he’s unsure if he can continue successfully escaping since attacks have gotten fiercer. In any case, he would die in the end since he’s no longer needed by the world. And if the world needs him again, he’ll be reborn. Wendy criticises his attitude of giving up from the start, and that he should work hard to be needed. In response, Tink turns it back on her: wouldn’t it be better to be reborn in a world that needs you, rather than continue living in one that doesn’t? Right now, only Wendy desires for him, but he’s well-aware that she won’t stay by his side forever and will return to her world one day.

Since she’ll be upset if he dies, he’ll just have to do what he can till she returns, and then she won’t see him die. Wendy apologises for being insensitive before as she feels the weight of his words. Wendy asks if she stays, whether he would continue living. Tink mulls over this and replies that if she’s with him, no matter how much the world wishes to destroy him, he’ll probably resist. Wendy starts considering the two worlds: a strangling world with a mother who doesn’t look at her, and a free world with someone who needs her. It’s obvious which is more attractive, especially when Tink questions her: doesn’t it feel painful to be in a world you’re not needed? However, Wendy feels that if she chooses the latter, it’s choosing the easy way out to escape, especially so since she also loves her brothers and can’t bear to leave them to return home by themselves.

Common Event 3

Tink Event 17

Wendy dreams of her mother and she declares that she no longer needs to seek her mother’s approval anymore. She soon wakes up in a cold sweat. As she gets up to prepare herself, she thinks back on her dream and on how she has changed since she first came to Neverland. However, for some reason, she can’t remember how her mother looks like and other details, which scares her. Later, she sees John in the kitchen and asks him to talk to her about her mother. This alarms John, and even Michael who later joins them. Seeing their reaction, Wendy gives up and tries to reassure them that nothing is wrong.

However, she then catches sight of the black mass just outside the house. Wendy acts on instinct and dashes outside, thinking that it may be after her and not wanting to put her brothers in danger. She runs away as fast as she can till she thinks it has given up on chasing her. It starts raining and she takes cover under a tree and starts recalling the morning’s events. Wendy feels that her mother used to be her world, and that even if there might’ve been other people who cared for her, she didn’t really look at them. But now she wonders that if she has “rejected” her mother, who else is left.

In response, Tink suddenly appears from above and asks permission to enter her world. This shocks Wendy but apparently he had been there since a while ago, but was afraid to call out to her earlier since she was deep in thought and didn’t want to make her angry. Wendy explains to him what had happened and Tink thinks that perhaps the black mass is erasing her memories, and if so, it may be trying to erase her existence. He knows that it may be too late, but decides that they shouldn’t be together too often, since Tink feels that he’s the root problem.

However, Wendy reminds him that he had just promised to be her “world”. In return, there’s no way she can leave him be and tell him to leave behind his current “world” to be with her. If his current “world” doesn’t desire him, she’ll act in place and desire him to give him a place to belong. Once more, Wendy takes the initiative to kiss him and this ahem, slowly gets them in the mood as Tink asks for Wendy to let him feel her more, and that he wants her to desire him more.

And I’m pretty sure they do it, ‘cos they wake up the next morning lying down on the grass in the open. Wendy even remarks how messy they are but feels embarrassed recalling what happened. Anyway, she wakes up to see Tink still sleeping and kisses him – which causes him to pin her down instead and act more lovey-dovey, as he tells her that he’ll become kinder so he wants her to like him more.

When Wendy returns home, her worried brothers rush up to her as expected, asking after what happened. She tries to reassure them that it was nothing and that she had a whole lot of stress built up, so she needed a dash in the rain. Michael says that if she doesn’t want to talk it’s fine but she should rely on them more. John shouts at her to stop adopting such a light tone and brushing through the matter – which shocks the other two siblings. Wendy worries if John saw through it all and is prepared to say the truth……till he exclaims that it’s a huge problem indeed if she had that much stress accumulated LMAO. Apparently he believed her and tells her that he’ll do everything he can, including the washing of all dishes. Michael laments at how that’s the only thing he can do.

Wendy thanks John and goes to her room. Michael follows her and tells her that actually they had ran after her and only John fell back. However, he managed to catch up with her and saw her and Tink kissing. But he left soon after since he felt bad staying any longer. So Wendy finally confesses that the two of them are lovers, as Michael had guessed. He asks if she’ll stay on and she immediately tells him otherwise. However, Michael asks if she had seriously considered her decision, and if she’s not answering like she does out of obligation. As much as he is unwilling to part from her, he doesn’t want to become a weight on her like her mother does. In fact, he prefers the her now.

After Michael leaves, Wendy wonders what he had meant by her mother being a “weight” on her. She realises that she can’t recall her face nor behaviour, and only has a fragmented memory of her. But she understands Michael’s point and decides to reconsider her priorities.

Tink Event 18

At night, Wendy finds herself having trouble sleeping. Tink soon appears by Wendy’s window. He tells her that he’s been trying to spend as much time as he can at his fairy home, but everyone is afraid of him now so it’s no longer like before. Wendy asks if he’s lonely and he says that he still has her, but he then ponders that he may truly be lonely if she’s no longer here. Wendy hugs him in an attempt to comfort him and Tink asks if it’s alright for him to hope that there’s a possibility that she may stay. He says that if he could, he would chase after her if she returns to her world, but as a fairy, he has no confidence of living long in her world.

He doesn’t want to trouble her by forcing her to stay with him though, and is just happy if she thinks about it. And after that, I’m pretty sure they do it yet again lol. After some time, Wendy says that she feels like going out to fly and Tink asks if her body is okay to do so pfft. Wendy says it’s alright while she tidies herself up. Tink compliments her that she’s beautiful as she is. Wendy feels self-conscious hearing this even though they just did something more embarrassing.

They go out to fly but midway, Wendy sees that Tink looks unwell and he confesses that he was actually caught by the black mass the other day, so he knew that he didn’t have long left. Still, he thought that he would be completely ridden yet. Tink slowly loses unconsciousness and the fairy dust wears off, causing the two of them to drop down. Thankfully, they are saved by Tinker in time.

As they land, Wendy feels that Tink is still alive but his skin has lost its glow. However, Tinker tells her that killing Tink as a fairy is like killing him itself and he’s like a broken toy. Tinker feels enough hate for Wendy to kill her, but if she does so then there wouldn’t be anyone to help Tink. Tink soon recovers conscious and apparently hasn’t fully lost his “powers”, probably ‘cos he can’t be finished off totally due to the ongoing contest. But he’s only strong enough to fly by himself now. Tinker tells Wendy to take responsibility for her actions and that this is all she can do for her brother. Tink thanks Tinker, obviously a bit surprised at her saving him.

After Tinker leaves, Tink apologises that he’s no longer able to keep up his end of the bargain, but Wendy says that she has long forgotten about that. Tink explains that it’s the biggest taboo for a fairy to love someone more than the world which created them. However, even if the world rejected him, she desires him even if he has lost his powers. Even though Tinker asks her to take responsibility, he doesn’t wish for that and just wishes to stay by her side as long as she is in this world. This is because he starts to understand her feelings of longing home. His fairy home is no longer as fun as it used to be, yet he still longs to be there somehow.

With these turn of events, Wendy feels even more conflicted in her decision to stay or return.

Tink Event 19

After some time, Wendy wakes up one morning with the strong feeling that the contest will be held today. She is determined to make the judgement succeed this time, and it is apparent that she has come to a decision. She goes down to wake up both her brothers. Wendy sees Michael first, and informs him of the following, including her decision to stay. Michael feels sad to part from her, but more so he wants her to live freely. Since she has come here, he observed that her expressions have become richer and that she was no longer being chased by something. However, they both agree to keep this from John for now and to go through with the judgement first.

All three siblings and Nana soon leave the house. Wendy convinces John to eat the sweets properly this time, and he decides to obey since his beloved sister is going to do the same. Michael feels that John worships their sister too much and is still too clingy to her though, as he tells him that he had better prepare himself. Eventually, Michael lets slip that Tink and Wendy are lovers which both shocks the older brother. His brain stops functioning for a moment, but he soon recovers and immediately protests. Michael thinks otherwise though and likes that Wendy is no longer tied down by their mother, choosing to stay with the person she loves.

They arrive at the contest venue, and all the contestants are present except Tink. Wendy doesn’t have much time to worry though ‘cos Hook and Scissor start a ruckus but somehow she manages to tame both of them with reasoning and this attracts applause from Tink who had been sitting among the audience all this while aha. Wendy feels relieved to see Tink. Though Peter randomly tells Wendy that he doesn’t like what’s happening but since it’s fresh he’ll forgive both her and Tink. Obviously, Wendy doesn’t see why his opinion matter. They finally all sit down and all three judges sample the sweets properly this time. They then take their judging to the inner room.

But before that, Wendy worries that if they succeed and the judging is over, the rules will no longer apply and chaos will ensue once more. However, Peter tells her there’s no need to worry and the rules still hold until both the judges and winning contestant make their wish. This was because previously, the rules wore off after the final judging and the losing contestants killed off the judges and winning contestant lmao dangerous~

In the judging room, the three siblings decide to not consult each other and to just think of the sweet they think is the best. Naturally, Wendy picks the Rainbow Ice-cream and feels that it represents Tink just as much. Soon, she hears an unfamiliar voice congratulating her and finds herself still in the room with her brothers. They exit to see the previous room frozen and growing golden ice-cream and the audience happily eating away. Both Michael and Wendy taste it and realise that it’s Tink’s ice-cream so he must’ve won. Michael remarks that the rainbow appearance was better and Wendy says that it’s rainbow ‘cos the source is one. Michael takes the chance to tease her for knowing her lover’s creation so well.

Tink soon finds Wendy and thanks them all. They wonder about the other contestants and Tink tells them that Hook and Scissor are no longer here. Hook ran away soon after they entered the room ‘cos apparently Scissor forgot to feed his crocodile, which came straight here to eat Hook lol. Peter soon appears and tells them that he has forgiven them, but will no longer play with them since he has lost interest. Before he leaves, Wendy asks about when they should make their wish and he says they can do so anything, and to wish just like how they did when judging the best sweet. Tinker leaves with Peter, but before that she thanks Wendy for letting Tink win and to look after him.

Tink feels glad to have won, saying that it’s the second time he’s felt this happy – the first time being meeting Wendy. Wendy is both happy and pained at this, especially since he has lost his powers. The brothers are confused at this, and Tink explains that it’s ‘cos he now loves someone else the most, to the point where it’s alright even if he has lost his powers. However, this also means saying goodbye to her soon now that the contest is over.

Tink’s Best End

Wendy firmly tells him that she has decided to stay, much to Tink’s delight and John’s horror lol. Michael, however, is happy for his sister and tells John to accept them too.

Time skip and Wendy is shown flying together with Tink, on a tour of the other islands in the eternal world. Wendy recalls back on how later that day of the contest, she had dreamed of the will of the world telling her that since she has decided to stay, it’ll give her, someone not of this world, something in return – the toy it no longer wants. After that, Tink seemed to have recovered his powers. Wendy feels annoyed at the fact that the world treats Tink like an unwanted toy, but Tink tells her that he’s happy since this signified just how much Wendy desired for him. Wendy wonders about her two brother’s well-being, whom are both back in their old world.

A flashback starts, showing the three siblings ready to make their wish. Wendy wishes for her brothers and Nana to return and live happily, Michael wishes for them to return and his sister to stay on and live happily, while John wishes for all of them to go and live on wherever they feel happiest. Despite the different phrasings, they all wish for each other’s happiness. Their wish is granted and they see a mirror door appear before them. Both John and Michael see their own rooms, however, Wendy sees the fairy residence where Tink stays.

John attempts going halfway through, and realises that he’s stuck. He becomes clingy of his sister, unwilling to separate from her. Michael pushes his older brother over, saying that it’s best for the goodbyes to be kept short. He wishes Wendy all the best, and hopes that they can see each other again – since in the first place, Peter travelled to their world. Wendy asks Michael to take care of Nana in her place, but he tells her that they should let Nana choose and see who she ends up with. He gives Wendy a surprise kiss and goes to join John. This leaves Wendy and Nana left and they also walk through – turns out that Nana ends up with Wendy and has chosen to stay by her side.

Back to present day, Wendy wonders about Tink’s wish and he replies that he hasn’t made his since he got what he wanted anyway – which means that the rules still apply and “peace” is still enforced in among the contestants LOL. Tink and Wendy land in the next town – famous for their craftsmanship. Tink grows interested in a clothes display, thinking that it’s meant for a dog. Wendy corrects him and says that it’s baby clothes. Tink is fascinated by the workmanship and thinks that if Wendy had a baby it would be adorable. Once again, Wendy corrects him and says that it would be their child. Tink is unsure if fairies can procreate, but his interest is captured and he happily announces in public that they should have one right now lmao.

Wendy acts on instinct and hits him to shut him up. Tinker doesn’t understand her reaction asks if a child is embarrassing. In reply, she tells him that it’s the act of creating one that is and Tink decides to inquiry for further details when they’re alone lol. She starts to worry about Nana, whom they had left at home in the care of Tinker. Tink reassures her as Tinker is simple, as long as they promise her lots of gifts she’ll be pleased. Still, Wendy misses Nana and decides to return home the next day. Tinker gladly obliges ‘cos he can’t wait to have a child with her pfft.

They decide to buy some sweets, but most of what they see is from Neverland and much more expensive. Local people overhear them and tell them that along the port people sell rarer sweets from other islands. They also confirm that they are tourists from Neverland as Tink happily tells them that they came here by flying. This sparks a warm response among the locals and they start piling them with gifts. Wendy is overwhelmed, but Tink accepts them all and as they fly off, the locals exclaim happily that they had just met Peter Pan LOL.

The couple put their “loot” down as they buy some sweets at the port, and the locals warn them of an abundance of pirates around the area. And soon after, they see pirates making off with their “loot” and rush to catch up with them. Wendy warns Tink not to make a big deal, but he breaks through their warehouse and kills some of them off when the pirates resist. Apparently there’s no one in Neverland who has serious killing intent like this so the fun got to his head. Wendy comes flying after in to stop him and tells the pirates to had better run since Tink’s personality is like this. However, the pirates get scared at her as they mistake her for Tinker and him for Peter and flee. Wendy feels weird getting mistaken for the fairy, and Tink feels weird that his sister is known here but not him lol. However, Wendy realises that next to their baggage are real jewels. Tink wants to bring them back but Wendy insists on passing them to the police.

They return to the hotel after a long day, but Wendy doesn’t feel like sleeping just yet. Tink suggests trying on the clothes they had received earlier. Wendy gives in and after they’re done changing, Tink is stunned at first, but soon compliments her……and says that the more he looks at her the more he wants to touch her, so what should he do. Wendy hesitates in her answer, and Tink eventually comes to his own conclusion that they should do it while wearing the clothes. In response, Wendy can’t help but wonder if he’s pure or vulgar pfft.

She resists at first, but eventually gives in to Tink, saying that tonight is special. She knows that they must look like fools being all dressed up in party get-ups their own room. As they tell each other that they love each other, Wendy thinks that she doesn’t fully understand fairies and the root of their existence. However, if Tink’s living for her sake it’s fine, just like she has given up her old world for him. The way of thinking is rather free, just like flying, but it’s alright since they have each other.

Tink’s Good End

*Note: Some parts of certain events and CGs you get while doing the Best End do not appear while doing the Good End. Also, Wendy is more indecisive about her decision to stay or not.

Michael drags away John to leave the two lovers alone, while also bringing Nana along. Wendy and Tink spend what little time they have left as she decides that she will probably end up returning home. Some time later, the siblings are on the way to the judgement room to make their wish to go home. Apparently, ever since that day of the contest Wendy hasn’t seen Tink, and doesn’t expect to see him anymore. However, just before they enter the room Tink appears and expresses strongly that he wants her to stay. Wendy expected that he would’ve used his wish to have his powers back. But Tink says that even if he does that, it’s meaningless if she’s not with him.

Naturally, John opposes strongly. But Michael doesn’t want his sister to regret her choice and asks for her opinion. Wendy wavers in her decision: she wants to return home, be with her family, try to talk things out with her mother, but she also wants to be with Tink. Michael brightly decides that they should leave their wish-making for another day. Tink agrees cheerfully, and thanks Michael for his advice. It is then revealed that apparently Tink approached Michael for advice on what to do, which explains why Tink never saw Wendy in between and only turned up just now.

John gets really mad and drags Michael (and Nana) back to give him a lecture, as it is obvious that Michael did this so that he could enjoy more time in Neverland too. But John doesn’t want Wendy to regret her decision either and leaves the couple alone to talk.

In the end, they decide to give themselves more time. Tink firmly declares that he’ll do all that he can to convince Wendy to stay, while Wendy thinks to herself that this can’t go on forever but at least for now, she can continue to be with both her brothers, Nana and Tink.

Tink’s Dead End

Instead of getting saved by Tinker in Event 18, Wendy falls down together with Tink to her death.


Word count record! Unfortunately, I am really not sure if I did a good job in reviewing ‘cos there’s a massive amount of dialogue which isn’t completely linear, and I breezed through quite a bit of the Darling siblings’ interaction. /sobs  Anyway, Tink is the man fairy! \o/ He reminds me of Boris (QR’s Alice series) so I quickly started enjoying Tink’s personality. It was nice to see how both he and Wendy changed over the course of time, especially when Tink pops the one or two unexpected lines that make sense and causes Wendy to rethink. He says some of the most awesome lines too, and umm yeah, apparently QR decided to drop several obvious hints too.

Tinker surprised me as she showed her care for her brother at the critical moment. The two Darling brothers were awesome in their own way. I think Tink’s route hints enough about the truth behind the eternal world and people are able to formulate their own theories. The whole issue about Tink’s existence and how fairies can be easily disposed of was pretty surprising, but interesting.

The only thing I don’t get is the Good End. Sure, it makes sense that Wendy is indecisive so it’s not as awesome as the Best End where she’s firm. But I liked that she plucked up the courage to go back and talk to her mother. I really thought that she would return in that ending. And I wonder why Tink couldn’t make use of his wish to stay by Wendy’s side in her world if she chooses to return. Perhaps fairies really can’t live long there and even the world can’t grant that? That’s my main concern and the truth route may or may not reveal why.

Nevertheless, I didn’t expect much from Tink’s route at the start since he is a totally original character lol. And I was pleasantly surprised: their different perspectives, priorities, origins and so on created a good chemistry between him and Wendy. I am aware that Sugiyama voices him (and Boris) – whom I’m quite neutral too, but I love his role as Boris, and now Tink. And over 100 CGs in Tink’s gallery lol, but I’ve been a fan of Fujimaru’s art since her Alice anthologies.  And Tink’s blushing face hnng so cute. Well, that’s it for Tink’s route! Next will be one of the brothers, but I may take some time as my new semester will start soon.

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  1. midoriha says:

    Thank you! the final route that i read!As a whole,Tinks’s route was as cute as expected!i was thinking ‘so cute so cute so cute’ throughout this route, too!Wendy’s so fierce and cool! She slapped Tink twice in the flower seller incident! ‘Tink felt delighted to see her smiling for the first time.’Aw, how adorable!
    and that line ‘Tink starts to think that it would be nice if they could become lovers, marry and have their own family of three.’ What is this utter cuteness?! It’s too much!-fangirling-
    and the both of them living for each other’s sakes in the Best End…how incredibly romantic!


  2. twentyninenights says:

    I’m sorry I can’t read your review first before I can finish his route. Although I’m okay with spoiler, but not in this case. Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan is really long and I mostly can’t stand it. If I have read it, then maybe I’ll lose interest. You’re right. They have many non-linear dialogue that much prolonged the story. ALthough some are useful to describe the character’s personalities, but some are just useless. Anyway, I hope I won’t drop this. And tahnk you for your hard work. Sorry, many things happened and I just can commented now until I have gain free time again.


    • Yume says:

      It’s no problem! I also have games which I don’t want to spoil myself with. And in this case Tink’s really does have quite a bit of spoilers. Take your time, especially since the essential goal is to enjoy gaming! ^^


  3. regina.y says:

    His character development was good but his face makes me want to slap him for some reason. xDD The lying-on-grass scene was smexy!


  4. Ilinox says:

    THAT CG WITH TINK IN THE FORMAL CLOTHES AND HIS HAIR SWEPT BACK (*´д`*)ハァハァハァハァ.. I don’t even know what I was expecting from this ww since I’ve never played a QR game and Tink is an original character. I’m a bit surprised by how dark-ish the story seems what with all the contestants wanting to murder each other and the fairies being so blase about killing people (Tink and the poor villagers).

    The world sounds pretty cruel too with how it treats its fairies like broken toys ;_; I still don’t think I’d pick up this game to play myself though and so thank you for your lovely detailed review <3. *looks foward to Hook/Scissors ww*


    • Yume says:

      Ikr. ( * ﹃ * ) Haha, several elements of this remind me of QR’s Alice games (including how the Wonderland characters don’t really value life and there are endings where Alice dies) so I guess I wasn’t as surprised at the presence of dark-ish themes.

      You’re welcome! Haha, I expect that I will do Hook after John. :3


  5. pocketbiscuit says:

    your review is really good and detailed. 8D i reallyyy did not want to do his route at first because i thought he would torture wendy lol. but he is really sweet, and yeah it reminded me a lot of boris too. i really like how tink’s character developed, and he gained different emotions meeting wendy. :3

    i hope fujimaru will write more anthologies for this series *3*


    • Yume says:

      Thank you o///o LOL I was unsure of what to expect from everyone’s route but yeah, Tink turned out really sweet in the end~ Even though I believe from other afterthoughts, his route is also the most suggestive? Haha.

      Ohh yes! *A* Just, no more 7 whole volumes. My money orz


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