After 2PM progress art

For some time now, I’ve been working on a visual novel game and had some progress in the script and art recently.

Just thought I’d post my progress here, and hopefully some of you will be interested to try it when I finish making the game. I might do up a seperate website for it when I have more concrete art out, or might just upload it here.

Here are just drafts or tests, nothing solid yet.


some background drafts >__<

The game is called ‘After 2PM’.

It’s about 2 strangers who meet on the day when the world ends. Before time is up, they spend time with each other. Players will get to know about the strangers through different choices, which also determines their fate. It’s not an otome game but more of a story-based game.

I decided to start this project for drawing and painting practice and for plain interest. Initially, i had an otome game story planned but i thought it’ll take me too long to complete so i needed something shorter.


6 thoughts on “After 2PM progress art

  1. Penny says:

    This is really awesome, 🙂 Not only is the background art looking really good but the story background is definitely interesting. Good luck, ^ ^.


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