Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: John’s route

Next up in Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP) is one of Wendy’s step-brother, John (CV: Yusa Kouji). John is serious, good at studying, but stubborn and his brain tends to freeze when things get too overwhelming for him – so much that both Wendy and Michael start thinking of him like machine breaking down lol. John respects his sister a lot and also refuses to eat sweets. Both he and Wendy actually have a few common personality traits and past they can’t let go of. However, both of them change as they are in Neverland, and the rest of the post is spoilers. Do read the Prologue first.

John Event 1

Wendy decides to join John to find out more information about the town to fill up a rather incomplete map he got from one of the Lost Boys, so that they know what they’re dealing with in parts of Neverland beforehand. In the marketplace, a fruit seller gets friendly with them, telling them his tales with unicorns, fairies. Naturally, all of these mythical terms boggle John’s mind since he operates by logic. The fruit seller concludes that they must be rather ignorant lol. If that wasn’t enough, cat-like creatures sneak up to steal the fruit seller’s apples and the fruit seller complains about the Cat Sìth and John is shocked to the point where Wendy has to quickly calm him down. He remarks that his sister is really calm on the other hand, and Wendy can only think to herself that it’s because John overreacts much more than her, so she’s thankful to him instead pfft.

Still, these don’t deter John and he starts asking the fruit seller for more information of the locations of such mythical creature lol. Seeing this, Wendy feels that John is serious as always, but also always thinking of them no matter what he does. At the end, he accumulates an impressive list. John feels that people usually fear the unknown, so he should take the effort to learn the unknown so that it isn’t as scary. He thinks that this will be useful for his siblings, especially Michael, who runs all over Neverland to play and doesn’t know the word “danger”. He starts planning to route of the places to visit and Wendy wonders if he’s actually pretty adaptive. But then John starts worrying how to make contact with the unicorn if he really encounters one and Wendy takes back her words – John doesn’t fit a fantasy world at all.

John Event 2

Wendy chances upon John at the marketplace talking to the same fruit seller. The fruit seller marvels at how Neverland is different from the boring world they come from (after learning that they’re the judges), points out a strange-looking tree bearing fruit nearby. Both siblings are intrigued at first, till the fruits suddenly start crackling like firework and scare the heck out of them. They can’t help but think that these are too dangerous to even eat (eg. what if your mouth is burnt), but the fruit seller says that the crackling sensation is the joy of it lol. He also tells them that such plants grow forever in Neverland, they never wither and die. The word “forever” provokes John since it’s something totally illogical. But the fruit seller remarks that “forever” is normal in Neverland. Wendy notes John’s agitation, and the sister and brother go to a nearby open space to rest for a bit. John finds that he just can’t accept the idea of “forever” existing.

Soon after, Peter comes flying in looking for Wendy. However, he also caught John in a bad mood and John is even more annoyed by Peter who insists on taking Wendy away. Peter fails to understand John’s bad temper. He decides to cheer him up by showing him something pretty he had intended to show Wendy – or rather, throw them at him. Yes, Peter had gotten some of those crackling fruit since they were “in season” and starts throwing them at John. The brother gets even more annoyed since Peter was the one that dragged them here in the first place where “forever” exists. Wendy stops Peter, telling him that if he doesn’t stop she wouldn’t play with him ever. The two boys end up arguing more though, and John even gets dragged in Peter’s childishness lol. (Peter:  John, because of you I may never get to play with her again! Do something about it, you idiot!  John: What!? I’m smart! The idiot is you!)

Peter finally leaves, but tells Wendy that since there is “forever” in this world it means that he’ll love her forever and kisses her. Of course, this upsets John who starts touching Wendy’s cheek a bit too much lol. So Wendy suggests continuing their information-gathering to change the mood.

John Event 3

Wendy comes back home after trying to gather information, hears her two brothers arguing. Apparently Michael almost got into trouble as he was walking by a lake, and almost got pulled down by a mermaid. John tells him off for being too unaware of danger and going to unnecessarily dangerous places. You never know what danger there is in unfamiliar places. But in response, Michael tells him that he’s too stiff and should have more fun while in this world. Moreover, since you don’t know in the first place, you don’t know whether it’s really dangerous or not. It’s wasteful if one is so overly-cautious. Wendy breaks up the two of them, feeling that both of them have a point, it’s just that both are opposite poles. Michael takes this chance to leave the house, saying that both of them need to cool their head.

John tries to go after him, but ends up tripping at the stairs. Wendy catches him but both of them end up falling down……and ended up landing on an oversized pound cake. Wendy points out how a sweet saved their lives, and John gets caught in his own world as he imagines what if it was biscuit, cotton candy or his most-hated pudding lmao.

Wendy suggests going out to walk as she waits to hear John out. He wonders if Michael’s way of living is better after all, something which he had started mulling over quite a while back. After all, Michael is more cheerful and sociable, hence people are attracted to him easily. In response, Wendy tells him that his serious side is also his good point, and that he has his own special talent too, sewing. She thinks to herself that just like how Michael is openly popular, John may be secretly popular among girls, but finds herself feeling a bit odd thinking about that.

In the end, John feels better as he comes to terms with his feelings at hand. He offers to help Wendy make dinner and when she decides to make her two brothers’ favourite dishes, John insists otherwise – till it dawns on him that perhaps this was what Michael was talking about. He decides to ask Michael further for his opinion and that he should draw up with a plan immediately and list his good points and bad points, organise the points to improve, and find a way to do so pffft. Wendy can only think to herself that this was exactly what Michael was talking about, but decides to hold her words back since John can’t change himself completely in one day.

Common Event 1

John Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails yet again, as Wendy suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar room. However, John soon comes running to find her. Apparently, he himself had fallen from the ceiling but was saved by Peter in time. Wendy is disappointed by the failure and blames herself. Seeing this, John says that it’s his fault instead since he hates sweets. Since the both of them keep blaming themselves, they decide to put it behind and look forward instead. Still, she worries about the time limit of the contest and Peter and Tinker join them at this point.

Peter says that there’s no limit. But the fairy gives Peter the idea that there should be a limit to failures, after all, it would be boring for the world if the contest stretches on continuously. If that happens, the contest would end anyway and the judges have no way of returning, and their lives mostly likely at risk. Peter takes a liking to this thrill and adds this new rule flippantly much to Wendy’s horror. She asks for an estimate and Peter tells her that the most rounds a contest has had was five. However, he doesn’t want her to return and is actually glad of her failing – since that means he gets to play with her more. And even if she fails, he would protect her anyway.

John gets annoyed at Peter being too close to Wendy again. Soon after, Michael joins them. While they worry over him, Michael points out that John should be the centre of concern since he always has bad luck with these sort of things, such as falling from high places. John is shocked that Michael’s lucky guess is correct lol, and Peter comes in saying that John should be grateful to him. In response, John stubbornly recognises this. While all this is going on, Wendy can’t rest easy hearing that they may die, and feels even more of an obligation to protect her two brothers by succeeding in the contest.

John Event 5

Wendy wakes up in the morning to find John missing. She decides to look for him first and soon finds him at the sea. She can tell that John is clearly troubled, but waits for him to speak first.

John tells her that even though he first said that you should take steps to know the unknown so that it’s less scary, but now he feels that the more he knows the scarier things seems – obviously referring to what happened after the failure of the last judgement. He says that while looking at the sea, it’s almost as if it stretches on forever, and got depressed thinking that they may not be able to return home forever. John shows Wendy the paper he had intended to create a useful map on at the start, which still remains empty till now even though he has gathered some knowledge about the island already.

Wendy is unsure of how to comfort John, and the two of them end up staring at the empty paper with difficult faces for a while – till Scissor changes upon them and wonders about their difficult expressions. Wendy tells Scissor that it’s their own problem but Scissor tells them that the judges’ issues are his own problems too as a contestant. And if someone is committing suicide, or rather, if they’re committing a lovers’ suicide under his nose, he can’t let them be lmao. But seeing him munching away on his biscuits and how he almost let slipped his true motives, it’s safe to say that he’s taking the chance to laze off work pfft.

The navy captain tells them that if the paper is causing them their headaches, then they should just destroy it. After all, destroying something you don’t like is a good stress release. Wendy understands his point, aka getting rid of the root of the problem, but in this case it’s not truly solving the core issue.

So, Scissor takes the initiative and tears up the paper for them lol. Wendy panics and starts picking up the ripped pieces, despite John’s protests. In the end, he thanks his sister for still believing in him and supporting him. However, he also expresses that he wants to support her too, since he doesn’t always want to be the reliant party.

They return home soon since John didn’t want to be too late and worry Michael to the point where he cries lmao. At home, Michael finds out that John had gone to the sea and remarks that his older brother is such a grandpa pffft. John says that it’s Michael who is too childish, to which Michael returns the favour and says that John doesn’t have enough youth lmao.

John Event 6

Wendy is walking Nana around the marketplace, and they meet John, who offers to show her around the marketplace, asking her which places she is interested in exploring. Wendy decides to visit the bookstore and her brother brings her to one, commenting that all of the books are picturebooks for some reason. Even though it’s not the most informative, still, pictures make it easier to digest and flip through many books at one go. They chance upon one book whose words are unrecognisable. Behind them, Nana excitedly wags her tail seeing the book.

One of the salesperson tells them that it’s a book for dogs, much to the siblings’ disbelief. But they see Nana happily reading it as she flips through, and many other dogs gathering around soon after……so it must be true. John decides to study this and attempts to try reading too. On the other hand, Wendy can’t help but wonder who writes these books then.

After they leave the store, Wendy accidentally bumps into a few of Hook’s men. The men start threatening her since she had failed the judgement, but Wendy gets angry at them instead as she intends to succeed, but whether Hook would win or not is another story. When things get heated, John steps in and tells them to back off from his sister, and they slip away. Being familiar with the streets, they soon lose the pirates and Wendy is impressed, thanking John for stepping in.

John Event 7

Both Wendy and John are out on the streets again, and they remark that Michael should join them together one day. John says that he even has prepared a list of places to bring his brother to – the library where he can study, stores which sell studying material etc. lol. Wendy thinks that Michael would rather not join them in that case, but knows that this is John’s way of showing his love for his younger brother.

They decide to go to the open space for a breather. A little girl nearby trips and starts crying, and Wendy goes up to comfort her. She’s alright but apparently, her stuffed toy bunny is not. Wendy asks John to help stitch the torn ear, and he happily obliges as he takes out his portable sewing kit. The girl watches in fascination, commenting that John must be a magician. The siblings don’t understand what’s so amazing simple stitchery, to the point where even Tink drops by to watch John.

Tink gets so intrigued by this, that he goes nearby and breaks a flower-shaped candy, and asks John to repair it. Obviously, John can’t do it and doesn’t understand why Tink is even asking. Tink explains that Neverland is based on eternity, so they don’t have a habit of repairing broken stuff. The fairy asks if it’s possible for John to repair all sorts of things, from rocks to paper, to which the reply was that he could mainly repair stuff with cloth material.  He continues to asks if John can repair humans, and John relates to the sewing done in surgical operations. Tink eventually asks if John could repair Wendy then if she is broken. John gets angry, saying that he wouldn’t let her get in a broken state in the first place. The fairy eventually loses interest and bids them goodbye.

John finally finishes repairing the little girl’s bunny, much to her delight. In response, Wendy remarks that John not only fixed the bunny, but also the girl’s mood.

John Event 8

Wendy oversleeps and hurries downstairs in the morning, only to see Michael having already prepared breakfast. She can’t help but feel down, since this is totally against her aim for perfection, but Michael tells her not to mind since it happens to everyone. She asks about the other brother and he tells her that John had went to walk around the seaside and should be back soon. Still, Wendy can’t contain her worries and finds him at the seaside once more. John reassures his sister, and that he was just thinking about which sweet should win for the contest. At a timely moment, Wendy’ stomach growls and she gets embarrassed.

John takes her to a place nearby, where all sorts of colourful fruits are growing. He had apparently heard of this place from the locals. John had also heard of another place from the locals and would like to take her there one day, which Wendy happily accepts. She then suggests taking some back for Michael too, much to John’s agreement – he event remarks that Michael would be so touched that he may even cry. Wendy can’t help but wonder about John’s impression of their youngest brother and just how much does he see Michael as a crybaby.

Common Event 2

John Event 9

Both siblings are out on the streets again, and chance upon the little girl from before, with her mother. As an expression of gratitude, they invite them over to their place. Over there, the mother and daughter lead Wendy and John to the girl’s room while they go and prepare some food for them. John feels uneasy in the extremely cute room filled with stuffed toys, but Wendy comments that he looks unexpectedly cute and awkward lol.

The little girl soon comes in with some homemade  pudding, much to John’s horror. John tries to reject the offer to eat, but the girl can’t understand his reasons and gets hurt. Apparently, John never hated sweets when he was young, and in fact the pudding was his favourite. So his real mother made him some, and then dropped the heavy news that she’s going to divorce their father and leave them. The young John tries to hold her back, but his real mother told him that she has found something more important than him now, and that there’s no such thing as “forever”. Michael was still too young to remember anything, but the memory stings clearly in John’s mind.

Wendy heard this past from John before, and tries to help John out. But eventually, John gives in and takes a bite of the pudding. Much to his surprise, he finds it delicious, and this confuses him instead. The girl is happy to hear this, but also curious about why John’s making a difficult face. For John, the pudding which he had thought he had always hated, turns out otherwise.

John Event 10

Peter is at the dining table with the Darling siblings, and everyone is eating like it’s the most natural thing ever – except for John, who is irritated that Peter is acting like apart of their family, and that one younger brother is enough for him already pfft. Peter replies that there’s no worries then, ‘cos once he marries Wendy he’ll be their older brother lol. This annoys John even more, who finally takes his meal upstairs. After a while, Wendy goes up to talk to him.

John asks why Wendy doesn’t reject Peter outright and Wendy replies that he’s just a kid, so there is no need to take him seriously (in fact, she feels more tired if she does). However, John doesn’t like seeing Peter near her, to which Wendy asks if it’s because he dislikes Peter. Her brother finally lets slip that it’s because he likes her. Shocked at his own words, John starts drifting into his own world and muttering about how he never intended to reveal his true feelings in this manner.

Wendy wonders if he’s referring to that of family love, but can’t pursue further since he’s in his won world. Even when she pulls at his cheeks, and pinches his noses, there’s zero response from John. He finally “wakes up” and is shocked yet again to see Wendy right next to him, and freezes again, to which Wendy wishes there was somebody who could repair him lol.

Later that night, John goes to find Wendy to tell her to forget about what he had said before. Wendy tries to hold him back, with the intention of having a proper talk together. But instead, John tells her to be more aware of herself since it’s just the two of them and leaves to sleep first. Naturally, Wendy doesn’t understand what he’s trying to imply.

John Event 11

Wendy asks her brothers to discuss about the contest, but Michael runs off to play as he had already made promises. John and Wendy are left alone in the house, and Wendy realises that ever since that day, John has been acting weirdly. She wonders if he’s feeling unwell and touches him, which sends John panicking and shutting down. He recovers soon after but wonders if he’s dreaming and starts questioning who he is lol. Wendy answers him but he panics again when he learns that it’s just the two of them. Wendy can only ask if he’s alright and in reply, he tells her that he’s better than ever.

Wendy decides to prepare some tea  she had received from the locals to calm him down. John insists on preparing, and the two stubborn siblings refuse to give way and the tea leaves end up scattered all over the floor……or not. They float in the air and sparkle like snowflakes instead, much to their surprise. Wendy asks him to make some tea while she tries to clean up, but when they accidentally brush each other’s hands he overreacts and causes a bigger mess. John apologises and Wendy comforts him, and suggests making something to eat instead.

John asks her to make pudding in that case, so that he can also try it again. His sister agrees to his request and when he tastes it, he finds it delicious yet again, and wonders if he really likes it or not. Or rather, as Wendy notes, since his memory of pudding is mixed with those of his real mother, it’s more like does he hate her or not.

As John’s deep in thought,  Wendy decides to pat his head to see if he has frozen yet again or not. This shocks John instead and this time for real, he freezes. This causes Wendy to start thinking thoughts like he has certain areas on his body which are like “stop buttons” since recently, whenever she touches him he reacts like this lmao.

John Event 12

The two siblings are taking Nana out for a walk, and one of the Lost Boys comes running by as he panics about Peter. They ask about the situation and he tells them that Peter’s shadow got separated from Peter lol. They find it unbelievable at first, but go to see the situation first anyway. True enough, Peter’s shadow got caught on a branch and Peter looks especially depressed. Meanwhile, the rest of the Lost Boys are panicking. John assesses the situation, saying that they just have to get the shadow back. Both Peter and the Lost Boys are relieved to hear this, as apparently John will try to sew Peter’s shadow back to him.

Peter tells him to be careful with his shadow, as John contemplates doing so since he dislikes Peter. However, John says that Peter saved his life previously so he’s returning the favour and won’t do something so ungentlemanly. He sews Peter’s shadow back perfectly, and Peter hugs him out of gratitude and the Lost Boys are equally amazed by this “magic”. John tries to pull Peter away, but Peter tells him that’s there’s no need to be embarrassed since it’s just family skin-ship pfft. John refuses to acknowledge Peter as family and says that he can’t pass Wendy over, and almost lets slip of his feelings again and gets stuck in his own world again.

The Lost Boys wonder why John is so angry and one of them points out that they must be rivals for some reason. Peter refuses to accept this and asks which of them Wendy prefers to marry. Wendy doesn’t want to take this seriously since they’re siblings after all, but she thinks to herself that she prefers the steadier John. On the surface though, she likes both of them equally. This causes Peter to question if she’s having two lovers, committing bigamy LOL. One Lost Boy doesn’t understand the meaning of these terms, and one of them smartly replies that it’s having an affair (不倫; furin). In response, another comments on how similar it sounds to pudding (プリン; purin) and so is probably delicious lmao. Wendy can only try to calm the situation down.

John Event 13

The Darling siblings are having breakfast, though Michael is later since he barely got up seconds ago. Wendy sees him eating messily and tells him gently to eat slowly. Michael remarks that his sister has changed since previously, she would’ve just gotten angry at his poor manners. Soon, Peter comes barging in announcing that it’s time for the next round of contest, and hurries them up since he wants to reach there first. Plus, a storm’s approaching so all the more to leave earlier.

This only causes Michael to stuff himself even more and Wendy tells Peter to wait, but this only makes the kid more impatient. In the end she tells him off and that he could very well go by himself first. Her brothers try to persuade her otherwise, but Wendy feels that it’s only right to discipline a kid. This infuriates Peter and he leaves her alone while attempting to fly off with the brothers forcefully. However, both brothers refuse to leave Wendy alone and so Peter leaves them all behind.

As they walks towards the contest venue, it starts raining. Michael runs off to get some plants which he knows grows nearby in place of umbrellas. As John worries over Wendy, she is reminded of how he used to be when he was young, and that he wasn’t as clingy to her now back then. In fact, he was guarded against her and more of a bro-con lol. One day, Michael comes back with a small injury and Wendy quickly tends to him. John remarks that there’s no need for her to be so concerned since they’re not even related. But young Wendy insists that they’re family and this touches John seeing that she had applied her words into actions just now for his beloved brother, and smiles at her for the first time. From then on, John started to trust her more.

(Young Michael looks so cute. ( * ´ ▽ ` *) ) Back in present time, John starts to worry about Michael who has not returned yet, and goes to look for him.

Character Event 13

John stops Tinker in time, and the fairy says that she’s just carrying out what the world wishes for. Above them, Tink interrupts as he says that that’s not true. They are all surprised to see him, but apparently he had no planned to interfere from the start and just wanted to observe. When Wendy asked why he didn’t stop Tinker earlier, Tink remarks that John saved her anyway so the result’s the same. He apologises for his sister’s actions and tells her a hint in hope for making the contest more interesting: the winning sweet doesn’t have to be any of the contestant’s, but it can also be any sweet they wish for, as long as they feel that it’s the best.

As they are left alone, John hugs Wendy, blaming himself for leaving her alone. She feels comforted in his arms and hugs him back. Unfortunately, Michael chose this opportune time to return and misunderstood them lol. However, John clears up the misunderstanding and tells him what had just happened. They decide that it’s difficult to judge anything in such a mood, and return home instead.

Back home, Wendy informs them of what Tink had told her. Since John once mentioned that he doesn’t like any of the contestants, so he can’t possibly feel that anything made by them is delicious, Michael suggests that Wendy should make something then. They accept this idea and Michael suggests her making a pudding in order to tease John. However, John remarks that it’s a brilliant idea, much to his surprise, since that way, he’ll also truly understand whether he likes it or not. In response, Michael panics thinking that his brother has broken down lmao. As Wendy watches them, she realises that this is happiness after having gone through a near-death experience.

John Event 14

Wendy returns home after walking Nana and Michael cheerfully welcomes her, asking if everything was alright. Ever since that incident, her brothers have been more concerned about her, especially John who tends to overreact. Wendy asks about John’s whereabouts and apparently he went to the pirate ship to find Hook. This surprises Wendy, who decides to follow him there, while asking Michael to watch the house in case John returns.

She finds John in Hook’s room, who is in the middle of asking Hook his reasons for liking chocolate so much. Apparently, John decided to take the initiative to ask around in hope of succeeding at the judgement more, and to learn more about his own likes for pudding too. However, the two siblings get caught up in their own world as they worry over each other, Hook tells them to stop ignoring him in his own room pfft. Hook then offers John to taste some of his chocolate, and he readily does so, finding it delicious. Hook tells him that he has no reasons for liking something, as it’s not something you think about with your head. You like something ‘cos you like it, and the same goes for hate.

The pirate turns the question back at John, asking if he has a reason for liking a certain someone, and John finally understands his point. Still, Hook doesn’t mind answering his questions since he feels that this is youth (and he sounds like such an uncle saying this lol). John thanks him and as a last word of advice, Hook grabs Wendy and tells John that if he something he desires, he should say it clearly if not it’ll be snatched away. John stiffly thanks him again but tells him to stay away from his sister and drags Wendy away.

As they walk back home, John is mulling over the pirate’s words, and Wendy tells him to take his time and for now it’s okay to just now that he doesn’t detest what he thought he did. Wendy also wonders over Hook’s words, since she feels like the same can be applied to her: does she freely do as she likes, like Hook does, or is she also restrained by her past like John. But since Hook must’ve lived for years he’s like an elder and should know what he’s talking about.

At least, she knows that she likes her brothers. Wendy tells John to close his eyes for a while and she kisses him on a cheek, as if to confirm her thoughts before. John flushes at this, and even more so when Wendy tells him to kiss her back so as to confirm their family love. But Wendy’s stubbornness kicks in and she insists when John tries to refuse. In the end, he gives in but kisses her on the lips instead and this makes Wendy nervous instead.

John Event 15

Wendy wakes up in the morning to find Peter next to her. He happily asks her to play with him now, but she refuses saying that she has to change and wash up. The two of them get into a noisy tussle, which attracts John to the scene and he misunderstands it, thinking that he interrupted them in a good moment as Peter had pinned Wendy down and she looked disheveled pffft. Wendy panics and tells him to stop thinking weird things and to hurry up and help her. Peter finally leaves as Wendy promises him that she’ll play with him lots later.

John remarks that even though Peter is annoying, he envies him for being able to say what he wants straight-out unlike himself as he is afraid of troubling the other person. Wendy says that it’s his good point too, since he thinks of others and pats his head. However, she feels that she’s saying this to herself too, since she doesn’t dare say what she truly wants either in fear of troubling her mother. Wendy asks John to pat her head in return, as if to finally receive some acknowledgement of her efforts.

Michael stumbles upon them and misunderstands them again pffft. Peter flies back at the same time, thinking that Wendy’s “later” is now already. He sees them patting each other’s head and decides that Wendy should do it for him. John protests and Peter thinks he’s jealous and asks him not to worry since he’ll pat his head, and he can do the same for Michael. Michael gets caught up in Peter’s idea and is happy since that means that he’ll get to do it for Wendy. Peter immediately rejects the idea though as he decides that he’ll pat Wendy and John’s heads with one hand each. Wendy can only sigh as she sees everyone else getting overly-serious over such a ridiculous issue lol.

Common Event 3

John Event 16

John and Wendy are on in the streets, and chance into Tink, who happily remarks how it’s a coincidence since someone who is looking for them frantically can’t find them, yet he who isn’t searching for them did in this crowd. They question who the person is and he tells them in a rather misleading way that it’s a girl who seems to be very taken in by John. John immediately gets defensive since he doesn’t know what Tink’s talking about, till the fairy mentions that it’s the little girl from before lol. They ask for her whereabouts, and Tink unwilling points out the direction since he thought it would’ve fun to see her act frantic for a while more.

They meet the little girl, who invites them to her place to eat pudding again. She felt that perhaps her previous attempt was a failure since John had a difficult expression and Wendy didn’t touch hers. They decide to accept it and this time both siblings readily eat the homemade pudding. John genuinely expresses his afterthoughts that it’s delicious with a smile, much to the girl’s delight, who even prepared party crackers for this.

John finally feels that he had liked pudding the most, but forgot it due to the past memory. He had always thought that their mother never loved them. But his mother must’ve known his likes too, which was why she made pudding for him – though it still doesn’t mean that she’s a good mother. But even though she still left him, he must’ve enjoyed their time together before. Wendy agrees to this, saying that even though the result was bad, it’s alright if the process of it was happy, which surprises John since she had felt the opposite strongly before. Wendy also decides to eat the pudding, as she wants to change and stop chasing after “perfection” so blindly.

They also give the girl directions to their house, saying that she can come over anytime, telling her that they have a dog at home and one more brother, who acts like a dog lol. So she happily decides to prepare gifts for them too.

The two siblings return home and Michael happily welcomes them, asking if they got souvenirs for him. John answers that they did and piles him with the stuffed toys from the girl. Michael wonders if he’s joking but John says that he should accept them. Plus, souvenirs needs not be be things, so he can also teach Michael the knowledge he has from this world and their old world.

John Event 17

Both brothers come downstairs to the kitchen and see that Wendy had just finished making pudding. Michael wonders if she took his joke for real but John confirms that it isn’t, in fact he likes pudding a lot. This shocks Michael even more, but that’s soon taken over by the temptation of the pudding. Wendy tells him to reserve himself and suggests going on a picnic instead. John readily agrees to this and goes to prepare for it. Michael is even more puzzled since he never imagined that a day would come where John likes pudding and Wendy wants to picnic in Neverland.

However, John soon comes running down and tells Michael off for hiding sweets at his bedside and probably snacking on them late at night. Michael gets tired of his lecturing and wonders if his brother has really changed. Wendy answers that he did, but his form of love for Michael hasn’t lol. This causes Michael to remark that he’s rather have John direct his love to Wendy, but since John’s expression of love is so troublesome, she will probably have it harder than him, something which Wendy fails comprehend.

The three siblings and Nana settle down in an open field nearby for their picnic. Michael leaves to play with Nana first, leaving John and Wendy alone. John remarks that he’d prefer to conveniently think that his real mother had her own difficulties and left them for that reason. His sister tells him that it’s alright to think so, if it makes him feel better. John also decides that he’ll start voicing what he truly desires and stop being afraid.

He finally confesses that he likes Wendy, and when she tries to pass it off as his form of respect for him, he insists that it’s romantic love, and kisses her. He’s prepared for the fact that she may hate him, but Wendy says that there’s no way she could. She starts feeling nervous around him, and reflects on all that has happened between them in Neverland.

John Event 18

John is reading in his room, and Wendy asks to stay by his side to watch him, as she starts mulling over how she truly feels about him. She realises that she doesn’t hate him after all and has started to become more reliant on him instead. John starts feeling uneasy about her gaze and decides that they should go out for some fresh air instead, saying that he has somewhere he had always wanted to show her. He brings her to lake, saying that he had promised previously to show her the other side of it – he had even built a raft to cross over and that took time. Wendy feels bad ‘cos she completely forgot about it lol, but also feels heartened that he carried out his promise thoroughly.

They cross over and the scenery at the other end is filled with rainbows and colourful flowers and sweets. Wendy remarks that she used to dislike the sweet smell the air in Neverland has, but now she has come to like it. She thanks John, who soon asks her for her answer to his confession. Wendy hesitates as she reflects on how John had always looked at her with a passionate gaze recently, how she has changed and her feelings towards John have changed too. She indirectly tells him that she wouldn’t have come with him here if she had hated him, and he presses for an answer much to her embarrassment. Wendy finally says that she likes him too and John goes wild is so happy that he can’t hold back his feelings.

Wendy soon finds herself getting pinned down and kissed, as John apologises to her since he can’t suppress himself anymore and even gives her kiss marks. Wendy is surprised at his sudden change from his usual calm self, but hugs him in return and it is for certain that they do it.

John Event 19

After some time, Wendy wakes up one morning with the strong feeling that the contest will be held today. She is determined to make the judgement succeed this time and decides to make her pudding asap. She goes down to wake up both her brothers. Wendy sees Michael first, and informs him of the following, much to his surprise. John joins them and says that he also knew that it was the day of the contest when he woke up. This surprises Michael even more, since he’s the only one who didn’t. Wendy goes to prepare her pudding and soon the three of them leave for the contest venue.

They arrive at the contest venue, and Hook and Peter are creating a ruckus, and soon Scissor joins in. Wendy manages to tame the situation, but realises that Tink is missing and goes out to find him. However, she meets Tinker instead who locks both herself and Wendy in a room. She warns Wendy about failing the judgement again but Wendy assures her that she won’t and informs her that she’s using her pudding as an entry too. Tink mocks her efforts and wonders if she’s being too arrogant. Before she could go further, both John and Michael interrupt as they realised that she had been gone for too long. They see her with Tink and tell her to take more care of herself, and Michael even remarks that he knows how she feels whenever she worries over him now lol.

They leave to return to the main hall and Tink welcomes them lol. Wendy later informs them all that she’s entering her pudding in the contest, and no one can really oppose since there isn’t a rule against it. Moreover, John tells them that they shouldn’t be so worried if they’re so confident of their own creation. So they finally all sit down and all three judges sample the sweets properly this time, including Wendy’s pudding. They then take their judging to the inner room.

But before that, Wendy worries that if they succeed and the judging is over, the rules will no longer apply and chaos will ensue once more. However, Peter tells her there’s no need to worry and the rules still hold until both the judges and winning contestant make their wish. This was because previously, the rules wore off after the final judging and the losing contestants killed off the judges and winning contestant. In the judging room, the three siblings decide to not consult each other and to just think of the sweet they think is the best.

Naturally, Wendy chooses the pudding, and even associates it with John since she thought of him while making it. Soon, she hears an unfamiliar voice congratulating her and finds herself still in the room with her brothers. They exit to see the previous room growing golden pudding, so Wendy must’ve won. John takes the chance to make an important confession to Michael, confessing that he loves Wendy. In response, all Michael says is that he knew already lool. This shocks John since he kept worrying over how to break the news to Michael. But his younger brother says that he’s too obvious and confirmed it when he saw him acting jealous over Peter. He feels happy for the two of them, since they’re both so serious that they suit each other lol.

Peter soon appears and congratulates her, but he has lost interest in her already since she cares more for John than him lol. Before he leaves with the two fairies, Wendy asks about when they should make their wish and he says they can do so anything, and to wish just like how they did when judging the best sweet. The three siblings feel the reality of the results as they realise that they can finally return home, and Wendy feels more confident about returning to talk to her mother.

John’s Best End

The siblings are ready to leave to go and make their wish. However, just before they leave, the little girl and her mother show up. They realise that she came over to visit them, but have to break the news to her that they’re leaving. John tells her that they’re leaving to return to their real home far away and will never see each other again. The little girl takes the news surprisingly well, even asking if they’re going back to get married. John admits so much to Wendy’s embarrassment. Seeing that they all look genuinely happy to return, with the gifts she had prepared for them to place in their home here, the girl throws them in the air as a form of celebration for them.

She then asks if John and Wendy are going to have a kid soon LOL. This shocks them all, as the girl goes on to say that her father told her that her parents had it, and then got married. Her mother quickly hushes her up and Michael misunderstands that Wendy’s pregnant already, remarking that even though he knows John held back a lot it’s way too soon. John gets embarrassed and admits that he did resist a long time so there was a part of him which couldn’t hold back any longer. Wendy immediately shuts them all up since they are saying all of this talk in front of a little girl.

They wave goodbye to the mother and daughter, and soon arrive at the inner room where they say their wish. But first, Michael also asks what wish Wendy is going to make since she won the contest, but she says that she isn’t planning on using it since she got what she wanted already, which he feels is a waste lol. For the judges’ wish, they all wish to return home and be happy there. Their wish is granted and they see a mirror door appear before them. All of them their rooms opposite, and cross over together with Nana. They safely arrive in their home, but want to confirm whether they’ve really returned to the right time and space. Their suspicions are soon confirmed as they hear their mother returning, so not much time must’ve passed. Wendy goes down to greet her, relieved to be home. But obviously her mother doesn’t understand what had happened. Still, Wendy takes it all in and offers to make her chamomile tea to ease her tiredness. Her mother senses something different about her, and she answers that she has decided to leave as she wants now. Her mother doesn’t fully understand but says that it’s alright if she thinks that way.

A few days later, John and Wendy are walking outside next to a lake. John feels that even though studying is important, there’s also no harm in going out to see more of the world, and shows her the shredded map from before – which is now pieced together and filled with notes. Even though they may not need it anymore, John still finds it a valuable reminder. Wendy agrees and they both feel that being in Neverland has widened their horizons and changed their relationship. She decides to also buy ingredients to make pudding that day. Later that day, both brothers happily eat her pudding and John even offers to teach Michael, much to his horror. Soon her mother returns home. Wendy decides to offer one serving to her mother, who is critical of her at first. But Wendy holds her ground and asks her to sample it first, before deciding whether she truly wasted her time or not. Her mother hesitantly takes a bite, and is surprised at how delicious she finds it, and soon finishes everything.

Wendy is delighted to see this as her mother remarks that as long as she’s handling the household affairs well, then it’s okay and returns to her room. Both Michael and John are impressed by what happened. Michael even remarks that he feels a bit regretful that John made her his, however, if she ever gets tired of John she can come to him lol. Wendy can’t tell if he’s serious or not. John is shocked to hear this, but also asks if it’s alright to just give up if he’s serious since he feels that Wendy is an extremely wonderful woman, too wonderful in fact for anyone to give up so easily. Both Wendy and Michael decide to ignore him lol, and Michael comments that it’s alright and good to see Wendy loved. He adds that John should start calling Wendy by her name now and returns to his room, leaving the couple alone.

John makes the effort to do so, since their relationship is now that of lovers. They kiss and things get a bit too heated, so Wendy says that they should stop. John agrees and suggests continuing the rest to his room pfft. Wendy reminds him that they’re not alone in the house and he agrees again, telling her that she’ll have to hold her voice back for today. /zomg

Years pass, and it shows Wendy in a wedding dress. Michael, who is now a successful pâtissier, comes to greet her and congratulates her. John soon joins them and freezes on the spot. Michael worries if it’s ‘cos he’s too nervous, but the older brother says that he was too amazed at how beautiful Wendy was lmao. John is now a scholar who has already published a few books. Their parents then enter the room and Wendy’s mother congratulates her. Even though she still prioritises money and their ways of thinking are rather different, she genuinely wishes her daughter all the best. So John finally takes Wendy’s hand to go to the actual wedding hall, and from today onward they’ll be husband and wife.

John’s Good End

*Note: Some parts of certain events and CGs you get while doing the Best End do not appear while doing the Good End.

During the night before the day the siblings decide to return home, Wendy has a nightmare: she dreams of her mother criticising her and her efforts. Wendy wakes up in a cold sweat, surprised at the contents of her dream. She thought that she had come to terms to face her mother, but starts feeling afraid. The next morning, she decides to go to the sea side to sort her thoughts out.

A worried John soon comes after her, and sense that something is wrong with her. Wendy confides in him about her dream, and John tells her that it’s alright if they do not return. Once Wendy feels ready, they’ll go back then. She’s surprised to hear this from him, since from the beginning all he wanted was to go back home asap. John admits it, but since they’ve already succeeded in the judgement, they can choose to return whenever they want to. Wendy agrees to his suggestion, but worries about Michael. However, she soon decides that there’s no need to worry ‘cos he’ll probably be happy to get more time to play.

True enough, when they returns and tells him of their decision, apologising that they didn’t consult him, Michael cheerfully takes it all in, and goes off to play LOL.

A few days later, John is seen documenting notes on some unusual bird species before him. Wendy wonders if he’s really alright with their earlier decision, yet he seems to have taken a genuine interest in Neverland and looks like he is enjoying himself. John notices this and tells Wendy to stop worrying over him. He adds that whether they’re in this world or their old world, as long as it’s what Wendy wants, he’s okay with going along with her. After all, what matters is that they’re together.


I’m sorry if this was way sketchier! But John’s route and relationship with Wendy is pretty straightforward to be honest. I do find it interesting that John’s traits and past is mirrored in Wendy too. As you can see, their romance takes quite a while to pick up but it’s also natural since they’ve maintained a sibling relationship all along. I like how both siblings treat John like a machine, and how John gets so easily deceived by Michael. I can’t decide if he is a sis-con and/or bro-con. Oh, and it’s priceless how Michael is always the third wheel lol.

Not much on Neverland is revealed – as expected – so that’s why it feels rather short too compared to Tink’s. The main focus is on John and Wendy’s internal change. But the good thing is that they have interactions with all the contestants and Michael so it’s more interesting – though quite a few of the CGs seem to be Peter instead of John lmao. As for the little girl (yeah she doesn’t even get a name), I find her rather mature for her age. It’s a bit odd, but well, it’s not like she’s annoying. Both of John’s Best and Good Ends had sufficient closure, and I truly wasn’t expecting a wedding end. Everything feels so happy, his route doesn’t even have a bad/dead end.

The thing I can’t get in this route? Wendy was pretty dense not to sense the reason behind John’s constant panics and shut-downs. Though I understand that it’s odd to suddenly see your younger brother romantically, it certainly isn’t normal for him to always blush around you and for you to always feel your heartbeat getting faster around him. You do start to feel a bit bad for John whenever she pulls out the “family” line. But well, at least she was swift in accepting his feelings even though she was slow in noticing both his and her own feelings.

Overall, it was good to see Wendy return home (as expected, since it’s John’s route). Idk I just find it more natural for her to mature and face her mother. I think they’re a cute couple, though I still prefer Wendy’s chemistry with Tink. In any case, I think Yusa did a good job voicing John. And yeah, in case anyone’s curious, Yusa did his job too when it came to the romantic scenes, don’t worry lol. Next up will be Hook! But this time I really don’t know how long it’ll take me to get his review up.

16 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: John’s route

  1. Dushu says:

    It seems like nobody likes John D: (It’s sure that it is amazing to listen Yusa Koji play this kind of characters) But he is my favorite ! He is so cute with his serious side and when he become jealous… Nyaaaaa ♥♥♥… Herm sorry ! Thank you for your review so detailed


    • Yume says:

      Is it? I find all the characters in this game pretty likeable 😀 this is indeed one of my favourite roles for Yusa. So hard to find him in otoge now ;; You’re welcome, and thank you for your kind words~


      • Dushu says:

        Yes… All the comments that I see about John seems to have a bad opinion of him because he become angry quickly, this kind of things… ;w; I love this part of him and I think he deserves love. Yes, all the characters are cool (especially John & Hook ❤ mouhaha)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. midoriha says:

    Thanks for this!So, John’s route…as opposed to Michael, certainly, he is a lot more similar to Wendy, as you’ve mentioned. But, i don’t know..two serious people together, it’s pretty adorable too! Oh my!
    You know, i like that in the brothers’ routes, Wendy ends up making something to enter in the competition! It’s a pretty cool way to find a loophole in the rules!
    My favourite moments/scenes for John…are also his jealousy scenes. But! I love how awkward he is at times! his…uh, rivalry(?), ok, i will just call it relationship, with Peter is amusing, though! Like when Peter kisses Wendy, and John ends up touching Wendy’s cheek too much, that was funny! When Hook was…talking to him about things peole like, and he grabs Wendy, why yes, that was adorable too! That scene & conversation with the little girl in the best end, though…utterly hilarious!


  3. Ilinox says:

    Yusa playing a majime character?! I think my own brain froze at this ww I’m just keep expecting him to be voicing these aggressive mean sadistic playboys/rapists or something orz. I can’t say I felt much for John compared to how I was giggling when reading Tink’s route.

    (人´∀`*) I’m looking forward to your Hook review! I can’t stop seeing Date Masamune when I look at him for some reason ww they way he has shoulder-length hair and an eye patch.

    PS. What is with QR and having their guy’s slick back their hair like that? www


    • Yume says:

      I actually like it when he voice non-sadistic playboys/rapists. It’s pretty funny. www But he does a good job, even if it isn’t his “typical” role. Yes, I expect that’s the usual reaction especially after Tink’s route haha. John is a nice character, but his route just doesn’t highlight him as greatly as Tink’s does for Tink. In Tink’s your expectations are exceeded in a way.

      Thanks! Hopefully I can get it up over the Chinese New Year break. Oh yeah now that you mention the similarities, it’s true aha. XD Oh and don’t worry, Hook doesn’t have his hair slicked back at all in his route pffft – it would look so weird on him.


  4. Euryx says:

    I agree with your overall thoughts of this route. But no, this is not sketchy! ^^ I’m actually thankful since there are some points I don’t understand but since you post it here, it’s all clear to me now. ^_^

    I kind of dislike John in his own route. His so stiff and always opposes Peter lol. It’s just surprising to see him in the romantic scenes. He became ero-John lololol. I don’t complain though. XDD

    Even if this is John’s route, I loved Peter more. /gets shot He is very direct with his feelings towards Wendy. So I’m missing his confessions on Michael’s and Tink’s route. 😦

    “I think they’re a cute couple, though I still prefer Wendy’s chemistry with Tink.”
    – They do! x3 Especially in the last part. But I didn’t feel ドキドキ that much since they don’t have that spark as a couple. They’re personalities are so alike. u.u
    I still prefer her with Tink (or Peter xD).

    Oh and Michael is really cute! <3333

    Will wait for your Hook review. I'm still on Tink's route and (it's long compared to the Darlings u.u) I'm doing Hook next. ^_^


    • Yume says:

      Thank you! I’m glad to hear that. ^^

      Ero-John LOL, so true. I liked John best with Michael in this route ‘cos they are funny together and have that chemistry which John/Wendy didn’t have. Yeah Peter is very upfront to Wendy here, which surprised me since he wasn’t like that in Tink’s. In Tink’s route, Peter saw Wendy more as a plaything and didn’t really say all those “I love you” lines. So it’s almost like in John’s route, he’s there to kinda spark off John’s feelings for Wendy.

      Michael~~ I really like him in all the routes I’ve done so far. Looking forward to his route ❤

      Yeah, I think the Darlings' routes are shorter. I'm up till Event 5 for Hook – if it was John's I think I'll be at Event 10 already pfft. And that's neat! I plan to do Michael's after Hook's haha. We keep inter-changing. 😀


      • Euryx says:

        If you like John and Michael’s interaction here, I think you’ll like them more when you do Michael’s route. ^^ There are lots of ‘lol’ moments between the two. xD

        Yes, Michael is really likeable~ <3. He's like Peter in his own route. I mean, confessing and stuff. ^///////^ I should not tell more, or I might spoil the story to you. ^^;;

        And coincidentally, I'm on Tink's Event 5. 😀


  5. sweetserenada says:

    Wow, nice job with these summaries! I’ve read all of the Peter Pan summaries, and I am especially grateful that you are spending time writing all of them in such nice detail. I’ve always wanted to play Peter Pan… but I don’t own a PSP or understand Japanese so I don’t think I would fully enjoy it and it would be wasted on me.

    That’s why I’m glad that you are summarizing them! It helps me see what I’m missing and enjoy them. 🙂

    (and wallow in jealousy, cursing my inability to understand Japanese, but that’s another issue.)

    I’m excited to read Hook’s route (he seems like a goofy character to me lol). Keep up the good work and again, thanks!


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed reading the posts so far. ❤

      The difficulty for some people with PSP too is that they can't use the tool they use for PC games to extract the Japanese text and translate it roughly into English (I forgot the name lol /memory fail). ^^; Perhaps you can still enjoy some PC otome games. :3

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy that post too (when I get to it).


      • sweetserenada says:

        I’ve played a few PC otome games, such as Starry Sky and the Alice series, and AGTH/Atlas and its Engrish are my life.

        I was excited to get my hands on Alice in Toybox and Peter Pan, but then Quinrose suddenly turned them into PSP games. Though understandably its probably more lucrative and easier to make them PSP, it just made PC users like me sad. 😦

        To add salt to the wound, I read summaries of so many awesome PSP otome games, and it just makes me sadder. (just fuels my need to learn Japanese haha)

        Oh well! At least I can enjoy the storyline of those awesome games through reviews like this. 🙂


        • Yume says:

          Ohh that’s nice to know! You may be interested in checking out Bloody Call (even though it’s getting a more recent PSP port). The story, characters, graphics are pretty decent.

          Yeah, they decided to make them as PSP games midway. ;; It does seem that way, seeing how 100% of their recent games are PSP now. Though I nearly died when my copy of Peter Pan hanged on me at certain loading areas lol.

          Hmm I won’t say that learning Japanese is easy ‘cos everyone is different, but it’s fun when you get to apply it to otome games etc. ^^ Hopefully you’ll get to that stage one day?

          But I’m glad that blogs like mine help other people learn more. :3


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