Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Hook’s route

Now we have Hook (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) in Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP). He hates Peter Pan, though in this case it’s ‘cos Peter’s the cause of his lost hand. Though he shows no hesitation in killing of people, he treats his pirate crew well as he thinks of them as his family. He’s terrified of Scissor’s pet crocodile, him and his pet parrot would often go into panic when it’s near. Also, Hook loves chocolate with a passion. He finds Wendy’s stubborn and strong front against him interesting, and starts taking notice of her. The rest of the post is spoilers. Do read the Prologue first.

Hook Event 1

As the Darling siblings go their separate ways, Wendy decides to go to the sea. On the way there though, she bumps into Hook’s henchmen who claim that they are under the orders of Hook to bring her back. Of course, she doesn’t recognise them at first, much to their surprise – and they start gloriously introducing themselves, namely Smee, Cecco, Starkey and Jukes (names are assumed to be the same as the original). The pirates eventually get carried away and start chanting Hook’s name with much passion lol. Wendy gets tired of waiting and they finally remember their true intention.

They take her back to Hook, and Wendy gets a bit creeped out when the men start eyeing her in a not-so-innocent manner. But Smee promptly tells them that they shouldn’t touch her since Hook asked for her. However, the captain has no idea what’s she doing here lol. Smee tells him that he gave orders to capture a golden-haired woman and Hook promptly corrects him: golden-haired fairy. Apparently, someone had played tricks on him at night, whispering “tick-tock” in his ear. Of course, it’s none other than Tinker. Since Wendy actually has no business on the pirate ship, Hook quickly dismisses her. Even his parrot, Jewel, gets rather hostile with her.

Smee promptly apologises to Hook. Annoyed, Wendy demands an apology too and Hook agrees, asking Smee to apologise since he was the one who had misunderstood everything, and informs him that she’s one of the judges. Smee immediately does so, but Hook also reminds her that even as a judge she’s not entirely safe. The captain goes on to say that there are loopholes abound so perhaps she may get into “accidents” and such. Wendy stubbornly argues back that he still can’t escape his responsibility. And if he felt that the rules were so limp, then he wouldn’t have panicked back then to get Peter to announce the start of the contest before he gets eaten up by Scissor’s pet.

Seeing that Wendy isn’t giving in, Hook admits that she’s right indeed. She goes weak in knees which amuses Hook even more, remarking how she’s both strong-willed but has her cute moments too. Wendy then notices a music box on the floor, which Jewel had pushed down after making so much ruckus. She winds it up and a nostalgic tune plays. Wendy asks to borrow this but Hook immediately refuses. However, he invites her to visit him to listen to it whenever she wants to. But for today, Wendy decides to return home and Hook offers to walk her back.

In the end, pretty much the whole pirate crew and Hook walk Wendy home lol. But Wendy stops a distance away from her home since she guesses that Hook knew she lives close to Peter and wanted to take the opportunity to attack. Amused with her, Hook decides to retreat for today. As they leave, Tinker remarks on how well Wendy has acquainted herself with the pirates. Wendy answers that it was her fault from the start since she pulled a bad prank on Hook, but Tinker shows no signs on regret, and is even annoyed that they mistook Wendy for her and soon leaves. Wendy also makes her way back home.

Hook Event 2

Wendy goes to the pirate ship to go and listen to the music box – except that John panics when he hears this and wants to go along too. Wendy tries to pass off that she’s going there to try to get a boat from them, in the case that they may try getting back home themselves. Also, upon seeing John, they may force him to join them as part of the crew – but not women. Being gullible, he believes his sister and tells her to be careful.

Upon reaching the ship, Wendy gets dissuaded by Smee to leave for today. She soon finds out that the captain is dealing out “punishment” on a few of his men, who soon come out of the room looking all battered-up. Feeling strongly against violence, she tries to talk to Hook who tells her, an outsider, to not meddle with their affairs. Moreover, if it’s not painful, the men wouldn’t know how to fear and follow rules strictly.

Wendy remains firm though, even as Hook presses against her, as she knows that if she shows any signs of fear it would be her loss. Hook is amused by her strong will but tells her to leave for today since he’s not in a good mood – even throwing Jewel, his parrot, out of the room.

As Wendy remarks about how unreasonable Hook is, Smee tells her that actually it probably hurts Hook the most the punish his men like that, especially since he isn’t in a good mood today for certain reasons. In fact, it was the men who asked Hook to punish them like that. Wendy also finds out from Smee that Peter had actually fed Hook’s cut-off hand to the Clock Crocodile while laughing away, so now it keeps chasing after Hook, and all of them hate Peter for that.

Wendy asks about the possibility of borrowing a boat but he tells her to give up the thought since everyone would just attack the boat of a pirate. Smee offers to take her anywhere out at sea if she wishes, and asks her to visit them more often, since Hook seems to have taken a liking to her – something which she can’t really comprehend from his aggressive attitude towards her.

Hook Event 3

Both Hook and Wendy are listening to the music box, and she realises that even Jewel remains quiet when the music is playing. She questions how Hook came about to have it, and why he takes a liking to it. Apparently, he “took” it from someone else lol, since once he has his eye on something he’ll take it no matter what. And everything from the music to the design, to just having it by his side calms him. Wendy comments on how his like for chocolate is totally different, and he passionately says that chocolate is his flesh and blood pfft.

Hook asks if Wendy’s alright coming to a pirate ship, she answers that it’ll just be his duty to protect her if anything happens. At that moment, the ship comes under attack and Hook receives report from his men that it’s Scissor. Despite the rule that contestants can’t kill each other, obviously Scissor spares nothing against Hook. Hook tells her to remain with Jewel and he goes out to fight. She realises that Jewel is unusually stiff and starts petting it – only for it to suddenly start squawking and Clock Crocodile comes barging in and chasing Jewel. Wendy throws whatever she can at the crocodile, allowing for her and Jewel to escape the room and to lock it in for the time being.

Wendy goes up to the deck and is shocked at the battle site filled with blood, and finally feels the danger of being with the pirates for the first time. Scissor catches sight of her much to his surprise. He decides to take her away but then Hook takes her as a hostage and threatens Scissor. The navy captain says that Hook would die too but the pirate says that he would’t mind the both of them dying. Scissor decides to retreat, as he also realises that his pet is gone from his side.

When the navy finally leave, Hook starts munching away on his chocolate – something which is present everywhere on the ship. Wendy goes weak in the knees after seeing a real battle take place before her eyes. Hook asks if she was scared and she replies that it’s only to be expected. The pirate remarks that it was thanks to her that things ended so swiftly, and Wendy cheekily asks for something in return since she was “of use”. Amused, Hook obliges and kisses her.

Wendy’s at a loss for words and Hook merely teases her that he’ll continue giving her more rewards if she continues to be of use. Wendy says that she asked for nothing like this, and Hook teases her more saying that if she’s unhappy she can “return” it to “exchange” for another reward lol. Things eventually settle down and both of them are back in his room calmly listening to the music box, as if nothing had ever happened.

Common Event 1

Hook Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails and Wendy ends up in another room. However, Hook soon finds her since he partly wanted to find her before Peter lmao. He can tell that she’s disappointed and when she apologises, he warns her that with repeated failures, things may get boring and the world may get rid of her, or if the contest ends with no final winner the contestants may kill her out of anger. Either way, she’s at risk since in this world, boredom is the equivalent of death. Naturally, Wendy feels fearful knowing this.

But she also starts venting her frustration, since she herself hates failures the most, and in the first place she was brought here against her will. In response, he starts patting her head and comforting her. Hook emphathises with her since it was Peter who brought her here, and he hates the boy lol. Still, Wendy is surprised at his kindness, not expecting to be comforted by the pirate feared by all. Hook merely replies that he can be kind to those he feels similarly with. She asks what’s the “limit” and Hook reassures her that he won’t get bored so easily.

Soon, John finds them and quickly takes Wendy away. She thanks Hook for before and gets the feeling that his face reminds her of someone familiar. At night, she tells herself that she would need to put in even more effort so as to protect her brothers.

Hook Event 5

Wendy is at Hook’s room yet again listening to the music box, though this time Hook is trying to persuade her to try some of his chocolate. Of course, Wendy rejects him, since it’s going against the perfection she had initially decided on – and if she gives in it’s like she has taken a step back. Hook doesn’t understand her resistance. Wendy apologises for being so stubborn and Hook says that it’s no big deal since he believes that being yourself is the best. When Wendy pursues further, he answers fondly that even though she can be strong-willed she’s timid at times too, and loves to lecture, has no adaptability skills, or rather how she’s so troublesome in every aspect lmao. Wendy says that she doesn’t feel like she’s being praised at all, and he teases her asking if she expected him to see her as a woman. She denies so but Hook explains that he was merely raising her good points from his point of view.

However, he suddenly tells her to shut the music box as he hears noises from above. Sure enough, his men come rushing in saying that Starkey’s boat out at sea was attacked by another unknown group of pirates, supposedly a new one who’ve decided to directly challenge them. Hook decides to lead Cecco and some other men to get back at the pirates and tells Wendy to stay indoors since he can’t guarantee her safety this time. But Wendy can’t sit still, and decides to go up to deck to see what she could do to help the situation.

Wendy sees everyone rushing to tend to the injured, but it is troubling since the only doctor had went to shore to get supplies. Smee had gone to fetch him so they can only buy time. The doctor-in-training doesn’t really have the experience and Wendy tries to step in to do what she can. Even when the pirates’ attitude aren’t welcoming, Wendy stays firm and even starts attending to a badly-injured Starkey. Starkey is really touched at this and from this time on he starts calling her “Angel” pffft.

They also ask her the whereabouts of Hook, and she lets slips that he had gone directly to the enemies. They start worrying excessively and and all charged up to follow him, till Wendy blasts at them to believe their captain a bit more and if everyone is gone, there won’t be anyone to tend to the injured. The pirates realise the reason of her words and go back to helping the injured.

Eventually, everything calms down as Smee returns with the doctor, and so does Hook declaring that he had already taken care off the enemies. Wendy isn’t happy at the use of violence, but knows that it can’t be helped this time since they were under attack first and this is the world of pirates. Hook thanks her, as he learns that she helped out and was the one who tamed his men (apparently they always overreact when it comes to their leader). Wendy replies that she only did the obvious.

Despite her stubborn reply, Hook says that he likes how she acts according to her will and then proceeds to kiss her. Wendy is flustered and insists that she didn’t ask for anything in return this time, but Hook tells her that he merely did it ‘cos he felt like it.

Wendy returns home late, and Michael is alarmed at her blood-stained clothes. She reassures him that she isn’t in any danger. He decides to not pursue the matter but he still doesn’t approve of the pirates’ violent ways since he’s a pacifist. But he won’t stop his sister and asks her to confide in him if there’s anything.

Hook Event 6

Wendy is on the way to the ship, and apparently this time Hook asked her to come at a specific time. Tink approaches her, knowing that she’s on the way to Hook’s and questions her motives. She refuses to talk about the musical box and says that she’s going there as a judge, to get to know more about Hook’s contest sweet. Tink reasons that she should be fair to everyone though, and not just Hook, since a relationship with the contestant can affect one’s feelings which he heard can be the most important spice. Tink’s even ready to take her to Peter’s but Wendy firmly declines the fairy.

Tink remains insistent though, and asks Wendy to tell him the secret to having a successful relationship with humans lol. Wendy finally says that she already has plans to go to Hook and dislikes her schedule getting disrupted. When Tink continues on, she tells him that she’ll entertain him another day and leaves.

Hook warmly welcomes Wendy upon her arrival. Apparently, he had asked Smee to specially prepare something for her to try: a special blend of hot chocolate. Hook even remarks that chocolate is omnipotent, from beauty, to health etc. Wendy is hesitant at this, and explains that she’s aiming for perfection and one of those rules was to not eat sweets.

Hook muses over this and asks exactly whose idea of perfection she’s aiming for. Wendy says that it’s her own, but the pirate then asks what exactly is the passing point of her ideals and if she has an idea of that passing mark. After all, an ideal is an ideal since you can’t attain it, in that case she can never reach perfection. Wendy finally says that her mother will know and Hook points out that she’s entrusting herself to just one person, and that’s too narrow. And since her mother isn’t here, then maybe even he could assess her idea of “perfection”. To him, perfection is acting who you are.

Wendy finally gives in when she learns that Smee had spent days preparing the special mix, according to Hook’s instructions and after experimenting on the pirates who didn’t really like things too sweet, so as to meet her tastes as much as possible. Not wanting to waste his efforts, even though Hook volunteered to drink it all up, Wendy psyches herself and gives it a go. Much to her surprise and the Hook’s delight, Wendy finds it delicious. Apparently it has some alcohol mixed in it. She even asks for a second helping and for Smee to teach her how to make it the next time.

Smee lets slip that Hook could drink up to 300 cups of hot chocolate a day, causing Wendy to worry if he’s ever had a nosebleed. Smee laughs at her answer and confirms that it happened before. Wendy is shocked at this and Smee gets even more carried away, saying that even he felt the urge to say “You still feel like drinking more!!” lol. Hook chases Smee away to get more hot chocolate before he can say anymore.

Hook Event 7

As usual, Jewel starts squawking bad terms at Wendy, who starts arguing back. Hook gets amused at this and Wendy notices that Smee isn’t present – apparently he’s away running errands. She then asks about Hook’s reasons for keeping the parrot. He tells her that he had saved it from the jaws of Clock Crocodile, and ever since then it stayed by his side. Moreover, whenever the crocodile is nearby it would start alerting him. The easy atmosphere then grows dark when Jewel suddenly grows quiet, before squawking loudly and the only reason could be that the crocodile is nearby.

In fact, it comes breaking through the window LOL. Both Hook and Jewel start panicking and the pirate starts crying out for Smee, since apparently Clock Crocodile can’t handle him. Wendy tells him to calm down and reminds him that Smee isn’t present. Hook panics even more and orders Wendy to become Smee right now so as to chase the menace away pfffft. Both Cecco and Starkey rush in, but they end up arguing with each other and become oblivious to the immediate dangerou. In the end, both Hook and Jewel also cling tightly to Wendy so she has to do something or be eaten too.

Wendy grabs some chocolate nearby, hoping that it would ease its hunger. She tosses it into its open jaws and the crocodile starts twisting in pain, and soon escapes through the window. Both Cecco and Starkey finally realise it’s gone and go back out to reconfirm its movements. Relieved, Hook collapses on Wendy. She guesses that the chocolate must’ve done the trick and Hook remarks that the chocolate god chased it away pfft. But thinking about it, Smee always carried cocoa around so that must be the crocodile’s weak point. However, she wonders how it would feel if it does eat Hook though, who stuffs himself with chocolate constantly and even smells faintly of chocolate.

At that moment, Starkey and Cecco come barging in to report the situation, and chance upon the two on the floor. They misunderstand the situation and apologise as they leave them to be lol. Wendy tries to explain herself but Hook tells her to leave it since they would treat her nicely if they think of her as his woman, plus he enjoys hugging her like this.

Hook finally sits up, and Wendy asks if he had not tried killing Clock Crocodile before, and apparently it’s immortal. He had tried shooting it, slicing it, running it down with his ship but it just never dies. Now that he knows that chocolate is its weakness, he can rest easy and even go out alone without worries. He hugs her again, thankful to her since she saved his life, but soon pushes her down and just then Smee comes barging in and misunderstands the scene lol. It doesn’t help that Hook talks just as casually, while Smee politely leaves them be (and even speaking in polite form lol). Wendy tries to explain herself again but to no avail.

Hook Event 8

Wendy arrives at the ship to see everyone in a frenzy. Apparently Hook has disappeared from the ship and no one knows where he is, so they’re splitting up to look for him. Wendy decides to look for him too, and goes to town. There, she meets John who’s queuing up to buy some bread. Tink chances upon them to ask after them, but he also guesses that Wendy must be looking for Hook. The townspeople started whispering to each other seeing Tink, but upon hearing Hook’s name they all disappeared. Tink explains that everyone fears Hook even more than him, and that it would become a ghost town if he’s anywhere near.

Wendy feels a bit sad since Hook is actually fairly reasonable but since she learns from Tink that he’s nowhere around the marketplace, she leaves, while reassuring John. Failing to find the pirate, she heads back to the ship and on the way she gets pulled into the bushes by Hook. Apparently all he wanted to do was have some quiet time alone with a hoard of men following him. Moreover, he can do so now without having to worry over the crocodile. He even offers to take Wendy out somewhere next time as thanks for her saving his life. In reply, she tells him to show her a sea which characterises Neverland, since he must know the waters well.

Hook happily obliges and the two of them head back to the ship. Upon seeing their leader, the men grab him out of relief and start celebrating lol.

Hook Event 9

Hook takes Wendy out and on the way, Tinker calls out to them. Hook gets provoked and threatens to kill her, till Wendy eventually steps in and Tinker flies away as she grew bored. The two of them finally head to the destination – a shop hidden in the forest. It stores all sorts of rare sweets and other products. Hook regularly orders chocolate here and he asks Wendy to look around as she pleases, and if anything catches her eye he’ll buy it for her.

The store owner recommends her a knife with an exquisite design and Wendy is taken in by it. Hook offers to get it for her, since she’ll need something to protect herself too. On the way back, Wendy asks about his reason for coming to Neverland, and he casually answers that it’s for the chocolate. She senses that there’s a deeper reason for it, but he tells her that it’s nothing and Wendy decides to not pursue further.

Common Event 2

Hook Event 10

Wendy arrives at the ship but apparently Scissor is inside with Hook and all the men can only stand outside. Scissor claims to be here to talk with the pirate captain but no one knows what may happen. Wendy decides to go inside and sees the two of them engaged in fighting. Wendy steps in to stop them, threatening to throw herself out of the window – in that case, both of them would have failed to protect her.  Upon hearing this, they keep their swords.

Apparently, Scissor’s pet hasn’t been feeling well lately due to chocolate allergy lol, and he came to “ask” Hook about it. Wendy starts feeling guilty but when she tries to tell the truth, Hook covers for her. Scissor starts getting aggressive again till Wendy confesses that she’s responsible, but after all it was all in self-defense. Scissor refuses to listen to and calls her one of the pirates, much to Hook’s delight lol. Wendy tries to calm the navy captain down since the situation is to his disadvantage. Thinking that his position is like Hook’s, she reasons that his men would feel sad if he dies. But Scissor denies this saying that they would just find another replacement.

In the end, Scissor retreats for today but declares Wendy his enemy as well since she’s responsible for everything, though Wendy can’t comprehend since he says that the crocodile is almost recovered. Hook reassures her that he treats his own men kindly, and she’s now one of them in any case, so he would protect her until she returns to her world. The pirate crew decide to celebrate the occasion of Wendy becoming one of them.

Hook Event 11

It’s already late and Wendy decides to go back home, even though Hook is reluctant. Wendy explains that she shouldn’t let her brothers worry and has to be responsible since her mother asked that of her. But Hook answers that both of them are adults already, and it sounds like she’s trying to protect the older sister role model given to her by her mother. It’s okay to live by your ideals, but trying too hard would just be damaging to yourself.

Before the conversation can continue further though, Hook spots someone outside and apologises to Wendy in advance, before giving her a deep kiss. Wendy resists at first but soon gives in and is even shocked at herself for feeling hurt as Hook appears all too used to giving out such treatment. When the pirate finally lets go, she headbutts him lol, and he apologises again since he got too carried away as he found her reaction cute.

Next thing you know, Peter comes crashing in and tells Hook to release Wendy. Apparently, Hook’s initial motive was to provoke Peter. Hook taunts Peter even more, who eventually lets loose that he was the one responsible for throwing Clock Crocodile through Hook’s window lol. Wendy notices that Peter is off his usual form and not dodging Hook’s attacks as swiftly, probably because he’s too emotional. Peter then carries Wendy away, and in response, Hook grabs her leg, refusing to let go. Seeing Wendy’s pain, Peter releases her. When Wendy decides to remain, Peter is on the verge of crying since she is choosing Hook of all people. Tinker comes in and tells him to forget her but Peter just snaps at her angrily before leaving together.

Wendy is ready to continue her lecture on Hook, but realises that he hasn’t spoken a word for a while. He then tells her that even though Peter should’ve been the same age and height as him, he suddenly saw Peter’s form as a child midway through. Wendy is confused, since she had always saw Peter as a kid. She explains that in her world, people grow and mature as they age. But Hook is surprised and says that if one is an adult they stay as one in this world, and the same applies if they’re a kid. He gets even more annoyed knowing that he had been taunted by a kid all along.

Wendy goes back to telling Hook off for using her and he tells her to not misunderstand – half of him did want to provoke Peter, but he also did so ‘cos he wanted to kiss her, which silences Wendy. She feels herself falling for him but is unsure if he really feels the same for her, and if he would get tired of her soon enough once he has her in his hands. Smee then comes in, reporting that he saw Peter in a distance, but Hook tells him that he’s too late. Instead, he asks him to make some hot chocolate and is shocked when Wendy asks for one too.

Hook Event 12

Wendy arrives at the ship and everyone promptly calls her 姉さん; Anesan lol. She tries to clear the misunderstanding, but then notices that everyone is tense and fidgety, and hears lots of crashing noises coming from Hook’s room. Smee explains that Hook’s old injury is hurting (his hand), and on days like these his temper is unpredictable and even she may be killed. Hook soon comes out from his room and invites Wendy in to listen to the music box, obviously looking very tired.

Smee tells Wendy to immediately escape and call for him if anything happens as she enters the room. As Wendy listens to the music box and tries to massage Hook’s hand, she finally recalls that the tune from the music box is one which her father used to play to her. He would also often pat her head, much like Hook does now, and also loved chocolate. As Wendy tells Hook all of this, she admits that they’re alike in that aspect but otherwise, they’re completely different. Hook isn’t sure whether to be happy or not hearing this, and doesn’t see the point of her massaging his hand. She tells him that he should start thinking of his metal hook as apart of him, and that she likes this hand of his too.

In response, Hook tells her that her father wouldn’t act like this and starts kissing her. Wendy is unsure of what to make of his actions and tells him that she’s not an easy woman. The pirate replies that she’s the exact opposite, and says that she’ll understand his words if she thinks about it.

He then saws that he hasn’t eaten all day and Wendy offers to cook for him, a change he warmly welcomes. She borrows the kitchen and cooks something up for him. Upon eating it, he remarks that he has no complaints and that her perfection motto works well in this aspect. Hook then asks her to stay with him longer as she listens to the music box.

Hook Event 13

The Darling siblings are having breakfast, though Michael is later since he barely got up seconds ago. Wendy sees him eating messily and tells him gently to eat slowly. Michael remarks that his sister has changed since previously, she would’ve just gotten angry at his poor manners. Soon, Peter comes barging in announcing that it’s time for the next round of contest, and hurries them up since he wants to reach there first. Plus, a storm’s approaching so all the more to leave earlier.

This only causes Michael to stuff himself even more and Wendy tells Peter to wait, but this only makes the kid more impatient. In the end she tells him off and that he could very well go by himself first. Her brothers try to persuade her otherwise, but Wendy feels that it’s only right to discipline a kid. This infuriates Peter and he leaves her alone while flying off with the brothers forcefully.

As Wendy walks towards the contest venue by herself, it starts raining. She starts feeling lonely and thinks of Hook, which is a strange thing since she’s planning on returning anyway. She’s now well-aware of her feelings towards him, but still remains uncertain of the sincerity of his feelings.

Character Event 13

Hook saves Wendy from Tinker’s attack, and even starts attacking the fairy, obviously infuriated at her actions. Tinker’s scared stiff and starts crying out that she won’t do it again. Hook’s aware that fairies carry out the world’s will so if they are killed the killers will be cursed but since she acted on her own will, he has no qualms killing her on-the-spot. Wendy holds Hook back and tells Tinker to escape, who eventually does after being terrified by Hook. The pirate is unable to understand why Wendy let her off, but she merely says that she doesn’t want to see further bloodshed.

Hook sees that Wendy is shivering and tries to comfort her, though he’s unsure how to since usually all he does is scare other people. He asks her whether he should hug her or kiss her. So Wendy asks for him to hug her, and if that’s not enough to stroke her hair, and if not enough then to kiss her.

Later, Hook takes her back home. And later that night, Wendy reassures her two worried brothers as Hook told them that she had been attacked by a monster. Wendy asks her brothers to stay with her for the night after going through a near-death experience, and they happily oblige, saying that it’s been a long time since they had such a “sleepover”. Wendy feels more strongly that being able to live and laugh together is happiness.

Hook Event 14

Wendy meets Smee outside, bringing back loads of chocolate to the ship. Shocked at the amount, Smee informs her that the current volume he bought can disappear in one, two days since everyone on the ship eats chocolate. Before they came to Neverland, they were always on the go. So while they’re parked on Neverland, they should enjoy the supply of chocolate as much as they can. Wendy thinks to herself that perhaps they should seriously consider naming themselves the Chocolate Pirates lol.

When they first came to Neverland, Hook was so awed by the chocolate he wanted to take over Neverland and started what was called the 100-Year Chocolate War lol. Wendy then tries to ask Smee the reason why Hook remains in Neverland. Smee is unsure, listing possible reasons like the delicious chocolate or revenge against Peter. He then says that it’s best to ask the captain, and that even if if Hook didn’t tell her back then, he may do so now.

They both go to the ship and Wendy sits in Hook’s room listening to the music box. Hook is trying to persuade her to eat chocolate. However, he notices that she’s listless as she keeps sighing while staring at Hook’s face lol. When Hook asks about it, she eventually asks about his true reason for staying in Neverland. He then offers to answer any of her questions  truthfully for every piece of chocolate she eats, though he not say the whole truth. Wendy decides to accept the exchange, much to Hook’s surprise, since that shows just how much she wants to know more about him.

Wendy first asks why he’s staying in Neverland, and he casually tells her that it’s because of Peter. She then eats another and asks what’s his reason for not leaving Neverland. Hook eventually gives in and tells her that his dream when young was to sail all the seas. After so long, he has sailed all except the last one. He’s afraid that if his dream ends once he achieves it, he would then feel bored. It’s a trivial reason which was why he never told anyone before. Wendy remarks that it’s indeed trivial, but if his old dream ends he can find a new one. Unlike her world where time is limited and they don’t have the chance to fulfill all of the dreams, Hook can do so here. Hook is amused and remarks that indeed, it’s because of it’s this world that he enjoys being here. Wendy agrees and tells him to just act like himself. He feels a wave of relief after confessing to her and says that perhaps he’ll finish his dream in the near future.

Common Event 3

Hook Event 15

Wendy wakes up in the morning, having just dreamed of her mother and her critical tone of her cheap-looking hair. She looks at herself in the mirror and remembers that she has always been told that she looked like her father. But now, she finds herself having difficulty remember the details of her mother. Soon, John comes rushing in exclaiming that Hook is at their doorstep asking to see her. Wendy assures him that Hook won’t harm her, and asks him to trust her, before leaving to see Hook. Apparently, the pirate didn’t forget his promise to her before and is bringing her to the sea. He picked this very moment as everything from the sun’s position to the temperature is at its best moment.

They soon arrive and Wendy is impressed by the view, the sea comes in to the shore and is surrounded with rocky grounds. Various sweets are growing all around, even in the sea. Wendy goes closer to observe, but ends up slipping despite Hook’s warning as the surface is rather jello-like. Hook starts laughing at her clumsiness till she insists for him to drag her up. He ends up carrying her and starts “tasting” her since she’s all soaked in the sweet liquid. Unfortunately, he gets so carried away both of them end up falling back into the waters again lol. It’ll be difficult to climb back up so  Hook asks Jewel to search for nearby shores and they end up taking shelter in a cave.

Wendy asks about Hook’s metal hand but he reassures her that it won’t rust easily. He asks  about her hair instead, but she says that it’s cheap-looking which her mother had always criticised. But Hook thinks otherwise and compliments her instead. He tells her to stop being so hard on herself and have more confidence. In reply, Wendy says that she feels more confident when he tells her that, but he won’t be there to do so if she returns. This gives Hook a glimpse of hope and he starts persuading Wendy to consider staying in Neverland with him, even though he knows that she had always wished to return home. Wendy remains conflicted as she is torn between leaving her family behind and him. But he tells her that him and his men are her family too.

Hook then starts “eating” her up again and has no intention of stopping despite her protests. The first time he saw her soaked (ahem), he treated her kindly due to the situation. But seeing her soaked a second time there’s no way he can maintain his reason further. He’s happy seeing her give up resistance, and Wendy says that it’s because she feels that she should just go with the momentum lmao. So they end up doing it.

When Wendy goes back home, John worries over her, commenting on how she has changed. Wendy insists that he has no reason to and before things get too heated, John gives in and wishes that they could all go home soon. As he leaves, Wendy is left to ponder over whether she truly wants to return home or not.

Hook Event 16

Wendy goes to listen to the music box again, bringing along samples of Peter and Scissor’s sweets to taste as she feels awkward eating them at home, when she firmly told her brothers that she wouldn’t touch sweets. She meets Peter along the way, who comments on how she has drastically changed, wishing that he hadn’t brought her here now. Tinker joins them and eventually, Wendy leaves them as she doesn’t want them to meddle further in her business. Upon reaching the ship, Hook apologises since apparently the music box is broken and would need to get fixed. So she then asks about the mountain of chocolate on the table and he says that these creations are the result of his countless tastings, and all of them taste different. He invites her to try some, while trying to convince her to stay. Hook decides that perhaps he should try something else to convince her and gives her a deep kiss.

Wendy starts complaining that she would stop eating if he’s gonna use the excuse of kissing her every time she eats a piece of chocolate. Hook then teases her, asking if he should use a different way to get closer to her in order to let her know his feelings. Since he’s completely in the mood, Wendy gets caught up in his rhythm and he carries her back to an inner bedroom to do it. He sees through that she loves him and would still come to see him even if it weren’t for her original purpose – to listen to the music box.

By the time Wendy can get up, it’s almost dark and she complains that she couldn’t get to eat any of the sweets she brought thanks to Hook. She starts tasting one of Scissor’s biscuits and Hook gets a bit too jealous, demanding to know whether that or his chocolate is better. Wendy is hesitant when she answers that it’s his chocolate and he starts forcing her to eat more. Eventually, she asks to take some of his chocolate back to let her brothers try too and he’s immediately appeased.

On her way back, she chances upon Peter, who smells chocolate off her and guesses that she must’ve been to Hook’s. He feels disappointed at that, yet is happy to see her happy too. Wendy tries to soothe Peter but he realises that she still sees him as a kid and gives up for today and leaves.

Hook Event 17

The crew inform Wendy that Hook isn’t present, but should be back soon. Wendy then asks for a tour of the boat, much to both Starkey and Cecco’s delight, and they start quarreling with each other as to who should be in-charge. Wendy eventually asks both of them to do so. Midway the tour, she remarks on how clean the place is and Starkey says that it’s because both Hook and Smee are so meticulous over it. Cecco takes the chance to poke at him, saying that he would be lazy and sweep all the dirt in a hidden corner. Much to their horror, they find the dirty corner but Starkey denies that it’s his doing but someone else’s. Wendy gets worked up and decides that everyone should start to help to clean the ship before Hook finds out and throws a temper. Everyone is mobilised under Wendy’s orders, whom they’ve totally taken as their leader’s woman.

A surprised Hook returns to see the fruits of their labour and the crew start celebrating after their hard work. Seeing how they all keep treating her as Hook’s woman, she tells them otherwise and to call her as per normal. They don’t understand Wendy’s denial and she says that even if he’s into her now, he’ll tire of her – just like how he once said that upon obtaining the jewels they would lose their shine. As part of the enjoyment is the process of pursuit. In reply, they tell her that he actually treats all of the jewels preciously and keeps them inside the music box. Wendy finally understands why he wouldn’t let her take it away.

Smee then invites Hook into the conversation, saying that she had been misunderstanding him all this while, much to Hook’s regret. The captain tries to make himself clear again, but as it got too noisy he takes her down to his room for a private moment. He shows her the jewels and tries to convince her to stay, and he would let her shine just as brightly.

Hook Event 18

Peter is carrying Wendy and flying towards the pirate ship. He informs her that Hook had just attacked a ship, in an attempt to sow discord. He’s annoyed that Hook has “claimed” her so he’s going to provoke the pirate by causing him shame before her presence by challenging him and winning. Wendy asks if he can’t have fun in a less dangerous way and all Peter replies that he can’t do so otherwise before keeping quiet the rest of the way. When he arrives at the ship, all the pirates start acting hostile. Hook also readily takes up the challenge but Wendy sees that he seems in pain and guesses that his old wound is hurting. He tells her that it isn’t as bad as of late and asks her to back off since it’s their own personal problem.

In response, Wendy says otherwise since he’s the one who promised to be by her side if she stays. And if he keeps putting his life at risk then there’s no way she can entrust herself to him. Hook is silenced by her words and loses the will to fight. Disappointed that Hook has lost the drive, Peter then asks Wendy to play with him instead. He gets rejected though and finally leaves angrily. Hook gets too close to Wendy since he’s delighted to have heard her words. But the crew start cheering and Wendy gets all embarrassed. The men get carried away as Jukes remarks that they should hold their wedding right here, and Smee asks for them to let him take care of their kids pffft.

When Wendy asks about them attacking a ship, they tell her that they only attack other pirate ships. Since Neverland is a busy town, the merchant ships often get attacked by pirates. Hook and his men would then attack those pirate ships.

As Wendy returns home at night, Michael asks after her and seeing his insistence, she confesses that she’s thinking of whether to stay or not with Hook. He’s shocked at first but soon reasons that if she feels happier that way and chooses to stay, then he would support her, since he likes that she isn’t being restrained by her mother anymore.

Hook Event 19

After some time, Wendy wakes up one morning with the strong feeling that the contest will be held today. She is determined to make the judgement succeed this time, and it is apparent that she has come to a decision. She goes down to wake up both her brothers. Wendy sees Michael first, and informs him of the following, including her decision to stay. Michael feels sad to part from her, but more so he wants her to live freely. He asks her to promise him to be happy here and she does so. However, they both agree to keep this from John for now and to go through with the judgement first.

All three siblings and Nana soon leave the house. Wendy convinces John to eat the sweets properly this time, but he says that he’s just going to follow her opinion. Michael feels that John worships their sister too much and is still too clingy to her though, as he tells him that he had better prepare himself. Eventually, Michael lets slip that Wendy is choosing to stay with Hook which both shocks the older brother. John gets emotional as he opposes strongly of Wendy staying with such a violent person, and a pirate at that. He decides that he’s going to eat all the sweets and judge for himself, and hopefully the contest will fail and there will be time for Wendy to reconsider.

Michael thinks otherwise though and likes that Wendy is doing what she truly wants, choosing to stay with the person she loves. Things get heated and Michael raises his voice, accusing John of trying to tie Wendy down just like how she used to be tied to her mother. For the rest of the journey, they remain quiet and soon arrive at the contest venue.

Peter, Hook and Scissor are causing a ruckus and Wendy worries about the audience. Hook’s men see her and Smee explains that the audience came here knowing the risks, especially when they sit at the front where the fighting is. So it’s the thrill of almost getting killed which kills the boredom. Still, Wendy can’t sit back and goes to stop Hook, whom she realises was just worried about her since he’s angry that Peter didn’t go to fetch them. Scissor is after Hook’s throat as usual. Wendy worries that if they succeed and the judging is over, the rules will no longer apply and chaos will ensue once more. However, Peter tells her there’s no need to worry and the rules still hold until both the judges and winning contestant make their wish. This was because previously, the rules wore off after the final judging and the losing contestants killed off the judges and winning contestant.

They finally all sit down and all three judges sample the sweets properly this time. They then take their judging to the inner room. In the judging room, the three siblings decide to not consult each other and to just think of the sweet they think is the best. Naturally, Wendy picks the chocolate and feels that it represents Hook just as much. Soon, she hears an unfamiliar voice congratulating her and finds herself still in the room with her brothers. They exit to see the previous room with growing golden chocolate, so Hook must’ve won.

Hook soon finds Wendy and they congratulate each other. Wendy also tells him that she has made her decision on whether to stay or return.

Hook’s Best End

Wendy tells him that she has decided to stay, much to his pleasure. They start acting lovey-dovey as Wendy warns him to not cheat on her, and he answers that he’s dedicated and teases her in return. All this while his men and her brothers are watching lol. The pirates start cheering, while John is at a loss for words and Michael feels awkward but happy for Wendy.

Time skip and Wendy is seen moving into the ship with the help of Hook’s men. Initially, Hook had wanted her to move into his room but she declined, saying that she should start from the lowest rung and didn’t want special treatment. Wendy wonders about her two brother’s well-being, whom are both back in their old world.

A flashback starts, showing the three siblings ready to make their wish. They all wish for each other’s happiness. Their wish is granted and they see a mirror door appear before them. Both John and Michael see their own rooms, however, Wendy sees Hook’s ship. John attempts going halfway through, and realises that he’s stuck. He becomes clingy of his sister, unwilling to separate from her. Michael pushes his older brother over, saying that it’s best for the goodbyes to be kept short. He wishes Wendy all the best, and hopes that they can see each other again – since in the first place, Peter travelled to their world. Wendy asks Michael to take care of Nana in her place, but he tells her that they should let Nana choose and see who she ends up with. He gives Wendy a surprise kiss and goes to join John. This leaves Wendy and Nana left and they also walk through – turns out that Nana ends up with Wendy and has chosen to stay by her side.

Back to present day, Nana is seen getting along with Jewel. Later on, Hook gives her the musical box, since he says that her presence by his side calms him down more now. Wendy also decides to learn some sword skills, in order to better defend herself now that she’s living with them. Smee offers to teach her, but Hook strongly opposes and says that it should be left to him.

All of his men start panicking ‘cos apparently Hook has a reputation for killing people when he does so, as the level of his skills are too high and he doesn’t control himself. But seeing Hook’s insistence and assurance that he won’t hurt Wendy, she gives in and he immediately drags her away to start the lessons.  The day is burnt and she goes to rest as she looks forward to her new life.

Months later, Wendy wakes up to see Hook and recalls that lately, including last night, he’s been coming into her room at night more and more often. She starts preaching and Hook sighs at how she’s so noisy in the morning, unlike when it’s nighttime lol. Apparently, they’re out at sea as Hook is sailing towards the last sea. He admits that he’s feeling uneasy knowing this so he keeps coming to her. Wendy assures him, and that once they’re done he can show her more seas since this is his last but her first trip out to sea.

Hook also wonders why Wendy feels so strongly against him constantly entering her room. She eventually admits that it’s because she’s afraid that he’ll grow tired of her. Upon hearing this, Hook starts teasing her but also reassures her that he won’t do so and likes her for who she is, since he’s hopelessly in love with her. He starts worrying if she’ll fall for any guy who tells her that he loves her as she is, and Wendy quickly denies so. Hook gets flattered, and in the mood, and decides to go for a second round despite Wendy’s protests since she just barely woke up and has chores waiting for her. But he tells her to give it up since he’s always longing for her and they do it again.

Starkey greets Wendy when she leaves the room in the afternoon, thanking her for always accepting Hook as he is despite her thin body lmao. Hook takes Wendy up to the deck to see the sunset, and she wonders what wish he made as the winner. He tells her that his real wish for her to stay by his side, and Wendy remarks that it’s wasted. But then he says that even if she leaves him he has no plans of letting her go, and openly swears his love to her. All to used to seeing them act like this openly, the men start teasing them. Wendy starts blaming Hook for always not taking note of the situation, whom takes it all in. She starts to wonder just how much he likes her and the captain replies that he loves her to the point where he thinks it’s alright to give away his everything lol.

But they get interrupted by the navy and apparently Scissor chased Hook’s ships knowing that he had left Neverland. Seeing Clock Crocodile chasing Jewel, she promptly feeds it chocolate. However, she soon gets taken hostage by Scissor. Wendy knocks him away and quickly takes Hook’s side, knowing that she only got away successful due to the element of surprise. Both Hook and Scissor are ready to cut each other’s throat, but then Wendy discourages them and points out Scissor’s pet crocodile’s situation. So Scissor decides to retreat for today in order to tend to his pet.

Later that night, Hook complains about how they were interrupted. Wendy promptly kisses him and says that they have forever to them so it doesn’t matter. In response, he remarks how she’s only this bold when it comes to nighttime.

Hook’s Good End

*Note: Some parts of certain events and CGs you get while doing the Best End do not appear while doing the Good End. Also, Wendy is more indecisive about her decision to stay or not.

Wendy decides to return home. Even though Hook expected it, he’s still disappointed. But he says that a jewel chooses the place to belong and the place where it shines the brightest. Still, he asks for her to spent the rest of the day with him and to give her an unforgettable night.

Some time later, the siblings are on the way to the judgement room to make their wish to go home. However, just before they enter the room, Wendy finds herself in darkness and hears the sounds of her brothers panicking. She eventually finds herself on Hook’s ship and can only guess that he decided to kidnap her. She asks about her brothers and the pirate reassures her that he merely immobilised them. Wendy thought that he had decided to let her return, but he says that if a jewel doesn’t comes to its belonging place on its own then he’ll make it come lol.

Hook tells her that she’s unsure about whether to truly stay or return, so he’ll take the time to convince her. Days later, her brothers are seen with Scissor chasing after Hook and her. Apparently, her brothers decided to stick by Scissor, and at least are taken care of by the navy captain. John is seen furious with Hook, but Michael’s attitude is more light-hearted.

Amused, Hook kisses Wendy before them and this causes John’s mind to “short-circuit” and faint. Scissor sighs at how quickly he faints and decides to retreat for the day since he has to take care of his safety. Michael cheerfully bids his sister goodbye. This sequence keeps repeating lately and it’s troubling. She’s unsure if Hook will ever let her go, but knows that she’ll have to firmly make a decision. Though if they continue being separated all three siblings can’t make their wish. But Wendy admits to herself that she’s happy to be able to stay with both Hook and her brothers a bit longer.

Hook’s Dead End

In Event 7, Wendy tries to grab a chair nearby to hit Clock Crocodile away. But Hook is grabbing onto her so tightly, she can’t budge and before she realises it, she gets eaten up.

Common Bad End

It’s been one year since Wendy returned home safely with her brothers from Neverland. On the night of which they return, it was as if they hadn’t been gone at all since hardly any time had passed since they left home. They look back on their memories, almost as if it was a dream which happened yesterday. Wendy stills thinks back on the person she left behind, and wonders if they’ll ever meet again – maybe even when she has all grown up and has children of her own. But they all agree that the experience changed them in a positive way.


Wth did I write lol Like Tink’s, Hook’s route was hard to review even though it was slightly more straightforward. The main takeaway should be that Hook and his pirate crew are an awesome bunch lol. I wasn’t expecting Wendy to be reminded of her deceased father here, but it provides a hint that perhaps there’s something more about her parents’ relationship. It was great to see Hook debate Wendy’s ideals, and he made amazing sense for a pirate. He’s also very passionate and got a lot of kissing scenes, more than enough to embarrass Wendy lol. I like how he becomes so open with Wendy towards the end, yet so patient with her uncertainty. In any case, the couple’s romance grows gradually and though I felt that it was mostly Hook influencing Wendy, there were subtle cases of the opposite too.

I think the most intriguing find though was that Hook had always saw Peter as an adult up till, possibly, Wendy’s influence. Now it makes me wonder how Peter looks like to everyone. It’s for certain that the Darling siblings see him as a child, and Hook an adult. I’m most curious about Tink and Tinker since they are fairies and understand the world the most.

Now it’s “the points I didn’t get”. Well not much but I’m still left wondering how Hook lost his eye lol. Hook also remarked at one point that if Wendy didn’t stay, maybe he would wish to go over to her world, much to her horror since a pirate couldn’t possibly live well there. I was thinking maybe we would get to see that in the Good End, ‘cos Hook’s Good End was a bit awkward. But I guess we’re never going to get an ending where a Neverland character goes to live in Wendy’s world.

I didn’t find the Common Bad End that bad to be honest haha. I guess it’s not ideal since Wendy doesn’t remain with the one she loves, but it feels like a normal end or something since the siblings returning home is in-line with the original. Moreover, Wendy even wonders if they’ll meet again when she’s older and has kids of her own, which is again, similar to various Peter Pan adaptations.

Still, Hook’s route was a long but fun read! I still prefer Tink and Wendy (haha, bias) but her with Hook was good too. They both have equal footing with each other, and each have the upper hand at certain points. Okiayu did well voicing the uncouth yet passionate manner of Hook. Oh, and I like the bgm that plays when Hook appears. Next one will be Michael, the other Darling brother left. It’ll be a shorter route but still, expect me to take some time with his too!


18 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Hook’s route

  1. midoriha says:

    Thanks so much for this! Excuse me while i…-fangirling ensues- so cute, so cu—–te! I think the whole route was really real—–ly cute! I agree, Hook and his crew are so great! I totally felt for Wendy when she was unsure if Hook really liked her, or was just playing with her. And that scene when she ‘saved’ Hook and Jewel from Clock Crocodile, and then the misunderstandings that later ensue…so hilarious! When the crew started calling her Anesan though, i totally expected that!
    so, i agree with you that the bad end is more of a normal end…though it’s sad that she can’t be with Hook. And that ‘dead end’, though…i have no words. I am speechless.
    the best end was so totally cute, i don’t even—-! But i could say that for the entire route! I really liked that route, with all that adorable stuff!
    Wendy going to Hook to listen to the musical box, how utterly sweeet! Really, i enjoyed the route so much! I’m the type who doesn’t need serious stuff to happen in a route, just the two characters getting to know each other, in addition to the awesome crew, was enough! Hook, line and sinker!(i’m sorry, that was an awful joke)


  2. lenaleemelodee says:

    I’m kinda more than a year late, lol, but I’ve just finished Hook’s route. I suddenly felt like playing the game after seeing the CG of Peter indulging in Wendy’s boobs when Hook was pointing his sword at him xDD To be honest, Hook’s my type of character, but I got a lot more than I expected. The game’s hilarious, it never gets boring, there are lots of sudden scenes, lots of gentle scenes, and overall, a lot of things that even I could relate to, especially Wendy’s concerns and even though it’s just a game, it felt somewhat reassuring when Hook broke those walls one by one. I like it how Hook has common sense, and behaves like an average man – making everything simple.

    So far I look Hook the most. But I guess I just have to play the rest. But I can already see what type of charas the rest are. I felt like tsukkomi-ing 90% of their lines xD

    Oh, and I lol’d at a lot of scenes, but I especially loved two scenes: when Tokei Wani flew into Hook’s room and Jewel went “kyaaaa!”, then Wendy went “kyaaaa!” and Hook went “kyaaaa!”. Wendy: “Hook made?!” xDDD
    And the one was during one of the rounds when Hook said in a menacing tone to Scissors that he’ll take him on… when he puts Tokei Wani somewhere far away. Yet Scissors ignored that and started admiring Wani’s teeth (was it?) making Hook almost die out of fear xDDD

    I regret not having bought this when it was released, so I’d get a book and some limited edition stuff…

    Honestly speaking, I tend to take everything QuinRose-related rather half-heartedly. I have only played Mother Goose (which I found incredibly boring and never finished), and started playing Heat no Kuni (which is awesome if not for the ridiculous game system). I have this stereotype that everything made by QuinRose is the same. Is it? Is it not? I’m not scared of the length, I just worry about the quality. What do you think about QuinRose’s games in general?


    • Yume says:

      It’s probably 2 years since this game was released…? Haha but still I find it my favourite QR game. \o/ As you said, it’s entertaining and Wendy was a pretty well thought-out heroine imo. Yeah Hook is probably the one with the most common sense out of the four Neverland guys. But that also means that you can see how the rest change thanks to Wendy! (:

      Yes wow, you totally reminded me of how much I enjoyed QR’s humour. Their characters can have such great interactions. And being a 2011 release, the LE stuff was still decent on QR’s part. But if you don’t mind second-hand stuff maybe you can still find it elsewhere…?

      Well tbh I haven’t played that many games by QR. Looking back I’ve mostly played their fairy tale-themed ones! Which I think they’re pretty good at adding their own original twist. Peter Pan still remains my favourite. Grimm was a fun ride though slightly lacking the depth ‘cos I think by then QR started piling up more projects on their plate. You mentioned Heart no Kuni and if the system bothers you, maybe you could play their straight VN one instead which they just released (is it out yet)? Or are you already playing that one? The Alice cast is actually a fun one but recently I’m a bit put off by the series since QR seems to keep milking it.

      Oh wait, I totally forgot that I played Arabians Lost too. That was a fun game too. I talked to others and they generally feel that QR’s Continental series is one of their better releases too. I feel that QR’s older games are generally better since unlike now, they’re not rushing out game after game. Heck, Peter Pan took a few years to be released which was annoying at first buuuut looking back now it’s good with me since the quality wasn’t compromised.

      Ask me about QR’s recent releases though and I have no answer haha. XD


      • lenaleemelodee says:

        Change thanks to Wendy? But do other characters’ routes carry a similar meaning to Hook’s route? aka, make her more self-confident and stuff? I’ve already found the game at Yahoo!Auctions. It even seems to be new (at least the description says so), however, the price is the same as 2 years ago! So dunno. At least I’m definitely going to buy the soundtrack (it’s not the world’s best soundtrack but it’s really nice to listen to, something like the BGM of your life, lol), and the novel about Hook’s route. As far as I know there are novels for almost each route of the game.

        Which one’s the straight VN one? You mean the latest latest remake of the original game? Or not? I’m not too knowledgeable about Heart no Kuni series, although I do closely follow other users’ reviews of all the games of the series. For now, I’m mostly fond of Blood, Grey, Ace and Julius, I think.

        Thank you for the recommendation! Once I’m done with Peter Pan, I’ll try Arabians Lost.

        As for their recent or upcoming releases, I’m very interested in Hakkenden, since I’m a big fan of the original story itself (and mostly of Abe Miyuki’s manga “Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun), but I’m a bit disappointed with their choice of seiyuu for the characters, since I pictured them differently. Can’t safely recommend you this one, but the original story is very interesting! So I hope QR doesn’t ruin it.

        Btw, sorry for such a huge comment but one more question: does QR ever release FDs/artbooks and the like for their games? I’m talking about Peter Pan. I feel like it’s not enough for me it’s just a game and one drama cd.


        • Yume says:

          I would say that all the routes in Peter Pan are pretty solid, except John’s may fall a bit due to how similar their personalities are. For Tink’s, both he and Wendy change. For Peter, Wendy changes more in his route but in the Truth route both of them change. I can’t really remember for Scissor (oops) and Michael is just…Michael. ww

          Yeah, the straight VN one is the one that just came out with Fujimaru’s art I think. Oh, I should add that Arabians Lost has a bit of RPG-ish system etc. but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out with a good walkthrough (I followed peche’s).

          Yes, QR does release FDs/artbooks but…not for Peter Pan, sadly. Which really disappoints me till today. :\


  3. twentyninenights says:

    Finally, I can comment in this post ^^

    I love Hook near as much as Tink. He has long route, but also fun. Yeah, I also wonder why they never mentioned Hook’s eyepatch..

    It makes sense after completing Peter’s story about Hook and Wendy, seeing Peter as different thing (I guess you’ve already reach that part). Still, I don’t know why it’s happen. They never did explain why it’s happening, just saw Peter as special being.


    • Yume says:

      Ohh you’re done with Hook? 8D I’ll go read your post later~

      Yeah they all have such long routes (the Neverland people)!

      Yup I’ve finished Peter’s route already so I kinda understand why Hook saw him differently. I guess in that event Peter’s emotional whining seemed very childish to Hook so that may have caused Hook to suddenly see Peter as a child…? I think it may be clearer to you when you do the Truth route. :>


      • twentyninenights says:

        No, I know it’s because Peter acted like a child. The thing I don’t know is why he is so special, that anyone can see him differently. Peter is child of Neverland and then what? I’m still thinking logically to this (that’s what I’m used to be, being logic)…. I guess I’m not able to go logic in Peter Pan, right? That’s full of unexpected things.

        I expect truth end is short, so I will do it later. The shorter the last…


  4. pocketbiscuit says:


    I really enjoyed his route because he's such a laidback guy with lots of sexy moments, and his crew is so funny. xD But yeah, my favorite is still Tink.


    • Yume says:

      I could guess from your recent love of ossan. www

      Yeah his route was fun! 8D Though similarly I prefer Tink. (This reminds me of how I liked Blood at first but then Boris crept up gradually and I ended up liking him more…lol.)


  5. Ilinox says:

    Hnnnngh.. I think Hook totally trumped Tink in my mind. It does seem like the heroine influences and is influenced more by Tink, which is the type of character development I like best, but for some reason Hook’s mellow and easy-going personality of “Just be yourself” is so sweet xDD. He seemed to become quite sweet on Wendy really quickly, not that I’m complaining. All those kiss scenes.. (ノ´∀`*)ノ!

    Aw, he never lost his hat or had his hair slicked back hahaha. On another note.. PIRATE BED 8DD;; /shot.


    • Yume says:

      Ahh yeah~ He gave me the feeling of a nice ossan (in John’s route too, when he gave him advice) at first, but then he evolves into an ero ossan with all the passionate scenes LOL. I really liked his talk on how Wendy’s ideal will never be attainable since it’s an ideal too. Felt so bad for Peter though, especially when he was on the verge of crying. ;w;

      LOL PIRATE BED. I’ve just finished Michael’s route and his is a grass scene too, so that makes 3 grass scenes vs. 1 pirate bed so far www.


  6. Euryx says:

    I didn’t expect the mellow side of Hook so early on his route. I mean, I knew that later on he’ll be sweet towards her, but not on the judging event. ^^;;

    I’m halfway through his route and enjoying it so far. ^_^ I love the pirate crew, lots of lol moments XDD.

    Thanks for the review! Will use this as a guide while playing since some part are unclear to me. ^^


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, he warmed up to her pretty quickly. I think besides Peter, he’s probably the next fastest lol.

      That’s great to hear! His men are so amusing. ❤

      No problem~ Hope it proves to be useful haha.


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