Kannou Mukashibanashi, step on

Oh hey, another fast delivery. I’ll try making this short and painless. Kannou Mukashibanashi Limited Edition version consists of the game, limited edition drama CD, booklet with chibi drawings, accompanying drama script of the limited edition drama CD, as well as the seiyuu signatures and short comments. As a preorder, I also got the preorder drama CD and the portrait tokuten from NeoWing. Both drama CDs are on entirely separate stories from the game so you can listen to them as and when you want (aka no spoilers).

Also got amu’s debut album step on (official website). I’ve only listened to it a few times but I think it’s quite a good mix of songs – though on a bit more on the “hardcore” side if that makes any sense. My favourite tracks are Silvia, Maboroshi no Oukoku, Away We Go, step on.

01. Silvia

You can listen to the PV for Silvia on the website and make your own judgement lol. But personally, it’s one of the most addictive songs of the album. The song, PV all seem to have a typical J-rock vibe.

02. シンデレラシンドローム
作詞・作曲:カラスヤサボウ 編曲:V系うどん職人 *カバー曲

One of the Vocaloid cover songs, Cinderella Syndrome, which I feel is the kinda of song which fits amu a lot, given his ability to sing the higher notes. (But if we’re speaking of Cinderella songs I prefer his cover of Doku Ringo to Cinderella…which he did complain that it’s a hard song to sing lol.)

03. Marygold
作詞・作曲:buzzG 編曲:V系うどん職人 *カバー曲

Another Vocaloid cover song, one which I enjoy, including the lyrics. And I think again, it suits amu’s voice. The only reason why I didn’t list it among the favourite tracks is ‘cos it’s not one of those songs which I would find myself looping over and over again due to its heavy melody.

04. nightbreak
作詞:砂守岳央(沙P) 作曲:amu 編曲:amu / V系うどん職人

One of amu’s compositions! 8D It has a straightforward, and a rebel feel to it with its rock melody and lyrics which speak of going out at night, becoming a butterfly, flying off from a dark dream etc. It’s also the shortest song of the album which makes you think “Ah! Over already?” at the end.

05. まぼろしの王国

(Please keep in mind that I’m pretty bias towards Nem’s songs.) I LOVE the melody of this song, especially the chorus. And I’ve always felt that Nem’s songs have the potential to bring out some of the best vocals from certain singers, including amu. He sounds so pretty here. As the title suggests, Maboroshi no Oukoku has a bit of a fantasy-feel to it, as the lyrics talk about a “prince” asking a “princess” to his kingdom with their own rules and never growing up etc. 柿チョコ provides the back-up for the chorus.

06. Away we go
作詞・作曲・編曲:halyosy *カバー曲

I’ve been really anticipating amu’s cover of this PointFive song. The original was great and addictive. And thanks to my bias, I love amu’s version too! I’m the idiot which goes “so cute!” at his every word. しろくろ (everyone should go watch amu + しろくろ in one of their 生放送, it’s deadly funny) did the rapping. PUPI,  沙P and halyosy did the back-up for the chorus for this version. 8D As a comparison, thanks to the individuality of everyone’s voices in the original, this version sounds more gelled together. Similar to an Asamack vs. cleanero cover of the same song (I love both duos, by the way).

07. ロスト・ナイチンゲイル

柿チョコ is the guest vocal for Lost Nightingale. Hmm I’m having a hard time putting down my afterthoughts for this song. I like the impact of the song, as well as both of amu and 柿チョコ’s vocals but it feels as though something is missing from the chorus for me? As I said, I’m still not sure.

08. step on
作詞・作曲:amu  編曲:amu / V系うどん職人 / 砂守岳央(沙P)

amu’s other composition! 8D I was expecting it to be a catchy song thanks to the title, but in fact it’s has the gentlest pacing among all the songs in the album. It’s a very pretty song, accompanied by violins. The lyrics talk about getting lost but also moving forward on a journey – so I suppose “step on” refers to “walking on”.

All in all, 8 tracks, 34 minutes, a happy fangirl? Lol. Too bad the photo of amu inside the booklet is way too small to see his face. ;; He looks adorable anyway. I recommend fellow amu fans to buy the album due to the strong mix of songs and well, because it’s amu’s debut haha.

Game-wise, I’ll continue with Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan. Once that’s done, I may move onto Kannou Mukashibanashi. Then again, Arcana Famiglia has been poking at me since forever but I keep ignoring it lol. But let’s leave that decision for a later date.

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.


3 thoughts on “Kannou Mukashibanashi, step on

  1. soyokaze says:

    Hi! Thank you so much again for my request and clearing out about the tokuten. It was clearly stated on their website that it was 絵本 and there was a small text that there will be script, sign and comments ^^;;

    I started KMB already, and the good thing about it is that you can really take your time since it has separate stories.
    For me, it’s good to “play”/listen to it at night – in my case since I like fairytales – I ended up doing everything ^^;; Each story has about 6 or 8 endings (sorry can’t remember it well) – then after you finish all the endings of a story – there will be recollection part of the game discussing all the endings. KMB is really more an interactive book than a game.


    • Yume says:

      No problem! (: Yeah, Otomate decided to be less direct about what the booklet exactly contained lol ;; I was expecting that perhaps the promo illustrations would be included inside too but unfortunately they decided not to.

      That’s good to hear! And you’re right, it’s a good thing that it’s all separate stories. Especially after playing game after game which are all so long. ;; I love the idea of interactive stories, especially after taking a class on it. So I was excited to see the different “paths” they have for each story on the official website. ^^ Plus I really love the original drama CD series KMB is based on so I’m definitely looking forward to it. ❤


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