Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Michael’s route

It’s back to Michael (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke), the other step-brother of Wendy in Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP). Michael is the complete opposite of his two siblings – he enjoys meeting new people and sights, to the point where sometimes he is too unaware of possible dangers. But on the whole, thanks to his positive and social nature, he gets easily acquainted with the island. Michael openly displays his affection for Wendy, through what he calls “family skin-ship”. Wendy’s stubborn nature is slowly affected by her brother. The rest of the post is spoilers. Do read the Prologue first.

Michael Event 1

Wendy can’t decide where to go for the day. John has apparently gone out to ask around for information. She sees Michael heading out, and asks where he’s headed for. He tells her that he heard about a place with rainbow-coloured dugongs from one of the Lost Boys and invites her to go with him. She does so and they arrive at the destination soon enough. Upon seeing the lively dugongs, Michael decides to start feeding them biscuits growing nearby. A few of them start crowding around him and he successfully tames them, before inviting Wendy to join him. However, soon after she does so, they start splashing around once more and soaking both siblings. So both Michael and Wendy decide to head home to dry up.

As the two siblings are drying up back at home (with…innocent(?) innuendos like “Do you feel good?”, “Come on take off your clothes, I’ll dry you off. I’m good at wiping.” or “No, leave it to your sister. I’ll dry off every last ounce of water off you”. I’m not just fantasising this okay) Peter chances upon them. He’s annoyed that the two of them are having fun of their own and wants to join them. Wendy tries to explain that they’re not doing this for fun and it’s because they had gotten wet before, and tells him to not get in their way.

Of course, Peter isn’t happy with this and he goes to the kitchen and sprays water on both Michael and Wendy. He tells them to have fun drying each other off again before leaving angrily. Wendy is upset that they’re wet again, moreover the house is in a mess. But Michael tells her that they’re just back to square one and can always dry off again. In response, Wendy can only remark at how positive her younger brother is.

Michael Event 2

Wendy wakes up at night and goes to the kitchen to get something to drink, but instead, she spots Michael just about to sneak out of the house. He eventually confesses that he had heard about a pretty spot to view rainbows at night from fairies, and decides to ask his sister to join him, though his initial plan had been to find the place first before inviting her again. Wendy decides that it’s better to go with him now rather than have him sneak out alone another time, but also warns him to not sneak out without anyone’s knowledge from now on.

After some time, Wendy starts to wonder if they’re lost, but then Michael spots a light in a distance and they head over. Instead of rainbows though, they spot an aurora. Wendy admits that it’s a beautiful sight but points out that it was not what they had set out to see. Still, Michael remains positive and remarks that it was still lucky of them to have chanced upon such a sight, something they can’t see in their old world. He then starts throwing stones in the water, and Wendy remarks that it’s a meaningless action. In response, Michael says that it doesn’t matter as long as it’s fun, and repeats that he prefers to enjoy the process.

Wendy points out that he should learn from John, who’s trying his best to return home. But Michael doesn’t see any issue in enjoying themselves in Neverland since in order to return home, they just need to judge the contest successfully. He invites Wendy to throw stones as well, and she does so. She sees that no matter how hard she throws, the waters still return to being calm. Wendy thinks that maybe the end result doesn’t really change depending on the process. But she’s still restricted by her previous way of thinking and can’t fully accept it like the positive Michael.

Michael Event 3

Wendy is outside walking and hears noises coming from the bushes. She soon realises it’s Michael and asks what he’s doing. He gives the idea that he’s hiding from something which scares her, since she thinks it’s something dangerous. But in the end he’s just playing hide-and-seek with Peter and she stomps on his foot lol. Michael yelps and realises that he’s probably given his location away. He grabs Wendy and tells her to remain quiet. Wendy gives up resistance and in the end both of them end up hiding. She also finds herself getting overly-conscious of Michael who’s just above her. When he notices her gaze, she direct his attention to a tree growing leaf pie above them instead – the sugar from it starts sprinkling off them. Wendy doesn’t understand how Michael can still have fun in such a situation, but he tells her that it’s better to be enjoy themselves while here. Moreover, she always looked in pain, though Wendy doesn’t understand what he means.

Peter interrupts them and remarks how they’re having fun on their own again, before squeezing them both from behind. Wendy realises that the sugar from the leaf pie tree got on Michael, causing him to be all sticky (べたべた; betabeta). This results in quite a bit of wordplay as Peter questions if the two of them are acting clingy with each other (べたべたして; betabeta shite), and says that he wants to be do so with Wendy. Then Wendy says that they’re not and that only Michael is, even telling him to get off since it feels disgusting lol. In response, Michael says that neither of them are and this goes on for a bit.

Common Event 1

Michael Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails yet again, as Wendy suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar room. Michael soon finds her, and tries to comfort her as she blames herself for failing again. She knows that she probably should eat the sweets, but feels that doing so would be breaking her resolution easily. In response, Michael tells her that she shouldn’t force herself if that’s what she feels, and that it’s okay to stay longer in Neverland.

Both Peter and Tinker join them at this point. While Peter notes that Michael had found Wendy first, he himself got here before John, who is probably still worrying over their whereabouts. He says that it was only when John fell down from the ceiling did they notice that it was all over and that it was boring for the audience.

The fairy gives Peter the idea that there should be a limit to failures, after all, it would be boring for the world if the contest stretches on continuously. If that happens, the contest would end anyway and the judges have no way of returning, and their lives mostly likely at risk. Peter takes a liking to this thrill and adds this new rule flippantly much to Wendy’s horror. Tinker is obviously pleased, wishing that Wendy would get killed off and Michael angrily tells her off for that. Wendy then asks for an estimate and Peter tells her that the most rounds a contest has had was five. But he says that even if she fails, he would protect her anyway, since that was what he had promised her.

Soon after, John joins them. While he worry over them, Michael points out that John had always had bad luck with these sort of things, such as falling from high places. John is shocked that he knew this, and Peter comes in saying that John should be grateful to him. In response, John stubbornly recognises this. While all this is going on, Wendy can’t rest easy hearing that they may die, and feels even more of an obligation to protect her two brothers by succeeding in the contest.

Michael Event 5

Both Wendy and John realise that there’s smoke coming from the kitchen and hurry downstairs, only to see Michael who apparently had failed to bake a cake. He had gotten the recipe to make cake from mushrooms from some locals and wanted to try baking some for Wendy, as a first step to get used to eating sweets, since she felt so guilty not eating the sweets during the contest. However, even though he had followed the recipe accordingly, he failed in the end. Wendy feels heartened hearing this but John is convinced that sweets are the fruits of terrorism and that it was because Michael was making a cake that things turned out like this lol.

However, Michael tastes the cake, despite their protests, and realises that it’s actually delicious. So despite the horrible appearance, perhaps it wasn’t a failure after all. The other two siblings worry over him eating the strange abomination, but Michael reassures them as the worst thing that could happen is that he merely gets a stomachache. As the two brothers go on, Wendy cuts in and tells both of them to start talking and start cleaning up the mess.

Michael Event 6

Michael asks the two siblings out to go see the fairies. Obviously, John is opposed to this as there’s no knowing what may happen. Wendy is surprised at how easily Michael is acquainted with the residents of Neverland. John lectures Michael even more, but slowly that evolves into words of praise of how he had always gotten along with people easily and had many friends, to the point where it’s a talent. Michael questions if he’s scolding him or praising him and John immediately says that he’s obviously scolding him lol.

In the end, Wendy decides to go with Michael, and John is left behind since they think it might be too overwhelming for him after all. They go to an open field within the forest where the fairies often gather. Upon seeing Michael, they welcome him warmly, and Wendy upon knowing that she’s his sister. As a fairy throws flowers on them, the fairy remarks how they’re so beautiful that it’s wasteful on humans, but they’ll make an exception for them. Michael cheerfully accepts this gesture, but Wendy can’t help but think that fairies unconsciously look down on humans. She also notes how Michael has always been popular with people.

As Michael is entertained by the other fairies, Tink approaches Wendy. She asks if this place is like their home since he’s here and he replies that it’s not, but one of the places they enjoy gathering. Their actual home is much more hidden to the human eye. The fairy welcomes her by placing a flower in her eye. Wendy happily accepts it, not knowing that it started growing all over her and entangling her up. Tink is thrilled to see her surprised reaction, saying that he’s merely having fun and has no intention of endangering her life.

Wendy calls out to Michael to help her, who quickly does so. After that, he drags her away, looking rather upset. Wendy’s puzzled at this since Tink didn’t really mean her danger, but Michael still decides to leave for today, as he mutters to himself wondering why he can’t keep his cool and laugh it off as usual.

Michael Event 7

Both John and Wendy are about done with the household chores. Michael returns home cheerfully, and John remarks at how he’s only playing around. Michael tells them that he had gotten acquainted with Yoyo (sp?) tribe and had received some gifts from them, which he wants to share with them. Since it’s not exactly sweets, but dried fruits and nuts, both John and Wendy agree. John decides to try it first, as a sort of food tested lol, even telling Michael to forever remember him in his memories.

After John eats a piece, he finds his whole body glowing in multiple colours. Michael is delighted at this, but John is so shocked that his brain freezes lol. Michael quickly decides to try one but is disappointed when all that happens is that his hair changes colour. He then pops one in Wendy’s mouth, against her will. Wendy finds herself feeling woozy, and feeling light in the head, almost losing her footing as Michael catches her. She then feels a huge urge to touch him, and then squeezes his cheeks with all her might. As Michael starts crying out in pain, Wendy starts venting out her anger and tells him off for always being so flippant and never considering the consequences, hence giving both her and John trouble. Michael says that he’ll never do it again and begs for her to let go, which she soon does and fades into unconsciousness.

Wendy wakes up later to see both brothers by her side. She can’t remember anything except being fed something by Michael, however, she feels completely relaxed, as if she had finally done something she had been holding back all along lol. John says that he can’t remember anything either, thinking that it’s a side-effect, but Wendy thinks that it’s because his brain shut-down lol. Michael is glad that his sister is feeling alright, but tells her that she shouldn’t hold back next time and say whatever she feels like saying – for both her sake and his lol.

Michael Event 8

In the morning, Michael repeatedly tells Wendy that he wants to eat her cake. Wendy coldly responds that he can eat the cake growing around or go out to buy one lol. Michael insists that he wants to eat her handmade cake like he did when young, to which Wendy finally gives in. As she makes the cake, Wendy starts to feel a sense of nostalgia, as she often did this for Michael in the past. But since she made her resolution to not eat anything sweet anymore to reach her idea of perfection, she also gradually stopped making cakes for him. As she reaches the final stage of applying the cream on the sponge, Michael starts clinging to her and saying how much he loves her. Wendy tells him to stop obstructing her, but he refuses to – until she pushes him a bit too hard and both they and the cake fall to the floor.

Wendy sighs at how wasted it was, but Michael still eats the cake off the floor and comments on how delicious it is. Wendy is alarmed at his bad manners but he just continues eating since the taste remains the same lol. Wendy can’t help but wonder if it’s extremely positive, rash, or thick-skinned. In the end, she feeds him the strawberries she had wanted to put on the cake as well.

John comes back at that moment, and sees the mess. He starts scolding Michael, assuming that he had baked the cake. In response, Michael tells him that he did make the mess but the cake was baked by Wendy. John turns white at this and quickly says that he didn’t mean to insult Wendy or anything, he even says that anything made by her is delicious. So Michael suggests him eating the cake too, and John starts psyching himself since this is an expression of his respect to Wendy lol.

But at the last minute, Michael eats the last piece of cake for himself, much to John’s disappointment since he can no longer show the sincerity of his feelings lol. Michaels tells Wendy that he thought that it would be a good idea to get John to eat sweets, but in the end he felt a stronger desire to eat it since Wendy had made the cake for him.

Michael Event 9

Michael brings Wendy to see the Yoyo tribe, whom welcome the both of them warmly and even celebrate by throwing something into the fire which caused it to change colours and its sparks change into candy. Michael is also welcomed by the chief leader and daughter, whom invite him to become apart of them or to marry his daughter. Wendy worries if Michael will be too flippant in his reply, but the brother rejects the offer, saying that his ideal is someone like his sister. This sets off Wendy into first thinking that maybe Michael is a sis-con lol. The chief leader takes it well though and asks them to enjoy themselves.

Michael Event 10

Michael is taking Wendy to a place he was told off by the fairies. But to reach there, they have to cross some waters by stepping on…huge cakes. Wendy is tentative about the idea and worries if it can really take their weight, but Michael reassures her otherwise. When Wendy finally steps onto the first piece with him, she clings onto him for fear of falling off. In return, he starts hugging her and doing what he calls “family skin-ship”, which embarrasses Wendy seeing her brother of this age still acting like that – and this gives her the idea again that he’s a sis-con lol.

They set off for their destination again, which is a pretty place filled with water, rocks, and trees. Over there, Michael wonders if Wendy is more suited to this world. This alarms her as she worries over whether he doesn’t want to return home. He reassures her but says that over here, she’s not tied down by her mother and is more free. Wendy reasons that their mother is only doing what’s important for the family, but Michael thinks that she doesn’t treat Wendy as important. This causes Wendy to think whether the reason Michael doesn’t really like their mother is because of her. But before she can question, they notice that the water level is rising. The way back has been covered by water too and the two siblings try to find a way out.

Wendy tells Michael to go to higher shores first while she finds a huge branch or something for them to hang out. This causes her brother to tell her that he doesn’t want her in danger either, and almost confesses his true feelings for her. Tink interrupts them from above, as he was passing by the area. Wendy asks him to save them, though he muses over how he wanted to save them a bit later when their reactions were more fun. Upon Wendy’s insistence though, the fairy saves them by sprinkling fairy dust over them and allowing them to fly back home safely.

As Tink bids them farewell, Michael starts blaming himself for not considering the consequences fully and putting Wendy in danger. This puzzles Wendy since she had always though that his positivism would kick in and he would be glad that they are safe in the end. She tries to reassure him, though obviously Michael is still upset. Later that night, he goes up to her room as he felt like seeing her. Wendy wonders if he’s still bothered by the day’s events and remarks that he’s not himself. In response, Michael mutters to himself that he hasn’t been able to cover up as well as before, and that he’s not able to smile as easily as before. Worried, Wendy asks him to sleep together for the night, to which Michael rejects and tells her to be more careful about such offers, before leaving her room.

Michael Event 11

Wendy is just outside, sweeping up the candy flowers which seem to keep falling. She wonders where it’s falling from, till she spots Tink above her throwing down the candy flowers. She’s obviously annoyed, though this expression delights Tink. He remarks that he was just about to lose interest and is thankful that she had finally noticed him. Tink invites her to play with him and Peter and Wendy rejects this. He observes that Wendy is always around Michael, and she tries to give the excuse that it’s because they’re family so they spent more time together – just like how Tink spends more time with his sister, Tinker.

At that moment, a book suddenly comes falling down and naturally, this shocks Wendy. Tink is once again amused at her expression. Wendy then hears John accusing Michael of throwing his book out for no reasons, to which Michael gives the excuse that he had touched a plant yesterday which caused him to always slip things out of his grasp. Obviously it’s a lie, but gullible John believes this and starts to panic. He comes rushing down and informs Wendy this, before going off to find a doctor. Wendy decides to go back in to talk to Michael, and Tink takes his leave too after being sufficiently entertained.

She sees that Michael is sulking, but tells him off for doing such an improper thing since she could’ve gotten hurt. Michael replies that she wouldn’t since that wasn’t his aim. Upon Wendy’s further questioning, he admits that it’s because he saw her with Tink, and he’s reminded of before when he couldn’t protect her properly. Still, he doesn’t her to get too close to Tink. Wendy encourages him, by saying that he has supported her plenty, since his smile and positive attitude helping her to better adjust to this world. Michael is happy to hear this and hugs her, but he remarks that it’s because of her that he can be positive. This causes Wendy to worry over his future in a different way than John, since he’s so dependent on her.

Soon, John enters the room and says that the doctor he found said that there’s no such illness which Michael claims to have. So it must be a new-found rare disease lmao. Wendy tells Michael that he shouldn’t have told such a lie to worry John and Michael agrees that he’s regretting it now. So it takes them both a long time to explain things to John.

Common Event 2

Michael Event 12

Michael takes Wendy to the place where the fairies are holding a festival. There, the females fawn over her brother which makes Wendy somewhat jealous. Even though Michael rejects their offer to dance together, Wendy forces him to do so as she watches from the sides. Tink later approaches her, noting that she looks rather bored. The fairy tells her that besides him and Tinker, other fairies don’t really have their own will, not to mention holding feelings for someone else. If someone treats them importantly though, then they’ll grow to like the person too. In that case, Michael must be like that if the females react like that. This causes Wendy to wonder if Michael likes any of them.

Tink then invites Wendy to dance along too, though upon seeing them together, Michael grabs Wendy and wants to dance with her instead. Wendy’s unsure why Michael is acting like that, though he notes the same for her as well when she seemed jealous of the attention he got from the other fairies. Wendy remarks how he had always been popular, and often received letters and gifts from classmates. In response, Michael says that he had always been searching for someone like her, though if she doesn’t like it, then he’s going to reject everything from now on. Wendy tells him to save the lines for someone he loves.

Michael continues on though, and even asks Wendy if it’s okay to dance together another time but on their own. She wonders his reasons for this, but agrees much to his delight. A fairy then approaches the two of them and remarks how Michael seems to like his sister a lot. In response, Michael cheerfully agrees. Again, Wendy worries over his sis-con lol.

Michael Event 13

The Darling siblings are having breakfast, though Michael is later since he barely got up seconds ago. Wendy sees him eating messily and tells him gently to eat slowly. Michael remarks that his sister has changed since previously, she would’ve just gotten angry at his poor manners. Soon, Peter comes barging in announcing that it’s time for the next round of contest, and hurries them up since he wants to reach there first. Plus, a storm’s approaching so all the more to leave earlier.

This only causes Michael to stuff himself even more and Wendy tells Peter to wait, but this only makes the kid more impatient. In the end she tells him off and that he could very well go by himself first. Her brothers try to persuade her otherwise, but Wendy feels that it’s only right to discipline a kid. This infuriates Peter and he leaves her alone while attempting to fly off with the brothers forcefully. However, both brothers refuse to leave Wendy alone and so Peter leaves them all behind.

As they walks towards the contest venue, it starts raining. John runs off to find something in the place of umbrellas. As Michael remarks that a little rain is nothing and that it’s even fun, Wendy comments on his positivism again. But then he remarks how he wouldn’t want her to catch a cold either, and she is reminded of how he used to be when he was young and how he came to be so clingy to her. Since young, Michael had always longed for mother’s attention but was often disappointed. Seeing this, young Wendy comforts him saying that she’ll be there for him instead. Upon hearing this, Michael immediately lightens up and tells her that he likes her the most.

(Again, young Michael looks so cute. ( * ´ ▽ ` *) ) Back in present time, Michael wonders about John who has not returned yet, and goes to look for him.

Character Event 13

Michael stops Tinker in time, and the fairy says that she’s just carrying out what the world wishes for. Above them, Tink interrupts as he says that that’s not true. They are all surprised to see him, but apparently he had no planned to interfere from the start and just wanted to observe. When Wendy asked why he didn’t stop Tinker earlier, Tink remarks that Michael saved her anyway so the result’s the same. He apologises for his sister’s actions and tells her a hint in hope for making the contest more interesting: the winning sweet doesn’t have to be any of the contestant’s, but it can also be any sweet they wish for, as long as they feel that it’s the best.

As they are left alone, Michael hugs Wendy, while reassuring her. John returns and asks about the situation. Michaels tells him what had just happened and they decide that it’s difficult to judge anything in such a mood, and return home instead.

Back home, Wendy informs them of what Tink had told her. Since John once mentioned that he doesn’t like any of the contestants, so he can’t possibly feel that anything made by them is delicious, Michael suggests that Wendy should make something then. They accept this idea and Michael suggests her making her cake, and offers to do the taste-testing. John agrees since it’s something made by his beloved sister after all. As Wendy watches them, she realises that this is happiness after having gone through a near-death experience.

Michael Event 14

Both Michael and Wendy go out to walk Nana. Michael questions if the place Wendy wants to be is their old world, and she confirms this. He feels a bit differently though, since to him it’s wherever she is. Wendy worries that he’s too reliant on her, since even though they’re family, they’ll grow up and have families of their own. Michael says that he has no plans of leaving her and Wendy fails to understand what he means by this. Michael kisses her, which alarms Wendy as this is crossing the boundaries of family skin-ship. In response, he explains that he had always been holding back. However, recently, she had started to look at him more, unlike in the old world where all she was concerned with was her mother’s view. Wendy says that she had always looked after her two brothers but Michael remarks that it was more for protecting her given role as an older sister.

But now she’s no longer tied down to her mother’s opinion, and is able to look properly at him, Michael decide to no longer hold back his true feelings and confesses that he likes her as he kisses her once more. Shocked, Wendy eventually pulls away from him and leaves him.

Michael Event 15

Michael acts as per normal with Wendy, though his skin-skip with her is growing more and more. He points out that she has been making cakes non-stop, that even he can’t finish the amount she has made. When she remarks that she has to practice for the contest, Michael tells her to relax more. He samples the cake and comments that it’s delicious. However, when she does so, she doesn’t find it delicious at all. Michael says that she’s looking down on herself too much, and too overly-concerned with her mother’s negative opinion, as compared to his or John’s positive opinion of her. Wendy is reminded of the previous time and asks if it’s because of her Michael doesn’t like their mother. He says that it’s part of the reason, but more so because their personalities and values don’t click.

Michael then decides that he’ll bake a cake for his sister to try instead, and chases her to her room. Later on, he appears with a finished cake and starts clinging to Wendy as he feeds her. Wendy hesitantly takes a bite, and to her surprise finds it delicious. Michael is delighted to hear this, before revealing that it’s actually her cake. In fact, he merely added the cream to the sponge and decorated it. As Michael pushes another bite to her, Wendy confirms that it’s indeed delicious. So he tells her to have more confidence.

As Wendy wonders why her opinion changed, Michael tells her that it must be the power of love since she thought that she had made it lol. She remarks at how lame it is pffft. Still, Michael tells her that he loves that part of her too, and will love her in place of her mother too.

Michael Event 16

Michael brings Wendy to a viewing spot of Neverland. Over there, Wendy questions why Michael only confessed now. He replies that he thought that if she had found happiness with someone else, he wouldn’t have minded and had planned on staying silent. Wendy didn’t expect him to think like that, as her impression of him is that he would take the chance and confess. Michael admits that he was scared since she would’ve avoided him if he had done so. Though when she had gotten a lover, he was shocked indeed. Wendy looks back on it and admits to herself that she had wanted to find a perfect lover, and that she didn’t really love the guy, and so the relationship wasn’t maintained for long. When Michael remarks that he had loved her since young, this surprises Wendy.

Michael then admits that perhaps just like how Wendy was changed in Neverland, he was too and so he decided to confess his true feelings. In a distance, what appears like fireworks have started, and Michael explains that’s the Yoyo tribe are having a festival and that it’s actually candy. Wendy smiles seeing how beautiful it is and Michael smiles too, saying that he’s finally successful since his sister had finally smiled. Wendy’s attention is captured by him now instead, as she realises how he always has her in mind in everything he has done.

Common Event 3

Michael Event 17

John rushes downstairs in the morning to inform Wendy that Michael has fallen sick. As they both go up to see him, Michael insists that he’s okay. Though of course, John is half-scolding-and-half-worrying over his younger brother as he tells him off for always running all around, and how usually he’s the one more susceptible to falling ill yet Michael falls ill instead. They don’t have anything to measure his temperature though, so Michael cheekily requests for Wendy to feel his forehead like she used to when they were young. Wendy is flustered at this, but John readily agrees to this idea and so Wendy obliges, which causes her to feel self-conscious. The result is that Michael’s running a high fever and John panics even more (“Don’t die, Michael!” lmao).

Wendy observes that there’s no way John can quietly watch over and take care of Michael like this, so she requests him to go out to buy some necessary stuff to hopefully cool his head. John immediately goes out to do so, leaving her and Michael alone. When she asks him if he needs anything, he requests for her to hold his hand which reminds her of the time where he had fallen sick when they were young too – and of course John also panicked back then, asking his younger brother to not die and to hang in there lol. (Young John with a bowtie pfft looks cute.)

In response, Michael smiles as he thanks her before drifting to sleep. Upon seeing his smile, Wendy feels herself flush as she finally realises that she likes Michael too.

Michael Event 18

At night, Michael asks Wendy out to bring her to see something, and she agrees. On the way though, they bump into John and Michael gives the excuse that they’re going to get ingredients which only grows at night for the cake. John wants to join them but Michael scares him by saying that lots of sweets grow around the area, and there’s even a pudding waterfall lmao. This traumatises John and he decides to stay behind with Nana. As the two of them leave, Wendy questions where they’re going and why he had to scare John like that. Michael replies that he feels a bit bad doing, but he wanted for just the two of them to go out, like a date. Wendy feels embarrassed hearing this.

They soon reach their destination, where they see stars falling down from the sky – or rather, confetti candy. Wendy decides to taste one, as she has gradually been trying out sweets with Michael’s recommendations. She thanks him for helping her, though he doesn’t feel like he had done anything, but Wendy insists otherwise. Michael then invites her to dance, as he reminds her of their previous promise. As they dance, Wendy is reminded of the previous times and finally realises that Michael had been jealous of Tink all along. She assures him that he has nothing to worry about and he’s the popular one instead. But Michael tells her that she is unaware of how everyone admires her and his friends have often asked him about her.

Still, Wendy tells him that it doesn’t matter since she already has someone she likes. Upon hearing this, Michael literally pushes for an answer as Wendy avoids him, and this causes the two of them to fall. Wendy realises that Michael has always treated her importantly, and always told her what he had felt back in their old world despite her inferiority complex. Michael confesses his feelings for her again, before asking again for her answer. Embarrassed, Wendy finally answers that she likes him too and he starts kissing her. Michael’s clearly happy as he calls her over and over, before he realises that he should call her by her name instead, and continues on with the deed.

Michael Event 19

Wendy wakes up that morning with the strong feeling that the contest will be held today, and succeed today. She goes down to wake up both her brothers. Wendy sees John first, and informs him of the following, much to his surprise. Michael joins them and says that he also knew that it was the day of the contest when he woke up. This surprises John even more, since of all people Michael knows lol. Wendy goes to prepare her cake and soon the three of them leave for the contest venue.

They arrive at the contest venue, and Hook and Peter are creating a ruckus, and soon Scissor joins in. Wendy manages to tame the situation, but realises that Tink is missing and goes out to find him. However, she meets Tinker instead who locks both herself and Wendy in a room. She warns Wendy about failing the judgement again but Wendy assures her that she won’t and informs her that she’s using her cake as an entry too. Tink mocks her efforts and wonders if she’s being too arrogant. Before she could go further, both John and Michael interrupt as they realised that she had been gone for too long. They see her with Tink and tell her to take more care of herself, and Michael even remarks that he knows how she feels whenever she worries over him now lol.

They leave to return to the main hall and Tink welcomes them lol. Wendy later informs them all that she’s entering her pudding in the contest, and no one can really oppose since there isn’t a rule against it. Moreover, Michael tells them that they shouldn’t be so worried if they’re so confident of their own creation. So they finally all sit down and all three judges sample the sweets properly this time, including Wendy’s pudding. They then take their judging to the inner room.

But before that, Wendy worries that if they succeed and the judging is over, the rules will no longer apply and chaos will ensue once more. However, Peter tells her there’s no need to worry and the rules still hold until both the judges and winning contestant make their wish. This was because previously, the rules wore off after the final judging and the losing contestants killed off the judges and winning contestant. In the judging room, the three siblings decide to not consult each other and to just think of the sweet they think is the best.

Naturally, Wendy chooses the cake, something filled with memories of her and Michael. Soon, she hears an unfamiliar voice congratulating her and finds herself still in the room with her brothers. They exit to see the previous room growing golden cake, so Wendy must’ve won. Michael happily hugs Wendy, much to her embarrassment. Upon seeing this, John comments on how childish Michael is to still act like that around his sister. But in reply, Michael says that he’s actually a lot more of an adult than him (thanks to ahem) pffft. John doesn’t understand his words and Michael answers that this hug is not between siblings but between lovers. This shocks John so much his brain freezes and Wendy tells Michael off for being so flippant. Though Michael sees no problem since they’d have to say it sooner or later.

Peter appears and congratulates her, but he has lost interest in her already since she cares more for Michael than him lol. Before he leaves with the two fairies, Wendy asks about when they should make their wish and he says they can do so anything, and to wish just like how they did when judging the best sweet. John’s brain finally unfreezes and he demands a talk with Michael later as his sin for deceiving Wendy is too great lol. Wendy feel the reality of the results as they can finally return home, but she also feels more confident about returning to her mother.

Michael’s Best End

The siblings are ready to leave to go and make their wish. They soon arrive at the inner room where they say their wish. But first, Michael also asks what wish Wendy is going to make since she won the contest, but she says that she isn’t planning on using it since she got what she wanted already, which he feels is a waste lol. For the judges’ wish, they all wish to return home and be happy there. Their wish is granted and they see a mirror door appear before them. All of them their rooms opposite, and cross over together with Nana. They safely arrive in their home, but want to confirm whether they’ve really returned to the right time and space. Their suspicions are soon confirmed as they hear their mother returning, so not much time must’ve passed. Wendy goes down to greet her, relieved to be home. But obviously her mother doesn’t understand what had happened. Still, Wendy takes it all in and offers to make her chamomile tea to ease her tiredness. Her mother senses something different about her, and she answers that she has decided to leave as she wants now. Her mother doesn’t fully understand but says that it’s alright if she thinks that way.

As her mother leaves, Wend remarks how everything felt like a dream. But Michael remarks that it’s reality since the proof of it is that they’ve become lovers already. He also asks her to bake more cakes for him from now on to which she readily agrees, but doesn’t want to do so too often since her mother may complain. Michael sees through her and guesses that Wendy’s still worried about how her mother views her, and reassures her.

The next day, Wendy goes to support Michael at a friendly football match and gets a bit jealous when girls are fawning over Michael. After the match, Michael approaches her and eagerly asks for her opinion of his performance. Wendy notices how the girls are whispering over whether she’s his girlfriend or not. Michael’s friends come over and they recognise Wendy as Michael’s sister. Wendy gets annoyed at the girls’ talk but she can’t say that she’s both his sister and lover. Instead, Michael says it. This shocks everyone and alarmed, Wendy quickly beats him and tells everyone to ignore her idiot brother and that he just has a dangerously high sister complex lol. The girls seem disappointed in that and the friends laugh off Michael’s previous words, dragging him off to eat.

Later that night, Michael is sulking away and Wendy goes to talk to him. He blames her for causing everyone to think of him as an idiot brother, with a sis-con and a pervert who thinks of his sister as his lover lol. Wendy says that it’s because he bluntly told everyone, though Michael doesn’t see why people shouldn’t know since they’re not blood-related. Finally, Wendy says that it’s embarrassing and this gets Michael in a good mood as he teases her for having her cute sides. Wendy struggles against his kisses, but Michael tells her not so lest John comes down because it’s noisy and sees the two of them, not that he minds pfft.

Months later, both Wendy and John are taste-testing Michael’s cakes. John is still not used to Michael calling Wendy by her name. Wendy feels similarly, though Michael comments that she should get about used to it since he always whispers it into her ear and this earns him a stomp on the foot. As John wonders what’s wrong, Wendy says it’s nothing. John remarks how he’s not used to them being lovers and won’t forgive Michael for making Wendy cry. In reply, Michael says there’s no way since no one else is better than her, to which John agrees – and all Wendy can do is sigh at these two brothers lol. Still, John feels that Michael is too dependent on Wendy. Michael reassures him otherwise since at night it’s another story and Wendy stomps his foot again pffft.

Years later, Michael opens his first bakery with Wendy helping him. The store’s first day is hugely busy and John drops in for a congratulatory visit. He admits that he didn’t think that Michael could make it, but now that he has he rests easy – something to which Michael decides to takes as a praise. Still, John tells Michael to not overwork Wendy and if he does he’ll go after him. After John leaves, Wendy tells Michael that it’s John’s expression of love for him, though Michael wishes he wouldn’t nag so much. Still, he’s grateful for his support and even feels a bit sorry, though he mutters to himself that there’s no way he could give way to John.

Later that night, Michael proposes to Wendy. Though even if she doesn’t accept there’s no way he’s leaving her, since he belongs next to her side. Wendy accepts his proposal as she feels the same way too.

Michael’s Good End

*Note: Some parts of certain events and CGs you get while doing the Best End do not appear while doing the Good End.

During the night before the day the siblings decide to return home, Wendy has a nightmare: she dreams of her mother criticising her and her efforts. Wendy wakes up in a cold sweat, surprised at the contents of her dream. She thought that she had come to terms to face her mother, but starts feeling afraid. The next morning, she tries suggesting the idea of leaving their return for another day to Michael, who soon sees through her. Wendy then admits that she’s still afraid of returning. Seeing John come down, Michael flippantly announces to him that they’re not leaving today and takes Wendy out for a date lol.

Wendy is worried about John, but Michael reassures her that he wouldn’t be happy to know that she’s forcing either. Moreover since they’ve already succeeded in the judgement, they can choose to return whenever they want to. So it’s just a matter of extending their stay in Neverland. Wendy feels comforted by this and agrees with Michael, who then kisses her and tells her that it doesn’t matter if they stay or return, as long as he has her.

Days later, Michael is taking Wendy to explore another place in Neverland. Wendy is evidently worried about their earlier decision, especially John. Michael tells her that it’s alright, and even John has grown used to the place and is researching about the island in his own manner. He adds that if they’re here, her attention won’t be taken away from him by her mother, to the point where he wants to keep her away (I am not making up this yandere line). As Michael kisses her, Wendy wonders if it’s okay to continue being indecisive though for now, she doesn’t mind staying here longer.

Common Bad End (Brothers’)

During the night before the day the siblings decide to return home, Wendy has a nightmare: she dreams of her mother criticising her and her efforts. Wendy wakes up in a cold sweat, surprised at the contents of her dream. She thought that she had come to terms to face her mother, but starts feeling afraid. The next morning, she tries suggesting the idea of leaving their return for another day. Both brothers don’t really understand her reason and she gives the excuse that she has grown to like this current world and feels that it’s a waste to return now. Michael happily accepts this idea and John is left confused, and the three siblings indefinitely stay in Neverland for a while longer.


Michael is the romanticist of the game! Lol. He’s really open and clingy to Wendy, but also understands her so well and does his best to please her. I liked how their relationship picked up, everything was pretty natural maybe I’m just bias to the cute, young Michael. I kept laughing at how Michael says all the embarrassing lines, and Wendy wonders whether he’s doing it on purpose or not. John also says some of the most hilarious lines, but it’s also a bit sad when you know he feels the same way towards Wendy and kept quiet about it throughout. On the same note, the reason why Michael kisses Wendy in the endings where they return and she stays, is also evident now.

Again, not much on Neverland is revealed – except a lot of sight-seeing spots haha. I liked his Best End though his Good End seemed to hint at his deeper, hidden nature…either that or I’m thinking too much haha. But I liked Michael from the previous routes, and still like him a lot. He’s the type which feels like a good brother, a good friend, a good lover lol. I don’t really have anything to complain. In fact, I found it funny when Wendy starts thinking that Michael has a sis-con pffft.

Overall, I like Michael a lot~ He’s just as likeable with Wendy, and acts so passionate during the romantic scenes. It seems that both brothers have a lot of pent-up feelings to let out because lol, Michael has all these lines where Tachibana has to do ahem certain breathing which made me blush a lot. /// I’ve started on Scissor’s route, but as expected, it’s gonna take me way longer haha.

6 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Michael’s route

  1. midoriha says:

    Firstly, thanks! So, i decided to do the routes based on my liking of the characters based on looks & personality(i’m horrible, i know, lol-shifty eyes-), though they are kind of divided into two groups in my head…Ok, anyway, Michael’s route.
    He is certainly quite an opposite character compared to Wendy. Though, they say that ‘opposites attract’ .But, hey, I think he complements her pretty well!
    So, i know this may be in bad taste, but i liked the scenes where he was jealous!(it certainly is bad taste, is it not…)like, when Tink gave her the flower which starts growing around her, and then Michael drags her away, upset! Or when Tink(again lol) invites her to dance, and Michael goes to dance with her instead!


  2. pocketbiscuit says:

    kid Michael is so cute ;~; I think I fell in love with him at that point. I was more or less neutral for Tachibana, but his voice is growing on me. ❤ Plus I thought it really suited Michael's character. XD


    • Yume says:

      That makes two of us. XD Wish I had a younger brother like him. Hmm I’m more used to hearing Tachibana in drama CDs, so I guess it was the first time I heard him in a game. 8D Yeah, he totally suited Michael~


  3. twentyninenights says:

    Again, sorry for not reading all of it. I wonder when can I reach his route.. I love Tachibana’s voice since I’ve played Garnet Cradle. But I don’t know Michael is voiced by him if I don’t look at the seiyuu list. His voice seems different than Sariya. Still like it though. The same surprises coming from Yusa Kouji too. His voice is lighter than any of characters I’ve known (StaSky, Akazukin, etc).

    Wait, is Scissor’s route really that long. Take a deep breath (I will, of course). Anyway, I don’t really like Miki Shinichirou’s voice ever since I heard him in Hakuouki. I don’t like his lower voice in the end of his speech. For the one relies on hearing than reading (me), it’s troublesome to understand his speaking.


    • Yume says:

      Don’t worry about it! Yeah, Tachibana’s voice here is higher. I think he did a nice job with Michael, especially showing how positive and fun Michael is!

      The Neverland characters’ routes are generally a lot longer. ^^; But I’ll pull through Scissor ‘cos after him it’s finally Peter’s route for me~ Miki is pretty amusing as Scissor so far ‘cos he’s surprisingly childish and it’s funny whenever he fawns over his pet crocodile. And I keep laughing when he gets so high over destroying pirate ships lmao.


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