Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Scissor’s route

It’s now Scissor (CV: Miki Shinichirou), the navy captain from Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan (PSP) with a penchant for destruction. He’s constantly after pirates, including Hook, though Wendy notes that the way he laughs when things blow up makes him appear like the villian. He has a pet crocodile too and due to his surprisingly childish nature, biscuits are like his reward for working. Wendy can’t help but want to “correct” his flawed character at first, but gradually both of them start feeling something more for each other. The rest of the post is spoilers. Do read the Prologue first.

Scissor Event 1

As the Darling siblings go their separate ways, Wendy ponders over what a different and illogical world this is. She decides that the best way to confirm the safety of her family is to approach one of the contestants, since they’ve an obligation to protect, and to try getting close to them. Wendy comes to the conclusion that Scissor appears to be the most sensible among them all, given that he’s in the navy, and goes to find him. Scissor doesn’t seem happy nor annoyed to see her, however he’s currently busy with paperwork and asks his right-hand men to show her around instead – except that Scissor apparently always messes up their names (Clip, Ruler).

Clip promptly volunteers, while correcting Scissor, and starts showing Wendy around the ship. Wendy emphatises with him for having a superior who always threatens to feed his men. But Clip points out that Scissor actually hardly feeds any of his men to Clock Crocodile, the few victims have actually all been pirates. Wendy decides to ask about Scissor from his men, as an attempt to understand him better. However, Clip tells her that it’s better not to fall for him. In response, Wendy quickly clears up the misunderstanding and says that she’s asking for the contest. Relieved, Clip shows her to somewhere like a common canteen area. As Wendy asks the men for their opinion again, they hesitate as they say that they admire his capabilities but not his character, as he often threatens to feed them to his crocodile for any of their mistakes. Clip then steps in and nicely sums it up: Scissor is the worst as a human, but the best as a superior.

Scissor soon turns up looking for Wendy, saying that he’s done with work and proceeds to lead her back to his room. Along the way, he spots something unfamiliar, which Clip identifies as one of the men’s personal belongings left behind. The navy captain remarks that if that’s the case, then there’s no need for it and proceeds to literally slash it into pieces, much to Wendy’s alarm. Scissor tells her that everything that has a form should be destroyed, and that the more important a thing is to him the better. Especially for those, the brief moment of destruction brings on an unspeakable feeling of sadness which he likes. Wendy is unable to comprehend this at all and sees now why his men describe Scissor’s character as the worst.

Back in his room, Scissor invites Wendy to eat his biscuits, which she refrains from eating and sips at her tea. In the end, it’s mostly Scissor eating away and Wendy gets a bit irked at his messy way of eating. Scissor realises that he has eaten everything though and asks for more. But Ruler reminds him that he has exceeded his daily quota of biscuits for today. Despite Scissor’s threat, Ruler stays firm and says that he had been told strictly that no matter what happens, he shouldn’t subvert the order. Scissor eventually gives in, and Wendy also decides to go home for the day. The navy captain welcomes her again to eat though Wendy suspects that it’s because if she comes and he calls for biscuits for the both of them, he gets to eat them all for himself lol.

But then, the ship comes under attack by pirates and so Scissor directs his men to finish them off. Wendy worries for her safety but he tells her that there’s no need to if he’s here. Wendy also observes Scissor’s enjoyment as he destroys the enemy, even remarking that it was a good thing he joined the navy. The enemy raises a white flag after a while though, and Scissor ignores it much to Wendy’s horror and calls for their complete destruction. In her heart, she can only silently raise a white flag to the things she’ll have to go through if she continues sticking with Scissor.

Scissor Event 2

Wendy drops by the navy ship to find Scissor stuck with paperwork. Apparently he has a backlog of urgent paperwork to do and is currently under Ruler’s supervision. Obviously though, Scissor can’t focus and keeps saying that he has been suppressing his desires for too long and starts ripping the document before him. He then asks for Ruler to pass him his biscuits since he can’t continue working any longer but Ruler stays firm. Even when Scissor claims that he can’t work anymore since he tore the document and tells him to go get another one from the headquarters, Ruler immediately comes up with another copy saying that the previous one was a dummy since he predicted his boss’ intentions lol. Wendy wonders how Ruler can remain so calm and Clip remarks that he literally puts his life on the line in work lol. But it’s also because Ruler is in-charge of all the admin-related stuff and so if Scissor ever really does feed him to his crocodile, it’s giving himself more trouble. Clip, on the other hand, is in-charge of the battle-related tasks.

Scissor continues to whine though, so Ruler makes the exception. Wendy sighs at how he constantly messes up his subordinate’s names and Clip says that it’s not a problem since they follow him because of his capabilities and not for him to treat them kindly. Apparently, he usually calls everyone “number one”, “you there” and for Clip and Ruler he usually calls them by different names each time (“Cracker”, “Rolly” lmao). Though it is a problem when it’s time to give out the salary. As Scissor munches away, this attracts his pet’s attention and he starts feeding it biscuits too. He gets so indulged over his pet’s eating figure, that he starts asking Wendy for her opinion as he passionately rants on. Speechless at his sudden change from his usual emotionless self, she merely nods lol. Thrilled, Scissor invites her to feed it as well, which she barely manages to.

Scissor starts remarking on how biscuits are in-line with his destruction hobby, due to their crispiness. Wendy doesn’t understand his hobby though and in response, Scissor starts on how upon destruction, he can feel that it had actually existed and in a way it becomes eternal. He feels that rather than its physical form, upon that fleeting moment of sublimation, the memory of it becomes more beautiful and eternal. Obviously, Wendy can’t comprehend this, since when you destroy something it’s gone and no longer exists so how can it be eternal. However, Scissor remains firm on his stand, even remarking with an indulgent look as to how he wants to see more destruction and soak in that sweet moment.

Wendy also notices that Scissor’s messy eating is causing all the crumbs to litter everywhere – except his face and clothes lol. She tells him to eat more tidily but he answers that he’s eating the most delicious thing in the most delicious manner. Still, Wendy can’t stand the messiness, especially the crumbs going all over supposedly important documents. Ruler tells her that everyone has given up because the people at the headquarters lost out to his passionate speech on biscuits LOL. However, Wendy eventually can’t resist and takes out a handkerchief to wipe his mouth. She calls for Clip to bring some cleaning equipment who readily does so, and for Ruler to stop giving out biscuits. Despite Scissor’s initial protests, Wendy quickly shuts him up and continues cleaning up everything.

After a while, when she realises what she has done, Wendy quickly apologises, but also adds that it’s because she couldn’t hold back anymore. Apparently she had even cleaned up Clock Crocodile. In response, Scissor starts laughing since he hasn’t met anyone who acted like that before.

Later when Wendy leaves, she’s surprised at herself for not falling into the jaws of the crocodile. But Clip remarks that it’s even more amazing that she wasn’t killed by Scissor. After all, if the crocodile eats her it’s over in one gulp. But with Scissor, he would mercilessly slash at the person in a guro-like manner. But given her position, probably only Wendy could get away with it. This sends shivers down Wendy’s spine as she realises how lucky she was.

Scissor Event 3

Wendy is outside walking, when she hears sounds of fighting going on and chances upon Hook and Scissor engaged in one. Even though she’s strongly against violence, she can’t help but admit that they both look cool, especially Scissor.

Still, she wants to put a stop to it as she sees the dead bodies lying around. So Wendy jumps in between Hook and Scissor, much to their surprise. Hook threatens her to get out of the way and very timely, the sounds of tick-tocks start nearing them. Hook gets scared and retreats for the day while Scissor affectionately welcomes his crocodile, apparently taking a stroll.

They all head back to the navy ship and Scissor goes back to his work while Wendy sits beside him. Scissor questions why Wendy jumped right in the face of danger. She’s unable to answer immediately and Scissor asks if it’s her first time seeing people die. She answers that it’s not and Scissor guesses that it’s her first time seeing such a battle site then and comments that even though humans look strong, they are unexpectedly easy to destroy – just like biscuits. He feels that in an eternal world, the only time you feel like you’re living is on the battle field when you may die anytime. Wendy remarks that he’s making the value of lives seem crude. In her world, life is limited and valued and this makes Scissor comment that she’s easily broken then. He adds that he’s no good with protecting things that are easily broken, and asks her to not act so impulsive again.

Wendy asks if he’s worrying for her and he says that it’s merely ‘cos her actions are always outside of his predictions. Even though he likes destroying other people’s schedules, he doesn’t like his being destroyed. Wendy feels herself getting annoyed at his words, but then wonders to herself why she’s expecting something more from him.

Common Event 1

Scissor Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails and Wendy ends up in another room. However, Scissor soon finds her, telling her off for starting and ending the contest behind everyone’s back since the contest is meant to save the residents, in a world where boredom is equivalent to death. He also tells her that every time the will of the world holds the contest, the situation of the world worsens, suggesting that there is something deeper happening behind the contest. If failure continues, it’s highly possible that Wendy and her brothers’ lives will be in danger either due to the world breaking down, or them getting killed by the others out of anger as the contest is forcefully ended and they lose their privileges.

Naturally, Wendy is shaken by this, though Scissor merely comments that she numbs herself by going through one of those breaking experiences, she won’t fear death anymore. Or maybe he should kill her off first before she meets her doomsday. Of course, Wendy can’t accept this since she was an unwilling party from the start. Seeing her emotional reaction, Scissor apologises if he threatened her too much and assures her that it won’t be a problem as long as the contest remains interesting. Soon, Michael comes dashing in and asks Wendy to run as Hook plans to take her hostage and threaten Peter. Scissor refuses to easily pass her over since he’s here but soon his pet crocodile approaches and so Hook runs away. At night, she tells herself that she would need to put in even more effort so as to protect her brothers.

Scissor Event 5

Wendy goes out to find John, who had presumably taken Nana out for a walk. As she spots him, she asks him to go back first and he starts thinking how much Michael must be worried-sick about him lol. Wendy takes out Nana, which seems to want to be by her side for a bit longer. In a nearby park though, Wendy finds Nana face-to-face with Clock Crocodile. Alarmed, she steps in between them and starts calling out for Scissor – who apparently had been there all along but was too focused on his pet he didn’t care about others lol. As their “pets” are separated, Wendy starts telling Scissor off for letting his pet roam around freely when it’s so dangerous.

However, Scissor feels that she should let Nana be “destroyed” if she’s so worried about it getting hurt from another party. Of course, Wendy gets mad as Nana is important to her like family. Scissor replies that all the more you should so so, and if you do it with your bare hands, you don’t have to worry about it getting destroyed by someone else first. And after you do so, you feel a greater sense of its “eternity”. Wendy points out that he treats his pet with so much tender love, seeing him started to feed it biscuits. But Scissor says that he had tried breaking it before, but always failed, probably because it was a broken existence to begin with. Still, Wendy feels that if it’s important to you, you should protect that certain existence even more. Upon hearing this, Scissor laments that it’s probably because he can’t protect that something so he chooses to break it instead.

He’s supposedly on an off-day from work and bringing out his pet to walk. But he soon leaves as his supply of biscuits have run out lol and goes back to the ship. This leaves Wendy to ponder over what caused Scissor to have such a mindset, though she’s not sure if she would ever understand him.

Scissor Event 6

Wendy is at the navy ship again, by Scissor’s side – except that he’s having the time of his life directing his men to attack a pirate ship in a distance. Scissor wants Wendy to observe and understand the “joys” of destruction, something which she obviously can’t get. Wendy knows that it’s his job but can’t help but feel that his extremity and way of laughing makes him seem like the villain instead. Above them, Tink is also enjoying the “show”. Scissor isn’t very welcoming of fairies but sees no problem if he doesn’t interfere and even invites him to join. But Tink refuses as he prefers to just watch from a safe distance and Scissor disappointingly says that he was planning to make Tink a suicide bomber lol. Tink laughs at this interesting proposition but Wendy can’t see how it’s anything to laugh over.

Wendy feels uncertain of her own safety, despite Scissor guaranteeing her safety. And this is soon followed by an almost near-miss attack on them. Wendy shouts at Tink for flying away to avoid the attack since he’s a contestant too. But Tink answers that she has Scissor and actually he was also looking forward to this ship being under attack. Scissor, stubborn as he is, also agrees that Wendy doesn’t have any need to worry. Soon, due to certain elements like wind direction, the enemy can’t really attack back efficiently. However, Scissor spares no mercy and is even delighted that it’s become so one-sided now since it’s in their favour. Wendy opposes this since she prefers a peaceful method but he refuses to listen and attacks on anyway.

Soon, they spot that the remaining pirates are escaping from a dingy and moving at a much faster pace than they can attack. Tink offers to stop them for Scissor so that he can see the end of the show but Scissor decides to leave them be. On the other hand, he wishes for them to recover so that he can attack them again. If he gets rid of all the pirates, then it would be boring. Wendy can’t decide if he’s forgiving or just plain sadistic.

Wendy wonders why he can’t travel to other seas if all the pirates here are gone but Scissor seems reluctant to leave, remarking how it’s just the same everywhere.

Later that night, she sees Peter in her room. After today’s events, Wendy asks him more about the world and he confirms that this world is eternal so as long as it isn’t broken, nothing will change. Though there are exceptions, depending on the world of the will, where things can end even if they aren’t broken, because Neverland is easily affected by its will. Peter is later adamant on bringing her out to play. She refuses him though, after bring tired out, but promises him to do so another day due to his persistence.

Scissor Event 7

Both Wendy and John realise that Michael is missing, and John remarks angrily at how Michael has become a wild child after coming here lol. Apparently last night, Michael had promised him to study today but he disappeared. Wendy reassures John, and the conversation soon gives him the idea of drawing up a study plan for Michael to properly guide him. Wendy can’t bring herself to dampen John’s mood since that will probably only drive Michael out more, and so John hurries to his room to start on the plan.

Later, Peter barges in and grabs Wendy before flying out. Shocked, she demands an explanation and apparently Michael had been playing with Peter earlier on and he’s taking her to her brother. As she sees Michael, he explains that it was more of Peter’s forceful part, though he admits that he had clean forgotten about his promise to John. He tells her to not get angry and that he’ll do the chores for the next two days. Wendy gives in and decides to accompany the two of them, though she warns Michael of John’s plans for him lol.

Peter decides to bring them to fly, carrying Wendy while Michael holds onto him from behind. However, Peter’s idea of fun is not to fly straight but to go up and drop down – which soon makes Wendy feel sick. So they stopover in the marketplace and Peter rushes to get some water for her. Michael tells Wendy that Peter’s actually a good kid, just that he doesn’t really look around him and is rather forceful. However, Wendy feels that Scissor is more sensible in comparison. Michael asks if she and Scissor are going out since he always sees her going to his ship with a cheerful expression, and this shocks her. Wendy denies this though Michael still has his suspicions since he had never seen her like that in the old world when she did have a lover.

They are interrupted as Peter, and a whole crowd of other people turn up before them. Everyone got so worried over Peter’s important guest, that they prepared all sorts of things from medicine, to biscuits, to a coffin lol. Wendy hesitantly rejects some of their offers since she’s not feeling that terrible. But when one of them offers a rare selection of biscuits, she accepts them as she thinks of Scissor. Both her and Michael later return home, though she decides to then visit Scissor to pass him the biscuits while they’re fresh.

Upon arriving there, Clip and Ruler tell her that Scissor had been drinking with them so his head may not be the clearest. Wendy decides that she’ll just drop off the biscuit though and goes to see him. Scissor mistakes her identity at first though, even thinking that she’s Hook lmao. But he soon recognises her and when she gives him the biscuits, he thanks her as they are only available every few hundred years. Wendy is turned off, as always, by the messy sight of his office, and even starts cleaning. Scissor thinks nothing of it though and wonders if she’s so obsessed. Wendy remarks that she only does what she does to attain perfection. In response though, Scissor feels that there’s no need to force her expectations onto him though and that a human can’t attain perfection when they’re so easily broken. When Wendy brings up her mother, Scissor comes to the understanding that she’s putting her faith blindly into her mother and doesn’t see her surroundings. He adds that her mother probably isn’t perfect in reality. This upsets Wendy but she recognises his point. Seeing her stubbornness, Scissor remarks to himself on how similar she seems to someone he knew.

Since it’s late, he decides to walk Wendy home, who’s not exactly sure if he’s entirely sober enough to do so, but accepts anyway. However, on the way, Scissor starts sprouting incomprehensible lines to Wendy, and it becomes clear to her that he’s totally mistaking her for someone called Sylvia. Scissor tells her that it’s been a while that they’ve walked together like this, (…since he had thought she was dead) and he would like to treasure now. Wendy thinks that it’s better for them to separate ways now and tells him to head back first. In reply, Scissor remarks how she had told him those same words before, and how everything must have been like a bad dream before hugging her and then forcing a kiss on her.

After that, he leaves her telling her to be wary of the navy. Naturally, Wendy is confused by everything. Seeing Scissor act unlike his usual emotionless self, she wonders if he mistook her for his old lover, who is presumably dead already. As she thinks some more over this, she can’t help but feel sad and realises that she must have special feelings for Scissor.

Scissor Event 8

As Wendy is out walking, she can’t help but wonder why sweets keep falling onto her, till she realises that it’s Tink’s doing. Apparently, his idea of fun is to do this to humans and observe their reactions. Still, all she feels is that this is a bad prank. However, since she already realised that it’s him, Tink sees no need to stay any longer and flies off. Wendy is annoyed, especially since he left behind a mess of sweets. She can’t help but wonder why everyone has such bad hobbies, including Scissor. At that same moment, Scissor calls out to her, telling her not to compare him with Tink – since his hobby is much more classier lol. As he helps her pick out the sweets stuck in her hair, Wendy asks what he’s doing around here, trying not to remember the previous events.

Scissor answers that since they’ve some free time, his men are out digging up wafers growing nearby. True enough, Clip and Ruler are nearby. Seeing this, Wendy remarks that Scissor’s life seems to revolve around destruction, biscuits and his Clock Crocodile. In response, Scissor says that it’s more like his reason for existence. Clip and Ruler later invite her to see the wafer as they dig it out – while Scissor merely looks on lol. Wendy sees that they look like nothing wafers but Clip tells her that once you wash and roast it they will. Clip offers some to her and she’s hesitant, but later accepts thinking that Michael will be most pleased.

Coincidentally, they bump into Michael and he happily accepts the rare wafers before heading back home to try them out asap. Wendy goes back with the rest to the ship where Scissor munches away on the wafers later. As Wendy bothers over his messiness again, Scissor wonders if she’s always this naggy. Wendy says that she only can’t stand his imperfection and Scissor replies that rather than that, her brother’s way of living is better, since he’s freer and honestly pursues what he wants. Still, Wendy can’t bring herself to give up her resolution though she knows that she can’t do so for long for the sake of the contest. Scissor reminds her that her mother isn’t here now to recognise her “perfection”, if that’s the case doesn’t that mean that she’ll never gain happiness as long as she remains in Neverland. He adds that breaking someone who’s living for the sake of someone else doesn’t seem very valuable. Wendy can’t understand his obsession with this and so Scissor suggests her doing so to him. However, Wendy feels that he’s already broken. This causes Scissor to fall into silence, as it had been the first time he had been told so and he had always associated destruction.

In one corner, Clip whispers to Wendy that it’s possibly for her to change Scissor’s personality. He feels that Scissor trusts her quite a bit though Wendy doubts it as she’s aware of his past.

Scissor Event 9

Wendy goes to see Scissor but is told that he has fallen asleep after working overnight to complete some paperwork – which he had actually hid from Ruler and hence was forced to clear the backlog lol. Seeing him and his pet sleeping, Wendy can’t help but feel that the sight actually looks cute. She goes out to ask for a blanket and when the men hear that it’s for Scissor, they panic since they never imagined their superior getting a lover. Wendy doesn’t want them to misunderstand, though Clip comes in and says that he thinks that Wendy has a chance. She tries to dismiss it by mentioning that he must’ve had past lovers. However Clip says that he has none within his knowledge and he isn’t interested in any.

When Wendy goes to later cover Scissor with a blanket though, he almost attacks her with his sword. Wendy explains herself, though Scissor replies that he had just had a nightmare and thought that she was Sylvia. He quickly stops himself though before he can go on and tells her to forget what he said. As he starts munching away on some biscuits for comfort, Wendy quickly gets annoyed and calls for his men to bring her the cleaning stuff so that she can tidy his office up. Wendy can’t understand how he can stand working and even sleeping in such a messy place, though for Scissor it’s a place he can destroy as much as he wants whenever he feels the urge too. And he apparently always uses Hook as an excuse for the destruction when reporting to the headquarters.

The men leave as Wendy is almost done with the cleaning, but what’s left is the place where Scissor is sitting at. As the two of them argue some more, Scissor suddenly pins her down, telling her that she has no self-awareness. This shocks Wendy, especially when Scissor tells her that he’s aware that she’s only been regularly visiting him – moreover she’s always obsessing with cleaning his room and now giving him a blanket. Wendy insists that there’s nothing more, morover he’s supposed to protect her. Scissor questions whether it’s truly safe, suggesting that there’s something else which can happen with a lone man and woman in a room and proceeds to kiss her. This reminds Wendy of the other time when it was a case of mistaken identity, but he acted very passionately. This time, even though he’s doing it knowing that it’s her, he merely remains his emotionless self.

When Scissor is done, he tells her to not come over again since whenever she does he gets riled up. In response, she slaps him and stubbornly says that she’ll continue coming anyway. Scissor doesn’t understand her reaction and even though Wendy feels upset, she doesn’t want to give in.

Scissor Event 10

Wendy finds herself surrounded by the pirates and apparently, Hook wants her to convince Scissor to negotiate peace with him till the contest ends. Wendy can’t understand this and is suspicious, but Hook says that with Scissor’s persistent attacks, even attacking one of the ships transporting his chocolate, he is having difficulty preparing the sweet for the contest. Wendy points out that one can’t change his contest entry, but Hook passionately says that the taste of chocolate changes with temperature etc. so he wants everything to be at its best. When Wendy’s still not convinced, Hook brings her to one corner to confess that the previous night, he was almost attacked by Scissor’s pet in his sleep which was a real trauma for him. Seeing Hook’s reaction, Wendy starts to believe him a bit more, though she still remains suspicious. However, Hook promises her that if Scissor agrees, he’ll stop all his pirating activities during the contest period and this idea of truce is tempting to her – so she agrees to bring Scissor to him.

However, as Wendy brings Scissor, he points out that there are many loopholes in Hook’s story. For example, whenever Clock Crocodile nears Hook, his parrot would start squawking so there’s no way there can be a sneak attack. As Wendy ponders over this, she realises that it’s a trap and feels sorry towards Scissor – but he actually came with her knowing that it’s a trap and reassures her. As Hook confronts them, he says that it’s too late already as his men have already surrounded them and for Scissor to face his death. But it’s true that he’s deathly afraid of Scissor’s pet and that no one could understand his fear. In response, Scissor indulgently remarks that it’s his wish to be eaten by his crocodile in his last moments and not at Hook’s hands…lol. Wendy tells Hook off for using her, but Hook says that as long as she doesn’t interfere he won’t involve her.

As Hook’s men attack, Scissor tells Wendy to stick by his side so that he can assure her safety, as he fends off the attacks. Soon after, Scissor’s men arrive though. As Hook tries to finish Scissor off, Wendy angrily takes the sword from Scissor and faces Hook, in an attempt to discourage him from fighting anymore and to dispel her anger at him using her. Scissor is shocked and Hook though, is pleased that she has given him the advantage and throws the sword of her easily. Scissor manages to hold off the next attack with his sheath which breaks. Before Hook can deal the last blow, Jewel starts squawking to alarm him of Clock Crocodile’s presence (presumably taking a walk) and so Hook hurriedly retreats with his men.

Wendy apologises again to Scissor but he doesn’t pay any mind, since he came with her knowingly. He then remarks that in the past, he knew someone like her whose movements were unpredictable and so he couldn’t leave her be. He even tells her to not break down. Wendy knows that he’s probably referring to Sylvia, presumably his past lover. Feeling sad that he’s seeing her as the ghost of someone else, she wonders if she was someone more perfect he would see her as her.

Common Event 2

Scissor Event 11

Wendy finds herself surrounded by Cecco, Starkey and other pirates, who inform her that ever since the last time they’ve had to restrain their movements due to tighter policing by the navy. But Hook wants to meet her so they’ve come to take her to see him secretly. Wendy has no choice but to follow them and when she arrives there, she demands a good explanation. Hook says that he wishes to apologise for the last time, though she knows that it’s not that simple. Besides offering her chocolate, the pirate also remarks that she seems to be of an important existence to Scissor, or rather she can become one if she seduces Scissor. Wendy dismisses his remark, but Hook says that he even supports her, since she would then become the navy captain’s weak point. As she sees Hook eat his chocolate and neatly fold away the wrappers, she can’t help but feel amazed at the difference between him and Scissor. Moreover, his room is extremely tidy.

Still, Wendy feels that it’s impossible knowing that Scissor is haunted by his past. As she vaguely approaches that topic that he must have his own lovers, Hook answers that in the several hundred years he has fought Scissor he never heard of any one. Though it was rumoured that in the past that Scissor had an unfortunate incident with a woman and was kicked to Neverland from his previous post at the main office. Wendy thinks to herself that perhaps it refers to Sylvia and finds herself growing more and more curious, but is too afraid to ask Scissor too.

She then leaves Hook and finds herself going towards Scissor’s navy ship. Wendy bursts into his room demanding that he do something about the pirates lol, as she can’t help but feel annoyed after talking to Hook. Scissor tells her to calm down as he prepares biscuits and tea. As Wendy sits next to Scissor, who’s busy munching away, she can’t help but furrow her brows over what Hook suggested to her. Scissor notices this and asks after her. Wendy is uncomfortable telling the truth though and diverts the topic to ask where Clip and Ruler are. He replies that they’re away and Wendy gets overly-conscious that they’re alone since he pinned her down the last time.

Wendy starts asking trivial questions like what Scissor does on his off-day, his dreams and places he wants to go to. Scissor doesn’t have any desires though, besides breaking things, and is merely waiting for death. She remarks that Scissor always seems to look bored, unlike how he acted when he mistook her for Sylvia. He confirms that he finds living now is boring and in turn he asks if she enjoys living. As Wendy mulls over this, she feels that it’s a necessity.

As she decides to leave, Scissor holds her back asking her to stay with him a bit longer. Wendy then feels that she really wants to know more about Scissor, not for the sake of the contest. She reaches out to take the biscuit from his hand, which surprises him, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Wendy finally takes a bite and finds it delicious. She then says that if she succeeds the contest, he should think otherwise (that life isn’t boring) and he answers that he’ll consider it.

Scissor Event 12

On the deck, all of Scissor’s men are panicking and it looks like they’re preparing for battle – except they’re not, they’re trying to wash Scissor’s pet crocodile. Wendy wonders why Scissor doesn’t do it himself and he tells her that his men requested to do it. Normally, he does it and Clock Crocodile gets so excited he starts jumping around and destroying the ship. Upon hearing this, Wendy understands his men’s actions but wonders just how Scissor washes his pet to cause it to destroy the ship. To Scissor though, he’s sharing a precious moment with his pet with his men. However, the men soon start running away from the jaws of the crocodile. Wendy tells Scissor to stop it but Scissor merely remarks that his pet is just acting shy lmao.

Wendy wonders if Scissor took care of the crocodile since it was a baby and why it carries the sound of a clock. He tells her that one day it appeared before him as it is, and that it’s because it has the sound of a clock that it’s Clock Crocodile. If not, it’s merely a crocodile. Of course Wendy doesn’t understand this. But before she can think further, things get even more frenzier as the men start crying out for help. Scissor shouts back for them to be shameful for not treating his pet better. Wendy forces Scissor to tame his pet though by jumping before it.

She then offers to help wash it. As she starts scrubbing it with a scrub brush, this alarms Scissor at first but she reassures him since his pet starts looking comfortable and even soon falls asleep – so the other men take the chance to quickly wash the rest of it. Scissor later remarks that this made him recall someone who used to scrub him with a scrub brush too and Wendy can only wonder how that happened.

Scissor Event 13

The Darling siblings are having breakfast, though Michael is later since he barely got up seconds ago. Wendy sees him eating messily and tells him gently to eat slowly. Michael remarks that his sister has changed since previously, she would’ve just gotten angry at his poor manners. Soon, Peter comes barging in announcing that it’s time for the next round of contest, and hurries them up since he wants to reach there first. Plus, a storm’s approaching so all the more to leave earlier.

This only causes Michael to stuff himself even more and Wendy tells Peter to wait, but this only makes the kid more impatient. In the end she tells him off and that he could very well go by himself first. Her brothers try to persuade her otherwise, but Wendy feels that it’s only right to discipline a kid. This infuriates Peter and he leaves her alone while flying off with the brothers forcefully.

As Wendy walks towards the contest venue by herself, it starts raining. She starts feeling lonely and thinks of Scissor, which is a strange thing since she’s planning on returning anyway.

Character Event 13

Scissor saves Wendy from Tinker’s attack, and threatens to kill the fairy. Tinker’s scared stiff but tells him that he’ll get cursed if he kills her. However, Scissor merely remarks that he has already been cursed once so he’s not afraid of getting one more. Tinker says that she’s just carrying out what the world wishes for. Above them, Tink interrupts as he says that that’s not true. They are all surprised to see him, but apparently he had no planned to interfere from the start and just wanted to observe. When Wendy asked why he didn’t stop Tinker earlier, Tink remarks that Scissor saved her anyway so the result’s the same. He apologises for his sister’s actions and the two fairy siblings leave them.

Wendy is obviously shaken, but before she knows it Scissor grabs her hand, saying that when he say her about to be killed, he felt a chill and it’s been a long time since he acted without thinking first. He goes on to say that if she’s going to be broken by someone else, he may as well do so first. Since it she dies like his previous lover, then his heart will go back to being calm with all his emotions killed off. So rather than live in fear and be pained by all these feelings while living, it’ll be better if he just kills her. Obviously Wendy is both shocked and infuriated to hear this and she literally hits some sense into him, while declaring that she’s not going to be mistaken as Sylvia again, and she has no intentions of being killed off when her existence is being denied by him. Moreover, he’s supposed to protect her, not harm her.

Scissor realises the situation and apologises for his actions, as he repeats to himself that his role is indeed to protect her. Wendy thanks him for saving her and asks why he came. Scissor tells her that Tinker had threatened to take her life before, and seeing both of them absent from the contest venue he decided to go check on her.  Later, Scissor takes her back home. And later that night, Wendy reassures her two worried brothers as Scissor told them that she had been attacked by a monster. Wendy asks her brothers to stay with her for the night after going through a near-death experience, and they happily oblige, saying that it’s been a long time since they had such a “sleepover”. Wendy feels more strongly that being able to live and laugh together is happiness.

Scissor Event 14

Wendy finds herself kidnapped by Hook and his men. As she demands explanation for being tied up in a corner, Hook explains that it’s clear that she’s of some importance to Scissor. Since during the last contest he dashed out to go find her. Hook doesn’t understand why Wendy likes Scissor though and she remarks that at least he’s kinder and protects her. Still, Wendy isn’t convinced but Hook goes ahead with his plan as he attacks the navy ship while carrying her. Wendy remarks at how violent his methods are and Hook replies that he can’t help it ‘cos it’s his way of living lol. As Hook’s men are injured, he calls for others to carry the injured back. Scissor though, can’t be bothered about his own injured men and even calls them useless – to which Hook points out to Wendy.

Seeing Scissor remain emotionless, Hook decides to shake his cool and kisses Wendy before him, even asking her to act more erotically so that it’s effective on Scissor. Wendy sees no point in doing so but Scissor loses his cool immediately and tells Hook off. He even starts telling Wendy off for getting herself kidnapped and letting Hook kiss her as she pleases. Annoyed, she shouts back that she can’t help it being tied up and that it’s his job to protect her. However, Scissor shouts back that he can only do so if she’s by his side, to which she shouts back again that she can’t help it lol. Hook gets so annoyed and shouts at both of them to shut up their idiotic arguments as he’s getting a headache. Upon hearing this, Smee cries out that Hook’s head has gone bad and that it’s an emergency so everyone should retreat LMAO. Even though Hook insists otherwise, his men all start crying out for him not to die and to hang in there as they force him back to their ship.

Wendy can only look on speechlessly as Scissor unties her. His men clear up the the damage and the two of them go back to his office. Scissor tells her that if she wants to be protected by him, then she shouldn’t go getting broken without his knowledge. Despite his weird way of phrasing, Wendy knows that he was worried about her and apologises. She remarks that after seeing Hook acting so freely, she feels like she wants to live more freely too.

Clock Crocodile approaches her, much to her surprises. It seems that ever since she had washed it, it has grown affectionate towards her. As Wendy feeds it some biscuits, Scissor remarks that it’s because his pet’s way of thinking towards her has changed so the way it behaves towards her changed too. Wendy ponders over his words and wonders if she can change her way of living too.

Scissor Event 15

Wendy wakes up early feeling refreshed and decides to give her house a good cleaning. She goes down to wake Michael up who complains meekly that she’s bullying him lol. However, when John approaches him and says that he’ll give him more studying, Michael immediately jumps out of bed and goes away lol. After a while, Wendy is done with cleaning up the house, with John’s help. But then she can’t help but think of Scissor’s messy room and decides to go down.

True enough, his room is in the worst mess ever. Scissor remarks that normally someone would come up tidy up but since he knows that Wendy will come he left it as it is lol. Wendy feels like he’s treating her like some maid and jokingly asks for payment, so he offers her one biscuit in return pffft. Wendy continue nagging him and even comparing his messy office to Hook’s tidy one In response, Scissor deliberately creates even more mess as it’s been years since he has involved himself with someone and is unsure as to how else he can get their interest. Wendy interprets this as his way of wanting to be closer to her, but still complains that she isn’t his personal housemaid. Scissor then casually asks her to be his lover which surprises her. But then Wendy says that it’s not truly a two-way relationship to which Scissor quietly agrees.

As things get awkward, Wendy starts her cleaning, a photo drops from one of the piles of documents she was tidying. She sees a photo of a woman who looks totally different from her, and guesses that it’s Sylvia. Scissor sees her acting odd and sees her with the photo, something which he hadn’t seen in a long time. He decides to tell Wendy about his past lover from a few hundred years ago, who was actually a notorious pirate. In the records, it was written that Scissor was deceived by that female pirate. Though actually, in truth they were lovers. Wendy is unable to see any similarities between her and Sylvia though, to which Scissor agrees but felt that they were both easily broken. Wendy repeats that she isn’t Sylvia and Scissor says that he finally understand that, but points out that only other one who drew his interest enough to call her by her name besides Sylvia was Wendy.

Scissor continues to recall that he and Sylvia were always fighting, but gradually they fell in love and starting to see each other in secret. She was of strong character and would also often say that unless she’s broken she won’t stop pirating. She would also often tell him to break her, and he can never tell if she was serious or not. However, one night when Scissor went to meet her, he had failed to notice that one of his men followed him seeing his weird behaviour. As a result, when Scissor turned to leave Sylvia after their meeting, she was killed by his men – who then felt that it would be shameful to the navy to report the truth and hence said that Scissor had been deceived. And so Scissor got transferred out to Neverland. Scissor feels as though he was indirectly responsible for Sylvia’s death. If he had broken her with his hands just like she told him to, perhaps she could become his forever in that one last moment between life-and-death.

Wendy realises that much of how Scissor is like today is due to Sylvia’s death, and can’t help but want to help him break out of his past – though she doesn’t know how. Afterwards, she brings the photo to Ruler to file away as directed by Scissor. Ruler is unaware of the truth but feels that Scissor has probably finally moved on.

Common Event 3

Scissor Event 16

Wendy is out shopping with Michael, who laments to her as to how he keeps having nightmares of John coming after him recently thanks to his merciless study plan. However, Wendy is dwelling in her own thoughts as she thinks of Scissor. Michael grabs her attention though and upon hearing his predicament, she agrees to help him talk to John. He then spots Scissor in a distance, who seems out-of-sorts. Michael tells Wendy to go see him and she does so.

At the ship, she’s informed that Scissor is sleeping in his bedroom. Even though she’s hesitant to enter, Clip tells her that his captain probably doesn’t mind. Apparently he had been having sleepless nights recently and unable to do his work – not even biscuits helped the situation. Wendy. She sees him sleeping with his monocle on and goes to take it off, only to find herself pinned down again. Wendy thought that he was sleeping but he tells her that he’s wide awake now, and he was actually thinking of her. Flustered, she tells him to not mistake her identity again and Scissor calls out her name. Scissor doesn’t understand her and asks if she hates being mistaken and she confirms so. Scissor then says that it’s no problem then which confuses Wendy more. Still afraid that he may break her, Wendy repeats that she won’t and she’s not Sylvia. So Wendy asks him to try and see it for himself and so he starts kissing her and does it.

Afterwards, in an attempt to dispel the awkwardness, Wendy tells Scissor that she didn’t break after all. Scissor then replies that he didn’t think into it too much since he had just woken up but wonders if Wendy was trying to seduce him to compete against Sylvia. Maddened, she slaps him and finally says that it’s because she likes him. In response, Scissor says that he doesn’t sleep with someone just to see if they will break or not. Wendy hesitantly asks for his reason and he says that it’s because he wants to sleep with the woman he likes lol.

This surprises Wendy since she never expected him to return her feelings. So Scissor attempts to explain himself: ever since Sylvia died, it was like his time had stopped moving and life had become boring and meaningless. So he had initially thought that if he won the contest he would wish for death, if not then he’ll still die eventually, entering the contest was like a bet to see if he died earlier or later. But after meeting Wendy, he felt his emotions returning to him and his time started to move slowly again. He finally “woke up” after seeing her almost get killed by Tinker. However, he was hesitant all along since she always seemed to want perfection and he’s far from it. But since she challenged him like that, he took it as an okay.

Scissor wonders if he didn’t express himself well enough, something he has always had trouble with after being so unconcerned with other people for so long, adding that it’s because he had constantly been thinking over how to confess to her that he had trouble sleeping and Wendy finally comes to understand his true feelings. She tells him that she’s no longer pursuing perfection and asks if he’s alright with that, and Scissor answer that it’s more human-like that way. However, Clip interrupts them by knocking loudly and saying that Ruler is pressurising for Scissor to come out and finish all his backlog of work. So Scissor goes out, but not after kissing Wendy lightly and telling her that he’s going off and calls her by her first name. (Before, he always called her “Wendy Darling”).

Scissor Event 17

Scissor has brought Wendy out to a date and seeing the fish in the waters, Wendy comments that they look delicious enough to eat. In reply, Scissor can’t comprehend how she wants to eat such pretty creatures, but later comments that maybe it makes sense to eat pretty things since he always can’t help but want to eat her. This sudden change of character in Scissor never fails to amaze her, but she doesn’t hate it either. Scissor kisses her and honestly expresses on how cute he finds her and wants to push her down now – except that they’re not alone.

Hook and his men are in the area too and seeing Scissor, Hook is ready to attack him. However, Scissor clearly expresses that he has no wishes to fight him because he’s currently on a date with his lover pffft. Hook refuses to listen though and so Scissor carries Wendy off and runs away. As they’re being chased by Hook and his men, Scissor starts experiencing a different thrill and starts contemplating that it wouldn’t be so bad to try getting broken like this when he’s already broken. Wendy gets mad and hits Scissor, telling him to diminish such a thought, and that perhaps she should try destroy that twisted personality of his and have him start anew.

Scissor then gets the amazing idea that something can renew itself after being broken and gets so awed and excited by this – and instead declares that his way of living is in destroying lmao. He finally stops to face Hook, who can’t understand what Wendy sees in such a weirdo, adding that she’s not cute for not choosing him instead.

This causes Scissor to start exclaiming that Wendy is indeed cuter than anything and anyone else, and that he’ll get Hook to change his stance – except that it leads to the two of them arguing and cursing at each other for a while and Wendy can’t help but blank out their conversation pffft. They soon get to the real business though and start dueling each other. Seeing Hook’s men noisily support Hook, Wendy can’t help but shout out Scissor’s name as a sign of support too. Eventually, Scissor overpowers Hook, much to Hook’s surprise since usually Scissor isn’t this strong. In response, Scissor says that it’s because his lover called his name so he become stronger lmao.

Scissor’s men soon come rushing in as they heard a ruckus and so Hook and his men retreat for now. As Wendy sighs at how Scissor always acts so unreasonably, Scissor merely remarks that he doesn’t find her doing so to him lol. And so Wendy finally understands that Scissor is the type of person who changes drastically when it comes to his lover.

Scissor Event 18

Scissor’s men are panicking again as they try to clean Clock Crocodile. However, when Wendy tries to offer her help they act even more afraid since she’s now Scissor’s lover. Wendy doesn’t understand the change in attitude and Clip explains that it’s only natural that the reaction changes if her position changes. And because we’re living that people change. As Wendy ponders over this, she also persuades Scissor to wash his own pet instead. In reply, Scissor agrees since his time has started moving and he should be more responsive to his surroundings.

Wendy offers to help him while his men look on nervously. Eventually, Scissor gets soap bubbles all over him and his pet so he calls for his men to rinse them. While everyone else tries to hold back their laughter, Wendy jokingly remarks that they actually look cute like that. Upon hearing this, Scissor immediately tells his men to stop and embarrassingly says that if it’s better to be cute then it’s alright to have soap bubbles all over pffft.

This draws silence from everyone else, till Wendy finally asks someone to pour the water anyway and Clip cheerily does so. Everyone is shocked that Clip didn’t listen to his superior’s orders and he explains that he was told to listen to Wendy if it’s non-work-related matters. This surprises Wendy as well, but it also shows how important Scissor sees her.

As the men clear up, Wendy goes to Scissor’s room to see him kneeling next to Clock Crocodile. She asks what’s wrong as she sees the crocodile half-transparent and he explains that it’s time for it to go. He shows her a clock which was once inside it, and explains that it’s the clock which ticks according to his time. But now it has been returned to him it means his time has fully started moving again, and it dissolves into Scissor. He says that Clock Crocodile’s role has been fulfilled and he thanks it as it slowly starts cracking and disappearing into thin air.

Naturally, this confuses Wendy even more and Scissor elaborates that Clock Crocodile isn’t actually a living thing, but more like an illusion he created following Sylvia’s death. As Scissor grew bored with living and contemplated death, it suddenly appeared before him one day and he realised that it was his time ticking away in it. At first he tried killing it so that he could die too, but no matter what it wouldn’t die. So while he didn’t have to worry about this existence being broken by anyone, neither could he kill it, which was like apart of him – so he felt that it was like a curse on him.

Even though it was a painful reminder to him of his past, he still feels sad now that it’s gone. Wendy tells him that it’s only natural and she could tell that he loved it. She also tells him to no longer entertain thoughts of dying and he promises her. Now that Scissor has finally been truly released from his past, he gains the courage to ask her to stay by his side, not as a replacement for Sylvia or his pet but as herself and promises her happiness. If she’s gone three or four more Clock Crocodiles may pop up lol. Wendy had always told herself that their relationship will only last temporarily, but she finally agrees to stay behind with Scissor now. Since it’s what she desires and she wants to live freely now, even though she feels apologetic towards her brothers. Wendy ponders over what Clip told her earlier and realises its true meaning now. Scissor didn’t expect her agreement and is truly delighted as he starts sprouting more embarrassing lines and they probably proceed to do it again.

Scissor Event 19

After some time, Wendy wakes up one morning with the strong feeling that the contest will be held today. She is determined to make the judgement succeed this time, and it is apparent that she has come to a decision. She goes down to wake up both her brothers. Wendy sees Michael first, and informs him of the following, including her decision to stay. Michael feels sad to part from her, but more so he wants her to live freely. He asks her to promise him to be happy here and she does so. However, they both agree to keep this from John for now and to go through with the judgement first.

All three siblings and Nana soon leave the house. Wendy convinces John to eat the sweets properly this time, but he says that he’s just going to follow her opinion. Michael feels that John worships their sister too much and is still too clingy to her though, as he tells him that he had better prepare himself. Eventually, Michael lets slip that Wendy is choosing to stay with Scissor which both shocks the older brother. John gets emotional as he opposes strongly of Wendy staying with such a violent person. He decides that he’s going to eat all the sweets and judge for himself, and hopefully the contest will fail and there will be time for Wendy to reconsider.

Michael thinks otherwise though and likes that Wendy is doing what she truly wants, choosing to stay with the person she loves and even finds it cool. John is still unconvinced though and this conversation goes on and they soon arrive at the contest venue.

Peter, Hook and Scissor are causing a ruckus and Wendy worries about the audience. Clip and Ruler see her and they explain that the audience came here knowing the risks, especially when they sit at the front where the fighting is. So it’s the thrill of almost getting killed which kills the boredom. Still, Wendy can’t sit back and goes to stop Scissor, whom she realises was just worried about her since he’s angry that Peter didn’t go to fetch them. Scissor tells her that he should let him be as if the judging is succeeds, the rules will no longer apply and chaos will ensue once more. Wendy worries over this but Peter tells her there’s no need to worry and the rules still hold until both the judges and winning contestant make their wish. This was because previously, the rules wore off after the final judging and the losing contestants killed off the judges and winning contestant. Wendy gets mad at Scissor since he knew this and he sulks since he only wanted to get break them now pffft.

They finally all sit down and all three judges sample the sweets properly this time. They then take their judging to the inner room. In the judging room, the three siblings decide to not consult each other and to just think of the sweet they think is the best. Naturally, Wendy picks the biscuit and feels that it represents Scissor just as much. Soon, she hears an unfamiliar voice congratulating her and finds herself still in the room with her brothers. They exit to see the previous room with growing golden biscuits, so Scissor must’ve won.

Peter comes by to congratulate her, not expecting it to end so quickly. He feels that even though it was fun, it was also not fun. Before he leaves with the two fairies, Wendy asks about when they should make their wish and he says they can do so anything, and to wish just like how they did when judging the best sweet. Clip and Ruler also congratulate her and thank her. When she asks for Scissor’s whereabouts, they point him out eating away at the biscuits.

Scissor’s Best End

John still can’t accept Scissor as her lover, as he points out that her past lovers were all perfect so he didn’t complain. He didn’t expect the judging to succeed but still won’t give up convincing his sister. Michael cheerfully announces that they’re going to hold a consolation party for John and he’s gonna put his sweet-making skills to the test since he’s been studying them in Neverland. Michael drags John away and tells Wendy that it’s better for her to go to Scissor for today while he talks to John. So Wendy goes over to Scissor, as she tells him that she’ll spend the rest of the day with him – though she’d prefer to spend the rest with her brothers as they’re gonna part ways.

Scissor remarks what nice brothers she has and that he will hug and kiss them next time lmao. As Wendy rejects this idea, Scissor says that she’ll be the replacement instead and thanks her for choosing to stay with him.

Months later, Wendy has already shifted into the navy ship and Hook has attacked them once again – which she has become quite used to. However, when the pirates approach her, Clock Crocodile is at her side and no one dares to go near her. Scissor had used his winner’s wish to bring back Clock Crocodile. As Wendy thinks on how habit is a scary thing, she wonders how her brothers are getting by in her old world.

A flashback starts, showing the three siblings ready to make their wish. They all wish for each other’s happiness. Their wish is granted and they see a mirror door appear before them. Both John and Michael see their own rooms, however, Wendy sees Scissor’s ship. John attempts going halfway through, and realises that he’s stuck. He becomes clingy of his sister, unwilling to separate from her. Michael pushes his older brother over, saying that it’s best for the goodbyes to be kept short. He wishes Wendy all the best, and hopes that they can see each other again – since in the first place, Peter travelled to their world. Wendy asks Michael to take care of Nana in her place, but he tells her that they should let Nana choose and see who she ends up with. He gives Wendy a surprise kiss and goes to join John. This leaves Wendy and Nana left and they also walk through – turns out that Nana ends up with Wendy and has chosen to stay by her side.

Back to present day, Nana and the crocodile have actually become rather good playmates, though at the moment Nana is kept indoors since it’s a battle site now. Wendy decides that it’s about time to end things and brings Clock Crocodile along with her to scare Hook away lmao. After things have settled down, Clip is in awe as to how Wendy has gained favours from both Scissor and his pet, claiming that she probably has a talent for getting weird things to like her lol.

Some time later, it shows Wendy and Scissor in bed. She overhears Scissor muttering over whether he can protect someone so soft and fragile. Wendy is upset to hear him still concerned over this, and reassures him. Scissor though is actually thinking about something else more important and when she tries to pursue the topic, he refuses to answer and asks her to give him more time instead. When Wendy goes on, he kisses her instead and she calls him sly for that. But Scissor answers that she’s way more so for being so cute and is in the mood to do it again.

Clip interrupts the sweet mood though as he reports sightings of a pirate ship and Scissor immediately gets up and tells him to start attacking but not to fully sink the ship till he’s there pffft. Wendy also gets up to see the situation and Scissor is enjoying his attacks. As Wendy wonders if Scissor will ever leave Neverland, both Clip and Ruler come over, telling her that it’s probably not possible unless Hook sails elsewhere, since Scissor will probably not want anyone else to get to Hook first. And Hook will probably not move as long as Peter exists. Wendy then thinks to herself that it’s probably because of Scissor’s rivalry with Hook that her lover could’ve continued living on.

Still, Wendy doesn’t really like living where Scissor also works ‘cos private and work affairs are mixed. She asks if Scissor has his own house and Clip confirms that he does have one given by the headquarters, though it’s probably already broken down. Soon, Scissor is done with his attack and calls for biscuits to celebrate. Wendy, who is now in-charge of it, refuses though lol. Scissor then says that he’ll have her instead which embarrasses the heck out of her. But he tells her that he wants to share his joy with someone else after such spectacular destruction. Wendy feels annoyed at being compared with a biscuit though Scissor sees nothing wrong with the cutest person compared to the best sweet pfft.

Above them, Peter and the two fairies were watching all along. Tinker can’t understand the joy though Tink explains that each explosion differs depending on the wind and angle. Scissor is surprised that a fairy can understand his hobby but doesn’t mind either. In turn, Tinker says that she prefers clothes and accessories and attempts to seek agreement from Wendy, the only other female. It’s an awkward situation but Tinker seems happy to have a female companion and is glad that Peter has lost interest in her. Peter has grown bored though and the three of them soon leave.

Scissor can’t see why Wendy can’t understand his hobby when Tink can, but perhaps time will tell. Of course Wendy thinks he should just give up, and Scissor passionately says that he can’t give up a single thing on her lmao. And now that he’s done destroying the pirates beautifully, he proceeds to continue with where they had left off earlier – and Wendy covers his mouth before he can explicitly say the details before all his men.

Later in his room, Scissor eventually gets his biscuits and his messy way of eating annoys Wendy again. When Scissor tells her to think of a way, she hugs him and tells him that she’ll hit him if he gets crumbs on her. Scissor laughs at this and agrees that rather than pain, he’d rather get pleasure from her. Wendy gets embarrassed and Scissor proceeds to say that it’s because the things he wants to protect are before him, he can do his work at ease. Though he also contemplates having a house where they can live on their own and says that he actually planned to build it from scratch and have that as their first step to their new lives. Wendy happily agrees since that’s what she wanted and Scissor is overjoyed to get his ideal home.

He starts muttering over the paperwork to be done and when Wendy wonders if it’s about work, he tells her that it’s about their marriage LMAO. This shocks Wendy and he says that when he had asked her to live together in his house, it was his proposal. Wendy didn’t get such a roundabout manner though so Scissor decides to bluntly propose: Wendy, be my beloved wife. Wendy grows speechless at this and so Scissor decides to change his phrasing again: If you’re not here, I’ll break easily. So if you don’t want that then let’s get married – which totally sounds like a threat to her LOL. Scissor worries over whether she’s gonna reject him after all and she reassures him otherwise since he taught her that it’s human to be imperfect and that she’s not going to give up a thing on him.

Behind them, Clip and Ruler congratulate them as Ruler remarks that the simplest proposal was the best. Apparently they had been there all this while since they were asked to report after they were done cleaning up. Scissor calls for more biscuits since Wendy accepted his proposal in the end and she firmly refuses, even as he remarks that she would be cuter if she did lol.

Finally, he remarks that Wendy should break and become his forever – to which Wendy comments that it’s a proposal that sounds very much like him. Ruler warns her not to become a weirdo like Scissor, since it’s very dangerous if she can hear a proposal from his previous words. Wendy asks if she’s weird now and Ruler assures her that she’s normal at the moment. But he points out that Scissor has already started munching away at biscuits and when Wendy tries to stop him, Scissor exclaims that he’s not going to give up one thing on himself pfffft. As he starts saying more embarrassing lines, Clip and Ruler dismiss themselves to leave them alone. As Wendy sighs over this, Scissor tells her to let him soak in this happiness for a while more since he never felt this happy before. Wendy hugs him and tells him that they have forever to them to enjoy and be happy.

Scissor’s Good End

*Note: Some parts of certain events and CGs you get while doing the Best End do not appear while doing the Good End. The main difference is that Clock Crocodile doesn’t disappear here.

Wendy decides to return home. Even though Scissor expected it, he’s still disappointed. But he doesn’t dare ask her to stay since he’s still flawed even though his time has started to move, and feels that he’s not quite suited to her who likes perfection. Seeing Scissor acting down, Wendy tells him that it’s not like him since usually he would just destroy as he likes. Scissor lights up since she seems to be hinting something at him and she quickly dismisses it.

Some time later, the siblings are on the way to the judgement room to make their wish to go home. However, just before they enter the room, an explosion occurs causing the room to collapse. Scissor and his men come in, as he shouts that he has come to destroy LOL. All three siblings are shocked since now they’ve no way of returning home and Wendy didn’t expect Scissor to hold her back. Moreover, now her brothers can’t return either. However, Scissor says that he has to hold them back too in order to hold her back, and destroying the room was the most certain way since he doesn’t want to have any regrets. The destroyed room appears normal and unlike what they saw before, and Scissor explains that it’s a special prepared by the world just for the contest.

Michael can only laugh at how awesome a lover his sister got, and he’s happy to stay if both his brother and sister stay too. John recovers from his shock and is determined to find another way home. He doesn’t want his sister to stay with such a man either and wants all of them to return home somehow. Michael remarks that actually, they merely got caught up in an idiot couple’s actions lol.

Some time later, Wendy goes to visit Scissor and sees him sleeping with his pet. He grabs her though, asking her to join him. Wendy soon drifts into sleep as she feels comfortable beside him. She knows that she can’t leave her brothers as they are. But Wendy admits to herself that she’s happy to be able to stay with both Scissor and her brothers a bit longer.

Common Dead End 1

This occurs if Wendy keeps visiting different people and doesn’t settle into a specific character route. Eventually, Peter comes to see her and is disappointed that she’s always going to see everyone else and isn’t his. He doesn’t like that she’s acting against his expectations and kills her.

Common Dead End 2

This occurs if a character’s favourability is beneath four hearts up till Event 13, and so Wendy gets killed off by Tinker.


This is now the longest post so far lol, surprisingly. And I can think of a few reasons for this:
1) Scissor has one of the most concrete plots. Maybe it’s ‘cos he’s an original character, like Tink.
2) There is a strong theme of destruction throughout pfft. Feel free to do a word search on “destroy/break/destruct/etc.” and see the numbers.
3) He has some of the most hilarious scenes/lines and I had to insert most of them.

Despite the joking tone, I feel that all the above are very true. Both Scissor’s character and his relationship with Wendy change and build up slowly throughout the route. It takes a while for the romance to come but once it does…it’s a lot lol. It’s usually a drag to have issues of past lovers but thankfully it wasn’t that bad here. I liked how despite Scissor’s cool appearance on the surface, he’s probably the weirdest and most broken of the bunch. I also found the background of Clock Crocodile very endearing and he’s the only one so far who used his winner’s wish. It reminds me a lot of QR’s Alice series though, and it seems like I’m being haunted by the theme of time (Amnesia, StS, CZ…).

Most of Scissor’s route focuses on his background though it hints ever so slightly at the secrets of their world and Neverland. Oh, and I actually quite liked the Good End – it was mind-blowing lmao.

Not much complaints surprisingly, as I wasn’t expecting much from Scissor. But his route was actually pretty neat – best events for me are definitely Event 14 and 17. I just laughed so much at the ridiculous lines. He and Wendy make a pretty cute couple. Miki really makes Scissor sound bored as heck but I suppose that’s intentional – when he gets excited though he gets…excited lol. I know not many people are encouraged to do Scissor’s route but if you persist, you’ll get some neat rewards lol. And now I can finally do Ishida Peter! ❤ Well, please wait patiently till then~


15 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Scissor’s route

  1. midoriha says:

    Thank you! So Scissor’s route…This is going to be a pretty long reply…I’ll be honest. I was sold on the CG of Wendy wiping Scissor’s mouth with a handkerchief at the beginning of the post. Totally! I felt so bad for Wendy when she said that she didn’t want to be the ghost of someone else..Scissor’s past was sad, though…
    Scissor’s character is a contrast to Wendy’s, like Michael, but in a different manner. Scissor’s a violent, messy, whereas Wendy is a pacifist and tidy person.
    Wendy being unable to resist cleaning Scissor’s room is hilarious though!And Wendy helping to wash Clock Crocodile, and its reaction, is adorable beyond belief!I was going ‘so cute! So cute!’
    Hook kissing Wendy,the ensuing shouting between Scissor and Wendy was funny too!
    And Scissor being sleepless due to wondering how to confess to Wendy? Aw, Scissor, you—!
    The power of love totally helped Scissor become stronger, in the duel against Hook! Haha!
    The soap bubbles CG was awfully cute,too!
    No–!Clock Crocodile! Don’t go!-sobs- -few paragraphs later- Oh yay! He came back, awesome! ‘Marriage papers’? Yes, yes!!
    The Good End…was cute!But the Best End totally won me over, like the other routes!


  2. twentyninenights says:

    Scissor!! I like how he says embarassing lines after he becomes lover with Wendy! Wendy is the cutest, what the?? Too funny, moreover, when Wendy says it’s not fit to his character..

    I had rushing his route and make a quick type to my own post about him. It’s messing here and there, some aren’t told. Nah, whatever. Thinking about it again, we played his route for the second from the last… I still have Michael and true ending now, while you’ve played before Peter and true end…! What a coincidence..

    His CG when washing his crocodile.. LOL.


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, Scissor’s embarrassing lines + his blushing face. XDD It was such a funny change to see.

      That’s true, what a coincidence. XD I guess at first we all just didn’t want to play Scissor as much compared to the other characters…haha.

      LOL, such a cute scene.


  3. Euryx says:

    Ehh…so that’s how they got Croco back. I’m a little lost on that one since Wendy used Croco to scare Hook’s men. But it is a nice idea, I mean it can be cute too when it isn’t wrecking the ship or trying to eat someone. ^^;; Besides, I can’t imagine Scissor without his beloved pet (just like Hook and Jewel).

    Finished this last night and I can say that his route exceeds my expectation. Who could say those hilarious or mushy lines with a straight face? (//_^)

    Event 17 FTW! (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, I was glad that Scissor used his wish to get his dear pet back. :3 You’re right, it turned out to be pretty cute as the game went along haha.

      Ohh, congrats~ Yeah, I think most people certainly weren’t expecting Scissor to turn out like that pfft. You are also left with Peter right? ^^



      • Euryx says:

        I even thought that having a pet croco isn’t so bad afterall. XDD

        Yep! ^///////^ I am very excited to go to his route since I’m such a Peter Pan biased www. I’ve waited 5 routes, endured Peter’s anger, and rejected/annoyed at him on other routes and now I’m finally on his route. /manly tears LOLOLOL


        • Yume says:

          Yeah, what a strange thought – Scissor managed to convince us all. =w=b

          Oh gosh, now that you flashed out all the “stats”, we did indeed have to resist Peter for 5 routes. ;w; /pats ourselves on the back


  4. Ali says:

    I can’t help but think that Ruler and Scissor = Gray and Nightmare lol. A little less extreme, but that’s what came to mind as I was reading this.

    Thanks for writing this! I’ll be getting this game soon, and I wasn’t really looking forward to doing Scissor…but now I kinda am. Looking forward to Peter!!


    • Yume says:

      Ohh, that’s true~ That didn’t dawn on me. The character interaction is indeed quite similar. XD

      You’re welcome~ I’m glad to hear that, it’s a pretty darn fun game so far. 8D Haha, do wait patiently for my review on Peter’s route. ;;


  5. Ilinox says:

    NAVY BED (人´∀`*) www Scissor sounds really childish and so I can’t decide if I should be blushing and moe-ing over him or if I should just feel amused. I think I might still prefer Hook over him because the pirate bed is just awesome and beats everything else. But I think I prefer these two sea-men over the land lubbers (≧ω≦)b.

    This game sounds like it has surprisingly deep concepts? It actually makes me feel like picking it up and playing my first QR game, but my backlog is stretching to infinity ;w; Is Peter the last one?


    • Yume says:

      Navy bed. www Yeah, the gap in his character was pretty amusing~ But what’s this about the pirate bed being better than a navy bed LMAO. Yeah Clip and Ruler are awesome – I feel a bit sad that Scissor still doesn’t remember their names by the end of the route and Wendy got them like immediately lol.

      Yeah it does~ They don’t go into it as deeply as say StS (StS is…in a category of its own), but you do read Wendy discussing certain ideas with the Neverland people. And then you’re free to go and think about it on your own. Are you still stuck on BtF? Huhuh. ;; Yeah Peter is the last one, though after that there’s the Truth route to do. However, it’s closely linked to Peter so yeah. 8D


      • Ilinox says:

        Pff, it’s because we all know that pirates like to plunder and steal things. So I expect Hook’s pirate bed to be decorated with gigantic pillows and lace curtains and silk sheets and whatnot. King-size too 8D for maximum rolling around! Meanwhile, the navy bed is probably just a standard issued bed from headquarters that all captains get, pft. But of course it all beats grass.. unless you’re Tink, because then the grass becomes magical grass (ノ´∀`*)ノ!!.. I don’t even know what I’m saying now wwwww.

        I think it’s hilarious he can keep calling them random names. Does he change them every time? I’m a sucker for characters like Scissor, their themes about destroying things as a meaning of their life is like a guilty pleasure of mine xD;;

        Orz;; I don’t want to talk about it (BTF) and how long it’s taking me ww. Ooh, I’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing what Peter actually looks like being an adult, because he’ll transform right 8D? Does that mean she won’t get with anyone in the truth route? It’ll just be like the grand common route like in Arcana Famiglia?


        • Yume says:

          LOL. Oh gosh I didn’t think about it that way. Now that you mentioned it, it does make sense. XDD Well, I doubt Scissor can keep anything valuable since he constantly has the urge to destroy stuff. But the magical grass wwwww

          Yeah he changes the way he calls them every time. XD When he called Clip “Cracker”, Clip’s answer was “And my name is Clip! Please don’t call me by such a delicious-sounding name, Sir!” lmao.

          8’DD /pats Yeah Peter transforms into an adult form in his route. ❤ Hmm I've a feeling that the Truth route will be more on the friendship with Peter and Tinker ('cos apparently you can branch off to friendship end with Tinker there).


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