Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Peter’s route

Did this CG catch your attention? 8DD Finally we have Peter (CV: Ishida Akira), the self-centric boy who dragged the three Darling siblings to Neverland as he always wants to have his way. The child of Neverland is loved by everyone on the island (with certain exceptions) and always speaks the truth. Since the start he’s in love with Wendy, and he always wants to play with her. On the other hand, Wendy feels a need to educate his willful nature properly though she finds herself being influenced by him instead as the route progresses. The rest of the post is spoilers. Do read the Prologue first.

Peter Event 1

In the morning, Wendy and John are left in the house as Michael has gone gallivanting already. She wants to have a peaceful day as she also starts disposing of the various sweets growing in her room. But things don’t go her way as Peter interrupts her and promptly carries her away to play despite John’s attempt to help. Wendy insists that she has no intention of playing with Peter, however he only feels that she’s unfortunate to not know how much fun it is to play with him lol. They bump into the fairy siblings and Peter asks them if they know of any good clouds. This gets the siblings into a competitive mood as they race to show Peter to one.

Peter starts sulking about losing out to Tink, who casually explains that the initial idea was for them to guide him to the clouds so naturally he reached first. Tinker tries to soothe Peter, and even comments that he’s adorable enough to eat. Upon that, Peter gets the idea of retrieving a golden cloud for her to taste. Since it’s extremely cold up where it is, he leaves the fairies with her. Naturally, Wendy worries for her safety and tries to keep Peter back, who remarks on how cute she is as he interprets that she wants to be alone with him pfft. Tinker also wants to tag along with Peter but he refuses to leave Tink alone with Wendy as Tink constantly acts to surprise him so he may very well just fly off with Wendy. Tink laughs in response and says that Peter totally read his mind. So in the end, Wendy is left with both fairies with Peter’s orders of them not letting Wendy be bored.

Wendy doesn’t understand Peter’s actions and Tinker remarks that she isn’t worthy of Peter’s kind intentions. Apparently it’s freezing cold up there so one can’t stay there for long. Tinker even drops the comments that Wendy should be left there to freeze. Tink appreciates the idea since he wouldn’t mind using a frozen Wendy to decorate the freezer for his ice-cream. Wendy can’t help but feel that her fears are well-validated. But Tink is serious on fulfilling Peter’s orders, as he always is. Whereas Tinker can’t be bothered. Wendy doesn’t see why they like Peter so much and Tink tells her that he’s a good kid who always does what he thinks is the best, and is the most trusted existence in this world as he never lies. Plus, she shouldn’t judge him yet as she doesn’t understand Peter well.

Wendy realises his point and as she ponders over his words, she feels something fall on her face. Thinking that she would suffocate, she looks up to see Peter covered in frost and holding a golden cloud. He offers her a piece but she refuses. So instead, he puts it in her hair as an accessory. Wendy tries to remove it but he stops her, saying that it suits her. This embarrasses her and she also sees Peter’s sincerity in his actions. When Wendy arrives home that night, a worried John comes to welcome her. She reassures her brother but then later surprises him as her whole body is sparkling – thanks to the golden cotton candy cloud.

Peter Event 2

In the morning, Wendy and Michael are shocked as they hear a huge noise coming from Peter’s residence. They go over and see the Lost Boys (Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly) busying themselves. Apparently, it’s the works of a candy (from Peter), which when met with an impact, grows accordingly. However, in this rare case it fell to the floor from a short distance and grew huge enough and pierced through the house. Michael panics as he received some of those candy from Peter earlier on, as he was told that they would grow into something nice for Wendy so he was planning to grow them in their backyard.

As Michael hurries back home to check, Wendy asks after Peter and they inform her that they’re the only ones clearing up the mess since it’s their problem. This upsets Wendy and Peter soon joins them as he heard her voice. She tells Peter that he should help since he’s their leader but this doesn’t get through him. Instead, he wants to play with her. But Wendy refuses since she can’t leave the Lost Boys alone. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise coming from her house and rush over. Apparently John had saw the candy on Michael’s bed and wanted to throw them away – and so now they’ve a huge candy piercing through their rooftop. Wendy gets more upset and Peter offers to send his Lost Boys over to clean up, as all he wants to do is play with her now. Naturally, she refuses and feels tired instead, since it was his candy that created the problem and right now all he wants to do is play. Wendy doesn’t have any spare time to though since she needs to clean up the mess and so Peter says that he’ll help to salvage their house after she plays with him. She doubts him though and this upsets Peter as he never tells lies. So he gets the Lost Boys over to vouch for him.

Wendy gives in and agrees. However, she later finds herself stuck on a tree with Peter way down below asking her to jump into his arms – as part of a game of trust according to him. Wendy is opposed to this since this game concerns her life. But soon, Tinker comes flying past and offers to give her a hand. Wendy refuses to go along with her wishes and drops down on her own will.

She shouts for Peter to hurry up and save up, which he finally does at the critical moment as it’s more exciting that way. He tells her to remember that he’s the only one in this world who can save her and give her happiness. Wendy doesn’t think so though, especially with such a dangerous game. This confuses Peter since previously, everyone else seemed to enjoy it. He asks Wendy if she would play with him again if it’s something which she also finds fun. Wendy says that if he’s a good kid she’ll play with him again, much to his delight. Tinker wanted to tag along but when Peter asks her to help out with fixing Wendy’s house, the idea doesn’t sit well with her and she eventually leaves instead.

When they return, Peter fixes their house literally in a flash which shocks them all. At night, the three siblings reflect on the day’s happenings, or more specifically on Peter – whom John feels great annoyance towards. Michael comments that even though this world is weird, it feels as though Peter is different – according to his wild intuition lmao.

Peter Event 3

Wendy finds herself lost in the forest. Actually, she had been out walking since after breakfast and it’s the late afternoon now. There are no locals around to ask for directions unfortunately and she’s worn out. However, she bumps into Michael but when he asks after her, her stubborn pride as the eldest sibling gets in the way and she refuses to admit that she’s lost. Michael is worried though and he guesses that she’s homesick, to which she agrees weakly. So Michael leaves her to continue his exploration while promising to be back in time for dinner. Wendy can only get angry at her own stubborn self. She continues walking on and is later surprised to see Peter by her side.

Apparently he had been there for a while already but Wendy had failed to notice him. Peter wanted to try walking instead of flying but it isn’t very interesting, as the scenery still remains the same unlike when flying. Wendy says it’s okay to leave then but he refuses and wants to stay with her – so she leaves him be. Even though she knows that Peter will gladly carry her back home, she doesn’t want to admit so since she would owe him one and he would also ask her to be one of his followers.

However, her tired legs suddenly give way and Peter manages to catch her in time. He can tell that she’s worn out and offers to take her back home. Wendy still remains stubborn till Peter says that he won’t act unless he thinks it’s the best course of action and can tell that she wishes to go back home. Wendy finally agrees and thanks him as he carries her off.

Wendy notes that it’s time to go back and make dinner and invites Peter to join them. He brightens up, as he feels that with cooking, you make it with feelings of love and care for the person – since that’s what Wendy is doing so she must love him back too. Wendy agrees but reminds him that she’s making his dinner alongside her family’s so it’s not specifically her feelings for him. Nevertheless, he’s happy at the idea of eating Wendy’s food.

Common Event 1

Peter Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails yet again, as Wendy suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar room. Peter soon finds her, and seeing Wendy disappointed at the failure, he says that he’s actually happy since he wants to spend more time with her. In fact, he doesn’t mind if she continues failing. Of course Wendy is not pleased and knows that she probably should eat the sweets, but doesn’t want to break her resolution to herself either.

Tinker joins them at this point and she gives Peter the idea that there should be a limit to failures, after all, it would be boring for the world if the contest stretches on continuously. If that happens, the contest would end anyway and the judges have no way of returning, and their lives mostly likely at risk. Peter takes a liking to this thrill and adds this new rule flippantly much to Wendy’s horror. She asks for an estimate and Peter tells her that the most rounds a contest has had was five. But he says that even if she fails, he would protect her anyway, since that was what he had promised her.

Hook then comes bursting in with Michael. He had wanted to find Wendy first in order to threaten Peter. The pirate and the boy start childishly arguing though, as they call each other names (最悪の中の最悪の中の最悪の中の最悪の中の…) must to Wendy’s dismay. But they soon start fighting, as Hook tosses Michael to one side. Wendy doesn’t approve of violence and she still worries about Peter’s safety. Peter instead tells her to have more fun.

Hook then attacks Wendy out of anger and Peter saves her and Michael, and brings them back home safely.

Peter Event 5

The three siblings are woken up at night as Peter and the Lost Boys are making a racket. John goes over in a vain attempt to stop them. Wendy feels that she needs to educate the kids properly since they don’t have a proper role model to follow, and plans on going over the next morning. But Michael advises her against it since she won’t be staying here forever. So rather than being kind, you’re being cruel with your impulsive intentions. Wendy sees what he means, but still feels that it’s better to at least teach them the basic manners.

The next morning, all three of them go over but all of the kids are sleeping soundly. Seeing Peter’s sleeping face, Wendy finds him cute, if he doesn’t start acting willfully. John wants to wake them all up but Wendy tells them to let them sleep. She also realises that Peter is grabbing onto her skirt so she decides to stay while the two brothers wait outside as they refuse to go home first. Wendy starts humming a lullaby and she gets nostalgic as this reminds her of her past.

However, Wendy herself also falls asleep. She wakes up to see Peter awake, who was happily gazing at her sleeping, and he kisses her. This embarrasses Wendy even more, but Peter sees nothing wrong with giving the one you love a morning kiss. This reminds Wendy of her original purpose and Peter admits that they were up all night playing. She tries to persuade him otherwise since there are proper hours for being awake etc. but Peter has no intention of changing his way of thinking and living since he sees no need to do so. He says that he want to brings her happiness too but she replies that all he’s giving her is trouble. This shocks Peter and he points out that she was actually not happy in her old world.

John interrupts the conversation though, followed by Michael and this stirs the Lost Boys’ sleep. When asked what happened, Wendy feels embarrassed to let them know that she fell asleep and stops Peter from saying it. She tells him that it’ll be their own secret and this delights Peter, but worries her brothers. John starts telling Peter off and the boy apologise straightforwardly. John is not satisfied though, but Michael feels that it’s okay since he has apologised already. Wendy also tells John to stop and she’ll educate Peter properly from now on. This idea tickles Peter’s fancy as that means that they’ll be together. He’s also ready to play with Wendy, but she answers that she’s tired thanks to last night and this disappoints him.

Peter feels guilty, remarking that it was because he played at night he now can’t play with Wendy in the day. So he promises to never to do so again and in return, Wendy promises to play with him another day.

Peter Event 6

Both John and Michael are out, unaware that Wendy is running a fever and resting in bed. She doesn’t want to let them worry and feels that it’ll pass once she rests a bit and instead, can’t help but worry about the undone chores. However, she sees Peter by her bedside, who had apparently come to play with her. Upon hearing about her condition, he decides to help her do her chores since he watches her do so everyday as he was curious about the way she lived. Peter is brimming with confidence but Wendy can only remain shocked at the idea of him watching her everyday. He disappears before she can say anymore so she decides to leave him be.

But she can’t rest well as she soon hears disturbing noises from the kitchen. True enough, she sees Peter breaking the plates – according to him, the stains aren’t coming off so he decided to break off the dirty sections so now it’s all clean but broken plates lol. Wendy tells him to stop immediately but Peter doesn’t understand her anger. He feels that she seems cheerless doing her chores everyday, and was hoping to find it for her. Wendy reprimands him for thinking this as a playing but then realises that she may have been too harsh on him as she is reminded of how her mother always scolds her. Moreover this is Peter’s first time helping out and she should be thankful of his good intentions. Peter tells her to go back to bed, worried about her condition.

Wendy doesn’t understand why he’s going so far for her and Peter tells her that it’s only natural to want the person you love to be happy and keep smiling. He felt that she had always been unhappy since she never truly smiled. Wendy remarks that she’s imperfect and doesn’t deserve such attention, but Peter feels otherwise since after all, he chose her and tells her to be more confident. Wendy asks his reason for liking her and he says that he likes her existence, which puzzles her. Peter remains by her side as she falls asleep, even when she wakes up later at night.

Wendy thanks him for his kinds intentions and this makes Peter happy. He wished that she could become one of his followers so that they’re always together, and Wendy says that it’s possible if she is his friend. But Peter remarks that he wants to be of a closer relationship with her. He finally comes to the verdict that they should be lovers. Wendy comments that his idea of lovers is probably just playing together, which he confirms and finally realises that they’re already lovers lmao. Wendy quickly rejects that idea even though she felt touched by his words before.

Peter Event 7

Wendy sees the Lost Boys frantically running about, and is informed that Hook is out to find Peter and from past experience, he would sometimes take the Lost Boys hostage and threaten Peter, though Peter has always managed to save them all. As the Lost Boys worry over where Peter is, Wendy can’t help but think that they’re in a more dangerous situation since Peter can defend himself.

She decides to search for Peter too though, and fortunately or not, she chances upon him and Hook in the middle of a fight. Though of course, Peter is merely playing around while Hook is dead serious. Wendy can’t sit back and goes in to stop them. Hook backs off, but he can’t just let Peter get away so he takes Wendy hostage instead. She reminds Hook that he can’t hurt her, to which he agrees but with this he can threaten Peter to not move and let him injure the kid at least.

Peter wonders why Wendy doesn’t run away, as he hates her being by Hook’s side instead of his. Wendy says that she has no choice and asks him to save her. Peter happily obliges to save her and Wendy quickly says that she won’t become his follower – which makes him tear up. Hook gets annoyed that they’re ignoring him and next thing Wendy knows, Hook steals a kiss from her in order to rile Peter in a rather childish manner. Hook threatens him to remain still since he may do worse things to Wendy. However, Jewel starts squawking away and Hook hurriedly makes his escape while saying that he won this round lol. Peter quickly snatches Wendy and they fall to the ground as he kisses her madly, saying that he has to sanitise her and even starts feeling her up. Σ(ノ∀`*)

Wendy struggles, since there’s only so much a kid can be forgiven for. But Peter claims that she belongs to him and no one else should kiss her or touch her like this. The Lost Boys soon surround them, much to Wendy’s embarrassment, wondering what they’re doing on the grass. Apparently they had imitated Clock Crocodile to trick Hook and Jewel. Upon the mention of Hook, Peter remarks that he’ll kill him for what he did. Wendy holds him back since every life is precious. A child shouldn’t have such thoughts and it’s a job of an adult to take care of the child. Peter doesn’t see any need for protection though since he’s strong but Wendy tells him that his heart isn’t mature. He isn’t sure what she means but says that he’ll work hard to be an adult but in return wants her to promise him that she’ll only accept his kisses. Wendy agrees since she’s only staying here temporarily and feels that it’s a child’s play which Peter will grow tired off.

This pleases Peter as he kisses her again, ignoring the fact that the Lost Boys are still present.

Peter Event 8

Wendy decides to that if they eat together with Peter, it’ll be a good platform to educate Peter. Michael adds that as long as John isn’t around to make noise he’s okay with the idea. So Wendy makes and packs lunch for herself, Michael and plans to ask Peter along. (John has taken Nana out.) Michael happily agrees, saying that he knows of a perfect picnic spot and goes to prepare. Very timely, Peter drops by and Wendy informs him of their plans. This makes him so happy that he immediately scoops her up and flies off as she can only gaze back at Michael who has been left behind.

Wendy insists on Peter going back but the fact that she made food for him has gotten to his head. Even though she corrects him to say that Michael’s share is included, he conveniently chooses to ignore that. Wendy feels that the lunch she made wasn’t anything special so it’s nothing to be that jubilant over, but Peter doesn’t really mind it – the main thing is that she made something for him and that’s special since no one really makes meals for him – Wendy realises this as he usually eats “raw” food. She promises to go out with him like this again. They bump into Tink, to whom Peter proudly announces that they’re going to picnic. Tink doesn’t see what fun there is in that though. Peter asks him of any good picnic spots and Tink answers that there was a nest of a huge bird which he had just finished fluffing up with soft feathers.

Peter promptly brings Wendy there and they lunch there. He tells her that he feels that their meeting in her world was fate and that he was probably born to meet her. Wendy feels that he’s exaggerating, but also feels heartened to see Peter so happy, and says that her role is the to educate him lol. Peter says that he knows everything of this world already, and Wendy replies that she plans to teach him something more basic. So they come to an agreement that they’ll teach each other about the things they know.

After lunch, Peter is in the mood to sleep and asks her to sleep together. Wendy feels that it isn’t proper though and refuses. In response, Peter tries to force his way with her as he grabs her by both hands. Wendy finds herself unable to resist and thinks that the strength he has isn’t that of a child’s. She looks down to see his hands and is surprised to see those of an adult’s. She hears an unfamiliar voice calling her and hesitantly looks up to see an unfamiliar face. Hnnng. Shocked, she shouts and Peter lets go out of surprise.

Peter didn’t expect her to hate the idea so much and reject him, and it is evident that he is hurt. Wendy feels sorry and tries to clear the misunderstanding, but Peter informs her that there wasn’t anyone else here but them. He apologises for being forceful and tries requesting politely instead, and Wendy finds herself unable to reject him this time. Later that day, Wendy apologises to a worried Michael. He’s more worried about John though ‘cos he started making noise after hearing that Wendy is with Peter and asks Wendy to take care of things.

Peter Event 9

Peter leads Wendy to a surprise destination he had heard from the mermaids. They reach a cave and as Wendy wonders over what there is to see, Peter continues keeping mum on it. And in the dark, Wendy can’t see well but apparently Peter can. However, that doesn’t apply to the dark side of a new moon (aka the gateway between the two worlds), as well as Wendy’s world – which is why Peter dislikes them. Upon hearing this, Wendy decides to probe further but Peter snaps at her to not mention about the dark side of a new moon. Wendy is shocked to see Peter angry for the first time.

It’s filled with glowing mushrooms and rumour has it that if a pair of lovers touch one, it’ll respond to their love and change into a pretty colour. Peter wants to try it out, but Wendy says that they’re not lovers so nothing will happen. However, she recalls what happened previously and entertains the thought that maybe things will be different if he was an adult. So Peter decides to take this as a chance to convince Wendy otherwise and vice versa.

At first, the mushroom doesn’t respond and Wendy is relieved. However, Peter insists otherwise and then the mushroom changes colour to Wendy’s surprise. Peter is delighted since they’ve been recognised as lovers, and starts to collect some mushrooms to bring back for the Lost Boys and the Bell siblings. Meanwhile, Wendy feels as though it was as if the mushroom changed colours according to Peter’s will. She then catches sight of something about to fall on Peter and grabs him.

However, it was actually just some mushrooms. This still surprises Peter though, since there is no need to protect him. But Wendy explains that it’s only natural to want to protect, especially as an adult to for a child. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t need protection. This touches Peter and he remarks that he has fallen in love with her even more and kisses her in return.

They then leave the cave and Peter wants to find people to bless them with being recognised as lovers. He spots Scissor’s ship and promptly lands there, telling him about what happened. Of course, Scissor can’t be bothered so Peter flies off to find someone else while leaving Wendy there temporarily. Scissor wonders why Wendy remains by Peter’s side, remarking that he’s the most different kind of existence in this world – including the fact that he’s the only one who knows how to travel to the other world and his appearance can change. Wendy ponders over Scissor’s words.

Common Event 2

Peter Event 10

Wendy dreams of her mother criticising her and she wakes up and sees Peter, relieved that she finally woke up since she looked like she was in pain. He invites her out to see the stars and Wendy obliges since she didn’t think that she could sleep after that dream. On the rooftop, Wendy senses that Peter is unlike his usual self as he remains quiet throughout, and even fails to respond when she calls his name. She herself feels uneasy as she doesn’t want to feel alone and wants to be recognised. When she finally gets his attention, Peter tell her that tonight is that of a new moon and he’s always very uneasy on such nights. Eventually Wendy learns that the night he and the Lost Boys made a racket at night was that of a new moon too, and Peter did so in order to chase away his uneasiness. She empathises with him and also wonders if he dislikes the new moon, the dark or her world. Wendy asks him to share his worries, and Peter remarks that he doesn’t mind, but if he shares such an ugly feeling with her she won’t be able to take it.

Instead, Peter requests for Wendy to stay by his side for the night. She agrees and in response, Peter kisses her. Wendy feels herself getting self-conscious due to his different behaviour and is later shocked to see an adult kissing her instead. Hnnng. She can only stare at the stranger as she hesitantly confirms his identity as Peter. He’s pleased to hear this since that means that she grew conscious of him and sees him as an adult now. Apparently, people see Peter’s appearance according to how they view him. Wendy is reminded of what Scissor told her and finally understands it. She thinks to herself that she must’ve seen his adult form back then too and perhaps ever since then she starting thinking “what if Peter was an adult”.

Peter kisses Wendy again as he now can do things he couldn’t bring himself to do as a kid (she’s smaller than him and fits snugly within his arms), and starts to understand what Tinker previously said – he finds Wendy cute enough to eat up now. Before he gets carried away, Wendy hits him and tells him that he can’t have his way and that he should respect her and listen to her as an ideal lover. Peter says that he’s already doing it though and kisses her again lol.

Peter Event 11

Peter is eating with the Darling siblings, much to John’s annoyance. But Peter doesn’t see anything wrong since they’re lovers. Michael spurts out his food at this and John gets more irritated. Things get more heated, and Wendy tells John off for going overboard who remarked that everything would’ve been fine if Peter wasn’t here since he’s the cause of everything. Wendy remarks that it isn’t right to find happiness over someone else’s disappearance. Upon hearing this, Peter solemnly remarks that he knows of someone who did find happiness that way. This surprises her and Peter having finished his meal already, wants to take Wendy somewhere only he knows of. John obviously protests while Michael is curious about their relationship. Wendy decides to leaves first, and Michael asks for some souvenirs since he has to take care of John lol.

It’s a hidden colorful forest, full of trees growing different types of drop sweets. Peter tells her that they are the closest things to him and represent different emotions, eating them would mean getting to know him better so he wishes for her to try them. He offers her a blue one and Wendy resists as she hasn’t come to terms yet. So Peter force-feeds her using his mouth and because of her struggle, it ends up like a passionate kiss as it eventually melts away. But Wendy didn’t get to actually taste its flavour and Peter offers to feed her again. Wendy quickly rejects as she gets embarrassed and sees Peter as an adult.

After eating it, she finds herself crying and Peter hugs her, while thanking her since she’s crying for him. Upon hearing her statement of how it isn’t right to find happiness over someone else’s disappearance, he decided to let her know more about him.

That night, Wendy returns home to her brothers and she explains that she’s just going along with the kid. John sees no need to though and prefers a clean break. For Michael though, he prefers to think about things as they come and it’s just having one more weird older brother lmao. Wendy also passes Michael the blue drops as souvenirs and as he eats them, she sees that he didn’t cry like she did and wonders why.

Peter Event 12

Peter finishes eating a meal by Wendy, and remarks how he always wants to eat them – so perhaps he should move in. Wendy rejects the idea though, especially knowing John. But perhaps he can help out with the chores and this may appeal to John. So Peter offers to be her slave/maid lol, and promptly starts cleaning the floor. Wendy remarks that it isn’t playtime and Peter answers that he’s always serious in what he does – from helping to playing to killing lol. Soon, the Bell siblings come by as they wanted to ask Peter out to play with them. However, Peter refuses since he’s busy already, much to Tinker’s disappointment. She blames Wendy since apparently recently Peter spends all of his time with Wendy, and pushes her out of the window. Luckily, Tink catches her in time and Peter tells Tinker off, saying that he won’t forgive her if she hurts Wendy again. Tinker doesn’t understand since being with Wendy is no good for him but Peter tells her to leave since he just wants to be with Wendy. Tinker leaves, obviously hurt and Tink apologises on her behalf.

Wendy doesn’t understand what’s wrong with teaching Peter as she is doing so now, since he’s just doing what is to be expected. But Tink remarks that what seems “expected” for her may not be the same for Peter. In fact, he thinks it’s amazing that she has managed to get Peter to listen to her like that. After Tink leaves too, Wendy asks if it’s okay to let his friends go. But Peter replies that they’re not really his friends and it doesn’t matter since all he needs is her. Wendy remarks that she enjoys being with him too and Peter happily kisses her in return. This causes Wendy to feel self-conscious and she sees Peter in his adult form. Peter realises this and remarks how cute she is, as he proceeds to kiss her continuously. Embarrassed, Wendy tells him to return to his cleaning but Peter answers that he isn’t in the mood to do so. So Wendy calls him a liar since previously he had promised to help her clean. This causes Peter to pull away from her, as if by reflex upon hearing her words. He immediately goes back to cleaning and before Wendy can wonder further about his reaction, she realises that Michael had been standing there all along, ever since Tink left.

Wendy wonders if Michael sees Peter as an adult or not, especially in such a situation. She doesn’t know how to approach the subject till Michael hesitantly asks for an explanation. Wendy guesses that he must see Peter as an adult and promises to do explain later. The younger brother obliges and offers to help clean as well, challenging Peter to a competition. Wendy tells him that it’s not cleaning for fun but Michael answers that it’s alright as long as the floor is cleaned in the end. After all, the process is equally important and if you’re going to pass time in a similar fashion, he prefers to do it in a more meaningful manner. In response, Wendy realises the meaning of his words.

Peter Event 13

The Darling siblings are having breakfast, though Michael is later since he barely got up seconds ago. Wendy sees him eating messily and tells him gently to eat slowly. Michael remarks that his sister has changed since previously, she would’ve just gotten angry at his poor manners. Soon, Peter comes barging in announcing that it’s time for the next round of contest, and hurries them up since he wants to reach there first. Plus, a storm’s approaching so all the more to leave earlier.

This only causes Michael to stuff himself even more and Wendy tells Peter to wait, but this only makes the kid more impatient. In the end she tells him off and that he could very well go by himself first. Her brothers try to persuade her otherwise, but Wendy feels that it’s only right to discipline a kid. This infuriates Peter and he leaves her alone while flying off with the brothers forcefully.

As Wendy walks towards the contest venue by herself, it starts raining. She starts feeling lonely and wonders if Peter will return for her, which is a strange attachment she’s feeling since she plans to return home  anyway.

Character Event 13

Peter saves Wendy in the nick of time as he stabs Tinker in the chest first. This surprises the fairy since she never expected such an outcome and she begs for forgiveness, but Peter is clearly outraged as he had previously warned her to not hurt Wendy again, hence he isn’t hesitant on killing her. However, Wendy intercepts and asks Peter to let her go, and so Peter obeys her. As Tinker leaves, Wendy worries over her injuries but Peter tells her that fairies won’t die so easily. Still, Wendy is obviously shaken and Peter tries to comfort her as he says that he’ll always protect her.

He wonders what he can do to make her believe and understand him, and comes to that she should become his as he kisses her. Wendy then sees Peter as an adult because of those words. Later, Peter takes her back home. That night, Wendy reassures her two worried brothers as Peter told them that she had been attacked by Tinker. Wendy asks her brothers to stay with her for the night after going through a near-death experience, and they happily oblige, saying that it’s been a long time since they had such a “sleepover”. Wendy feels more strongly that being able to live and laugh together is happiness.

Peter Event 14

Peter is walking together with Wendy, and they realise that they’re near a gathering place for fairies. As Peter explains that the fairies will welcome them warmly, Wendy can’t help but wonder about if Tinker is there too. However, Peter shows to recollection of who Tinker is and this scares Wendy; since he never lies that means he must’ve really forgotten about Tinker, someone who used to always be at Peter’s side. Peter explains that she must’ve disappeared then, and that a fairy’s existence can be easily replaced by another as they’re mere puppets of this world and acts according to the world’s will. In fact, they’re born as full-grown beings and ones like Tink are only a 100 days old. Wendy doesn’t really understand though and goes on to say that she’s Tink’s sister and that both of them acted willfully. Peter acknowledges that they were probably made that way, but still doesn’t seem too concerned.

As they are welcomed by the other fairies, Wendy can’t help but worry over how such a close existence to Peter disappears in a flash, and Peter takes it for granted. Wendy gets flown up by a few fairies, as they are interested in her as Peter’s lover. A male fairy even gives her a handmade flower garland, which ticks Peter off as no other guy should give Wendy presents – so instead he should hand the garland to Peter to put it on Wendy lmao. They obediently do so and everyone is happy, though Wendy doesn’t see the point since technically it’s not a present from Peter.

They next go to where the mermaids are to listen to their singing. But Peter warns Wendy to not get too engrossed in it since they are also dangerous and pull people into the waters with them. Peter decides to go over to talk to them since they seem upset at him not having visited them for a while. Wendy wants to go over too but he tells her that they harm her since they’re petty creatures. Wendy finds herself getting irritated as she can only gaze at Peter getting friendly with the mermaids. But she also reflects on how popular Peter is in Neverland and how special his existence is.

Peter apologises as he comes back to Wendy’s side, saying that he couldn’t help but talk about her and the mermaids got colder lol. He passes her a necklace they made for her and Wendy wants to thank them but he conveys the message that she doesn’t since she’ll see them very soon, in the waters. Clearly, they intend her Wendy to drown or something which freaks Wendy out but Peter says that they’re just shy and can’t wish them happiness honestly.

He then brings Wendy to a flower field but unfortunately, they bump into Hook there who promptly declares his intention to kill Peter. Peter happily entertains Hook, which worries Wendy. He reassures her that he won’t lose anyway but Wendy states clearly that she just doesn’t like the idea of him potentially getting hurt. Soon after, Hook gets so engrossed in their fight that he failed to realise that Peter led him to the edge of a cliff and falls off.

Hook’s men hurry down to attend to their captain and thankfully, he’s fine. Tired, Wendy asks Peter to bring her off, much to his disappointment. He wants to continue playing with her everyday but Wendy points out that doing so may end up being just as boring too. For her, she’s happy with just leading her life perfectly and calmly. Peter doesn’t see the need for perfection though, as he’s just as confident in giving her happiness. For him, happiness is making the one he loves smile, so that’s why he’s always trying to have fun with her. Wendy feels like he can trust Peter’s words knowing that he doesn’t lie, and starts to doubt her mother’s definition of happiness and wonder what happiness is for her.

Peter Event 15

Wendy sees the Lost Boys are worrying over Peter – apparently they were playing a game to see who is the unlucky one who eats a terribly spicy bread and Peter got it. He can’t stand spicy food and upon eating that bread, it drove him to fly off to a lake to cool down. They’re hoping to play a new interesting game – running backwards without a goal – to ease his temper. Wendy doesn’t understand why they can’t play normal games and they tell her that it’s their job to make Peter have fun. When Peter returns, he blames them for what happened to him even though in the first place, he had suggested that game. Wendy gets annoyed, thinking how childish he is and she sees his form as a child once more.

Peter then suggests playing a contest to balance Slightly’s precious glass sweets on a spoon. This upsets Slightly since it’s his treasured collection in danger but he can’t oppose Peter. Wendy steps in and tells Peter off for treating someone’s most important thing so lightly, and to use his most important possession instead for a change. But since to Peter, Wendy is the most important existence to him, he lightens up at the idea of balancing her instead. She points out that it’s impossible so he thinks of using her as a prize for the contest – so it’s no problem if both he and Slightly’s most important possessions are used.

This tires out Wendy even more and here John steps in and tells Peter off for treating his sister as an object – so he’ll take part in the competition too and win her lmao. Peter answers that he’ll definitely win anyway so Wendy has no need to worry and this gets him and John arguing more, to which Wendy can only sigh in response. She suggests playing normal games for a change instead –  since if they’re always playing weird games then a normal game now would be freshly interesting and Peter cheerfully agrees. At one corner, Curly thanks her for settling the situation.

Later that night, Peter comes to visit Wendy, thanking her for her idea as they managed to have some normal fun in the end. He also asks her the reason for getting so upset even though they’re both certain that he would’ve won the contest and asks if she hates belonging to him so much. Wendy tells him that she doesn’t belong to anyone but herself. Peter wonders why even though he desires her, and asks what he should do to gain her. This causes Wendy to see Peter in his adult form. She acknowledges his feelings, but she is still unsure of her own feelings for him even though she knows that she doesn’t hate him now. Peter is willing to wait for her answer.

Peter also passes her a dull grey, drop sweet and Wendy eats it. She feels a mixture of anger and sadness, something which Peter’s mother felt too. She cries, as she realises that her mother probably hated her too after her father’s death, something which she had forgotten. Peter apologises for making her cry, and kisses her. Wendy wonders if a love which doesn’t change can exist and Peter promises that he’ll always love her. Wendy still feels confused though and asks Peter to stay by her side, to which he gladly obliges.

Peter Event 16

Peter has been flying with Wendy for a while and upon her wish to land, he brings her to the marketplace. There, he is warmly welcomed by the locals as he openly introduces Wendy as his lover. Peter gets caught up in the people’s warmth though and is dragged further and further away from Wendy. As Wendy is left behind, she herself is approached by a few other locals who inform her that he’s known as the child of Neverland and everyone sees Peter’s form differently. Wendy sees that he’s equally loved by them and wonders why he has earned such a nickname.

He returns soon after, apologising for leaving her alone. When Wendy asks him about the reason behind his nickname, Peter is willing to tell her but he also adds that once he does so there is no turning back for her. Hearing his serious tone, Wendy considers this again and Peter says that it’s okay to not force herself. But in the end Wendy says that she still wants to know which surprises Peter. He’s heartened to see her interest in him and promises to tell her about it another day.

A girl approaches Wendy and asks if Wendy is Peter’s bride. This idea delights Peter so much as he declares that Wendy is his bride from now on. She points out that they haven’t even gone through any wedding ceremony and so Peter promptly calls for everyone to prepare for one right now and to celebrate. Wendy is surprised as her idea of a wedding is that held in a more holy place and exchanging vows. Peter answers that they’ll have her wedding another day then, but right now they’ll have his lol. A local tells Wendy that Peter often plays such wedding games with her children, and she finds herself feeling disappointed for some reason.

Peter then declares in everyone’s presence that he’ll love her forever and wants her to say the same for him. However, Wendy can’t bring herself to since she is still uncertain of her feelings. This disappoints everyone else since this is going against Peter’s wishes, but Peter is okay and saws that it’ll just be his vows for now. However, he wishes for her to say the same come their next wedding and he kisses her long and hard. (//∇//)

Common Event 3

Peter Event 17

Peter comes bursting through and asks Wendy to go out on a date with him, after hearing from the Lost Boys that lovers are supposed to go out on dates and spend times together which are sweeter than candy lol. Wendy refuses to leave her dishes undone though, and points out that they’ve been going out together before anyway so she doesn’t understand his sudden urge. This surprises Peter and he remarks that it’s true, since whenever he’s together with her it’s all sweet and dandy –  in fact they’re probably on a date right now. Wendy flatly rejects that idea and asks him to wait a while more for her. As he sulks, she starts thinking how childish she is and sees him in his child form again. During this time, Wendy starts reflecting on her feelings for Peter and on his self-centric but honest nature. She finally comes to the conclusion that she probably already likes him, even before she first saw his adult form, since no matter which form he is in, his personality remains the same.

After Wendy’s done, Peter brings her to their destination to spend their sweet time together. But as they arrive at the contest venue, she wonders what’s so romantic about the place and Peter embarrassingly remarks that he’s planning to show her his heart so of course it’s sweet lol. He hasn’t shown anyone it up till now and he’s happy that Wendy’s the first. Peter leads her to a secret room after passing through complex-looking roads and houses – apparently he had lived here previously before shifting to where he’s staying with the Lost Boys now. Wendy can’t imagine Peter having lived in such a dark, lonely place before though. Peter says that he never felt lonely, but after knowing Wendy he probably will feel lonely. Wendy points out that he has the Lost Boys but for Peter, they and the other Neverland people are merely residents of the world to him and he can’t help it. Wendy feels sad at this as it reminds her of how her mother never truly looked at her.

They arrive in what Peter calls the ‘heart’ of the place, and in the room stands a lone mirror. He tells her that so far only his reflection has been reflected in there, acting as a reminder to him that he’s alone in the world. Wendy doesn’t quite understand though, since he’s well-loved by everyone and not alone. Plus, it’s because only he has been here alone so far, that’s why only his reflection was reflected. But Peter re-emphasises what he said, and that he has been alone – until he met her and now her reflection is reflected together with his. He goes on to say that they’re very similar and it was truly fate that they first met, because Wendy had always longed for her mother’s attention but never got it – and locked up her past memories. She hated her own world and wished to be brought away – that was why he chose to grant her wish.

Peter admits that at first he was just interested in her, but now her existence has come to fill up the hole in him and he can’t imagine living without her now. Wendy doesn’t understand and Peter is at a loss at how to explain himself. Wendy tells him to take his time as she wants to understand him. Peter thanks her as he kisses her, and Wendy sees him as an adult again. Peter explains that he had always been lost, looking for happiness but he had no idea where to go to gain it – and this reminds Wendy of their very first conversation. For him, perhaps happiness is to not be lonely and he feels that Wendy can bring him there. Wendy feels that she’s full of flaws and Peter tells her that it’s okay to be herself and to be more confident.

Peter passes her a colourless drop sweet, the last feeling he had received from his mother. Wendy feels a sense of loneliness when she eats it and cries. Peter explains that it was how his mother felt when she abandoned him. And ever since then he had felt empty and alone. Wendy empathises with him as she feels that her mother is similar, though she wasn’t abandoned. Peter remarks that she’s the same as him though but seeing that Wendy hasn’t realised it, he decides to stop for now.

Peter asks Wendy to stay by his side. From the first time he saw her, he felt that they were meant for each other and their existences could fill each other’s emptiness. Wendy is hesitant ‘cos as much as she is tempted to stay by the one she has come to love whom also longs for her, she can’t bear to abandon her family. Peter is willing to wait for her and pushes her to the floor, determined to convince her to stay with him in any case. Wendy points out that it isn’t quite proper to get lovey-dovey in a supposedly holy place but Peter can’t be bothered. Moreover, they’re on a date now so it’s alright to do so in a secret place. He tells her that her existence has come to fill him up and so he wants to fill her up completely too – because they’re meant to do so. ‘Cos he has his way with her, they probably end up ahem filling each other up. (〃ノωノ)キャッ And I die of nosebleeds.

Peter Event 18

Wendy is mulling over the decision to stay or return, and this worries her two brothers. They ask for her to confide in them and to rely on them for once. So Wendy decides to trust them and admits that she’s been thinking over whether to stay and return home. This shocks both of them, especially John, whom guesses that perhaps she’s being threatened by Peter. But Michael says that he had kinda expected such a happening seeing the change in his sister. So for him, as long as she’s truly happy he doesn’t mind if she stays.

Soon, Peter joins them and wonders why John is so quiet – unlike his usual reaction. Apparently John has gone into a deep and long thinking after that and kinda froze on the spot. Wendy tells Peter to not bother him since it’s dangerous and this gives Peter the idea that maybe John will explode or something as he starts poking him lol. This certainly got John coming back to reality as he is shocked to see Peter there and starts blaming him.

Peter doesn’t see what’s wrong though, as he feels that it’s a given that Wendy stays behind ‘cos it’ll make her happy. Wendy admits that may be the case but it’s still her choice. This upsets John even more and he goes off to cool his head. Peter remarks that it’s what he wants (Wendy staying in Neverland) and casually takes Wendy’s hand to go on another date. But Wendy slaps it away, as she says that she needs time to make her own decision. Peter sulks at this and leaves.

Later that night, Peter comes to Wendy’s room wishing to know her true answer. Wendy is still uncertain though, and asks if it’s possible for Peter to come to her world instead. But he refuses to go there, and if she chooses to return he won’t follow her. Wendy then wonders about his drop of happiness and since Peter always carries them around with him, he promptly gives one to try. Upon eating, she recalls an unfamiliar memory of a mother being excited over her unborn baby, and then recalls her past memory of when her own mother still treated her kindly before her father passed away. Wendy guesses that the first woman was Peter’s own mother – who apparently abandoned him later. Despite how her mother treats her now, she knows that she was happy during that period. But she’s also sad at how drastic they changed.

Peter tells Wendy that even though he’s usually confident, he’s uneasy when it comes to her. Since she doesn’t belong to this world, he can’t predict her actions. He tells her that he likes her not just ‘cos they play together, but because he has grown fond of her and wants to always feel her warmth – plus he has finally found a place to belong to. Wendy still doesn’t understand why Peter says that he’s been alone all along, but he tells her that he can’t say the reason and she has to realise it herself. He adds that if Wendy chooses to return she may or may not find happiness, but if she chooses to stay he’ll definitely bring her happiness – and of course he’ll definitely have his happiness. In the end, Wendy realises that she needs him just as much and decides to stay.

Peter Event 19

After some time, Wendy wakes up one morning with the strong feeling that the contest will be held today. She is determined to make the judgement succeed this time, and it is apparent that she has come to a decision. She goes down to wake up both her brothers. Wendy sees Michael first, and informs him of the following, and wishes to announce her final decision to both brothers. So she goes down to find John but he has no wish of listening to her if she isn’t going to change her mind despite what he feels. So Wendy only tells Michael of her decision to stay. Michael feels sad to part from her, but he’s happy to see her confidence. Wendy promise him to be happy here.

All three siblings and Nana soon leave the house. Wendy convinces John to eat the sweets properly this time, but John doesn’t wish to listen to her anymore. But he decides that he’s going to eat all the sweets and judge for himself, and hopefully the contest will fail and there will be time for Wendy to reconsider. Michael feels that John is running away from reality and instead this touches John, seeing how mature is worried Michael is for him lmao. Eventually they arrive at the contest venue.

Peter and Hook are causing a ruckus – and eventually Scissor joins in. Wendy worries about the audience but Peter tells her that the audience came here knowing the risks, especially when they sit at the front where the fighting is. So it’s the thrill of almost getting killed which kills the boredom. Scissor tells her that she should let him be as if the judging is succeeds, the rules will no longer apply and chaos will ensue. Wendy worries over this but Peter tells her there’s no need to as the rules still hold until both the judges and winning contestant make their wish. This was because previously, the rules wore off after the final judging and the losing contestants killed off the judges and winning contestant. Wendy asks about when they should make their wish and he says they can do so anything, and to wish just like how they did when judging the best sweet. ‘Cos if everyone gathered for it; the contestants would also end up killing each other when the rules wear off.

Eventually things calm down and they finally all sit down and all three judges sample the sweets properly this time. They then take their judging to the inner room. In the judging room, the three siblings decide to not consult each other and to just think of the sweet they think is the best. Naturally, Wendy picks the drop and feels that it represents Peter just as much. Soon, she hears an unfamiliar voice congratulating her and finds herself still in the room with her brothers. They exit to see the previous room with growing golden drop sweets, so Peter must’ve won, much to John’s disappointment. The Lost Boys congratulate and thank the three siblings.

Peter comes by to congratulate and thank them too her, even though he felt that it was expected of him to win. Michael goes off with Nana to enjoy the festivities for a last time and John decides to finally hear Wendy’s decision – so the two of them and Peter go to a quieter area to talk.

Peter’s Best End

Wendy tells John that she has decided to stay and apologises. However, John had actually already expected it and leaves the two of them to join Michael and Nana. Peter is delighted with her decision and promises to make her happy.

Some time later, Wendy is seen trying to find a suitable place for a new home. She doesn’t like the idea of staying with in a same room with Peter and in his house with no bathrooms. Moreover, it’s embarrassing to act intimately when the Lost Boys can easily interrupt them – not that Wendy is willing to tell Peter this. Peter suggests moving over to her place though but it’s too small for everyone. It turns out that actually Peter knows that Wendy is embarrassed by all of this all along – but he doesn’t see the need to since they’re lovers anyway. Wendy doesn’t want to abandon the Lost Boys and this is confirmed by them too, who apparently had been outside eavesdropping.

Peter is surprised at how sensitive Wendy’s ears are to have heard them outside, and then remarks that actually her whole body is just as sensitive lmao. Finally, Peter comes up with the idea of shifting to where he used to live – the contest venue. Wendy is unsure about his decision but everyone else is excited and rushes off to pack their belongings. Peter reassures her that it’s okay since there’s no righter existence in this world other than him – and she’ll come to understand the meaning of that in the future. He tells her to be happier and that he wants to see her smile, and starts kissing her. Wendy wonders about the new life ahead, she also thinks of how her brothers are living back in their old world.

A flashback starts, showing the three siblings ready to make their wish. They all wish for each other’s happiness. Their wish is granted and they see a mirror door appear before them. Both John and Michael see their own rooms, however, Wendy sees the reflection of the current room they’re in. John attempts going halfway through, and realises that he’s stuck. He becomes clingy of his sister, unwilling to separate from her. Michael pushes his older brother over, saying that it’s best for the goodbyes to be kept short. He wishes Wendy all the best, and hopes that they can see each other again – since in the first place, Peter travelled to their world. Wendy asks Michael to take care of Nana in her place, but he tells her that they should let Nana choose and see who she ends up with. He gives Wendy a surprise kiss and goes to join John. This leaves Wendy and Nana left and they also walk through – turns out that Nana ends up with Wendy and has chosen to stay by her side.

Back in present time, Wendy recalls how on the night her brothers went back, Peter promptly devoured her and she gets embarrassed and wonders if the Lost Boys overheard anything then. Peter asks Wendy to sleep with him for tonight and Wendy answers that it’s okay as long as he just sleeps. But then Peter remarks that it’s impossible since when he feels her warmth beside him he can’t possibly not do anything to her. (///ω///)

Months later, they’ve settled in their new home and Wendy is searching for Peter – initially she was supposed to teach him last night but she got carried away with the mood aha. So they’ve promised to conduct the lessons today instead. The Lost Boys inform her that Peter has flown off but since he has promised her, he would surely be back later. Curly adds that he saw Peter leave and seemed a bit sad that Wendy couldn’t wake up in the morning ‘cos he pushed her too much to the early morning till she was exhausted pffffft. Wendy is alarmed at the things Peter carelessly says to the kids and feels the need to properly educate him even more. Apparently, she has been giving lessons to the Lost Boys too and they’re eagerly learning – but not Peter who has lagged behind.

But the topic piques their interest as to what fun they’re secretly having every night and Wendy is at a loss on how to answer – till Nibs say that it’s their own privacy and besides it’s more fun to uncover a secret by yourself lmao. Wendy quickly tells them all not to ask anymore since it’s not proper.

Wendy then goes off to find Peter and she meets Tink on the way, who offers to help her with some fairy dust and directions to where Peter is as he just saw him in return for some fun. Wendy is hesitant at first but Tink assures her that he won’t harm her as Peter will be mad so she takes up his offer. Having not seen Tinker ever since, Wendy decides to ask Tink about her and apparently he still remembers her. He tells her that she has been ridden off so he can’t play with her anymore. Wendy is surprised to see his nonchalance but for Tink, fairies aren’t really meant to hold special attachments – their only attachment is to the will of the world.

They reach where Peter is – fighting Hook on his ship. In a distance, Scissor’s ship can be seen, ready to attack Hook. Wendy decides to first dissuade Scissor’s attack. He is unfazed at first, but then Tink says that if he accidentally kills Peter the whole of Neverland will be against him, he may even not be able to sail anymore. This causes Scissor to think twice, much to Tink’s delight as he merely wanted to see him scared, and so Scissor obliges. But he wants Wendy to get Peter off the ship asap so that he can continue his attack ‘cos this may also give Hook a chance to escape from him – if that happens then Scissor will rather be cursed than let Hook run away. He also makes Tink sprinkle fairy dust on him too, so that he can have a good look of the layout of Hook’s ship which can be advantageous for him when attacking lol.

They decide that the easiest way to get Peter away is for Wendy to call him. However, when she waves to Peter to get his attention, he merely waves back and seems to want to show off his skills to Wendy as he continues fighting lol. This causes Wendy to think of him as childish and sees Peter in his child form. Scissor sighs at this and suggests a last resort, something which he didn’t really want to do. Wendy gives the go-ahead since there’s no time to lose and so Scissor pretends to kiss Wendy. This proves to be highly effective as the next second Peter smacks Scissor aside and threatens to kill him off. Tink merely laughs at the interesting situation and even though Wendy and Scissor try to explain the truth, Peter engages Scissor in a fight in the air – which is disadvantageous for Scissor. Wendy asks Tink to bring her nearer to the two and he happily obliges. This surprises Wendy since she thought he likes watching from a safe area, and Tink agrees – he pushes her towards the fight instead. Luckily, Peter catches her safely.

Wendy tries to explain that it was a pretend-kiss to get Peter here and away from danger etc. When Peter doesn’t seem to be listening, Wendy kisses him and says that he’s the only one she kisses like this. He changes into an adult form in her eyes and his head has finally cooled down. Peter casually said that Scissor should’ve just said so from the start, and Scissor said he did try but to no avail. Since everything is cleared up Scissor returns to his ship and orders Clip (whom he calls wrongly lmao) to start attacking – adding that he won’t accompany an idiot couple any longer pfft.

Wendy tells Peter to stay away from such life-threatening situations but for Peter, he enjoys it since he feels like he’s living upon the thought of possible death. This causes Wendy to think if it’s because people live forever here. The couple leave to return home and Tink stays behind to enjoy the continuation of the attack.

After a day of teaching Peter as promised, the couple sit on the rooftop. It’s the night where the moon is dark, but Peter no longer feels as uneasy now that he has Wendy. In response, Wendy tells him that she can’t live if he dies either, so he shouldn’t put his life in danger anymore. Instead, he can feel that he’s living if she’s by his side – to which Peter agrees. They kiss as Wendy feels that she has found her happiness beside the person she loves, who loves her for who she is.

Peter’s Good End

*Note: Some parts of certain events and CGs you get while doing the Best End do not appear while doing the Good End. The main difference is that Peter doesn’t bring Wendy to see the mirror and of course, Wendy decides to return home.

Wendy tells John that she’s returning home, much to his relief. Wendy has decided to go back to try and fix things with her mother and communicate her feelings better. Peter is clearly disappointed, and hints that it’s impossible for her to do so before leaving them. Some time later, the siblings are on the way to the judgement room to make their wish to go home. Hardly any time has passed since they left for Neverland.

A year later, Wendy has unfortunately not made any progress. In fact, things have gotten worse with her mother and Wendy now sees the discrimination she practices against her versus her brothers. She wonders if it’s just that she never saw the truth previously, but after what happened in Neverland she now sees everything clearer – and perhaps back then her ignorance was a form of bliss.

That night, Wendy thinks to herself about how she regrets leaving Neverland. But she knows that she herself made the decision so it’s useless to long for Peter. However, when she opens her eyes she sees Peter before her, much to her surprise – she even slaps herself to see if this is real. Peter tells her that he has come to bring her back, as he guesses that she misses him just as much as he does. He’s glad to see that Wendy still loves him just as much so this time, no matter what, he’s bringing her back with him. John comes in later as he heard noises and is obviously against Wendy leaving. Later, Michael also comes in and he says that if it’s what Wendy truly wants, she should go.

John says that Peter is not of their world so he can’t understand their sibling attachment. In response, Peter says that he was actually born in this world, but as it abandoned him – he decided to reject this world too and go to the eternal world. They are all surprised to hear this and Peter merely cheekily asks if Wendy wants to know more about him, and that he’ll tell her more upon their return. IWANTTOKNOW. Wendy knows that if she lets go of Peter this time, she’ll regret it even more than the first time. However, she asks Peter if it’s okay for him to bring her here to see her brothers from time to time. He promises her and this brings a bit of relief to John and Michael. And so Wendy leaves with Peter for Neverland another time.


Hnng Peter totally tickles my fancy with his change between adult and child form. Not to mention I love the change in his voice. (●´艸`)ヾ I don’t think his route is as satisfying as Tink’s, but it’s probably ‘cos it serves to complement the Truth route (unlockable after completing all of Neverland characters’ good/best ends). Peter can be annoying at first, but you start to see more sides to him and feel for him. I like how he openly displays his affection for Wendy and that adds up to many kiss CGs~ (And everyone sees me as a pervert now for blushing over a shota kissing Wendy.)

How Tinker’s existence was taken care of just like that was a bit saddening – especially since in Tink’s route she saves her brother, but here it’s a different story. Peter’s route in general gives a few answers to the truth about Peter, but also gives even more questions lol. I’m really curious about his back story now as his route didn’t really focus so much on it, but more like teases you about it.

The Lost Boys are cute though I guess I prefer Hook’ hot-blooded crew or Scissor’s right-handed men. But it’s a bit sad to see how Peter doesn’t see the kids more than playmates. I like his Good End, though it made it seem like choosing love over family was ideal. Also, the fact that Wendy’s mother treats her so badly makes me wonder about the Best Ends for John and Michael where she seemed okay? Again, probably the Truth route will reveal the reasons so I shalln’t speculate further.

In any case, I can’t hate Peter ‘cos he voiced by Ishida and I’m ecstatic to hear his shota voice and “adult” voice in one go. (*´∀`*) I’m also not complaining about the CGs – did you notice that towards the end there are so many lovey-dovey scenes? Haha. However, Peter’s personality doesn’t change as much here and it’s more on Wendy’s part, so I’m looking forward to see how different the Truth route is. It has common scenes with Peter’s route so I expect that it’ll take less time to complete.

10 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Peter’s route

  1. midoriha says:

    Thank you very much!
    so, Peter, huh? I was laughing so hard when you were saying ‘hnnng’ during those particular moments! Well—-not like i don’t know how you feel, though! Hahaha! Also, that…’filling up’ conversation. Those innuendos…even though it’s meant to be romantic, i know! I can’t help it though! Well, it ended up leading to…it…anyway! Die of nosebleeds—–i’ll faint f0rom it, i guess! that scene where Hook takes her hostage, then kisses her…and then later when Peter kisses Wendy to sanitise her, woooo! Nice! The scene with the male fairy was funny, and that scene in the best end where Wendy says it’s ok if he’ll just sleep with her, and his response…let me just go, ‘Kyaaaa’! Also, that scene where Scissor pretends to kiss Wendy…hehe, cu—te!Peter smacking Scissor aside is hilarious to imagine though!


  2. Euryx says:

    Adult Peter~ (ღˇ◡ˇ)~♥
    They’re lovey-dovey but not as much as with the other routes which is a shame. I wanted to see a scene such as the one on Hook’s and Scissor’s Best end. wwww I sound like a pervert (〃∇〃).
    I was also sad with what happened to Tinker. She’s a biatch but…that was kind of harsh. D:

    Anyway, I’ll wait for your review of the truth end!


  3. pocketbiscuit says:

    Oh I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the truth end! I’ll hold my comments until you’ve played it~ I can’t hate him either even though he’s a spoiled kid, he can be very cute. XD


  4. Lisa says:

    So cute, yet confusing
    Was he the adult or the shota in real life…….(>A<)
    I kept on staring at the shota and the adult peter and compared their looks
    smaller eyes, more details in the hair, clothes are bigger and alot more taller
    Big eyes and everything opposite of what I wrote above besides the eyes


  5. Ilinox says:

    (*ノ∀ノ) his adult form is really sexy looking www but the constant switches from shota form to adult form was confusing. Like at one point she’s kissing shota Peter but then adult Peter?

    The mirror scene in the heart of the palace was kind of interesting. Does the mirror really reflect no one but himself (and then Wendy)? Or was it just because he’s alone there? It’d be kind of sad if most of the inhabitants in Neverland never existed except for him.. but wait, how did Scissor and Hook get there then? Is the truth route another replay through the game with Wendy getting with no one? Or does it show specific hidden scenes to tell the truth?


    • Yume says:

      Ikr. (//∇//) Hmm the main factor for Wendy seeing Peter in his adult form is: ペーターのことを意識してる時、ペーターを大人に見えるってことだそう。Perhaps that’s why many of those times are when she’s kissing him hahaha.

      The former is what Peter claims though I’m more inclined towards Wendy’s interpretation – so it’s more of the act of him opening up his “heart” to someone he trusts that seems significant to me, rather than the physical reflection(s) of Peter/Wendy. It’s left unconfirmed though so this is my own speculation. ;;

      Hook wasn’t born in Neverland (he comes from the island where Tink and Wendy visited in their Best End) and he decided to stay in Neverland for his spoiler reason; I think Scissor wasn’t born in Neverland either since he was only sent here later by the headquarters. So perhaps that’s why they view Peter a bit differently compared to the Neverland residents.

      I’ve only replayed the Prologue part for the Truth route but from what I see of the guide – it partly follows Peter’s route so I’m guessing Wendy kinda “gets together” with him but maybe in not such a romantic way as his route? She also seems to get chummy with Tinker in the Truth route. But yup, it looks like there are original scenes too to reveal the truth.


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