Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Truth route

The truth route reveals every other possible spoiler you could think of – from Peter’s background to the backstory of the eternal world to Wendy’s complex. Therefore, it is HIGHLY recommended that you read all the other character reviews before this as it may very well spoil your enjoyment of those if you read this first. Even if you don’t mind, at least read Peter’s review because it overlaps heavily with this but there are also small differences which may turn out confusing at first! This also branches out to a friendship end with Tinker. The rest of the post is SPOILERS!! Do read the Prologue first.

Right at the beginning of the prologue, when Wendy first spots Peter, a new choice pops up and the correct one would be that Wendy feels a strange need to call out to the unfamiliar boy.

Truth Event 1

Wendy has a dream of an unfamiliar woman looking out to a new moon’s night sky and mumbling to herself. She wakes up and can’t help but feel a strange sense of sadness. The rest follows Peter Event 1.

Truth Event 2

That day, Wendy decides to go to the Heart of the Forest in hope of finding out more about Neverland, and the contest. However, before she enters the main contest hall she is stopped by Tinker. The fairy clearly doesn’t welcome her and asks for her purpose here and so Wendy explains herself. However, Tinker feels that Wendy shouldn’t be treading on such important grounds when the contest isn’t being held. Wendy even curious since that means there’s some secret in this place and Tinker’s hesitance confirms it. Wendy tries to persuade her to bring her back home since the fairy doesn’t want her here ‘cos as much as she wants to, her will is to do what Peter wants.

Wendy points out her contradiction and this annoys Tinker more. Even though Tinker wants the contest to succeed above anything else, she still hates Wendy as she feels that her presence is a threat to Peter. However, since Peter has taken a liking to Wendy, she can’t do anything about it and remarks that Peter’s heart is still lost. Wendy decides to confirm Tinker’s feelings – aka she hates Wendy. This leads Tinker to get a bit distracted as it’s doesn’t matter whether she does or not, she just doesn’t want her to be near Peter – but Peter wants that etc. Upon seeing this, Wendy decides to try to slip past the doors.

But Tink, who was apparently watching from above, interrupts them. The fairy siblings soon casually start discussing about killing Wendy off – Tink can’t join in the “fun” since he’s a contestant so he tells his sister to do so by herself and carefully, so that she doesn’t get noticed even by the world. This conversation obviously puts Wendy off and she decides to leave for today after all.

Truth Event 3

Wendy dreams of that same woman mumbling to herself again. When she wakes up she feels like it’s a continuation of the previous dream and can’t help but wonder what happens next. The rest follows Peter Event 2.

Common Event 1

Truth Event 4

Character Event 4

The judgement fails yet again, as Wendy suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar room. Tinker soon finds her, knowing that the judgement has ended since John fell from the ceiling and Peter saved him. But she’s surprised to see Wendy in this room, known as the ‘heart’ of this place as normal humans can’t easily access this place. Wendy doesn’t understand what she means but more importantly, she’s worried about her brothers. Tinker reassures her though, since the contest is held by the will of the world and hence, the judges should be safe no matter what. According to her, John only fell from the ceiling because the will of the world knew that he could be saved there.

Confused, this leads Wendy to start worrying about the contest’s failure, and Tinker fails to understand her resistance against sweets. Wendy explains that she made a resolution to herself to be perfect, including avoiding sweets altogether, hence she doesn’t want to break it so easily – as if she was lying to herself. Upon hearing this, Tinker easily accepts her explanation, agreeing that it’s indeed no good to lie to yourself and tells Wendy that it’s okay to stick to her decision. This surprises Wendy since this is linked closely with the contest’s success and Tinker is most concerned with that. But Tinker points out that despite failing this time, Wendy ended up in this room which is only accessible to people the will of the world allows in, hence she is special.

Moreover, as long as the contest is kept interesting it’s alright – since boredom equals death in this world. This time, John’s fall from the ceiling managed to keep it “interesting”. Not only the people of this world, but even the world itself is at that risk so since Wendy was supposedly “chosen” (being in this room), Tinker feels that she may be able to “save” this world.

So, Tinker says that she’s willing to cooperate and help her in return. Naturally, Wendy doesn’t understand everything Tinker is saying, but she sees that the fairy may not actually be as bad as she thought she was. She ponders over what Tinker said as they leave the room.

Truth Event 5

Wendy dreams of what appears to be continuation of her previous dreams yet again. The woman is crying this time as she gazes at the moon. The scene also blacks out and she another woman’s voice shouting (but she can’t hear the full sentences) – and Wendy wakes up at this point. She’s shocked as the second woman’s voice resembled her mother’s. So Wendy starts to wonder if these aren’t merely dreams but possibly memories. The rest follows Peter Event 6.

Truth Event 6

Tinker comes to find Wendy since she never went to the Heart of the Forest after that and wants to help Wendy to understand this world better. Even though Wendy suggests going to the contest venue, the fairy feels that if Wendy doesn’t understand the world enough it would be a wasted trip there anyway. Unable to understand her words, Tinker asks her what she saw in the ‘heart’ room previously (refer to Event 4) – Wendy recalls seeing a strange-looking object and Tinker replies that it actually is a large mirror. Even though Tinker has never seen it for herself, she knows that only when the will of the world has opened up its ‘heart’ to you, can you see the mirror. After being suspicious of her at first, Tinker apologises for trying to kill her previously. So Wendy decides to trust Tinker and after fairy dust is sprinkled onto her, the two of them fly around Neverland.

First, Tinker brings her to see Neverland from afar, explaining that it was the first island created in this world. Wendy wonders if Tinker was born since Neverland came about too since she knows so much, but Tinker says that she’s barely 100 days old (like Tink). Even though the world is eternal, a fairy is only born to assist the world and hence there is no need for them to live long. However, because of their purpose, as a fairy she knows the world very well. Tinker points out the Heart of the Forest and explains that the whole world is centred around it and Wendy will come to understand why as she learns of the truth – which the fairy can’t say explicitly and Wendy must learn by herself. Also, it’s not something you should ‘reason’ out but come to learn by feeling.

Tinker then brings Wendy to Hook’s ship to ask Hook in person why he is in Neverland. Naturally Hook says that it’s to kill Peter but the fairy says that there’s a deeper reason and this annoys Hook as he chases them away and even asks his men to attack Tinker – which his men are hesitant since they can get cursed. Tinker explains that since fairies are connected to the will of the world, it is said that killing one would curse the killer. In any case, the two girls escape from the pirates’ attacks. Wendy is fearful for her life but Tinker is enjoying herself, pointing out that they’re not seriously attacking since they can’t risk killing a judge.

Since they couldn’t get an answer out of Hook, Tinker decides to explain: Hook’s left hand would pain him excessively from time to time, and hence his hatred for Peter grows each time. Wendy doesn’t understand what Hook has to do with the truth but Tinker insists otherwise, saying that he has become a symbol of fear due to his extremely violent nature and hence easily breaks any peaceful situation. They then spot Scissor’s navy ship in a distance and they land there as it’s their next destination. However, of course Scissor is too busy attacking Hook’s ship and has no time to answer their questions. Meanwhile, they also spot Tink above enjoying the “show”.

Since they can’t do anything for now, Tinker brings Wendy to a flower field to quietly talk things out. The fairy tells Wendy that this is a usual place for fairies to hang out, but since there’s a human (Wendy) around everyone doesn’t dare to come out. Though midway through Tinker does invite them over by telling them that Wendy’s a special person to Peter, but they also soon leave after. Wendy feels that the Bell siblings and the ones at the contest venue are different though, and Tinker confirms this as they were designed in such a manner. Also, the ones at the contest venue were born for the sake of the contest only – each time a judgement fails they disappear and in a sense are “disposable”. Wendy feels bad hearing this as Tinker promptly switches the topic back to Scissor.

Scissor is meant to suppress Hook’s violence. Scissor feels no sense of fear, even to the point of wanting to destroy himself (Scissor’s route explains the reasons why). When Hook first came to Neverland he may have very well taken control of the island if it weren’t for Scissor. Wendy wonders why Peter couldn’t have intervened and Tinker explains that he doesn’t really bother. With Peter around, Neverland remains a peaceful and fun place – but if there’s no ‘excitement’ things become boring. Hook’s role is meant to provide such ‘excitement’ and Scissor’s role is to control him so that things don’t become too destructive. This gives Wendy the understanding that Hook and Scissor aren’t staying in Neverland based on their own will and Tinker leaves it up to her interpretation.

Wendy asks what is the role of Peter then, and Tinker says that he’s a special existence even in such a world. She then asks Wendy if she would be happy in a world where everything goes her way with people who go along your will. Since Wendy wants to attain perfection, it would be a world where everything is perfect then. In reply, Wendy says that she’d rather work for it and mature. By knowing that she has matured she feels happy. The fairy then asks how would she know that and Wendy replies that gaining her mother’s approval would make her happier. Upon hearing this, Tinker concludes that her happiness is swayed by other people. So perhaps in a world you created, there is no such other person to make you happy. Though for Tinker, she doesn’t quite understand such relationships since it’s just herself and the world.

Wendy is confused by this but Tinker tells her to not mind it. She’s actually happy to have a fellow female companion since neither Tink nor Peter seem to appreciate certain interests. And then the two of them have some girl-bonding time.

Truth Event 7

Wendy dreams a continuation of the dream again, though this time she also hears a child’s voice. As she wakes up, Wendy wonders if it is the child of the unfamiliar woman she has been dreaming of. The rest follows Peter Event 8 except when Peter grabs Wendy by the hand, the conversation differs.

Peter remarks that he’s never felt this way about anyone else before – wanting to know about someone so much and vice versa – which causes Wendy to comments that he sounds lonely. Peter doesn’t understand her though, since he feels happy. Later, Wendy also sees a black thing creeping up on them which forces her to look up at Peter, see him as an unfamiliar adult and push him away. She explains that and Peter answers that it’s him, and as for the black thing – perhaps his existence was unstable for that short while and hence she saw that. Wendy is confused by this and Peter explains that she got self-conscious around him. He’s happy to know this and hopes that his adult form is to her taste lol.

Truth Event 8

Wendy dreams of the child again, mumbling to himself that there’s is nothingness and so there’s no way to be happy here. In that case, the child decides to create a world where he can be happy. As she wakes up, Wendy feels that the child’s voice belongs to Peter.

The rest follows Peter Event 9 except that Wendy remarks that Peter doesn’t know what ‘love’ really is since it differs for lovers, friends, family etc. Peter remarks that he does indeed like many things, and he can’t say for sure that he likes her the most but she does interest him the most. However, he feels that Wendy should like him the most and hence be happy that way. This leads them to try touching the mushroom to convince each other. The other difference is that Wendy thought she saw the black mass from before and ‘saves’ Peter – but it turned out to be mushrooms. Because of that, Peter then remarks that he now likes her the most, so he loves her now and they’re official lovers now lol.

Also, at Scissor’s ship, Wendy learns from the navy captain that he sees Peter as a child but apparently Hook sees him as an adult.

Truth Event 9

Wendy is trying to psych herself into eating the sweets in her room and Peter interrupts her, and brings her to go eat another kind instead. The rest follows Peter Event 11. At night, Tinker comes to find Wendy and Wendy tells her about what happened that day. Tinker immediately knows of the place she mentioned – even though she never went there before. She felt that she was there though and came here to confirm it. Tinker explains that the drop sweets with feelings are unique, and so are the people who eat them and are able to feel something – which again confirms that Wendy is special to Peter. Later on, the two girls also have a late-night sleepover – though it’s mostly one-sided on Tinker’s side.

Truth Event 10

This follows Peter Event 10 up till when Peter asks Wendy to stay by his side and hugs her, causing her to see Peter as an adult now. He tells her that he has another purpose for coming here and gives her a dull grey drop sweet like in Peter Event 15. However, besides recalling that her mother probably hated her too after her father’s death, she also clearly recalls what her mother’s last words were to her in her dream from before: “…it would’ve been better if you weren’t born at all!!!!”.

Wendy feels sad upon recalling her lost memory from when she was young. She had always felt that if she tried to meet her mother’s expectations of perfection, she would gain approval and love but with this memory, she feels at a loss. Peter comforts her, saying that there’s no need for her to be perfect and he understands her feelings the most as they’re very similar – which is why he brought her here. Afraid that she may be lonely, he also brought her two brothers along. He asks her to live with him here forever and Wendy hesitates at her answer, wondering if it’s really okay to live here with Peter and her brothers. Peter has no intentions of letting her go though. Wendy wonders why he’s so attached to her, and he answers that it was purely interest at first, but the more he got to know her the more he was unwilling to let her go. Though now that they’re lovers, it’s only natural that he’s this attached to her.

Common Event 2

Truth Event 11

This starts out like Peter Event 16 but when Wendy says that she wants to know more about Peter, he is willing to tell her the truth immediately and brings her to the ‘heart’ room where a lone mirror stands. This conversation they have partly follows Peter Event 17 but Peter also tells Wendy to step through the mirror and she does so where she starts seeing the memories of the unfamiliar woman she had been dreaming of since she came to Neverland.

The woman was first happy to be pregnant, feeling that her wish could be granted. It next shows her with her two parents. The woman insists on her parents meeting the man she loves, but her father has other plans for her as he has already arranged a marriage for her. The woman continues protesting though, with the intention of announcing that she’s pregnant when her parents agree to see her lover. But she’s finally silenced when her father informs her that he had passed money to that man in exchange for staying away from his daughter.

Next, the woman is seen talking to her mother. She refuses to believe that she had been betrayed and feels that her parents are merely using her as a tool for the family’s convenience. But her mother tells her otherwise, saying that their family business has died and they are almost bankrupt. So her father thought of her well-being, wanting his daughter to live comfortably and arranged such a marriage. If she doesn’t marry, it may very well mean the end of their family.

The next few scenes show the woman in pain. At first she thought that her unborn baby could give her happiness as she could marry the man she loves. But now if her pregnancy is known, her arranged marriage would fail and risk her family. It’s clear that this has affected the woman’s mental health, as she even starts musing over the child’s death for the betterment of everyone. However, upon thinking that this is the child with the man she loves she can’t bring herself to do so.

Later, the woman is at the seaside on a first moon’s night. She wants her child to live, yet she doesn’t want to give birth to it – she wants it to die, but she also wants it to live. She then sees the dark moon and muses over how it would be good if her child hides itself there where no one can see. As she starts crying, she wishes that her child can be happy in another world since it is an unnecessary existence here. Wendy then sees child Peter appear in the air – if he’s here his mother can’t be happy, so it would be better if he disappears. Hence, he obliges his mother’s wishes and hides in the darkness of the first moon.

Wendy finds herself sitting before the mirror. As she registers everything, she realises that she had been seeing the memories of Peter’s mother since she came here and Peter confirms this. He obliged his mother’s wishes and hid in the dark. But it was lonely in there and so he created a world to be happy in – everything from the seas to Neverland to humans, fairies, mermaids – a place where everything goes his way. He’s the will of the world. Wendy believes him since he never tells lies and he thanks her in return. However, she feels helpless since she can’t do anything and Peter says that she can by staying by his side, as he hugs her. All along he had been lonely until he met her and she felt up the emptiness in him, like a warm and sweet sweet.

This causes Wendy to wonder why he held a sweets contest. Peter answers that he feels a sense of happiness every time he ate a sweet, so the world’s filled with an abundance of sweets. But he created all the sweets to be delicious in his mind, in the end he couldn’t decide which was the tastiest and so he decided to hold a contest with people from the boring world. Wendy is annoyed to hear such a flippant reason but Peter tells her that it was a matter of life and death for him. He initially wanted the create an abundance of the winning sweet and eat it. However, now that she knows the truth of his identity there’s no need to hold the contest anymore. Peter is willing to let them all return home now since there’s no longer a reason to hold them back even though he wants her to stay. But Wendy refuses as she can’t bring herself to leave Peter alone. She says that it’s alright to go on with the contest, even though all she can do for him is to be by his side. Still, Peter is happy to hear this as he hugs and kisses her.

Truth Event 12

Peter and Wendy are gazing down at the busy streets. Peter offers her a drop sweet and recalls how she previously mentioned that it seemed plain against the other contest entries. Peter explains that perhaps unlike the others (chocolate, biscuit, ice-cream) – when you eat it it slowly melts in your mouth and so you can enjoy the sweet happiness longer. Wendy agrees, but then doesn’t feel the same if it’s ones like the blue or grey drop. Peter explains that despite so, those were the feelings he got from his mother and when Wendy wonders if he hates her, he answers that it’s a mix of love and hatred.

Wendy reflects upon her own situation, and feels that it’s a lot more cruel for Peter. She remarks that Peter can afford to be happier. In reply, he asks then what is her happiness. Wendy muses over this – her target used to be getting approval from her mother but now she no longer knows. Seeing her troubled by this, Peter says it’s okay to not answer him. He tells her that as long as she likes him he’s happy. For Peter, he’s happy if someone comes to love him, since he has always been alone. Wendy begs to differ since she sincerely feels that people like Hook and Scissor are “alive” and Tinker and the Lost Boys sincerely care for Peter.

But Peter says that this world was created by him, so everyone lives for his sake and don’t have their own will – though unlike fairies, humans aren’t aware of that fact. But the likes of Hook and Scissor, Tink and Tinker were created to act exceeding his expectations, and though the Lost Boys are a bit special, they still don’t have their own wills. He thought that he could be happy in a world he created and where everything goes his way but it was not the case and he wasn’t truly happy being liked by people he himself created. So perhaps this world is meaningless.

Wendy still can’t bring herself to believe that all of these people don’t really hold wills of their own. But if he first created this world to be happy, and yet he isn’t, what plans does he have for this world now? Peter hesitates, and agrees that he should think over this. He later takes his leave, looking rather solemn.

Truth Event 13

Wendy and her brothers are talking, and they bring up how lately they’ve spotted what looks like black shadows looming about. This worries Wendy as she is reminded of when she first saw it and Peter remarked that it was because he was unstable. She decides to go find him but at his house, the Lost Boys tell her that he isn’t in and went off in the direction of the forest. She leaves and as she’s searching for him, she herself meets with a black mass, almost as if it’s watching her and then starts chasing her. Thankfully, Tinker saves Wendy as she sprinkles fairy dust on her.

Wendy asks about the black mass and Tinker tells her that it acts as an eraser of this world, ridding of any existence the world doesn’t need anymore. She guesses that Wendy has already learned of the truth as Wendy is shocked to hear that Peter wants to rid of her. Tinker tells her that it’s impossible, and that recently the black mass has been acting unstable – hence it’s proof that the world is crumbling down. In other words, Peter is breaking down/dying. Because he has started to question this world he has created, it means that the world is doubting itself. If this goes on, the whole world is at stake. Tinker pleads Wendy to help save Peter. As much as she herself wishes to save Peter, she can’t do anything since she’s but a mere doll and only Wendy can help Peter.

Wendy wonders if her words to Peter caused him to question the world he created and starts worrying over him. She gladly agrees to Tinker’s request, as she herself wants to help Peter. Tinker thanks her and is willing to assist her at all costs. Later, Peter interrupts them and wants to play with them too. Seeing how cheerful he is at a time like this, Wendy can’t help but think that he’s such a child and she sees him in his child form now. Peter even tells her to try and chase after him – just like a pair of lovers lmao.

As Wendy’s thinking over how odd he seems, Tinker sadly remarks that there’s no way Peter can be this happy while knowing what’s happening to this world. She comments it’s almost as if he’s lying to himself, even though by right he doesn’t lie at all. This both surprises and worries Wendy, as she can only wonder what’s going on in Peter’s mind.

Truth Event 14

Wendy goes to find Peter but again, he’s not at his house. The Lost Boys have no idea where he has headed to this time, and apparently lately he has disappeared on his own a lot. Seeing their worry, Wendy still feels that they’re autonomous beings and then questions how they came about to be under Peter’s care. They tell her that there were wandering in the dark, not knowing where to go. They felt like meeting their mothers, but they did not know the way back and even felt that they couldn’t go back to see their mothers. Eventually, Peter ‘saved’ them. There were Lost Boys other than them too but they eventually disappeared, probably knowing where they had to go now.

Upon hearing this, Wendy finally realises why the Lost Boys are special, as their situation is a reflection of Peter’s. She decides to go to the ‘heart’ room, since it’s the place closest to Peter’s heart. But she doesn’t see anyone when she reaches there. As she approaches the mirror, she recalls how she saw memories of Peter’s mother there, and then starts wondering about her own mother. As she touches it, she realises that she can’t pull away from it and has no choice but to enter it once more. In there, Wendy starts seeing memories of her own mother.

First, she sees her young mother and her young father holding a baby. Her father asks if it’s really alright for her to look after the baby – who was actually born from his deceased wife. Her mother happily confirms this, and that she would look after it like her own. Next, it shows her mother complimenting and treating a young Wendy kindly. Even though they’re not blood-related, her mother still sees Wendy as her own child.

The next scene shows them at the funeral of Wendy’s dad. As Wendy is confused and crying over no longer being able to see her father, her mother hugs her. Even though he’s dead, she’s still sees Wendy as her own and believes that they will be happy. It then shows her mother at work and being reprimanded by her boss. (Her mother has cut her hair short to sell it off and earn whatever she can.) She begs her boss not to fire her as she has a child to take care of but he refuses her and even mocks her – commenting that she’s stupid to have been tricked by the man into taking care of the daughter. He then leers at her body, which frightens her, even though he says it’s a joke and later chases her away.

Outside, her mother is seen frustrated – she could probably survive on her own but now she has the burden of taking care of a child who isn’t even her own. If Wendy wasn’t here she wouldn’t have to face with all of this hardship and humiliation. At home, she now treats Wendy harshly, telling her to be perfect and that results are everything. If not, she would bring her shame as her daughter. As the scene fades out, Wendy recalls how her mother often brought out the words “her daughter”, as if hinting otherwise. She finds herself before the mirror once more and can’t help but cry as she now realises the truth – she’s not really her mother’s daughter and that was also why her mother had treated her so harshly and with hatred. Wendy had always thought that it was because she didn’t meet her expectations. But if the real reason is because they’re not connected by blood, then there’s nothing she can do about it.

Wendy feels Peter hug her from behind, who had apparently rushed over her knowing that Wendy was crying. Seeing her tears, he starts kissing them away. As Wendy tries to explain what happened, Peter tells her that the mirror reveals the ‘hearts’ of people, or rather their core memories. Since Wendy was thinking of her mother, that was why she saw her memories. Wendy is confused now at what happiness means for her. In response, Peter kisses her long and deep while pushing her to the floor. Peter confesses his love for her again, and tells her that she’s his happiness. Wendy wonders if it’s okay to be Peter’s happiness, even though she failed to be happiness for her mother. He realised that true happiness can’t be created alone and he hadn’t realised that he had been lying to himself all along – the lie called Neverland.

Wendy tries to convince him otherwise since it signifies that he’s doubting this world and hence breaking down. But he kisses her and apologises, saying that despite the lies it’s true that he loves her. It’s for certain they do it as Peter starts kissing Wendy continuously and feeling up her skirt so Wendy gives in. (///ω///) However, when she wakes up later, she finds herself alone in the room and can only worry over Peter.

Truth Event 15

At night, Wendy hears strange noises from outside and is shocked to see black masses consuming Neverland. John and Michael soon come to her room to confirm the situation, and Michael saves Wendy in time as the black mass breaks through her room. Wendy knows that she has to go find Peter immediately, and that he’s most probably at the ‘heart’ room. John is confused at how this is related to Peter but Michael is observant enough to guess that Peter’s the will of the world, and hence the creator of the world. So they escape the house and go to find Peter. However on the way, John gets ‘consumed’ by the black mass as he saves Wendy from a near-death attack. Wendy and Michael are saved by Tinker in time though, as she casts fairy dust on them. She tells Wendy to go and save Peter immediately, but Wendy can’t help worry over John. The fairy reassures her as it erases what belongs to this world only. Since the three siblings come from another world, it will probably only transport them elsewhere and not kill them.

The two siblings feel a bit relieved as this, as the three of them head towards the Heart of the Forest. However, the black mass is a lot more concentrated in that area, since it’s the centre of the world. Michael decides to be the bait and runs off before Wendy can oppose. So this leaves Tinker and Wendy to slip to the ‘heart’ room. However, before the entrance, Tinker tells Wendy that she’s on her own as she can’t save Peter. So Wendy enters the room on her own and finally finds Peter (child form). However, he’s clearly drained as he expresses his wishes to die along with the world (which he is now doubting), since from the beginning he was an unwanted existence. However, he’ll not let her and her brothers be in danger and promises to send them back to their world safely as the mirror now reflects her old world.

Wendy has no intentions of leaving Peter behind though. This surprises Peter, as he remarks that this is the second time she has turned down the offer to return home even though she initially wanted that so much. He asks if she’s sympathising with him. Maddened, Wendy slaps him as she expresses that there’s no way she would be willing to stay behind in a crumbling world out of mere sympathy for anyone. She kisses him and says that it’s because it’s him and she wants him to keep on living as he isn’t alone anymore. Despite what he says, she still feels that the people here are not mere puppets and the likes of Tinker and the Lost Boys do sincerely care for him.

Even if he may have been unwanted from the beginning and couldn’t find happiness at first, she herself loves him now and his existence. And then, a brilliant red drop sweet appears from Wendy’s chest much to her surprise. Peter realises that this drop represents her feelings for him and so Wendy feeds him it, hoping that he’ll finally understand. As he eats it, Peter is touched by the sweet taste and starts tearing up, as he feels that it’s the most delicious sweet ever. He wants to share its taste with her – so he starts kissing Wendy, much like when he first feed her the blue drop sweet. ‘Cos of this, Wendy sees Peter as an adult.

Peter tells Wendy that he won’t die, but apologises as the sounds of the world crumbling can still be heard outside. He promises to protect her as she fades into unconscious. When she wakes up later, she is reunited with her brothers in the darkness. Peter also appears before them and he explains that this was where Neverland used to be, but it has now disappeared. However, he himself managed to keep living on thanks to Wendy’s love.

Peter then reveals the mirror, still standing, and reflecting their original world. The three siblings can still return home, but Wendy is worried about Peter and invites him to return with them and to live together. This shocks John as he realises what is unfolding between his sister and Peter, but is quickly shut up by Michael who tells his older brother to read the atmosphere a bit more.

Unfortunately, Peter rejects Wendy’s offer, but he quickly apologises and says that it’s because he has something to do here. He explains that even though the Lost Boys, the fairies, Hook, Scissor etc. may all have been born to suit his convenience, but he realises that they do all have hearts of their own and unexpectedly, he has taken a liking to them all. Peter wants to rebuild the world from scratch properly this time. And when that is done, he promises to come and find her again and show her around. He reassures her as he’s no longer afraid now that he has received her feelings. Peter kisses Wendy and before she can say anything more, he pushes her towards the mirror.

Truth End

Wendy finds herself back in her own room with her brothers – as if they hadn’t left their world at all. She’s sad at the sudden separation, but decides to trust Peter’s words and wait for him. As she hears the sounds of her mother coming back, Wendy is struck by fear as she doesn’t know how to face her now that she knows the truth. She chases her brothers out and curls up in bed, thinking about Peter and wondering when they’ll meet again.

Wendy finds herself running away from reality, as she sees her mother treating her more harshly and sees the discrimination in the treatment between her and her brothers. As John and Michael comfort her, she asks them why they treat her so nicely even though they’re not real siblings. John promptly tells her that he sees her more as family than his real father, who hardly ever spends time together. Michael cheerfully agrees that he prefers Wendy over his own related brother, John, lmao.

Wendy feels comforted by their words and decides to be more proactive. Later that day, she’s out in the streets and recalls how she first met Peter here. She bumps into a kid and promptly apologises. The boy gives her a drop sweet in return before running off. As Wendy eats the sweet, she’s reminded of Peter even more and recalls how he is building his world from scratch. So she plumps up the courage and decides to start rebuilding her own relationship with her mother.

That night, when her mother starts talking harshly towards Wendy, Wendy talks back for the first time. Annoyed, her mother tells her off and Wendy bursts out saying that she shouldn’t treat her like this because they are not blood-related. If there’s something her mother is unhappy with she can try to change, but if it’s because they’re not blood-related then there’s nothing she can do. Obviously, this shocks her mother who merely asks how she came to know of this. John is also shocked by this and while Michael is surprised, he also finally understands how things were. Wendy replies that she somehow came to know of it.

Shaken, her mother leaves the room despite John’s protests. But Wendy says that it’s alright since she expected that this would take a long time, but at least she has made the first step. She secretly challenges Peter, wondering if he would be faster in re-creating his world or she would be in re-mending her relationship with her mother. However, in the end it turns out that Wendy was quicker as it shows the Darling family after some time has passed.

Her mother has come home from work and is delighted to smell a delicious dinner. Wendy happily welcomes her home and the conversation is fine until they start arguing with each other – with Wendy telling her to not be a workaholic since they’re not dead poor anymore etc. Her mother can only wonder at the change in Wendy. Seeing them bicker, Michael remarks at how noisy they’ve become and Wendy tells him that it’s similar to how noisy he and John can be. Michael comments that it’s one-sided on John’s part and this leads to the brothers arguing. Wendy eventually tells everyone to shut up so that they can have dinner.

Even though it’s not exactly normal, it’s a step forward for the mother-daughter. Her mother also informs them that she’s quitting her job which shocks everyone – since she’s such a workaholic (and Wendy hurls in a bunch of unintended insults while at it). Her mother comments that she wants to spend more time with Wendy, and care for for the family just like how her daughter has always been telling her. This touches Wendy but actually it turns out that her mother is quitting her current job and getting a more relaxed one since she still wants some financial security lol.

Months later, the three siblings still talk to each other of Neverland, and only their memories can confirm that it wasn’t a mere dream. They all agree that they matured with their experience there. As Wendy returns to her room she sees that it’s a first moon’s night and recalls her first meeting with Peter. However, her memories of Neverland are fading with time. She can’t help but constantly miss Peter as she falls asleep. She then wakes up to Peter (child form) in Neverland, much to her surprise. Wendy starts questioning whether this is the newly rebuilt world and this puzzles Peter, who explains that it’s neither new or old since it’s eternity – and that he brought them here for the sweets contest.

Upon hearing this, Wendy realises that she must be dreaming. As Peter takes her out to play, Wendy enjoys the brief dream she’s having and treats him kindly. It delights Peter that she has taken a liking to this world, but also mildly confuses him since it’s rare for her to treat him so nicely. Wendy comforts Peter in return, telling him that he’s not alone, saying that she likes him as she hugs and kisses him (causing Wendy to see him in adult form now).  In response, Peter thanks her in return since he’s no longer alone and that he won’t as no matter where or when, she’ll always be in his world.

The scene fades into darkness and Wendy wonders if she’s still dreaming. However, she’s soon approached by (adult) Peter again and he confirms that she isn’t dreaming this time. Wendy starts reproaching Peter for taking so long and not even coming to see her once. Peter he hugs and kisses her in return while apologising. He feels bad for making her wait too but rebuilding a new world is taking him longer than expected. Building a world a second time is also taking up considerably effort and so he didn’t have the energy to visit her. However, he promises to come and see her soon as he kisses her. As the scene fades out, Peter also passes Wendy a drop sweet and tells her that to hold onto it for now, hoping to eat it together with her the next time.

Wendy wakes up, wondering if everything was a mere dream as she missed Peter to much. But to her surprise, she spots a drop sweet by her side and realises that the latter meeting must’ve been real, while agreeing to Peter’s promise to continue waiting. Months later, Wendy and John visit Michael’s newly-opened pâtisserie. Michael has become a successful in this aspect, and John himself has become a successful scholar in the study of other cultures. After that, they leave Michael to attend to the customers, and John leaves for the library. The Darling family has been getting on ever since her mother got a more relaxed job, her step-father followed suite too and started spending more time with the rest of the family.

Despite everything getting on well, Wendy feels a sense of emptiness as she continues walking alone, like the dark first moon in the middle of the starry sky. She wonders how many years it has been as she takes out the drop sweet – and it still hasn’t gone bad or lost its luster. Then, a familiar voice calls out to her from behind, asking if she would like to try some drop sweets with a large serving of love. Wendy turns around and upon seeing Peter, she starts tearing up and jumps into his arms. The two of them finally reunite as Peter offers to show her around his new world and so their own ‘eternal’ story takes off properly this time.

Peter’s Bad End

When Wendy goes to see Peter in the ‘heart’ room in Truth Event 15, it’s pitch black and she realises that she has come too late. As she comes to the resolution of meeting her own end, she hears Peter call out to her. He says that he won’t let her die and Wendy eventually wakes up back in her own room. However, she fails to recall anything. As she closes the window to shut out the chilly wind, she can only feel a sense of sadness and emptiness, as if she has forgotten something important.

Tinker’s Friendship End

In Truth Event 13, Wendy asks Tinker to save Peter together. It’s better with more helping hands and she can see that Tinker is sincerely worried. This touches the fairy, who agrees in return.

It then skips to a scene showing Wendy, Peter and Tinker playing together – whilst potentially endangering Wendy’s life as she’s hanging from a swing in the middle of the sky – with no fairy dust cast on her – and being swung at full speed by the other two. After that, Peter sees Wendy exhausted and comes to the conclusion that she’s hungry lol so he goes to get some food for her. With Wendy and Tinker alone, the fairy asks what she thinks of Peter now. They both agree that Peter seems off and so he’s probably still not stable. Wendy attempts to cheer Tinker up which leaves a bad aftertaste with the fairy who starts throwing bits of cotton candy clouds at her. Recently the three of them have been playing a lot together to keep Peter company so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

When Peter returns, Wendy is shocked at the amount of food and says that there’s no way she can finish it all. She wants to share it with Tinker but Peter insists otherwise. Wendy tries to reason with him, and seeing her constantly talking back to Peter, Tinker pushes Wendy. Seeing this, Peter threaten Tinker who promptly apologises and pleads for Peter to not ignore her. Peter would rather just be with Wendy but in the cases where it’s more fun to have more people to play with, he’ll let her in. Wendy remarks that Peter is too harsh but for him, she’s a mere doll to play with so there’s no need to mind her feelings.

That night, the black mass attacks the Darling siblings and as they escape from their house, Tinker saves all of them. As Tinker and Wendy are analysing and worrying over the situation, John remains confused while Michael guesses that Peter is the will of the world. Eventually, the black mass recedes and so the brothers return home first. Wendy stays behind for a while longer and tells Tinker that she thinks she’ll not return home and remain here, much to Tinker’s delight.

If Wendy didn’t decide that, she would have no qualms killing her. Wendy can only sigh at her violent words and points out that killing her means that she can’t help Peter. So the fairy says that she’ll kill her midway so that she’s alive but can remain by Peter’s side instead. But putting that aside, she’s happy that Wendy finally know Peter’s good points and wants to hold a Peter Party together lol. Wendy questions its details and Tinker answers that it’s a party to discus all about Peter. Wendy would rather stay out of it, but she asks if Tinker seems to have taken a liking to her. The fairy answers that she does, since Wendy want to protect Peter as well, much to Wendy’s surprise.

But Wendy is happy to be friends with the fairy and kisses her on the cheek which alarms the fairy – thinking that she’s that sort of person and had been using Peter as a camouflage all along. Wendy flatly rejects that idea, saying that it’s a kiss between friends/family. Even though she has decided to stay behind for Peter, part of the reason is also because of Tinker. The fair is puzzled by this, but doesn’t mind it, though she likes Peter the most. In return, Tinker kisses her on the cheek, wondering if that’s how it’s done. Seeing an unexpected side to Tinker, Wendy starts teasing Tinker even more.

One night when the Darling siblings are having dinner, John expresses that he’s willing to support Wendy in helping Peter – after all if the world is unstable and there’s a lesser chance of succeeding the contest and hence returning home. John decides to try to find other ways back home, and Michael chips in his agreement but says that he can play more lol. Seeing the situation, Wendy feels touched and happy for now even though she knows that the world is currently unstable.

It then shows Wendy, Peter and Tinker having the so-called ‘Peter Party’, though it’s more like a pajama party. Tinker wants to have an hour session to talk about Peter’s good points but of course, Wendy is unwilling. Peter also doesn’t fancy the idea since he can’t participate. So he suggests having a pillow fight, or perhaps a marshmallow fight. Wendy opposes the idea since she doesn’t want to wake up her brothers sleeping below. Instead, they can take the time to talk quietly while eating sweets and Wendy gently pats Peter on the head. For Tinker, she’s alright as long as she’s with Peter and she offers sweets to him.

However, Peter says that he prefers to eat Wendy and starts getting too close to her, causing Wendy to see him as an adult now. Wendy protests, especially since Tinker is present. So Peter casually asks Tinker to leave and Wendy tells him to not treat her so coldly. Peter replies that she’s just a doll but Wendy begs to differ. Using the reason that everyone here is a creation of his, it’s a waste to reject this world like that. She then sees Peter’s form as a child again, who obviously looks shocked.

She feels that they all have their own autonomous personalities and wills despite what he says. As Wendy hugs Peter, she goes on to tell him that he’s loved by everyone, including her – and hence not alone. Peter gets embarrassed by this and suddenly gets up. He tells everyone that he feels like playing outside after all and so both Tinker and Wendy follow him outside.

Outside, Tinker tells Wendy to continue being together and playing together like this. Besides it being for Peter’s sake, she herself also enjoys playing with Wendy. Tinker says that she likes her next after Peter. Wendy teases her if she’s that sort of person, and Tinker immediately threatens to kill her if she continues sprouting nonsense. Despite her personality, Wendy still enjoys being with Tinker and playing together like this. Even though Wendy’s aware that her sense of danger is thinning since the world is still at risk, she wants to enjoy her time like this a bit more.


終わった!!Omg, no words can express how happy I am to both finish this game, as well as when Peter finally reunited with Wendy at the end. I nearly teared up at that part haha. As expected, there is less ‘romance’ here in terms of the number of scenes but you can still see the growth in their relationship. Both Peter and Wendy matured here and came to love and support each other. I loved how they both kinda saved each other in the end. I was really curious whether it would end up with Peter living with Wendy in her world but…I guess that was not to be since it would seem rather messy? Which leads me to my next point. Lol what is this an essay?

What is Peter? I mean, we know his past and relationship with the eternal world etc. but then what does that make Peter? An unborn baby’s spirit? How is it possible for the Darling siblings to travel into Peter’s world, something created from imagination or is it ‘real’? See, the truth route definitely does clear up many questions, but when you think about it further there’s still mysteries remaining. But I think it’s best not to think further about them since it’s not the most logical of stories lol.

Tinker’s friendship end was…well let’s just say it felt odd to see six hearts for Peter change to six hearts for Tinker (see below). The fairy is actually pretty simply-minded and does sincerely care for Peter – so it’s no wonder why she and Wendy eventually start getting along. But I guess it felt a bit of a 3P ending with Wendy -> Tinker -> Peter -> Wendy lmao. After all, all this while Wendy was concerned for Peter and then she suddenly starts looking out for Tinker. But with this I got a hot Peter x Wendy CG which I’m keeping for myself so no complaints LOL.

All in all, this route certainly made me love Peter a lot, and made me fall in love with Ishida again. There’s a lot of overlap but I don’t mind since by this time, this is the 7th route I’m going through! Anyway, Peter x Wendy feels very OTP to me now due to the nature of their backstories and all. The game has a pretty solid plot, raising some interesting concepts. It remained faithful to the original story yet also had some new spins to it. Overall, it was a satisfying play and I’m glad QuinRose didn’t make me regret buying their release this time.

‘Cos this post is getting too long, I’ll post my “concluding thoughts” in another post. I may or may not briefly describe the drama CD contents which came along with the game too. Until then~

11 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan: Truth route

  1. midoriha says:

    Yup, the Truth route sure answers a lot of questions! so, after doing Peter’s route, i thought that i might as well read the Truth route, since Peter’s route is still fresh in my mind. I kind of felt sad that Wendy wasn’t her mother’s daughter…and it means that Wendy’s an orphan, since both her blood-related parents are gone now…but, i pity her (step)mother too due to the pressure she experienced.and regarding the world being Peter’s, i think there might be something deeper, but meh, maybe i am thinking too much! Peter’s backstory was really sad too. Peter does , in my opinion, i feel is an unborn baby’s soul…and actually, i feel, so are the Lost Boys, from their answer to Wendy’s question…but yeah, thinking tol much, i guess! The truth end was pretty good,a lot of things were resolved, and it was very nice! The friendship end was pretty cool too, i like imagining Tinker and Wendy doing girl things! The bad end, though…why so heartbreaking?!


  2. twentyninenights says:

    You’re right. I can see clearly in the game’s story for whole at truth route. And I thought the same as you. While some mysteries revealed, other will still remains because it’s the magical world! Definitely one of my favorite QR game (Mother Goose has died since long, I wouldn’t expect much. The other is Iza Shutsujin).

    It’s a long journey and finally after reaching the end and found about the real Peter & Wendy’s past, I would like to cry. They’re both have the same situation, though in Peter, he couldn’t born as human (So, what is he? Spirit?). Nah, I won’t puzzling with his being, it will make me gain headache. I’ll read your post for drama CD later (I need a rest from this).

    Sadly, even if I really want to play Cinderella, I don’t think I can have it this quick after finishing Peter Pan… Will wait for Abunai then.


    • Yume says:

      Yup yup! ^^ Definitely one of my favourite QR games too. Yeah I think it’s best not to think what Peter is lol, he’s such a difficult mystery to solve.

      No problem, you can read my other post on the drama CDs anytime~

      Haha yeah, I think we all need a break from long games for a bit. ^^;


  3. Euryx says:

    I’m falling for Peter once again. wwww
    I love how the story develops nicely and how it intertwines with both Peter & Wendy’s backstory. It also poses a solid and mature take on their romance, I can’t helped but love all of it (John still annoys me somehow lolol). (lol wut I sound like someone writing a lab report orz)

    I heard my heart snap to million pieces when Peter said something like, “I loathe lying but all this time I’ve been lying to myself”. Awww Peter (-̩-̩__-̩-̩)


    • Yume says:

      It’s only natural! wwww
      I agree, it’s a mature take on their romance! Ahh I loved seeing how they both changed for the better~~ (Don’t worry, John also annoyed me a bit haha.)

      I really wanted to hug Peter whenever he sounded that sad. Such a poor dear. ;w; (I can only hug my PSP huhuh.)


  4. Lisa says:

    So beautiful and sad at the same time….
    I can see the similarities with Peter and his mom
    At first I hated Tinker alot but after reading this, I love her now!!!!!!!!!


  5. pocketbiscuit says:

    The truth route wasn’t as sweet and fluffy, but I really enjoyed it! I think Quinrose did a very interesting take on the scenario. I do think that he’s an unborn child created out of her mother’s strong feelings, but yeah it really makes no sense logically. XDD

    This route made his character even more interesting. I liked Ishida’s voice acting too, he really delivered Peter’s confused emotions and how he switched between child/adult was done well. X3 The ending was really long and painful for me, since I wanted Peter to reunite with Wendy asap ;__; but it was worth it, since their characters mature a lot. ❤ I would have liked to see the new Neverland~

    And looking back, if Wendy stayed in Neverland with anyone other than Peter, I really do feel sorry for him because he's always felt alone and she's the only one who can help him. They are really the OTP, though my favorite is still Tink. XD


    • Yume says:

      Yes omg! All my love for Peter and the game now. /sobs Yeah I keep trying to think logically of how it all happens but gave up in the end. XD

      Peter really seems like a spoilt brat at first but after this route all I can think of is “what a poor dear” and that I wanna hug him. Yeah, Ishida’s dialogue when he’s recounting his past etc. ;w; I just listened to the drama CDs last night too and it made me love Ishida even more. I think the ending for this was the longest for the whole game! I’ve never felt so anxious to reach the end before. XD But like you said it was worth it as both of them matured a lot. ❤

      I agree. Moreover, I wonder just how long Peter could've held on in those routes and whether it's truly a happy ending. Haha, I think in the end Peter edges out over Tink for me 'cos of his seiyuu. ;; But I love them both~


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