Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Concluding Thoughts & Drama CD

Ending off my Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan journey are my concluding thoughts for the game as a whole, as well as a brief description of the pre-order and deluxe edition drama CDs. This is so that people can get a better idea of what to expect for the drama CDs too if you are interested in buying. I’ll try to keep the spoilers to the minimum so that this can act as a non-spoiler review too.

Where to start? True to themselves, QuinRose decided to pick up a well-known story and give it their own twist. I have read positive reviews of other people who’ve completed the game, as well as people who are hesitant to pick this up because of the length and/or disappointed that it was released on PSP and/or that it’ll be another fail. Here are my answers:

  1. The length is appropriate imho. I know QR’s lengthy games have almost become like urban legends or something thanks to their earlier games. But I can see that they’re trying to change. With Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan, they’ve basically cut off the needless visits and focused on proper events. You won’t go about dying suddenly; it’s easy to follow through with a good guide. Nevertheless, yes, it’s comparably longer to other otome games out there. However, the content is entertaining and the CGs are decent thanks to Fujimaru Mamenosuke. Moreover, it is 100% possible to complete this QR game 100%!
  2. Not just QR, other companies are releasing more on PSP too so yeah. It’s reality. I got a PSP mostly to play otome games and I don’t regret it, so it’s a matter of perspective?
  3. Above was the summary of why it’s not a fail I guess lol. But below is more elaboration anyway~

Both the story and characters were interesting and engaging! Similar to Wonderland, the Neverland setting was fun yet it was more than that with the flippant violence and weird characters. However, the difference is that we get to learn the unfortunate truth behind the eternal world as well. It allows a slightly deeper understanding of the individual character routes as well.

Concepts like true happiness, being yourself destruction bby and so on are touched on in the game. This is especially evident in Tink’s route ‘cos he questions everything. Well, not so much in a philosophical kind of way, but enough to give the game depth and give you something to think about.

It’s not often that I like a game’s full cast (that includes sub-characters too) and this was one of them. I felt that for more than half of the main cast, my first impressions of them got betrayed as I did their individual routes. Whether that is good or not depends on you, but I enjoyed it. I guess the ones which surprised me the most were Tink, Scissor, Peter. However, my favourites would be Peter and Tink, because they both matured and grew along with Wendy and had nice chemistry with her. Hook and Scissor were fun too, just that Hook had his earlier and Scissor had his later lol. All four Neverland characters are honest and upfront about their feelings, which is always good in my books.

The brothers do feel a bit left out since their routes weren’t really tied in with the rest. However, I am thankful ‘cos their routes are shorter and allowed me to have a breather in between the longer Neverland routes lmao. Plus, Michael is one awesome character! Both he and John’s personalities remained constant throughout the game – so that meant John was always the noisy one and Michael the supportive one.

Since I’m on Michael, allow me to divert a bit to highlight his awesomeness as a brother. In the deluxe edition booklet there is a Hook x Wendy story. However, it is narrated from Michael’s point of view – it reflects his honest feelings for his sister’s happiness, yet he also keeps a glimpse of hope that he would meet her again one day. I feel that Michael breaks the stereotype of a “brother” character as he sincerely understands Wendy the best and thinks for her happiness. And, his positivism was a great welcome in the game for me.

Going back, let me touch on the two female characters – Wendy and Tinker. Wendy’s character stays pretty firm throughout the game – stubborn, logical, always thinking of her family/mother at first. That character of hers is slowly softened in all the routes. Tinker is annoying and is always at opposite ends from Wendy, except in the Truth route – which actually makes sense when you play it. Bluntly speaking, she’s a b**** but one with reasons.

I think that in terms of increasing plot-spoilers, it flows like this: John/Michael, Hook/Scissor, Tink/Peter, Truth. However, feel free to mix them up according to your preference. The Truth route is unlocked after you finish all four Neverland characters, but highly recommended to play it the last as it has the most spoilers. Personally, I liked the order I played in ‘cos as mentioned, slotting the brothers’ routes in between was a breather for me. However, I think it’s best to leave Peter for the last if you’re really curious about him – playing the Truth end immediately after is a good complement.

Also, with every character route you unlock mini-games in the omake section! Well, except that with John you unlock a sweet encyclopedia lol. The mini-games are fun to play to pass time. The only one I’m not sure how to tackle is the spring-cleaning one. Not all the CGs are fantastic but most of them are decent, with some characters having plenty of romantic ones for your liking. Oh about the ahem scenes, yes you do have mentions of those in all routes. The backgrounds for the rooms in particular, especially for the ones in the forest, are beautiful. The music was alright, with themes like Hook’s standing out. However, the track which played during the romantic moments sounded more like a lullaby to me…that’s my personal opinion.

I loved the cast. I think they all brought vibrancy to their characters. As mentioned in the posts on Peter/Truth route, Ishida Akira’s role as Peter made me fall in love with him again. Special mention to Tachibana Shinnosuke as Michael ‘cos I think that he managed to do his role really well – but his optimism doesn’t grate on your ears. If that makes any sense.

All in all, I found the whole game a worthwhile play, all the routes were fun to play with John’s route falling behind due to the nature of his personality. But other than that, no real complaints. The story is not tied up completely and not everything makes logical sense but that doesn’t bother me much as I don’t mind some open-endedness. I’m glad QR took a longer time to get this released in the end. I don’t know what are the chances of this getting a fandisk since I think only QR’s Alice game has gotten one so far. But the cast is charming so it would be great to see drama CDs or anthologies.

Pre-order drama CD (CV: Yusa Kouji, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Sugiyama Noriaki): The basic story is that the brothers somehow ended up in their usual argument and Tink overheard the keywords “fun” and “interesting”. The fairy decides to help them out in that aspect and gives them something to eat – and the brothers end up attracting all sorts of animals instead. Well, it is “interesting” but the brothers want a remedy asap since it’s troublesome. However, Tink is all out of them so he also takes them to locate the “rare” remedy. Thing is, along the way the brothers attract not only dogs and cats, but also a large bird and even a bear. At the end are the individual cast comments.

Deluxe edition drama CD (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou, Miki Shinichirou, Ishida Akira): Peter spots the pirate and navy captain fighting each other and decides to join in for some fun. Just when he’s getting bored, a large unidentifiable blob appears in the sea. They try attacking it but it just regurgitates the attacks back at them. This somehow leads all three of them to find an extremely delicious sweet each (to later lace it with poison) – whether they’re cooperating or competing against each other is another question. In the end, they manage to successfully handle the “enemy”, find out its true identity and unexpected origins. Individual cast comments also follow at the end. Ishida Akira is adorable here.

It is recommended to listen to them after finishing the game. Even though they are separate stories from what happens in the game, and the characters may even act a bit differently, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of the characters when you listen to the drama CDs.

And that’s it for Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan from me! Sorry for the length as this is the last post for me to throw every other thought out. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts for the game and may even consider buying the game. And if you do, that you enjoy the game as much as I did! I’m willing to answer any related questions I can but keep them spoiler-free as much as possible. If there are potential spoilers, try asking in the spoiler review posts!

8 thoughts on “Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan Concluding Thoughts & Drama CD

    • Yume says:

      As always, thank you for your comments! Though I know that this game wasn’t perfect, it holds a special place in my heart so I’m glad to hear that you found it interesting~


      • midoriha says:

        Yes, i am so obsessed with Hook, Tink and Scissor. No, seriously, i keep on rereading their routes!Obsessed—-! It has become a special game to me too, now!


  1. bambi says:

    wow this game seems so fun i feel like i MUST go and take that jap class in order to really start playing these otoges (as opposed to relying on fan-translated games haha…)

    quinrose, wait for me!! i will come for you one day!!


  2. Euryx says:

    I’m glad I chose this as my first QR game. I don’t mind the length as long as it has a solid plot and wonderful set of characters. ^O^

    I usually don’t bother with the side characters but in PP they are remarkable! Who would forget the dork pirates or Clip & Ruler (seriously what a name haha! If someone borrows that from me, I’d immediately thought of these two XDD). Or the Lost Boys and the city people (remembers the part someone brought a coffin for Wendy lolol).

    The Darling brothers love Wendy ever since right? I’m not imagining it? wwww


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, it’s a good first choice! ^^

      I know right! Omg, Clip & Ruler~ I’ll forever remember them + Scissor (my stationery). Despite what Scissor says, they do seem like a weird, dysfunctional family. XD I liked it when Peter mentioned this scandalous word and the Lost Boys didn’t understand what it meant, but found it tasty – poor Wendy had to stop them. Oh yes, someone brought a coffin for Wendy pffft. Best thing ever.

      Yes, we’re not imagining it. www


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