Moujuutsukai to Oujisama PSP review (non-spoiler)

Wasn’t planning to review Moujuutsukai to Oujisama (PSP) at all since I played more than half of the game last year, and then only came back to completing it recently – so I wouldn’t recall much lol. But then again I’m playing its fandisk now and it would make more sense to at least talk about its former game a bit before the fandisk. So I won’t go into a full-blown review and go with a non-spoiler review instead, while delving into a bit more detail concerning the PSP-only content.

The basic plot of the game is that the heroine, Tiana, buys back four animals from the market in order to practise her beast-training skills on them. However, it eventually turns out that they’re actually four princes from the Kingdom of Fasan and were turned into animals by a curse. Tiana agrees to help them find a solution, not knowing that things are actually more complicated, and that she actually plays a bigger role than she could’ve imagined at first. Besides the four princes (Matheus, Alfred, Lucia, Erik), she gets to romance with her childhood friend, Klaus, as well as Silvio, who works in a medicine store.

It sounds a bit cliché, and well it probably is, but I feel that it’s actually one of the more enjoyable otome games. Probably because the animals forms appealed to me a lot and I enjoyed the mofu mofu sessions (where you can pat, tickle, or “accidentally” hit them) immensely pfft. The plot is actually decent, just that it gets a bit repetitive once you’ve played several times through. It’s probably partly due to my play-order as due to certain reasons, Matheus and Alfred’s have a similar route in the later part, as do Lucia and Erik’s. Silvio and Klaus’ routes are a bit more unique though Klaus’ seemed to have less thought put into his.

Nevertheless, each route has their awesome points and I quite liked all the characters – special mention to Kurt~ Just keep an eye out for him as he’s adorable and will definitely surprise you at some point of the game. The other side characters are decent in that they each have their personality, and a few actually have a bigger role in the story’s plot. Tiana is pretty awesome compared to some of Otomate’s other heroines. To keep this spoiler-free, she fulfills her “heroine” role at the critical moments. Also, I liked how everyone describes her as a weirdo ‘cos her so-called animal fetish comes through clearly as she’s always asking to touch them in their animal forms lol.

The CGs are lovely and definitely one of the most eye-catching points of the game. I loved the sprites too, especially the animals one – so adorable~ The music is decent and fitting, and I think the cast did a good job overall. Many will probably know this as Kaji Yuuki’s _____ role but I’ll leave this point blank so that everyone can find out for themselves!

The extras you unlock with each route are pretty cute. The short novels for some were actually rather nice and Klaus’ actually surprised me ‘cos I had no idea what they could’ve written for his. As for the order of playing, well you can only unlock Klaus’ after Matheus’ and unlock Silvio’s after Alfred’s – so keep that in mind! Other than that it’s pretty much up to your preference though you may wanna consider alternating Matheus/Alfred with Lucia/Erik.

The PSP-only content you get is a side story which you can play without completing the game – but recommended that you do so since it contains slight spoilers. Now I’ll do a shameless copy-and-paste from my tumblr posts regarding this: Basically the princes come to crash Tiana’s place in the morning, with Klaus trying to chase them away. At the same time, Silvio crashes her place too for breakfast. However, Tiana feels a bit unwell and they insist that she’s caught the flu so they force her to bed and take it upon themselves to cook something for her.

Somehow they do so but when they bring it up she’s fast asleep. After a bit of crosstalk they decide to (finally) leave her alone. Halfway, Gerda comes in after hearing about her condition from Silvio. She gives her some ahem, medicine to heal her, even though Tiana was suspicious at first lol. Tiana then goes back to sleep.

However, Tiana is then woken up when she hears screaming  as the guys discover that she’s disappeared from the room. Panic ensues as they calculate the possibilities of someone abducting her, or whether it’s an inside job.

Tiana calls out to them and we have a CG of her turned into a cat~ Σ(=゚ω゚=;)  After confirming Tiana’s transformation, they start wandering from the main point (who turned her into a cat and why) and instead, discuss stuff like what kind of animal did they expect her to be, and how they feel tempted to touch her pfft. (ノ´∀`*)

Klaus brings them back to the real matter at hand, and they recall that Gerda came to see Tiana and Tiana recalls that Gerda gave her medicine to drink. They contact Gerda via the hand mirror to double-check and eventually, she discovers that she gave Tiana the wrong bottle of liquid, as the medicine was still with her.

She had in fact given Tiana, a potion to turn any human into a cat, which was requested by Silvio. Gerda then reassures them that the effect will wear off after a few days, unlike the previous gold dust. They take her word and tell Tiana to continue resting and to leave to household chores to them.

She does so, though not without the worry. True enough, after a while she hears crashing of plates and a scream to follow lol. Tiana decides to check on them and here you get to choose who she checks on, and hence the story branches off~

You get one new CG (as seen above), and one extra CG for each guy. In short, it’s playing time with Matheus, bathing time with Alfred, cuddling time with Lucia and Erik, feeding time with Klaus, and viewing a nice scenery with Silvio. Ahaha did any of those words grab your interest~

The PSP extra is short but really adorable. I have posted what happens for Lucia and Erik’s PSP extra story alongside with several other random screenshots of the game on tumblr. Be warned that you will be spoiled if you read Erik’s dialogue if you don’t know the real deal behind him!

All in all it’s one of my favourite otome games because it has a decent plot, charming characters, pretty CGs, a nice dosage of romance, humour and fluffiness, and a pinch of sadness. (o´ω`o) The plot isn’t mind-blowing but I think Moujuutsukai to Oujisama has quite a complete package, if you get what I mean. Personally, my favourites go like this: Erik/Lucia – Silvio/Alfred – Matheus/Klaus. Lol such lovely distinctions. 8D

That’s it from me on this game! I’ll contemplate either posting individual reviews for each guy for the fandisk if I’m not lazy, or doing an overall review with emphasis on the PSP-only content like this one.

9 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama PSP review (non-spoiler)

  1. Hinano says:

    OMG there’s a Kurt date scenario??? ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) GDI I don’t wanna play the game over just for that …so ヨロ───ヽ(○`・v・)人(・v・´●)ノ───シク♪ I wait for your posts and CGs 8DDD


    • Yume says:

      Apparently they saved it for the last expected release aka the PSP fandisk, pffft. Yup sure thing~ XD I’m still figuring out how I’m gonna organise all these bits and pieces of game content.


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