Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Matheus’ route

Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP) is the fandisk, and takes place after the first game. Hence, the reviews will be contain spoilers of not only the fandisk but also events of the first game – you’ve been warned! The fandisk is divided into several parts. Similar to its PS2 counterpart, you can only do the “Another Story” at the start, which is a separate, alternate story altogether. Once you clear that, you can head into the “After Story” which takes place after the first game’s events. There’s also “Side Stories” for each character and lastly, Franz’s diary entries (aka Tiana’s father) which records events from where it all started.

PSP-only content: There are 3 dates added in for each guy, and for Kurt, and Dirk – you get a CG for each guy. There’s also short events with Lotte and Gerda. The mofu mofu system gets yet another “upgrade” and if you do well, you get a CG and an erotic request for more brushing. All the character also call the heroine’s default name (Tiana). Lastly, you get a mini-game where your goal is to earn 50k Nrk to buy the gold dust to turn the guys back into humans – clearing them all will earn you a CG.

So let’s start with the premises of “Another Story“. Basically Tiana is invited to the ball organised at the castle – upon Matheus’ request for Kurt (current King of Cattleya now) to do so. Once the actual day of the ball arrives, you get to choose which guy Tiana spends the rest of the night with.

Now that the general stuff is out of the way, let me go on with the actual review. So I went after the first prince, Matheus (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) first. In the “Another Story“, Tiana tries to approach him but he’s surrounded by everyone asking him to consider their daughters as marriage candidates. Matheus grabs Tiana in time before she gave up and left, taking her to the balcony area. Well, and basically there’s quite a bit of teasing from Matheus’ side. But then Tiana manages to come back with a straight answer of how much she likes him and he gets tempted enough to wanna bring her to a bedroom straightaway instead pfft. Eventually they get to dance, sending out the signal to everyone else that Tiana’s the one for Matheus and they spend the rest of the night together~

Now for the “After Story“. After getting engaged, Tiana leaves with Matheus (who is now the King) for Fasan. As a commoner and of another “nationality”, she feels the need to work hard and find her own belonging place to protect Fasan alongside Matheus. The main plot device is that Bernd remains in prison in Fasan, awaiting his penalty. That and Matheus still has his soldiers searching for the previous king’s body – who had apparently drowned in the lake behind the castle by accident. The former king, Balthazar, apparently had a key on him to a locked room in the castle.

As the story progresses, the couple also find a solution to Matheus’ allergy thanks to Klaus finding the rare Traum flower – unfortunately the effects are only temporary for an hour, but it’s still better than nothing. However, the bulk of that medicine disappears one morning and Tiana assumes that Matheus took it with him. Matheus also slowly dissolves the servant’s impression of him as cold and cruel and a mirror image of the previous king. The real reason he did so was to protect his weakness  – his allergy to men. And of course, we also get lovey-dovey moments when Matheus is free from work and gets to business with Tiana at night.

The story kicks in when news of Bernd refusing all food comes in. Even though he’s worried, Matheus is still not ready to face him and come to terms with his betrayal. Bernd mentioned that the previous king had his wife held captive which was why he despised him and eventually led him to betray the country, and Matheus suspects that the key on the Balthazar may be a clue to the truth. Tiana decides to help act as a mediator though Bernd treats her coldly at first. Eventually after a few visits, all he advises her is that they should accept the facts as they are as knowing anything more will confuse them further.

But there’s no turning back as Matheus found the key, though Balthazar’s body is still missing. The couple go to unlock the room and find a torture room. Tiana catches a flashback of the past of women crying out for help but all getting killed. They eventually figure out that witches were held captive here as Fasan used their powers to expand and grow strong. As such, it has often been rumoured that the royal family is cursed by witches. They also suspect that Bernd’s wife may have been kept here and later find a letter and a diary in a locked desk drawer.

They return to their room and read the contents. The letter is from Balthazar, who recounts how he had tried to release the witches but there was opposition from the other royalties since they feared other countries would use their power instead, and hence killed the witches off. Hence, the royal family was cursed – Balthazar and Matheus included, which is actually their allergy to men. After taking the throne, Balthazar killed off all his brothers in hope of repaying their sins to the witches. Eventually, he also presumably took his own life at the lake in hope of some redemption too.

The diary belongs to Bernd’s wife, Cornelia. She recounts how Bernd was approached by Angelica (mother of Abel, Alfred, Dirk) to rebel against Balthazar. Cornelia knows that Bernd lusts for power, and she fears Balthazar will kill Bernd if this is leaked. All she wants is for them to live peacefully, and she observes how Bernd treats Matheus as his own. She decides to ask Balthazar to take her hostage in hopes of stopping Bernd from rebelling. She doesn’t know if this is right and that Bernd may hate Balthazar more, but just wants to protect her husband’s life.

The couple immediately go down to see Bernd to show him the truth but they learn from the guards that they had just seen Mathueus, and it wasn’t once. Confused, they see that Bernd is missing and conclude that he must’ve been taken by the man who looks like Matheus, but only with long hair. They know who he is and rush out to the lake and spot two figures. Indeed, it’s Balthazar carrying an unconscious Bernd. He reveals that he should’ve been dead, but was saved by a couple. He’s also the one who stole the medicine for the allergy and told Bernd to stop eating. That way, both of them will be “dead”, with him drowning and Bernd starving to death. Neither he or Matheus can bear to kill Bernd despite his betrayal, as he’s important to them. Also, Cornelia sacrificed herself for her husband’s life and he doesn’t want to let that go to waste. Matheus is both utterly confused since all the facts he had known till now, such as his father’s true nature, turn out to be otherwise.

Balthazar is willing to die if Matheus wishes to, but since his son can’t make the move, he leaves with Bernd, telling Tiana to love and protect Matheus and Fasan in his place. Matheus wonders if his decision to let a criminal escape is right and Tiana tells him that it probably isn’t, but she doesn’t want to see him kill the one who raised him with love. He breaks down as he recalls his childhood memory with Bernd and Tiana tells him that she’ll carry the burden of this sin with him.

Later, it’s written in the records that Bernd starved to death before his punishment. Rumour has it that Matheus let him go but it has also reflected well among the people. As things settle down, Tiana also decides to compile cooking recipes into a book for easy sharing of recipes among the people. Christmas time comes and the couple go to the streets and receive a warm welcome. They spend a nice time looking at the stores and after some time passes, it’s their wedding day.

Everyone comes to congratulate Tiana (though when Erik happily mentions that she’ll be their older sister, Lucia feels awkward lol). Later Matheus comes in and makes another promise to her, that he won’t take any other wives besides her.

The epilogue shows them two years later with a baby boy. Matheus had always been worried of not being able to touch his own son, just like his father and him. But thankfully, their son didn’t inherit any curse/allergy. Matheus’ disappointed that the kid’s first word was “Mama”, instead of his name lol. He then promises Tiana that when they’ve a big family in the future and all is well, he’ll fulfill her promise of travelling the world as a beastmaster. Tiana is delighted to hear this as the couple tell each other that they love each other and are very happy now.

For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates”. Diary entries occurs during the original game’s timeline and dates both occur during/after the original game and the fandisk’s events. I’ll just go through the highlights of each one.

Diary entry 1: After some mofu mofu time, Tiana  asks Matheus (lion form) to let her ride on his back. He agrees but does so with her lying flat on her stomach on his back. Tiana protests but he decides to go out like this and make the kids jealous.

Diary entry 2: Matheus hits a pillar while practising with Alfred. Seeing it almost crumbling, Tiana orders Matheus to fix it up, and he does so reluctantly. Seeing him fix it up later, Tiana is reminded of her father and comments that he may make a good one in the future. Matheus also unexpectedly seems to enjoy this and offers to fix other things in her house if required.

Diary entry 3: Tiana wakes up one night to get a drink and catches Matheus and Alfred (animal forms) stealing meat lmao. Matheus makes a run for it while Alfred apologises. So Tiana uses her whistle on Matheus and he returns the stolen meat unwillingly. Tiana tries to sooth him by having some mofu mofu time. He gets hungrier instead though, but bears with bread till breakfast time.

Diary entry 4: Tiana has another mofu mofu session with Matheus (lion form). But then the tiger, which Tiana had tamed from before when it escaped the fighting arena, appears and approaches her in a friendly manner. Tiana pets it and Matheus gets jealous since it looked like it came to see her and she seems happy touching just any other animal lol.

Date 1: Tiana is outside the castle and Matheus approaches her. His meeting ended earlier than expected and he invites her along to go see Alfred and the soldiers training. There, Alfred later suggests them sparring to show the soldiers since Alfred doesn’t have any other equal partner. Matheus agrees and they fight, but things get a bit serious and the soldiers worry, asking Tiana to stop. She uses her whistle to try to surprise them to stop, but it turns out that their heads start hurting and they wonder if the after effects from before still work on them – or whether Tiana can now control humans too LOL. Either way, they can’t go against her and stop fighting and decide to continue another day.

Date 2: The couple are in Sardine and Matheus has completed his business, so he offers to show Tiana around. She suggests his old school since she only knows that place, much to his reluctance. But he brings her there and recalls how once the school had a fight-till-the-last-man-who-stands-wins. He and Klaus were left and fought for over a day, despite the protests, before both of them collapsed at the same time and it was a tie.

Matheus insists that if he could continue, he would’ve won Klaus. By coincidence they meet Klaus then, who’s in Sardine for work matters. Klaus wants to take Tiana somewhere else to eat but Matheus won’t let him just take his wife away. Things get heated between the two and Matheus suggests fighting things out from where they had left off. However, they soon attract the attention from the students inside the school and so they decide to stop and part ways for the day.

Date 3: In Cattleya, Tiana is soon leaving with Matheus for Fasan (after original game, before fandisk). Matheus wants to bring her to revisit one place though – the Cattleya attraction where if couples touch the roses and their feelings are mutual, only then will the roses bloom. Even though they bloomed when he had passed them to her without the real intentions, he feels the need to try it out again to confirm – especially if she didn’t like him then only for his lion form lol.

However, a Cattleya soldier comes telling Matheus that he has urgent matters to attend to at hand so Matheus tells Tiana to wait at the site first. She feels awkward among all the couples but then it starts to rain and everyone leaves. She decides to continue waiting, thinking that Matheus won’t be long and since she was told to stay put. However, it’s only after a while that Matheus does come and calls her an idiot for waiting in the downpour – and cue one of my favourite CGs ever.

Matheus apologises and says that he shouldn’t have relied on the roses blooming for the confirmation of their love – when there’s many other ways such as how Tiana waited for him. So they reconfirm their love for each other again and Matheus says that he’ll warm Tiana up sufficiently tonight, obviously in the the way he likes it to be done.

Short story: This is unlocked when you max out Matheus’ affection metre and it’s basically him observing Tiana’s sleeping face and feeling blissful. Oh, and that Tiana’s unexpectedly clingy to him when she’s asleep, unlike when she’s awake – he’s tempted to jump at her but resists it to see her peaceful, sleeping face for a bit more.


That’s it! I thought Matheus’ route was pretty awesome, surprisingly. I didn’t feel much for him in the original game, as the romance between him and Tiana didn’t come out as nicely as the other brothers. But here you can see the chemistry between the couple more, in that Matheus always puts his moves on Tiana but at the end of the day, Tiana actually has the final advantage. His After Story was a nice closure by bringing in the truth behind many things – shocked that Balthazar looks so young though. I thought he would’ve aged like Bernd lol. The Side Stories were so adorable and the last date was the best thing ever hnng. I’ve a weakness for wet…uh…yeah. Anyway~

Oh the mofu mofu CG you get for Matheus? They make you brush that erotic CG of a lion and he says all sorts of stuff like “Do as you like”, “I’ll love you just as much later tonight” – basically you start feeling guilty for gushing over a lion. Yeah. Hahaha. Other than that, I’m still in the process of his mini-game. I’ll probably post about the mini-game in a separate post. Next review will be on Alfred’s!

16 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Matheus’ route

    • Yume says:

      Firstly, there’s no need to spam-comment…you should have seen your comment awaiting moderation so just wait for the reply.

      Secondly, it’s been almost 2 years since I played this so I can’t remember to be honest. However, I did write in my post: “For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates””. So you should be able to find the dates under Side Stories. Aka where you can read the diary entries too.


  1. twentyninenights says:

    Wait, so I must search new walkthrough to get that new CG!! I thought it was from mini game.. But I wasted time.

    By the way, why is Matheus and his father’s face are so alike?? They’re like twins instead of father-son…


    • Yume says:

      Nope you don’t need a walkthrough for the new CG, since there are no choices to make lol. You just get it during date 3. The mini-game has a CG too, but only when you finish all 6…I’m still stuck at Matheus for the mini-game haha.

      Matheus apparently looks a lot like his dad but…his dad hardly aged at all lol.


  2. アユ says:

    Uwaa! Matheus! ❤ I have yet to finish the first game though haha xD
    Mofu mofu upgrade? CG? Request for more brushing? OH MY! (///v///)
    And yes I agree, compared to the first game, I can tell there's much more love between the two of them in the FD 🙂


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