Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Alfred’s route

So next up in Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP) is, Alfred (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). Please read the beginning of Matheus’ route for a brief orientation of how the game flows. /lazy

In the “Another Story“, Tiana decides to search for Alfred at the ball but fails to, and instead keeps getting offers from other men for a dance. She finally escapes to the balcony and chances upon Alfred there – who apparently had been searching for her the whole time too. Alfred admits that he’s not used to such occasions and thinks of going back which saddens Tiana since even though she’s not used to it either, she was looking forward to spending time with him. This cues some cute, awkward moments as Alfred apologises and the couple reconfirm their feelings and try dancing a bit. But Tiana sprained her ankle after running in them for a while, so Alfred treats it and decides to carry her all the way back home~

Now for Alfred’s “After Story“! Similar to Matheus’ route, the couple make their way back to Fasan and Tiana is warmly welcomed, though people are also surprised that Alfred found himself a fiancée lol. However, things aren’t all rosy as ever since what Dirk committed, he has been locked into a deep state of unconsciousness back in Cattleya, so that the dragon within him doesn’t awaken again. And subsequently, the family has been exiled and only Alfred remains in the family castle.

Though he has been a lot busier due to his long absence and one night, Tiana fell asleep waiting for him. Cue a lovely CG and the couple getting in the mood till a servant interrupts them as Matheus called for him. Despite all this, Alfred appears happy with Tiana by his side now and she felt the same way too. That is, until she overhears two servants talking about how Alfred doesn’t seem happy and it’s probably ‘cos of what happened to Dirk and their mother, Angelica. Tiana worries if he’s pushing himself but when she asks Alfred about this, he assures her that its her presence which makes him smile, so it’s not forced. Still Tiana wants to help support Alfred and when she confides this in Matheus, he promises to help her (but not without some flirting).

The plot kicks in when Matheus calls for the couple and explains that the king of Cattleya (Kurt) requested for Alfred’s help to train their soldiers, so he wants both of them to head over there. (This also happened in Matheus’ route but it wasn’t a major plot point so I didn’t mention it.) This is also Matheus’ way of helping with Alfred’s worries. In Cattleya, Alfred does as he’s been requested to. Tiana gets called out by Klaus though, as apparently Matheus had told him about the other issue and said that they’ve been given permission to see Dirk, though there’s no way they can remove the magic seal put on him as it concerns the safety of three countries. So Tiana can’t talk to Dirk and not long after, Alfred appears behind her too. Tiana explains herself and how she got Matheus’ help to come here. She apologises for not being able to help in the end, but Alfred reassures her and also apologises. He admits that he indeed feels guilty for leaving Dirk back in Cattleya without resolving the relationship between them, and also blames himself for what happened to his younger brother.

Tiana later is reminded of the mirror she got from Gerda, and goes back to her house to get it and contact Gerda. However, there’s nothing she can actually do to let them talk to Dirk without lifting the seal. Some quiet, calm time passes in Cattleya until Silvio comes to find Tiana – who’s apparently here to pass her an orb created by Laura (the last witch and the previous person the dragon resided in). Using the orb, she can talk to Dirk within his conscious – or more bluntly it’s like seeing him in a dream. The’re unsure whether it will really work though and Silvio wants Tiana to test it asap. Tiana thanks them and goes to find Alfred to use it together, but he’s away so Tiana goes to use it first.

Tiana successfully meets Dirk, standing beside a lake (which later we find out it’s the one behind the royal castle, Fasan). He treats her coldly at first, but soon opens up to her as he wants to know about what happened to his family and Alfred. Tiana answers them all and actually wants him to talk to Alfred, but Dirk says that he’s not ready to do so, after what happened. When it’s about time for Tiana to leave, Dirk is clearly reluctant and so she promises to come back here again.

Back home, Tiana tells Alfred everything but he himself is also hesitant to meet Dirk. But he’s happy to hear that Dirk  opened up to her and asks her to keep visiting. Tiana does so and after a while, we see that he’s basically a tsundere shota who warms up quickly and even looks forward to meeting her. Tiana finds out that Dirk knew nothing about the princes getting attacked and then getting cursed into animal forms. He also confesses that being here all alone, he started reflecting on what he did and regrets it now. Eventually, he’s ready to meet Alfred and Tiana agrees to bring him.

Alfred also says that he’s ready and so they go to see Dirk. There, Dirk apologises. He knew that what Alfred did (to serve Matheus) was probably logical. But he wanted to make his mother happy who was broken ever since Abel died. He felt that Alfred betrayed them, hence did what he did. But when he had released the dragon, he was actually scared and lost. Dirk never wanted power or to be king, he just wanted to see their mother smile. Upon hearing this, Alfred is unable to answer and cries. The younger brother hugs him, saying that he knows what Alfred wants to say. Dirk wishes to see the future Alfred chose by continuing to serve Matheus, and is willing to atone for what he did by sleeping with the dragon within him forever. Dirk asks both Alfred and Tiana to visit him again, and also congratulate them on their engagement as he can see why Alfred fell in love with Tiana.

The couple leave and a while later, Alfred has finished training the soldiers in Cattleya and they would be heading back to Fasan. However, things get busier as they now have to prepare for their wedding. Similar to Matheus’ route, it’s Christmas time in Fasan and the couple go to the streets and spend a nice time looking at the stores. Later, there’s also a scene when Alfred seems to be in the mood and the couple finally spend the night together.

Months later, it’s their wedding day – which also happens to be a year after the previous king passed away (aka presumably one year for mourning). Everyone congratulates the couple and Erik remarks how he wants to get married too. Lucia replies that he doesn’t even have a partner and Erik throws it back at him which causes Lucia to go into a fluster lol.

At the ceremony, Tiana’s nervous and hardly paid attention. When the priest says that the couple may kiss now, she immediately abides by grabbing Alfred and kissing him on her own initiative lmao. The crowd is amused but Belinda, Tiana’s mother, is dying of embarrassment. Alfred, though surprised, is happy since that shows how much Tiana wants him.

In the epilogue three years later, the couple are shown with their daughter in Cattleya. Alfred tells her that it’s her mother’s hometown and that he has someone important to him sleeping here too. As the couple reaffirm their love and remark how happy they’re now, their daughter asks Alfred whom he loves more and he replies that he loves both Tiana and her equally lol. Tiana also tells Alfred that they’ll be having another child next year. Later, Alfred says that when they’re older with a big family, he’ll bring her to travel the world and fulfill her dream.

For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates”. Diary entries occurs during the original game’s timeline and dates both occur during/after the original game and the fandisk’s events. I’ll just go through the highlights of each one.

Diary entry 1: Tiana returns home to see Alfred napping (wolf form), and he wakes up. Cue some mofu mofu time but then Alfred gets sleepy again so he asks to lie down on her lap and falls asleep, haha. Tiana feels awkward but decides to leave him be.

Diary entry 2: In the morning, Tiana is in the kitchen preparing breakfast but then spots a centipede and screams. Alfred comes running to her help – except that he’s covered in soap suds and half-naked; obviously he was in the middle of bathing lmao. Tiana screams even more but Alfred doesn’t get it and is genuinely worried about what happened. Since he refuses to dress before grasping the situation, Tiana ends up running away since the centipede got closer to her. Alfred chases her too till she reaches her room, while telling him to stop chasing her. Tiana feels sorry for Alfred though and decides to explain and apologise later.

Diary entry 3: Outside in the garden, Tiana and Alfred have some mofu mofu time (wolf form) and the other princes come calling him sly lol. Erik found a frisbee while trying to find something to pass time, though no one is sure how to exactly “play” with it. Tiana recognises that it belongs to her father though, and he used it to train animals. This piques Alfred’s interest and so Tiana tries throwing it to him – but the first time he hit it away and it hit Lucia lmao. So Alfred starts playing catch with it instead and it obviously hooked. The brothers admire Alfred’s elegance at first but eventually get bored and they all leave – except Tiana who’s stuck with Alfred till nighttime lol. So Tiana decides to hide it. (The other amusing thing was that this is the other Erik in rabbit form.)

Diary entry 4: Outside, Alfred wants to go on a walk so Tiana offers to go with him since it would be weird for a wolf to roam freely alone. Midway, dogs start following Alfred and giving him food. Alfred is unsure how to react while Tiana is reminded of how before Alfred was chased by male fans in admiration of his strength (in the first game) and thinks that all the dogs are probably male here too.

Date 1: Alfred invites Tiana to do some training too since she’s cooped up most of the times. So they go to the currently empty training grounds and Alfred hands her a wooden sword. However, before any wielding of the sword, he starts “feeling” her arm muscles so as to better judge the training regime to give her. Tiana feels embarrassed, and even more so when he wants to see her abdominal muscles and wants her to strip for him lmao. A few soldiers come in to find Alfred but stumble across an easily-misunderstood scene: Alfred pinning Tiana’s arms and about to strip her pffft. They run off apologising and praying that they won’t get killed.

At first, Alfred didn’t get the situation till Tiana awkwardly explained it to him. So Alfred runs off to clear the misunderstanding – but he’s still holding the wooden sword so the soldiers think he’s mad at them and continue running. In the end, Tiana catches up with Alfred and tells him so and that they can clear it up another day. They also decide to retire from training for the day, and Tiana says that she can let him see those muscles he wanted to see but only when they’re truly alone lol.

Date 2: The couple are about to leave Cattleya to head back to Fasan, but before that they go visit Dirk. There, even the younger brother remarks how he wants not only Alfred but Tiana to come see him again since all Alfred goes on is about muscle matters pffft. He also recalls how in the cold, Alfred made Dirk swim in the lake ‘cos it’s good for training. Dirk decided to fake that he was drowning which obviously caused Alfred then to panic. But when Alfred learnt of the truth, he told Dirk off and even hit him. But as Dirk recalls that, he felt that those times were happy.

At the end, Dirk wonders why Tiana fell in love with Alfred as even though he’s usually gentle, he changes when the topic is muscles, swords etc. lol. The couple starts acting awkward and say that they love each other as they are. Dirk is happy to see this and waits for their next visit as they leave.

Date 3: The two of them are in Cattleya (right after the first game), about to leave for Fasan. There, they stop by the theatre which has memories for Tiana as she often held shows there and she wants to thank the owner. However, they find the owner’s brother instead and apparently the owner ran off after a debt was formed – so it’s likely that the theatre will close down soon. There was also a show to be on today but both lead actors can’t make it (this theatre always has problems lol).

When the owner’s brother learns that they’re Alfred and Tiana, he asks for their help – it doesn’t matter if they can’t act, their identities are sure to pull the crowd. Both are reluctant at first but when the man breaks down about how he was estranged from his brother and they finally came together but then this crisis happened etc. Alfred sympathises with him and decides to help him.

And so, Tiana is dragged along to play out Sleeping Beauty with him hours later. Thing is, Alfred is extremely stiff when saying his lines and the male audience start laughing, while the female audience tell them to hush down as they fangirl over Alfred. When the crucial scene comes, Alfred hesitates to kiss Tiana even though she says it’s okay to go ahead. The audience grows impatient and Alfred decides that he can’t do it after all, carries Tiana, and runs off pffft. After running for a while, Alfred explains to Tiana that he was taken in by how pretty she looked and didn’t want to let anyone else see him kiss her like that~ They are both worried about what happened though but they later see the audience filter out commending their novel performance. The owner’s brother catches up with them too and thanks them for the success, inviting them to do a few more and they both agree.

Short story: This is unlocked when you max out Alfred’s affection metre and it’s the scene when he comes back late to see Tiana already sleeping. He feels apologetic but also an increased sense of happiness as he confirms that her presence alone calms him and makes him happy, despite the current situation. In the end, he lies down next to her, caressing and gazing at her sleeping face.


Alfred’s route is really cute and it’s so funny how everyone comments that Tiana is getting influenced by Alfred with his training obsession and all – even their daughter got influenced lol. They’re such an adorable couple and I loved the extra Sleeping Beauty CG – actually I loved all the Side Stories. For the After Story’s plot, it’s similar to Matheus’ in several parts but I think it did great favours for my impression of Dirk. Thinking about his situation, he’s probably one of the worst off people ever being put to sleep for eternity at such a young age. I almost cried at the part he apologises and explains himself to Alfred. His tsundere reactions to Tiana were pretty cute too.

There were a few odd scenes in that it felt sudden and were put in for more romantic scenes – I’m especially looking at the one where they do it that night. But in either case Alfred’s route was so full of amusing moments, I guess I forgive the oddities. The lines he says in the mofu mofu CG are not as suggestive as Matheus but more like the pure lines you would expect Alfred to say, haha. So that’s it and the next review will be Klaus’ route!

4 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Alfred’s route

  1. Link says:

    Thank you for all the juicy details you stuffed in! *bows*

    Now I’m really tempted to buy MtO, though I’m still in the middle of Arcana Famiglia and yet to start on my piling backlog list. D:

    Anyhow, some reviews proclaimed that Dirk and Kurt each have their own respective route in MtO: Snow Bride. Such is true?
    I’ll contemplate of either should I buy the game or not based on your upcoming reviews and impressions on Dirk & Kurt (if they’re indeed playable characters) + Erik since these threesome stole my biases. ❤


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome! :3

      Dirk and Kurt don’t exactly have full blown routes – actually they just get three dates (similar to the ones the main guys get). It’s a cute extra but don’t expect something more than that. :> Haha I’m leaving Erik for last as he’s my bias so do wait for it. ;;


      • Link says:

        Aww, I see. At least, they did few new CGs for Dirk and Kurt. C:
        Otomate really outdone themselves this time by adding so much stuff in PSP version. I’m glad I waited… ^_^

        I think I’ll be getting MtO just for Erik (So much for only one playable bias).
        I’ll eagerly await for your reviews on Erik (and Dirk + Kurt as well). And hi-five for Erik loves! Now, if only Hansel’s CV was Erik’s. *sigh*


        • Yume says:

          Yes they did! Haha, I can only play on PSP so I’m glad they added bonus content too~

          That’s alright! Initially I only got it mostly for Erik too but then the other characters grew on me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the other guys too!
          Sure thing! /hi-five~
          Pffft unfortunately due to circumstances that’s not the case. XD Adult Hansel is still hot though.


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