おとめドラ #1

Otomedora is a new magazine, dedicated to otome drama CDs, which was just released this week. To be honest I bought the magazine more for the cover (I can’t resist Hoshizuki-sensei) and then partly for the insert CD that comes with it. In any case, that kinda corresponds with my eventual impressions after I actually bought and flipped through the magazine. Anyway, I’ll try to briefly let everyone know what to expect from this first issue. By the way, the Hoshizuki-sensei postcard is NOT included with the magazine! It’s my own marker for the photos. And this post will be image-heavy!

So for starters, they started with a little flow chart of sorts to let you see which type of  otome drama CD would fit you best. Why? Because later on they divided the magazine into these categories as according and introduced a bunch of various drama CDs by those categories. So if you’re curious just click for the bigger version of the photo and give it a go. Personally I got E and so apparently I should get more ささやき.おやすみ系 drama CDs lol.

First up though, are the special features on Starry☆Sky ~Zodiac Sign~ and Arcana Famiglia’s drama CDs. But basically it’s introduction to the drama CDs of these two titles. Following that we have drama CDs based off (mobile) otome games: VitaminX Detective B6, STORM LOVER, DIABOLIK LOVERS, Halloween Town, Koi Sentai LOVE & PEACE etc. But in particular, the news of Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino getting a comic caught my interest more lol.

The rest are all original drama CDs. There’s 擬人化 type which is basically personifications. I was surprised that they added in Hetalia here. Other than that there’s the Isshoni Gohan series, I LOVE PET!! and my favourite (lol, in a twisted sense) Aishite ageru series. The other thing I should mention is that all the drama CD makers are asked a set of questions and I guess that’s probably one of the more interesting things about this magazine. I enjoyed reading certain comments, and the makers recommended Ishida’s last freetalk track in Aishite ageru nya! lmao as expected.

Next there’s the Situation type which includes a wide range from Hougen Renai, FULL SCORE, TAP TRAP LOVE, DAISUKE! etc. And then we’ve my favourite 個性派.特殊系 (crack) section which basically includes Yandere Tengoku and even Bokutachi Otoko no Musume…yup. Then we’ve the fairy tale/literature section which is full of lovelies such as Meisaku Bungaku (Warai) Series, Oujisama (Warai) Series and Kannou Mukashibanashi. By the way, Ant and Grasshopper volume from Meisaku Bungaku (Warai) Series is releasing its comic in print soon~ The same can be said for many others: Halloween Town, Isshoni Gohan, DAISUKE! etc. all have their own comic too.

Then we have the category where most drama CDs seem to fall under, the pseudo-love type. This apparently includes the likes of Mousou Kareshi, DateMorikawaCD, Dame Kare, Dolly series, Toriai Kyoudai and…Smiley*2G in LA? Yes, I was surprised to see Smiley*2G in this magazine since I don’t think it’s exactly your otome fare where the guys serenade you but it’s just…them.

The last categories to follow up are the ささやき系 and おやすみ系 drama CDs which naturally include Shuukan Soine, as well as Kannou Jikan, Mousou Esthe and others. The one I didn’t know of before was the Sasayaki Mitsuchaku CD featuring Ono Daisuke (and second volume will feature Toriumi Kousuke) and records with the dummyhead microphone. It looks interesting and hnng shameless request for anyone to share their impressions if they’ve heard the first volume already.

In between introducing each category of drama CDs, there’s also columns which has topics like “What are otome drama CDs?”, “When to listen to them and where?” and so on. I laughed when it said that expert listeners should listen to the drama CDs at the location itself – meaning that if the scene’s taking place in a park and you’re supposed to be walking home – go there and do it LOL.

Then we’ve the interview with Ono Daisuke, as apparently from what the staff surveyed, he has the most otome drama CD appearances – I’m not 100% convinced but I’ve a feeling it’s partly thanks to his appearance in Starry☆Sky.

Lastly, we’ve the special on Kindan Vampire which gives us an overview of the flow of the recording. Now that I think about it, the recording engineer, sound designer, director, producer, illustrator of the drama CD all sit outside while Morikubo does his recording inside with the dummyhead microphone…I wonder how they feel. They must be very familiar with the effects.

There’s also Morikubo’s comments and a digest version of Kindan Vampire in the attached CD. I think it’s specially recorded for the magazine and with the dummyhead microphone. It was a fun listen, I laughed a bit when Morikubo  messed up his character’s name the first time. But I guess people listening to the dummyhead microphone effects for the first time may squirm a bit at first. Next is Starry☆Sky ~In Winter~, and it reminded me of how fun the winter trio are. Then there’s TAP TRAP LOVE though it’s more of an audio CM – but the little extract of the actual drama CD was a lovely insight as I had no idea how they were gonna incorporate the dance element into an audio CD. I wonder if they actually got KENTA to dance while the seiyuu records simultaneously…anyway~

Then we’ve an extract from Hougen Renai featuring Sakurai Takahiro, and I guess besides the dialect, the interesting point of this was that the heroine was voiced – not something you typically get. The following track features Ikemen Ooku, or more specifically Namikawa playing a tsundere lol. The next track features Koi Sentai LOVE & PEACE (Hoshi Souichirou) and the echo effects at the end made me laugh, the character suits him. Finally, the last track is Kannou Jikan 7 (Hirakawa Daisuke)…probably would’ve fallen asleep if I wasn’t multi-tasking.

More than anything, I feels like this is an overall introduction to otome drama CDs since it introduces a whole range of them to you. By the way, for each drama CD series they introduce, they would also list sub-genres and…some of them made me laugh. I was surprised that they included ones as ‘old’ as Mitsubachi Seiyaku, Danna Catalogue, Dolly series. Yet they didn’t include say Koisuru Lesson, or Yamato Kareshi (the ones responsible for Meiji Tokyo Renka).

Well, I think if you’re a regular reader of Dengeki Girl’s Style or B’slog, and stalk the official websites online, you wouldn’t be missing out on too much. Both DGS and B’slog have their own regular drama CD sections which I think has more exclusive content (seiyuu interviews). I think Otomedora could benefit more if they have more of such exclusivity too. Other than that, if you’re more interested in the maker comments and the attached CD then you may want to check this out too. Either that, if you’re an extreme novice with regards to otome drama CDs, then this would be a useful and interesting read too. Oh, and yeah don’t forget the sexy cover too. Anyway, I hope this post clears up most of people’s queries about what this magazine covers!

12 thoughts on “おとめドラ #1

  1. Lena says:

    I think Otomedora sounds really interesting! Maybe I’ll give it a try…
    Thank you for your awesome review/description of the magazine.
    Btw where did you get it? I couldn’t find it on Cdjapan or Yesasia.
    Or do you live in Japan?


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