Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Klaus’ route

As promised, next review for Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP) is, Klaus (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki). Please read the beginning of Matheus’ route for a brief orientation of how the game flows. /lazy

In the “Another Story“, Tiana goes to find Klaus though he finds her first. However the servants all come flocking to Klaus on how to handle certain problems, much to his irritation. Thankfully, Kurt comes along too and gives Klaus the rest of the night off to flirt around with Tiana lmao. Anyway, Klaus brings Tiana out to the balcony and the atmosphere builds up and Klaus starts kissing Tiana really passionately, and is even ready to go further. But then he gets interrupted again as he’s informed that Kurt ran away after hearing that a matchmaking session was arranged for him that night too lol. So just as Klaus got a break thanks to Kurt, he has to be interrupted too to chase after Kurt. Tiana sees him off as he tells her that the rest will be saved for another night.

For Klaus’ “After Story“, Klaus now serves Kurt (the newly appointed king of Cattleya) as a right-hand man, moreover he hasn’t completely quit his job at the royal library, so he’s busier than ever. It doesn’t help that Kurt isn’t taking his role like one would, and often sneaks off. But then one night, Klaus visits Tiana and tells her that he got a break for a month and wants to take a trip with her. He wants to leave immediately before any work is pushed to him and so Tiana promptly agrees and they leave for Sardine. In Sardine, after dropping off their luggage, Klaus shows Tiana around since he’s familiar with the place, having studied there before.

Tiana insists on visiting his old school so Klaus reluctantly takes her there and tells her how he was looked down on since he was a commoner. But his feeling of not wanting to lose out to Matheus helped him get by in a way. Tiana also accidentally lets slip to Klaus about Matheus’ allergy to men and Klaus forces it all out of her – so now he has a grasp over Matheus’ weakness lol. As they continue sight-seeing, Tiana recalls that Klaus used to come find her whenever she ran away from home to look for her parents who were away. But then she would feel happy whenever Klaus found her, so eventually it became more of hide-and-seek to her and she would look forward to Klaus finding her. In response, Klaus said that he knew it already since she would only run away when he came back to Cattleya during his school vacations.

Klaus admits that he found her selfish since Tiana could still meet her parents, but his are gone. So he would purposely tell her off but soon he came to understand her more and because of her presence, he slowly got over the pain of losing his parents. Tiana also recalls that when Klaus left for Sardine, he said that it was to protect Cattleya so that there won’t be anymore kids like him. So even though she was sad to see him leave, she also admired and supported him.

As the two of them reconfirm their feelings for each other and kiss each other, they are interrupted by a soldier, saying that a messenger from Cattleya is looking for Klaus. So Klaus heads to the castle while Tiana goes back first. When Klaus returns, Tiana finds out that Kurt wants him to deliver a letter to Matheus so they’ve to travel to Fasan. Upon reaching, they immediately go to find Matheus and Klaus wants to persuade him asap so that they can return to their break. It’s concerning the matter of Alfred training Cattleya soldiers (similar to Matheus, Alfred’s routes).

But actually, Matheus immediately agrees to it and Alfred too so there wasn’t any real problem. Matheus knew that Tiana was with him so he used it as an excuse to see Tiana lol. As Matheus flirts with her, Klaus makes use of his weakness by trying to touch Matheus instead. Later outside, they see Alfred too who invites Tiana out. Klaus tells Alfred to read the atmosphere and that they’re engaged and poor Alfred didn’t know and apologised lol. Alfred explains that Lucia and Erik would feel lonely too if they heard of this since Tiana did save their lives after all. But he would definitely come to their wedding. Klaus starts regretting as all the princes have feelings for her.

It’s Christmas time in Fasan so the couple do some sight-seeing. After that, they go to the inn where Matheus made reservations for them – and apparently he specified one room for them both, and for them to be guided to use to hot spring together too lol. They can’t really protest and so they both enter the hot spring together – not that Klaus can see anything. His glasses are fogged up, and without them he can’t see anything. But he sensed Tiana staring at his body and getting self-conscious so he made her wear his fogged-up glasses in return lol.

Later at night, Klaus suddenly pops the question to Tiana, asking her to marry him. Obviously this surprises her and Klaus confesses that he’s both impatient and afraid since everyone likes her but she’s oblivious (thinking that Matheus was merely joking). He likes how she treats everyone kindly, since he doesn’t have that trait and hence fell in love with her. But it worries him too. Tiana starts feeling guilty for hiding about the princes’ staying at her house and the whole situation before, since he must’ve worried about her the whole time. She starts tearing up and Klaus misunderstands this and tells her to forget what he said. Tiana tries to explain but he tells her to leave it for another time.

The next day, Klaus goes to the castle for work purposes and Tiana decides to write to her mother about the marriage, in an attempt to amend matters. She has thought through her feelings properly and is willing to marry Klaus. But when she tries to convey that to Klaus that night, he avoids it and instead informs her that they’re returning to Cattleya and to leave the marriage issue alone for now.

Back in Cattleya, Klaus is flooded with work again and hardly sees Tiana. Tiana is bothered over this and when she bumps into Gerda one day, she confides in her. Gerda tells her that they’re missing passion in their relationship and that she has the perfect remedy for this, as she made excess of a certain medicine for a customer. She passes a bottle of liquid to Tiana, telling her that when Klaus drinks this it’ll make him bolder. Tiana thanks Gerda for listening but also decides to not use it, and work things out by herself instead. She goes to find Klaus and invites him to her house for dinner.

That night when Klaus comes to her house, he suddenly hugs her from behind and acting rather bold. Tiana realises that his whole body is hot. Klaus explains that he had a flu this morning but Gerda gave him some medicine so he’s actually all well already. Tiana immediately suspects that it’s the medicine Gerda gave her too so she explains this to Klaus. Tiana also finally confesses her feelings properly and that she’s willing to marry him. This makes Klaus happy and he refuses to continue holding back, pushing her to the sofa. Tiana is ready to accept him but then he fell asleep on her lol. Klaus wakes up a few hours later though, and apologises.

He also passes her a letter from Belinda, Tiana’s mother, who congratulates them on their wedding. She promises to make Tiana’s wedding dress and that she and Franz (Tiana’s father) should be returning soon when Belinda recovers from her injury. And a few months later, they return with Tiana’s wedding dress. They’re both happy to see Tiana and Klaus all grown-up and together now, even though they were often away from home. Now Klaus is really part of their family, and Klaus thanks them for all they’ve done. This causes Franz to eventually starts breaking down lol

In the epilogue months later, the couple finally have their wedding and everyone has come to congratulate them. Lotte tells Klaus to take good care of Tiana. Belinda is sobbing away and Franz told her to stop lest she ruin the make-up she spent hours on and she snaps at him pfft. Kurt apparently caught a bear for them and that it’ll be perfect for Klaus tonight lmao. The Fasan princes also came to congratulate them, but Erik said that Lucia is crying in the corner of the church. Oh dear.

At the end, Klaus tells Tiana that he’s really taking vacation off this time so as to fulfill her dream of travelling the world as a beast master. Tiana thanks him and they both feel very blissful.

For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates”. Diary entries occurs during the original game’s timeline and dates both occur during/after the original game and the fandisk’s events. I’ll just go through the highlights of each one.

Diary entry 1: Tiana returns home to see Klaus (mouse form), who is bothered that he can’t do his work. Tiana offers to help him and so he stands on her lap while she flips the pages of a book for him. She’s surprised that he can breeze through the contents so quickly and Klaus thanks her when he’s done. Then it’s mofu mofu time as he lets Tiana pet him in return for her help.

Diary entry 2: Tiana sees Klaus sleeping on the sofa and he starts muttering in his sleep – including Tiana’s name and other lovey-dovey phrases. Tiana didn’t want to disturb his sleep but those sleeptalk surprised her and she dropped her stuff, which made Klaus wake up. Tiana later admits that he said some embarrassing stuff and he explains that he had been writing love letters for Kurt, since Kurt isn’t making any progress with his marriage candidate. Klaus then leaves and Tiana reads the letter out of curiousity. It talks of how he could eat her food everyday, and that she never looked at him even though he was always here by her stand –  obviously it’s referring to her and Tiana suspects this too, but decides that it’s just her imagination.

Diary entry 3: Tiana offers Klaus (mouse form) some cheese she had just bought, after some mofu mofu time, and he gladly accepts. She even gives him wine to go along with it but he soon gets full and drunk and falls asleep, even though he claims that he usually doesn’t get drunk easily lol.

Diary entry 4: Tiana’s in the kitchen but then hears noises coming from outside. She goes to check and sees Silvio chasing Klaus (cat and mouse forms). She decides to leave them be and goes back to the kitchen. But then she realises that things got quiet and finds both of them sleeping peacefully. Klaus soon wakes up though and is surprised to see the situation, but admits that it feels nice sleeping on Silvio lol. Later Tiana also gets some mofu mofu time with Klaus.

Date 1: Klaus asks Tiana to help him out with a top secret job concerning the country lol. He takes her to Gerda’s medicine shop and asks her to make a potion that will make the person listen to your orders – and the target is obviously Kurt ‘cos his constant disappearances are giving the whole castle a headache to the point where no one objected to this method lmao. Gerda accepts since a handsome reward is involved and she’s done making it quickly enough.

Klaus is cautious though and wants to test it out on Silvio, who refused at first but gave in since he would be rewarded too. Gerda tells Klaus to give some orders and so he asks Silvio to say “nyan” at the end of every sentence. Silvio does so without realising it himself, and even goes to buy bread with his own money when ordered to. So then Klaus asks Tiana to do the deed of getting Kurt to drink it, since he would suspect Klaus. Tiana agrees and Kurt spots her in the market. Tiana tells him that she got something good and offers to share it with him. Kurt happily accepts at first, but then rejects it saying that it has a suspicious smell (lol only Kurt, only Kurt) and advises her not to drink it too. He then leaves and Tiana apologises for failing, but Klaus says that it can’t be helped.

Date 2: Tiana goes to find Klaus but apparently he’s not at work, and the people there inform her that he had something urgent back home. She then finds him at the bakery shop, and he was called back to help out ‘cos Lotte had to go to the next town for other matters. Klaus is not good at dealing with the customers though, as he explains all the unnecessary details about the bread lol. Tiana offers to teach him, a day which he never saw coming, but he gladly accepts her help. Klaus quickly remembers everything and manages to serve customers successfully, thanking Tiana in the end.

Date 3: Tiana invites Klaus to her house for dinner, seeing that he’s been so busy and she wants to help ease some of his tiredness. Klaus accepts her offer and looks forward to it. But later when Tiana is in the middle of preparing dinner, she feels unwell and eventually faints. When Klaus arrives, he’s shocked to see her unconscious on the floor and quickly takes her to bed.

Later, Tiana wakes up and apologises since she kinda messed up the dinner, even though she wanted to help him ease his tiredness. Klaus comes in with some soup he made and tells her what keeps him going everyday is her. So Klaus tells Tiana to not push herself unnecessarily, and to rely on him too. He also feeds her, and it turns out to be more delicious than she had expected.

Short story: It’s basically the scene when Gerda finds Klaus at the castle and gives him the medicine, passing it off as a cure for his flu lol. Klaus accepts it and as he looks forward to going to Tiana’s for dinner later. He also decides to no longer drag on the problem at hand, and to properly say his feelings and propose to her this time around.


Another route done! To be honest Klaus’ felt like he was shortchanged or something again, ‘cos there isn’t a concrete plot, but a stretched misunderstanding. It’s a pity ‘cos he’s a sweet guy and I like the way he calls Tiana’s name, he sounds very gentle. Okay, more like I just like his voice – since it isn’t often you hear Yasumoto in an otome game. He has a lot of cute moments here, such as when he passed off that he was writing love letters for Kurt lmao. And I loved how Kurt says all sorts of random but suggestive things, but there just wasn’t enough substance to the story.

Also, idk if it’s just me but they seem to like giving Klaus feeding CGs? In the first game PSP extra he was given one, and now here too. Are they trying to image him as a homely guy? Haha. For the mofu mofu CG, his is probably the most adorable. Also, during the mofu mofu time, try brushing his tummy…he sounds sexy – lol I never thought I’d say this about a mouse. Alright, now I’ve finally come to my top three favourite characters – first one up next will be Silvio’s review!

6 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Klaus’ route

  1. Link says:

    Thank you for Klaus’ review! ^_^

    I actually likes homely gentleman, and how otome genre finally give us beautiful heroines (plus aesthetic artwork), so even though Klaus won’t end up as my bias, I bet I would actually like his route.

    LOL at crying Lucia, poor guy, after refusing all the marriage proposals… xD *Can’t stop spoiling self*

    And yay~ for upcoming Silvio’s route!! :3 *Likes cat*


    • Yume says:

      You’re welcome!
      Mmm yeah he has some awesome lines, especially when he gets embarrassed. :>
      Ahaha, I feel so bad for him, Silvio and Klaus now whenever Tiana ends up with someone else.
      Eheh, it’s up already! ^^


      • Link says:

        Can’t wait to play it myself. >.< I want to see their blushing face haha.
        Oh, Silvio also got obvious crush on Tiana? xD

        Ah well, I don't really feel much guilt for Klaus, at least compared to Lucia since the latter have a better childhood portrayal. And serious guy never topped off in my book haha.

        Wheee!! *jumps excitedly and goes off to read Silvio's* =)


        • Yume says:

          Hmm Silvio isn’t as obvious as the other two but his motivation for (spoiler) was Tiana after all. :>
          Yeah, Lucia stole Klaus’ childhood role in the end haha.


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