Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Silvio’s route

Now we’re past the halfway mark for Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP) as we come to Silvio (CV: Terashima Takuma). Please read the beginning of Matheus’ route for a brief orientation of how the game flows. /lazy

In the “Another Story“, Tiana spots Silvio in a corner looking on. He explains that he kept getting offers to dance by women and eventually retreated into a corner to remain unnoticed. But Tiana senses that something else is bothering him and they both head out to the balcony. Silvio eventually admits to her that he was excited at first, since it’s a new experience. Unfortunately, he also had a deep revelation that he’s different from them all and isn’t truly one of them and he feels inferior and unsure if he really suits Tiana. Upon hearing this, Tiana hugs him and tells him that there’s no need to compare himself with others since only he can make her heart beat this fast. (This is behind the spoiler cut ‘cos remember, unlike the other guys Silvio’s true form is a cat and not human.) Silvio feels comforted, but also for another reason – his head is against Tiana’s chest lol. When he refuses to separate himself, Tiana changes him back into a cat despite his protests. He even threatens to no longer let her touch him as a cat and pleads for her to change him back. This threat troubles Tiana at first, but she decides to ignore him in the end lol.

For Silvio’s “After Story“, Silvio reopens the medicine shop with Tiana’s assistance (Gerda is currently still away). Tiana soon gets the hang of things, though it worries Silvio when she’s dealing with male customers and he tells her to just throw their medicine orders at them lol. Later on, Silvio also asks whether he can stay at Tiana’s house. He didn’t expect her to agree immediately and is delighted when she does so. Tiana decides to inform her parents of this, writing to them that the person she likes is staying together with her now.

When Silvio reaches Tiana’s house that night, they feel a greater sense that they’re a couple now (to the point when Silvio wanted to sleep in the same room at first but Tiana refused). Tiana never thought that she would see him again when he changed back into his cat form and disappeared, but she regretted it even more after that. Silvio feels the same way and  he kisses her, as even though she did give him the promised kiss when he changed back into his cat form, he felt that it was too light, so he’s doing it properly now. Silvio is thankful for helping him out at the shop and letting him stay at her place, and wants to do something for Tiana in return. He suggests helping with her performances, as hopefully it would cheer up the town who are still affected by the dragon incident from before. They do so after finishing work however there’s no audience. Tiana is disappointed but Silvio cheers her up, saying that they can come back again at an earlier time the next day when there are more people. Silvio tells Tiana not to give up easily, and to have the determination she once had taming him.

Eventually, they gained an audience after performing everyday. Tiana feels guilty since she’s not using a real animal but Silvio tells her that he’s the first animal she tamed and he listened to her ‘cos of her determination. Now, he’s both her partner whether in human or animal form. However, he wants her to promise to not train with any other animal, and Tiana does so. In return, Silvio says that they’ll save money bit by bit so that he can fulfill her dream of travelling the world as a beast master.

A few months later, Gerda drops by the medicine shop and gives them some money as payment for their help so far, and tells them to take the time off to travel while she attends to the shop. Tiana thanks her but when Silvio later returns, he lets slip that he has been pocketing money from the sales all this while – so little each day that even Gerda never noticed lol. Gerda tells him off, and later Tiana since she knew it too. But Silvio also adds that he deducted Kurt’s fees and Kurt never noticed either since gathering the herbs is his hobby. He reassures everyone since Kurt’s side job is a secret, and he even contemplates how he has Kurt’s weakness. But Gerda is alarmed since this is the king of Cattleya they’re talking about and chases them away on their travel lol.

In Fasan, Silvio gradually grows used to the cold and they do some sight-seeing. They even meet Lucia and Erik, who are currently on school vacation since it’s Christmas season. Lucia was apparently forcing Erik to make snow bunnies to sell to tourists. Despite Lucia’s protests, Erik explains that they do get pocket money – but not Lucia as when he was young he would keep buying and eating sweets and got fat. So ever since that he didn’t get any lmao. Both Lucia and Silvio get into a bit of a bicker till Tiana manages to pull Silvio away. Later at a store, Silvio takes Tiana’s hand before going off to buy something. Tiana also decides to get another scarf for Silvio and in the end they both got something for each other – but decide to only give each other it when they return to Cattleya. Of course, they didn’t forget their purpose and performed on the streets. A man came asking for protection money though but Silvio swiftly dealt with him and so they resumed their performance successfully. Tiana thanks Silvio that night for fulfilling her dream, and he snuggles over to her bed ‘cos it’s warmer that way haha.

A week in Fasan passes and they return to Cattleya. Klaus passes Tiana a letter from her mother, approving of the co-habitation. However, Tiana was surprised that she knew “Silvio” since she never mentioned his name specifically, afraid to explain the truth behind him. When Tiana next sees Gerda, she asks how Gerda first met Silvio. She explains that over a year ago, she went into hiding in Cattleya after Laura’s was kidnapped. However, she couldn’t run the medicine shop directly if she’s to be hiding, so she tried turning animals into humans to help her run it. But she kept failing till Silvio approached her, as if waiting for her to turn him into human. He was successful and Gerda explains that there would be one special black cat that have magical qualities and Silvio’s the one. He had always been observing humans. Gerda later realised that he became human to meet and love Tiana. However, he’s still a cat and her magic isn’t full-proof, which was why he initially chose to leave Tiana before hurting her more. But when she saw that Silvio couldn’t forget her and got weaker, Gerda took the initiative to curse him again though she doesn’t know if what she did was right since it’s back to square one.

Tiana is bothered by Gerda’s words and Silvio noticed this change in her ever since Gerda came to see her. He knows that he’s the cause of it since no matter how much he loves her, he’s still not human and will continue hurting her. But even so, neither of them can give up each other. Silvio also proposes to her and asks to hold their own private wedding now. Tiana agrees and he gives her the ring he had bought back in Fasan. He swears to love her forever and stay by her side, and Tiana swears the same thing too as they kiss each other.

Days later, Tiana finds Silvio in his cat form and she soon realises something’s wrong. Even when she sprinkles the gold dust on him, he remains a cat and can’t speak human words. She quickly calls for Gerda, whom comes over and sprinkles a gold dust of stronger quality and he successfully turns human. Gerda explains that since Silvio was cursed a second time, his body may be building up an immunity each time with the gold dust’s effects. And with each time this happens, the side effects would also get riskier and more dangerous so it may be the limit already. Silvio may turn back into a cat permanently anytime and they must be prepared for that.

Tiana is outside at the balcony thinking about things that night, and Silvio comes and apologises – he didn’t expect things to end so quickly. Still, Tiana can’t bear to part with him and breaks down, begging him to stay even though she knows the dangers. Silvio can only comfort her, feeling just as much pain. A few days later, Gerda brings a medicine made by Laura, upon Silvio’s request. It can turn him into human for real, but it’s risky and he may die if it fails and both Laura and Gerda oppose using it. Silvio is willing to take the chance, and Gerda gives Tiana the medicine to let her decide. That night, Silvio asks Tiana to let him drink it since he’s that one special cat and he’s confident of making it through. Here, Tiana has to make the choice of giving the medicine to him or not.

Good End: Tiana can’t bear to risk Silvio’s life and says that it’s enough if he stays by her side even as a cat. It’ll be like when they first met and so Silvio accepts her decision, reminding her of the vow he made that he’ll always love her and stay by her side. A while later, Silvio is a cat already and staying with Tiana. The two of them have become famous for their performances and they go to perform at the theatre that day. Silvio is wearing the scarf Tiana bought for him and even though they can’t communicate in the same language, they still understand each other as their hearts are one.

Happy End: Tiana gives Silvio the medicine and he drinks it immediately, but soon faints. Tiana is worried but thankfully he’s still alive, just unconscious. Gerda later tells Tiana that Silvio’s body will slowly change while he’s unconscious, but whether and when he’ll wake up is another thing. Tiana waits for Silvio, praying each day by his side. A month finally passes and that night, Tiana kisses him as she quietly cries, asking him to wake up and call her name again. Silvio’s body starts glowing to her surprise and he soon wakes up. As he regains his orientation, Silvio apologises for making Tiana wait so long but now he can finally protect her properly and can be by her side forever. They kiss each other and Silvio tells her that it won’t end with a kiss as he’s been holding back for so long.

A year later, both Tiana and Silvio are running the medicine shop. Gerda drops by, amazed at how it’s been a year already and Silvio’s truly a human – though they can’t see his cat form anymore. Tiana thanks Gerda for being her friend, which embarrasses the witch. After she leaves, Silvio returns and he’s been recently wearing the scarf Tiana got for him in Fasan. He suggests having proper wedding this time and inviting everyone. Tiana agrees to this, and also suggests inviting the Fasan princes. Silvio didn’t want to at first, but changed his mind since it’ll be a good chance to show the rest how lovey-dovey they are, especially to Lucia and Klaus. (Lol, looks like Silvio knows.) Tiana also tells Silvio that they’ll have a new family member next year, much to his delight. They are both living happily now, after having overcome the differences and their new lives are just beginning.

For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates”. Diary entries occurs during the original game’s timeline and dates both occur during/after the original game and the fandisk’s events. I’ll just go through the highlights of each one.

Diary entry 1: Tiana decides to take a nap but later she feels something warm and fluffy – it’s Silvio sleeping snugly in her arms (cat form). She’s surprised at first but later admits, with Silvio’s persuasion, that it feels good sleeping together like this. After some mofu mofu time,  they both sleep a bit more together but then Tiana wakes up later, shocked to see that it’s nighttime already. Silvio had apparently been up a while ago looking at her sleeping and heard her say some things, which he won’t repeat for her reputation’s sake. Embarrassed, Tiana runs off and decides to not give in to the temptation of sleeping with Silvio again pfft.

Diary entry 2: Since it’s just the two of them that day, Tiana offers to make Silvio whatever he wants. He asks her to buy some fresh fish which came from Sardine from the market and so she does so. There, everyone comments how it’s rare for Silvio to be together with a girl since he always rejects invitations – and he says it’s ‘cos he only has eyes for Tiana. Later, Tiana makes him his meal and he happily eats, getting some food bits on his face. Tiana picks them away with her hand, much to his disappointment since he had actually deliberately done so for her to lick them off. Tiana refuses to do it so Silvio offers to lick off her face instead. Tiana gets embarrassed at the idea and runs off lol.

Diary entry 3: Tiana is busy cleaning but Silvio (cat form) wants her to play with him instead. She offers to pet him instead but even after the mofu mofu time, Silvio still wants to play. He grabs her hat and asks her to chase him. Tiana uses her whistle to get him to drop it though, and gets him to admit that it isn’t fun anymore. Silvio is annoyed that she resorted to such means, but can’t go against her and doesn’t disturb her cleaning again.

Diary entry 4: Tiana is in the kitchen and hears noises. She goes to check and Silvio (cat form) offers her something he caught – and to her horror it’s an unconscious Klaus (mouse form). Tiana tells Silvio off, and Silvio says that he merely wanted to make her happy since she never seemed pleased with his previous catches. Tiana tells him that he just needs to stay by her side and cue some mofu mofu time. However, ‘cos of this Tiana forgot to make breakfast in time lol.

Date 1: Silvio brings Tiana out for a break, and they board a ship. He’s excited ‘cos he wants to try his hand at fishing, and then for Tiana to cook the fish for him lol. He doesn’t succeed at first and Tiana wonders if it’s ‘cos the fish can’t catch up to the ship’s speed. Silvio immediately wants to stop the ship by going to the captain and Tiana has to quickly stop him. While this happens, his line finally gets bitten and he struggles to reel the catch up as it is bigger than expected.

Date 2: The couple are in Sardine and Silvio wants to try the famous local fish pie. They bump into Lucia, who apparently bought the last fish pie for the day. They wonder why he’s out since he has school and Lucia goes “it’s not like I was extremely hungry and couldn’t wait for lunchtime and came out to eat” lmao. Since it’s the last fish pie, Silvio tries to get it from Lucia, who refuses since he’s dead hungry (LOL oh Lucia). Instead, he starts describing how delicious it is and its ingredients. Lucia also doesn’t mind sharing it with Tiana. This gets on Silvio’s nerves and Tiana tries to calm him down. Lucia soon leaves, and then Silvio asks her to make it for him instead since Lucia gave away all the information earlier lmao.

Date 3: The couple decide to take a breather by going for a picnic date, as Silvio’s been busy with the shop recently. Tiana prepares the meal and they go to a lakeside to eat. Unfortunately, a strong wind came and caused Tiana to lose balance. Silvio couldn’t help her in time and they both end up falling in the water. Tiana is upset to see the food all wet even though this trip was meant to be a breather for Silvio. But Silvio comforts her since he understands her feelings and instead thanks her for always looking at him, supporting him, and loving him. He promises to help her make the meal again and asks her to teach him how to cook so that he can do so for her next time when she’s tired too. And so they go back home first.

Short story: This scene shows Silvio going to Laura and asking her to make the medicine to turn him into human for real. Gerda says it’s impossible but Laura says it’s not, but it’s not without its risks and even with her skills it’s a 20% chance of success. Both witches are opposed to this idea, but Silvio is determined. If he doesn’t, it’s only a matter of time that he leaves Tiana so he would rather take the chance. He’s confident of succeeding and so Laura accepts his request seeing this.


Omg all my feelings. (´;ω;`) It’s as if the fandisk was written for Silvio’s route, I really enjoyed both endings. I like bittersweet scenes and this route had cute, funny, romantic and sad ones – right up my alley. The way Terashima said those heart-breaking and tender lines really hit the spot. The good end made me tear up, and of course the happy end was the perfect one. For Silvio’s scarf, you can make Tiana choose three different colours to buy so if you wanna get all his CGs you need to play three times through for each end. A bit annoying but I guess I didn’t mind as I love Silvio. I think white looks best on him which is why I showed those CGs. I found his mofu mofu one of the easiest, besides Matheus. The Side Stories were adorable and the two scenes where Silvio argues with Lucia are too amusing. I think their bickering is definitely funnier than Matheus vs. Klaus lol. Yup, no complaints to speak of for Silvio’s route. And speaking of Lucia, his route will be up next!

6 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Silvio’s route

  1. twentyninenights says:

    I know it. I also thought this FD was made just for him. It’s only in his route there is sad and (seem) real romance vibes. For his scarf, I didn’t pick all the three answers (that’s why my CG pack just had his black scarf). It’s wasting time (I wished it’s not just his scarf that changed, maybe his action)!


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, Silvio’s route gave a really nice closure – especially since his ending in the first game was kinda abrupt. Lol I felt the need to complete all his CGs so I skipped my way through each time to get the rest.


  2. Link says:

    I always likes bickering moments, and playfully teasing vs. tsundere is just win haha. xD

    Silvio’s route is canon as of now, let’s see how Erik and Lucia will fare. ^^
    *Judging from Silvio’s route, I think I’ll like Mr. tsundere duck pfft*
    You have an amusing playing pattern there, start off with Matheus + Alfred, followed by forever-Tiana-crushes threesome, and ended with Erik a.k.a. the best guy lol. I might as well follow this order. ^_^

    Hooray, one step closer towards Erik’s route! >.<


    • Yume says:

      I just finished Snow Bride completely today and I must say, Lucia and Erik’s routes are pretty darn sweet too. X3
      Hahaha, I hope that you will like that tsundere duck too.
      Eheh, I’m glad that my playing order fits you too~

      I’ll do my best to write the rest of the reviews soon! \o/


      • Link says:

        Hooray~ for the completion!!
        Glad to hear that there will be plenty of characters I can anticipate in MtO aside from Erik haha. xD

        Yeah, your playing order left a good after taste, since I don’t think I’ll have much motivation if I am to finished Erik’s first, though now your post just bumped Silvio in my eyes! xD

        Ahah, thank you! I’ll anticipate Mr. Tsundere and Bunny! >.<
        *Hi-five on white scarf, I think it suits Silvio best, too since blue always goes good with anything white/silver* And I might need few dose of Silvio's route too to compensate for the sad end. ^^


        • Yume says:

          Thank you! \o/
          Haha yeah that’s true. I played Erik’s route first for the first game and in the end it took me months to complete. ^^; Haha yay, glad that Silvio caught your eye~
          Lucia’s review should be up soon! Just need to clean it up a bit. X3
          Yes indeed! ❤ /hi-fives


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