Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Lucia’s route

It’s Lucia’s (CV: Shimono Hiro) turn in Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP)! Please read the beginning of Matheus’ route for a brief orientation of how the game flows. /lazy

In the “Another Story“, Lucia calls out to Tiana though Kurt soon joins them. Lucia wonders how he found them in the crowd and Kurt says that Tiana has a nice smell so he can find her immediately. Lucia attempts to fish out further details on Tiana’s smell very obviously. And apparently Lucia has an abject one and Lucia sighs  “yeah I’m a hetare anyway” lmao. Kurt also let slip that Lucia asked him for advice on how to be alone with Tiana and this causes Lucia to drag Tiana outside to the balcony before Kurt goes on. There, Lucia embarrassingly compliments Tiana and that he can’t look straight at her. Tiana also compliments his looks, saying that he looks better than the rest, and he tells her to not go on lest he loses control as he’s not used to compliments.

Unsure of how to react, Lucia hugs Tiana from behind (and his heart is beating like crazy). He confesses that since young he’d been working to make her love him, and now that she does, he’s afraid of the opposite and trying to not make her hate him now. Tiana reassures Lucia and relieved and happy, he kisses her as they reaffirm their feelings.

For Lucia’s “After Story“, Lucia stayed back in Cattleya to assist Klaus and support Kurt. But Lucia says that Kurt isn’t making things easy since he gets bored and tired easily, and can’t get the hang of things. Tiana also received a letter from Belinda on her recovery, as well as her approval of their relationship – though Franz refuses to accept Lucia. Tiana decides to keep the bad news a secret from Lucia since Lucia had always looked up to Franz.

Lucia also brings Tiana to the church, a solemn place where he and Kurt used to draw graffiti there and made their grandfather mad. He regrets not doing anything for his now deceased grandfather and only giving him worries. In fact, as Lucia kept rejecting matchmaking partners, he came to tell his grandfather about Tiana and he encouraged Lucia. The annual contest was also a favourite of his and Lucia had wanted to introduce Tiana to him. But now he can assure his grandfather that he’s happy now so there’s no need to worry anymore and he wants to perform for him too.

A few months pass and things have settled down, but that also means Lucia would be returning to Sardine soon to resume school. And Lucia wants to act lovey-dovey with Tiana in front of people, and when they’re alone too while they have the time lmao. Though actually it’s school vacation now so Lucia invites Tiana to come to Fasan with him, and to introduce her to his mother. Back in Fasan, Lucia fends off his brothers from Tiana (lol) and later brings Tiana to see his mother, Charlotte – whom treats Tiana kindly. Tiana also noticed that Charlotte is on the plump side and is reminded of young Lucia. Lucia admits that if he goes easy on himself he’ll probably end up like her. Tiana says that she’ll love him anyway and points out that he’s actually hard-working. They also do some sight-seeing as it’s Christmas season and stay at an inn that night, since Lucia guesses that Tiana won’t feel comfortable staying at the castle. And over there they get to spend some lovey-dovey time.

The next morning, Tiana finds Lucia playing the violin out on the streets, but it’s not polished and no one stops to listen. Lucia is surprised to see Tiana and admits that he hasn’t been practising since he’s been so busy. He also tells her that he had actually sent Franz a letter with Klaus’ help, but didn’t get a favourable reply. Tiana apologises for keeping it from him but actually Lucia guessed this already also since he had met Franz when Tiana was unconscious and ‘cos Lucia didn’t know his identity, they had a fight. Lucia isn’t deterred though and wants to amend things and gain Franz’s approval. He also learnt from Franz’ reply of how Tiana wrote positively of him which makes him happy. Tiana is delighted and hugs Lucia. Lucia tells her that he plans to return to Sardine to learn violin under a good teacher and improve his skills. He wants Tiana to wait for him so that they can enter next year’s annual contest and win it.

Six months later, Tiana receives Lucia’s letter saying that he’ll be in Cattleya a week before the contest. He goes on to say that he’s been working hard though he had been tempted to drop everything and come to see her every time he thinks of her, but he held out in the end. Tiana also tells herself to not lose out and has been practising every day too, especially since she has also received word from her parents that they’ll be coming to watch them. So on the promised day of arrival, Tiana waits for Lucia but he didn’t turn up even till the next morning. Worried, she goes to the castle and meets Kurt, who informs her that Lucia hasn’t arrived.

Then, a soldier reports to Kurt that Lucia’s carriage was under attack by bandits and though they’ve been captured and at most there were a few injuries, Lucia is missing. They go to the scene with Klaus to search for Lucia. Tiana finds an empty pouch which Lucia kept with him to contain the gold dust in cases of danger and guesses that Lucia may have turned into his duck form. She tells Kurt to search for one and runs to the town to find him too. But they can’t find him anywhere and Klaus persuades her to go home for the day while the soldiers continue. At home though, she spots Lucia who is all worn out. Relieved, she hugs him though he tells her not to hug to tightly as he’s aching all over. Lucia explains that he’d wanted to use the gold dust to threaten the bandits but the carriage collapsed and it went on him instead. The bandits planned to sell him off and he managed to escape, but then got chased by dogs and fell into the waters.

Later, Tiana tells Kurt and Klaus what happened and Kurt commends on Lucia being able enough to make his way to her house. He also reminds her that the deadline to register for the contest is tomorrow. But Tiana later realises that there’s no way to turn Lucia back since his supply of gold dust is gone. So she contacts Gerda but the witch is away and can only make it down in 10days, but they only have 6days to go till the contest so she hesitates and doesn’t register them in the end, and also lied to Lucia that Gerda could give them the gold dust in time.

But eventually Lucia learns the truth and he apologises but assures her that they can go for it next year. But Tiana knows how upset he is too and later hears him crying and blaming himself for messing things up despite all the work they’ve put in and how they’re only one step away from fulfilling their promise. And for consecutive days, Lucia refused to leave the room.

Later, Tiana confides in Kurt and they both end up crying as Kurt also knows that Lucia wants to perform for their grandfather. Klaus finds them and Tiana tells him the situation too. Klaus is surprised since he’d thought that she’d forgotten to register, and so did so in her place. He also tells them to not give up and that they can make the gold dust themselves with Gerda’s instructions. They brighten up and they all go back to tell Lucia this. So with everything back on track, Lucia and Kurt go to gather the ingredients and Tiana and Klaus contact Gerda. Just a day before the contest, Klaus successfully make it and Lucia turns back into his human form. The time limit is one hour but Klaus has made enough for Lucia to last till tomorrow’s contest. Lucia thanks him and though Klaus says that he’s only doing it for Tiana, he admits that he admires Lucia’s effort. He himself also tried to pick up the violin when he was young but had no talent for it and gave up – unlike Lucia. They left the couple alone to practise what they can and Tiana is surprised to hear Lucia’s refined violin-playing now. It was similar to her father’s playing at first but now it has grown into his own sound.

The next day, the couple are nervous and even spot Tiana’s parents in the crowd. But Lucia calms them down since their hearts are one, as apparent from how perfect they were yesterday even though they practised together for the first time. Lucia says that Tiana’s parents had such a bond too on stage and that was what impressed him, as they knew each other’s thoughts without saying anything. He kisses her before they go on stage, as he can finally fulfill his promise to her after coming so far. In the end, they successfully win the contest and everyone celebrates their victory at Tiana’s house that night. Kurt even caught a boar for them lmao. Klaus also got a bit drunk and asked Lucia to take Kurt’s place as he’s more capable. Kurt worries if Klaus is abandoning him and Klaus threatens him that if he doesn’t want that, he shouldn’t sneak off from the castle again lol.

Tiana goes to the kitchen for second helpings of her mother’s cooking but find her parents gone, only leaving a note behind saying that they’ve gone out for a walk. Belinda also congratulates them again and Franz has finally approved of Lucia for his efforts (but insists that his skills are not up to par yet), and actually even cried when they won as Lucia reminded him of his old self – he himself also had no musical talent whatsoever to begin with, which surprised both Tiana and Lucia. Belinda also tells Tiana to think about her mission to fulfill and on passing the whistle to her own children too.

Lucia comes to find Tiana, and they too decide to slip out and gaze at the nightsky. Tiana thanks Lucia for fulfilling the promise, though he still can’t believe that they won. But Lucia knows that it’s only just the beginning and he tells Tiana that he wants to travel the world with her to perform, while also protecting the people just like her parents do. He also wants to protect her and they reaffirm their feelings.

A few years later in the epilogue, the couple are performing in Fasan, and even the other three princes come to watch them. The crowd get a bit distracted by their presence so Tiana and Lucia steal back the limelight with their performance. They then spot Tiana’s parents in the crowd much to their surprise. Belinda remarks at how much they’ve progressed and that it won’t be long before they catch up with them. Franz refuses to accept this though and starts playing beside them. Lucia quickly greets him and is honoured to play together, but Franz starts telling him off for calling him “Father” since they’re not even engaged – but Lucia replies that it’s ‘cos Franz doesn’t allow them lol. Belinda also joins in as it looks like fun and so the four of them perform for the crowd. And apparently, Franz secretly told Tiana that he’s looking forward to his grandchild lol.

For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates”. Diary entries occurs during the original game’s timeline and dates both occur during/after the original game and the fandisk’s events. I’ll just go through the highlights of each one.

Diary entry 1: Tiana sees Lucia’s (and Alfred’s) messy room and immediately gets to work. Lucia (duck form) is actually present too though and he tells her to leave it alone, as it’s “organised mess” and even if she cleans it up it’ll turn messy again. Tiana refuses to though and starts cleaning. This prompts Lucia to pull at her skirt to stop her but her skirts ends up getting ripped. Tiana gets madder and starts throwing away his stuff and Lucia quickly apologises and promises to clean things up as he sees his “treasures” getting tossed away. After that’s all done, Lucia apologises again and asks if Tiana’s still angry, even offering for her to pet him. Tiana assures him that she’s no longer angry since the rip can be stitched up easily, but she takes up the offer for some mofu mofu time.

Diary entry 2: In the morning, Tiana hears a scream coming from the kitchen and finds Lucia there. Apparently he wanted to help Tiana out by cooking for her, since she does the household chores for them everyday. Unfortunately he failed and made a bigger mess. Tiana offers to teach him and so she ends up teaching him how to fry an egg properly. Lucia eventually succeeds doing so by himself much to his delight – and that he can do it after all if he tries lol. He asks her to teach him more so that he can prepare a proper meal for everyone together.

Diary entry 3: Outside, Tiana nearly bumps into Alfred, who asks for her help as Lucia unexpectedly turned into a duck in the streets as the gold dust’s effects wore off. Matheus and Erik are out though so the two of them split up to find Lucia. Eventually, Tiana finds Lucia at a butcher’s in a cage of ducks. Tiana quickly saves him and when they’re back home, she cries out of relief and so Lucia offers her to pet him to calm her down. After some mofu mofu time, Tiana goes to inform Alfred that Lucia’s safe.

Diary entry 4: Tiana gets some mofu mofu time with Lucia (duck form), after he called her a pervert lol. But then Silvio (cat form) comes along and wants her to pet him too, especially since he believes that cats are better to pet than ducks. The two of them end up fighting – or rather in an argument of whether a cat or duck is better lmao. It’s also apparent from their crosstalk that Silvio knows of Lucia’s chubby self in the past. They then turn to Tiana to ask her to decide and she quickly escapes from them, using dinner as an excuse.

Date 1: Tiana finds the castle crowded and wonders if a ceremony or something is going on. She bumps into Lucia who’s running away and he tells her to hide, and so she diverts a group of girls in another direction. Later, Lucia explains that Klaus dumped him in some ceremony to “interact” with the local people – initially it was Kurt’s job but Kurt sensed the danger and disappeared a few days ago lol. The local people, especially the girls, got too aggressive though (even proposing to him) so Lucia eventually fled. Tiana says that it’s only natural and admits that she’s a bit jealous, but asks him to only look at her. Lucia is surprised to hear this, and answers that she’s the only one who has seen all of his sides, even his pathetic ones, and still loves him. And after all, it’s ‘cos of her that he became who he is today, and who he will be in the future too.

Date 2: The couple are sightseeing in Sardine and stop by a shop, where Tiana starts asking Lucia for his opinion on different goods. He’s obviously distracted though and Tiana gets upset, wondering if he doesn’t enjoy being with her and so eventually Lucia admits that he’s looking out for any schoolmates he knows. Tiana then asks if he’s embarrassed being with her and he quickly explains otherwise and even acts out this hilarious scene – he actually wants to show off their relationship. Tiana bursts into laughter, not expecting Lucia to be worrying over such an issue. Eventually, Tiana spots a glass duck figurine and decides to buy it. Lucia sighs over how she really likes ducks and Tiana tells him that it’s ‘cos it reminds her of him (and not that she likes any other duck). So Lucia buys it for her in the end and asks her to treat it well as she would with him.

Date 3: They are in Cattleya, where they’ll be leaving in a few days. They come to the tourist attraction where the famous roses are blooming. Lucia is obviously bothered by them, so eventually Tiana suggests trying it out. Being the tsundere he is, he agrees if she wants to try it no matter what. But when Tiana is ready to pass him the rose, Lucia gets nervous. So Tiana kisses him to reassure him otherwise and the rose in their hands bloom. They are both happy and relieved to see this, and Lucia even almost cries out of relief. Tiana remarks that it’s difficult to believe in another person’s feelings after all and even she was a bit nervous – so perhaps these roses serve as a reminder for that. Lucia replies that he’ll take good care of this rose and it’ll serve as a reminder to him of how much she loves him during the times when he feels uneasy and/or sad.

Short story: This takes place when Lucia is in Sardine, and he’ll soon be returning to Cattleya for the annual contest. He often thought of throwing it all to go see Tiana but he held out in the end, and anticipates finally seeing Tiana. Lucia also recalls of how everything he has done since young was to fulfill his promise to Tiana. He had also sent a letter to Franz with Klaus’ help and didn’t get a favourable reply and he knows why – her parents were friends with his grandfather and often visited the castle. So Franz was aware of Lucia’s young, chubby and lazy self. Lucia is unsure on how much he has changed since then, but is determined to gain Franz’s approval this time and tells Tiana to wait for him.


Omg Lucia you are precious. ❤ His story is nothing complicated but it’s really sweet to see how much he thinks of Tiana. It’s also rather family-orientated as you see more of Tiana’s parents and how they react to Lucia, lol. I loved all of his Side Stories, especially Diary entry 4 and Date 2. It seems that all of the couples have to try their hand at the legendary rose lol (only Silvio’s routes doesn’t have any mention of the rose in the original/fandisk) but I found Lucia’s rose scene the cutest. Even though Matheus acts as the cover boy for the series, Lucia/Tiana really feels like the OTP. He’s one of the tsundere guys I like haha.

His mofu mofu scene is surprisingly easy (lol duck butts) and the CG you get is priceless. Kurt is also such a darling here pfffft. Again not much complaints! And finally, my bias Erik is next~

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