Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Erik’s route

Finally, we have Erik (CV: Kaji Yuuki) in Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP)! Please read the beginning of Matheus’ route for a brief orientation of how the game flows. /lazy

In the “Another Story“, Erik finds Tiana and brings her to the balcony. Tiana notices that there’s something amiss though and Erik asks if she would’ve preferred a taller man, as he points out how Matheus stands out. Matheus often teased him that it’s ‘cos he only eats vegetables that he doesn’t grow taller. Erik’s age also bothers him since he’s younger than her. Tiana wants to comfort him but she knows that her words will probably only hurt his pride more, since it’s an issue he’s seriously bothered by. But soon, Erik leaves her saying that he has to greet some people.

Tiana also returns inside but keeps getting offers by men to dance. Then, there’s a buzz as a mysterious, good-looking man appears and makes his way to her to ask for her hand to dance. Tiana is shocked at first but soon recognise from his voice that it’s Erik. Confused by his appearances, Erik explains that he had asked Gerda to make a medicine to have him grow up temporarily. He was told that the effects would take some time and drank it in the morning but it didn’t take effect till just now (if it didn’t he probably would’ve taken it out on Gerda lol). Erik is glad to see that Tiana has taken a liking to his future appearance, and is also relieved himself so he tells her to look forward to the him a few years later. /nosebleeds

Now for Erik’s “After Story“, it’s been a few days since Erik left for Sardine and Tiana receives his first letter. He had planned on taking his time writing to make her anxious but knows that she’s lonely after everyone has left the house so he wrote asap. The news of them dealing with the dragon has spread in school. Even though he maintained his previous facade he snapped when people kept asking him about her lol. Everyone was shocked and he doesn’t want to lie to himself anymore as they had promised to each other, so he decides to change slowly. Tiana replies his letter immediately and they continue regularly exchanging letters.

However after some months, Tiana still hasn’t received Erik’s letter for two weeks, even though the max. was usually a week. Worried, she wonders if Erik has already forgotten about her, but Lotte assures her and tells her that maybe Klaus has been too busy to pass her it. So Tiana goes to find him but he hasn’t received any of Erik’s letters. He tells her to be patient and promises to give it to her once he receives it. But eventually a month has passed and there’s still nothing. Klaus offers to take Tiana with him to Sardine, as he’s going there for work. Tiana happily accepts and she also makes some jam for Erik upon Lotte’s suggestion (and to help Lotte with her new product).

In Sardine, Klaus goes to settle his work, promising to return for Tiana at the inn later. There, she hears Lucia call out to her and he explains that Erik’s mother fell ill a month ago so Erik went back to Fasan, and isn’t in Sardine. He also passes her a letter and dashes off before Tiana can question further. In the letter, Erik only wrote: “I love you. Please, I hope that you can believe me and wait for me.” Klaus also finds Tiana later and guesses that Lucia told her the details already.

But Tiana senses that both of them were hiding something from her as no one answered her when she asked if Erik will be returning to Sardine. She refuses to return to Cattleya with Klaus and dashes off to Erik’s school, where she was refused entry since she’s a mere commoner. With nowhere to go, she can only wander around and starts crying as she guesses that Erik’s mother is probably against their relationship. Then, someone taps on her shoulder and she finds Erik standing there. They hug each other and Erik apologises. He actually wanted to fetch her at Cattleya but heard that she came here with Klaus. Klaus also shows up there and Erik tells him that he wishes to bring Tiana with him to Fasan, and introduce her to his mother. Klaus is against this but Tiana believes in Erik and so Klaus makes Erik promise him that he won’t let Tiana get hurt.

Klaus arranges for them to travel to Fasan by boat that night. Tiana passes Erik the jam she made and he happily tastes a bit of it. When Tiana asks how the taste is, he kisses her for her to taste it. Tiana says that there’s no way she can know the taste so Erik kisses her deeper lol. Erik admits that he wanted to do this in front of Klaus but held back instead. He thanks her for the jam and keeps it away, as there’s something more delicious before him now. Despite Tiana’s embarrassed protests, Erik refuses to hold back any longer since it’s been so long since they last met.

Upon reaching Fasan, they meet Matheus and Alfred, and Tiana is arranged to stay at Alfred’s family’s castle (which is deserted now – see Alfred’s review for details). Erik’s mother is still unwell so Tiana will stay there and meet her when she’s better. Meanwhile, Erik shows her around the castle, and later the town as it’s Christmas season now. As they do their sightseeing, they both end up buying writing paper for each other which they can use for their future letters. Erik admits that he enjoys shopping unlike his brothers – Lucia would probably snapped if it’s too long, Alfred wouldn’t say anything but his conscious would be getting dimmer, and Matheus would just leave the store lol. He knows that Tiana is thinking of him as feminine. Tiana says that she loves him all the same, but he isn’t bothered by it anymore. Moreover, he’ll only show his true, defenceless self to Tiana – but if someone else called him feminine it’s another story lol.

They go to the lake behind the castle and there Tiana asks Erik to tell her more about his school. He tells her that they learn all sorts of things but no one takes it seriously since it’s a school for royalty and everyone has their own backing. They just go to school to graduate, but no one bothers about the grades. Moreover, the power struggles sometimes carry over in school and it’s nothing pretty. Erik though wants to study properly. He also tells Tiana that his father died at this lake, rumoured to be killed by Bernd. But his body isn’t found though, and probably all of the princes don’t want to believe that he’s dead until they see his body.

They go back to have dinner together though a maid later comes to say that Erik has a guest. So he leaves and Tiana goes back to her room to wait for him. But she falls asleep on the sofa, only to later find Erik above her. Erik tells her that when they were apart, he was always worrying if she’d forgotten him or got together with someone else, and regretted not doing this sooner. Tiana tells him that she had the same worries too, and Erik reassures her that he only loves her. As he closes in on her, Tiana tells him that she loves him too and doesn’t hate what he’s going too, so he tells her that he’ll let her off and kisses her instead. Tiana tells him not to tease her too much and Erik answers that he likes teasing the one he loves lol. He adds that they’ll continue where they left off for when he’s more grown-up (while blushing, how cute).

The next morning, Erik calls Tiana down. He kisses her and Tiana is obviously embarrassed thinking about last night. So Erik teases her, saying that he can give her something deeper now if she wants. Tiana throws a snowball at him instead and so they end up having a snowball fight. Erik then goes to see his mother while Tiana returns to her room. A maid brings Tiana some sweets and tea but then attacks her when she’s off-guard. Tiana’s arm is injured lightly and before the maid can attack again, Alfred comes to Tiana’s rescue. The soldiers come and upon Alfred’s questioning, the maid confesses that she was ordered by Erik’s mother, Edith, to scare Tiana off so that she leaves Fasan. This surprises Tiana since she never imagined that Edith opposed this much, though Alfred expected this answer. Tiana stops Alfred from informing Erik, as she didn’t want Erik to be hurt, knowing that he loves his mother a lot.

Alfred and the soldiers leave and Matheus arrives later, finally telling Tiana everything upon her insistence. Edith opposes ‘cos Tiana holds enough power to seal the dragon, so she isn’t a mere commoner. In fact, Edith doesn’t want any part in the royal struggles so a commoner daughter-in-law is just fine with her. But with Tiana, the other family members will make use of her power and aim for the throne, no matter how much Tiana refuses to use it to hurt others. It was ‘cos she heard of Erik’s relationship with her, that Edith fell ill – though from the start her health was already poor. They made Tiana stay here to hide her presence but it looks like they know it now.

Erik comes to find Tiana and is shocked to see Tiana in tears. As she hides her wound, she informs him that she’s returning to Cattleya immediately and Matheus goes to make the arrangements. Erik asks for the reason but instead, Tiana asks if Erik still desires to be king, like he once told her. He hesitates at his answer and Tiana tells him that even though she believes in him, she can’t forgive anyone for using her power to hurt others even if it’s him. Tiana then hurries outside to leave, but she fell and the writing paper she bought got wet in the snow. Tiana feels even worse since she purposely said those last words to hurt Erik and can’t forget his hurt expression as she leaves.

Back in Cattleya, Klaus actually knew the truth but decided to believe in Erik. But now he tells Tiana to forget everything which happened. But Tiana can’t forget Erik and when Lotte visits her, she tells her everything. Lotte tells her to not force herself and lie to herself, when she truly wants to be with Erik. A week later, Tiana goes to perform outside but none of the cats listen to her whistle-blowing. The people, disappointed, start leaving and Tiana breaks down – her parents told her that her feelings will affect how the animals respond to her. She feels empty after leaving Erik and she’s lost at how to go on performing. Then, she hears sounds of a familiar violin and sees Erik performing.

Erik sees her and smiles. Upon seeing him, Tiana feels as though she can forgive him for everything. Erik comes to her side and tells her to perform again, and this time, she successfully does so. Afterwards they go home and Erik apologises, saying that it’s her fault for hurting Tiana in the end. Even though he didn’t expect his mother to go so far, he was aware of the dangers. Erik admits that he couldn’t answer her that day ‘cos indeed, he did still long for the throne. But when he lost her, he realised what was most important to him – Tiana. So he decided to give up his right to succession and officially submitted the document to Matheus. This way, he would also reassure his mother. So now that he’s a normal person, he will live for her sake and her dreams. Tiana admits that she also can’t live without him and Erik thanks her for accepting him as he is, as they kiss.

Erik returns to Sardine after a few day, and Tiana receives a letter from him later on. He tells her that his mother has recovered and has retired in the outskirts of Fasan to live a quiet life. She also apologises to Tiana and hopes to see her someday. Though ‘cos of his renouncement and causing his family to be disinherited, there was some dispute at the main castle. He is also being treated differently at school, and somewhat understands what Klaus went through but he doesn’t mind. Erik also informs Tiana that he passed his exams successfully and became a special student. He asks Tiana to keep writing and waiting for him till he graduates.

In the epilogue three years later, Tiana goes to see Erik at his school as it’s the school’s anniversary and the public is allowed inside. Erik rushes up to her and kisses her. He’ll soon graduate and stay at her place from then on. ‘Cos he graduated properly, he won’t have to worry about earning a living. Erik is prepared to take Tiana away for the day since they promised that he can do anything he wants when he’s older. Tiana asks what if she opposes and refuses to meet him again, and Erik answers that he’ll have to punish her aplenty in return. He tells her that he’ll keep her awake till the next morning since he’s been holding back for so long, and to be prepared for it.

For the “Side Stories“, we get four “diary” entries and three “dates”. Diary entries occurs during the original game’s timeline and dates both occur during/after the original game and the fandisk’s events. I’ll just go through the highlights of each one.

Diary entry 1: Tiana returns home to see Erik (bunny form), who asks her to comb out a tangled area on his back. After some mofu mofu time, Erik climbs onto her to return the favour as he pets her head too. He knows that she probably will only allow this when he’s a bunny, but still finds it unfair that she pets him everywhere anyway. So he jokes that she should turn into an animal too, while wondering what animal she’ll be. Flustered, Tiana tries to stop him.

Diary entry 2: Erik comes back with some fruit cake from the popular cake store, as thanks to Tiana for taking care of them. Erik then decides that it’s more fun to feed her and Tiana can only give in to his words – so she ends up eating all the cake he had bought off his fork lol.

Diary entry 3: Tiana goes to clean Lucia and Alfred’s room, which is a mess. She finds Erik (bunny form) already nagging at Lucia (duck form) though. At first Lucia refused to move an inch but then Erik threatened to throw him out of the window so Lucia finally goes to get a bag for the rubbish upon Erik’s orders. Tiana thanks Erika since it’s good to have someone else who values cleanliness. He says that he’s helping her out since it must be a chore cleaning this mess everyday, and so he wants Lucia to clean up after himself. Erik then asks Tiana to pet him as a reward so they’ve some mofu mofu time. Later, Erik wonders if he should “tidy up” Lucia instead so that there won’t be anymore mess and Tiana discourages that idea.

Diary entry 4: Tiana finds Erik (bunny form) sitting on Alfred’s feet (wolf form) while he does sit-ups. Erik is being strict on purpose, telling Alfred that his back didn’t touch the ground properly and recounts from 95. Alfred finally struggles till 100 and Erik tells him to start from 1 again lol. Alfred says that Erik is hurting his feet but Erik replies that if he doesn’t do so, his weight will be too light and he’ll get thrown off. Since that became a break, he asks Alfred to do 150 sit-ups now lol. Tiana can only watch them and she forgot her initial purpose of asking Alfred to work out inside the house – since it’ll look weird to outsiders. At the end, Alfred thanks Erik and asks for his help in the future too. After he leaves, Erik sighs at how Alfred didn’t realise that he was bullying him at all. He then asks Tiana to pet him as his fur is all messy so cue some mofu mofu time.

Date 1: Tiana goes to see Erik, as Klaus had work to do here and brought her along. Erik meets her at the entrance, but then forgot something and goes back to fetch it first. A student then approaches her, wondering if she’s here to fish for a royal date since there are girls like her who come to the gate time to time. Tiana tries to convince him otherwise but then he starts approaching her further – till Erik returns and fends him off. Upon learning of his identity, the student makes fun of Erik since he willingly gave up his own succession rights, and even tells Tiana to not place any hope in him. Erik threatens him though, and confidently says that he’s the only one who loves Tiana this much and doesn’t need to depend on any royal backing.

This scares the guy away but tells Erik to remember this. Tiana is touched to hear Erik’s words. Erik defensively touches her since the guy had his hands all over her. Tiana reassures him and this leads to Erik asking if it’s really alright for him to touch her all he wants lol.

Date 2: Erik will leave for Sardine soon but he wants to drop by one last place first. He brings Tiana to try touching the legendary roses but he can’t find any as everyone else plucked them already. Erik then sees a couple getting the last one so he suggested going to persuade them in a “friendly” manner to let him have it. Tiana quickly stops him, saying that there’s no need to prove their love as they already love each other so much. Erik is touched to hear her say this, but teases her for blushing so much too. He agrees and suggests back to her house – so that he can confirm for himself just how much she loves him (homg).

Date 3: The couple are at an inn in Fasan and Erik wants to enter the onsen together. Tiana is embarrassed though and Erik hurtfully says that it isn’t ‘cos he merely wants to see her naked, but he just wants to experience the onsen together with her. Tiana quickly gives in (why does it feel like Erik faked it lol) and they go in together.

Tiana has her back to Erik out of embarrassment though, till Erik persuades her to face him as he feels lonely if she doesn’t. When she finally does, he kisses her and Tiana’s face turns even redder. Erik teases her before kissing her again, telling her to enjoy herself more. Tiana feels as though she’ll be led by Erik by the nose for the rest of her life, but it’s not like she hates it completely.

Short story: This takes place after Tiana left for Cattleya, and Erik regrets losing her. He admits to himself that he had lingering feelings for the throne, but it’s meaningless now that he has lost Tiana. Moreover, she was the one who made him accept his real self. He decides to give up his succession rights and goes to tell Matheus (and Alfred) this. They accept his decision, though Matheus starts teasing Erik by asking him to politely request for his help since the document needs his approval seal. But instead, Erik approaches Matheus and touches him, causing him to have hives lol. Later, he goes to Cattleya to find Tiana, but fails to find her at her house. He then spots her outside, having failed to perform with her whistle. He then takes up his violin and plays to support her. As their eyes meet, he sees Tiana cry again and Erik feels as though she has forgiven him.


Homg Erik~~ Is hot (〃ノωノ) Despite being the youngest, he’s probably the most bold. Even though he’s similar to Matheus in that they both enjoy teasing Tiana – Tiana still has the upper hand on Matheus at the end but Erik…will get what he wants with Tiana in any case lol. Of course, Erik is probably the most evil lol and it doesn’t help that he understands his brothers and Tiana well enough to easily get his way. But I can’t hate him when he’s so hot, homg that voice. And that Date 3 (〃ノωノ)

The only problem is the pacing of his After Story. It slowly built up to the climax, but then the resolution was reached so quickly. But being bias, all is forgiven with such a hot epilogue CG (and see, my review for Erik ended up as the longest). His mofu mofu is one of the harder ones, along with Klaus – they can get mad at you easily lol. I miss his cute voice ‘cos I enjoy hitting him during the mofu mofu, but his hot voice is not bad too ahem. In any case, I’m happy to have left Erik for the last. I’ll review the extra content and save my concluding thoughts for another post!


4 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Erik’s route

  1. Link says:

    I’ve been waiting for Erik since forever pfft.
    I’m sold now and (by Silvio + Lucia + Mr. Bunny and maybe extra charas as well haha) definitely going to get MtO! ^^

    Adult Erik is hot, though.


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