Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Misc. & Concluding Thoughts

Here’s the end of another game, Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ (PSP). This post will cover all the other extra content including: Kurt and Dirk’s dates, Lotte and Gerda’s events, the mini-game, (briefly) the focal points of Franz’s diary, and my concluding thoughts. Read the start of Matheus’ posts to know the flow of the game and what PSP-only content you get.

Kurt’s Date 1: Tiana goes to pass Klaus something, and later learns that Kurt has run away. She offers to help and ends up going to the forest and bumps into Kurt there – or more like he probably smelled her so he went to her side lol. Tiana persuades Kurt to return since everyone is looking for him. But Kurt refuses and after all, he only needs to be present at the necessary ceremonies, Klaus can handle the rest. Tiana tries to convince him but eventually Kurt confesses that he was once told that he would only cause more trouble if he was there. He wants to protect this country like his grandfather did but he doesn’t feel competent and Lucia is a better pick. Tiana tells him that if Klaus really thought that, he wouldn’t be going all out to find him. He can take things slow and learn gradually. Kurt gives in to Tiana and says that he’ll go back for today.

Kurt’s Date 2: Tiana goes to find Klaus at the castle again to pass him lunch from Lotte. She decides to see Kurt too, who from Klaus’ words, has been acting more seriously at his work recently. Right now he’s taking a break but then Tiana finds Kurt ready to jump off the balcony. Shocked, she grabs him and they both fall back inside. Kurt tells her to let him slip out for a break once since he’s been working seriously. And even so, he can’t learn anything right and both her and Klaus will probably give up on him soon. Tiana tells him otherwise and Kurt is touched, and asks her to listen to accompany his selfishness – he carries her and jumps down from the balcony with her lmao.

In the end, they spend the day out in the forest and when nighttime comes, Kurt retires into the tent. Tiana realises that she would be sleeping inside too as Kurt calls for him to sleep for the night too, and embarrassingly joins him – not that anything happens lol.

Kurt’s Date 3: There’s a big ceremony going on and Kurt asks Tiana to watch him as he proudly memorised his lines to say then. But later at the church, a group of men attack the crowd asking for Kurt to come in exchange so that they can use him as ransom. Kurt comes to the scene and successfully fights them off, surprising them since they didn’t expect him to lol. After things settle down, Kurt asks Tiana to properly watch over him as he resume the ceremony – not just for today but in the future too, and Tiana promises him.

Dirk’s Date 1: (Keep in mind that this follows off from Alfred’s route, which is why it’s only unlocked after you finish Alfred’s After Story.) Tiana visits Dirk and being the tsundere he is, he asks her purpose for coming here. Tiana says that she enjoys talking with him and this sets off more tsundere lines lol. Eventually he asks her to show him around Cattleya (since it’s his inner conscious, he can switch surroundings). Tiana brings him to see the scenery of Cattleya and explains all the sights to him. Dirk remarks that if she hadn’t stopped him, he would’ve destroyed such a beautiful scenery. Tiana offers to show him around even more and he wonders why she’s doing so much for him. Tiana says that it’s ‘cos she has come to like him and he goes all tsundere again, but in the end accepts her offer and asks her to come again.

Dirk’s Date 2: Tiana brings Dirk to the resting place where lots of delicious food stalls are. Apparently it’s even possible for you to eat in this realm. But Dirk goes on tsundere mode again and says that he wants to try Tiana’s cooking. So she brings him home and cooks him a meal. Dirk is surprised at its taste and remarks that it reminds him of her, and can see why Alfred fell for her. He muses to himself how he would’ve been if he grew up in the household. In the end, he asks for second helpings and invites Tiana to eat with him at the table too.

Dirk’s Date 3: Dirk was told by Alfred about how a ball was held the other day, and goes tsundere as he remarks that Tiana was probably beautiful then but also stuck out like a sore thumb among royalty. Tiana asks if he’s used to such occasions and he confirms that he is, unlike his brother. He decides to prove so to Tiana and the scene changes to the ballroom. Dirk tells Tiana that he’ll teach her how to blend in and so they dance for a bit. But then he asks himself what he’s exactly doing since he can’t have Tiana. It changes back to the lake scene and Dirk thanks Tiana for all that she has done for him. He actually always wants her to stay here with him and not return but he knows that he’s a burden to her.

Every time she promises to come again, he’s always afraid that she won’t return yet he’s always relieved to see her and enjoys their time together. He tells her that it’s enough and that she doesn’t have to come anymore. In response, Tiana tells him that she enjoys their time together just as much and to believe in her. In the end, Dirk gives in and promises to always wait for her, and to take responsibility for these feelings. So Tiana promises to always visit him whether it’s tomorrow, the day after, 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years later.

Lotte’s Event: Tiana sees a boy outside the bakery, but he runs away upon seeing her. Lotte comes to welcome her and Tiana recounts what she saw, and Lotte answers that recently she felt like someone has always been watching her. They find a letter on the floor and upon reading it, Tiana guesses that it’s a love letter from the boy to Lotte. (But the contents likens Lotte’s features to delicious bread lmao.) Tiana cheers her own love though Lotte is unsure and decides to just wait and see how things develop.

Gerda’s Event: Tiana sees Gerda at the medicine store looking troubled. Apparently an urgent large stock has arrived but Silvio is not around to help move the stuff. Tiana offers to help and so the two of them move the things to the forest. Tiana gets the feeling that they’ve been going in circles but Gerda assures her otherwise. Eventually Gerda acts strangely as they’ve arrived and Tiana is blinded by a strong light. She finds herself in Laura’s secret hideout and Gerda explains that they’ve to go through complicated routes so that no one finds here. No one is around though and Gerda offers to bring Tiana here again to see her parents, if she helps her shift supplies again.

Girls’ Event: Tiana and Lotte see that the famous cake shop is having an all-you-can-eat for two hours. Being tempted, they join the queue. Gerda later passes by and though she doesn’t admit it at first, she eventually joins them in the queue. Tiana introduces them to each other and they start deciding on what to eat. Since the store has 15 types of cake, they each decide to order 5 cakes so that they can share and try all the flavours – but they would need lots of dieting and exercising.

Franz’s Diary: You unlock diary entries with key words that appear throughout the game. There’s no way I’m summarising all 18 short stories that derive from each diary entry even though yes, I read every darn word. I’ll only go through a rough timeline of the history starting from Tiana’s parents meeting Balthazar. So, they met Balthazar (and Bernd) through Kurt’s (and Lucia’s) grandfather as they were asked to entertain him, being Cattleya’s top performers. ‘Cos of Belinda’s spunky nature and Balthazar’s frivalous one, they ended up in a bit of an argument and eventually made a bet: if Balthazar was touched by their performance he would promise them a reward, but if not Belinda would spend a night with him. However, Balthazar made them perform everyday for a month without an answer. They finally decide to confront him but see him leaving for Fasan. There, Balthazar asks Belinda seriously to be his third wife but she punches him and leaves. Balthazar then asks Franz what their relationship is and he hesitates before answering that they’re childhood friends, which gives him some hope. When that meeting took place, Belinda was only 14 years old and Balthazar 18 years old. But yes Balthazar already married Matheus and Alfred’s mothers then.

Later, Belinda receives a letter from her parents and decides to chase after them – this leads them to the secret room in Fasan’s castle where they meet Balthazar and Bernd. This relates to what Matheus finds out in his route (read that for more). Belinda’s parents wanted to save the imprisoned witches but died there, her last words telling Belinda that only she can stop Laura. Belinda is apparently a descendant of witches and only with her whistle can she control the dragon in Laura (who was only 12 years old then).

But Laura is missing, presumably taken by Balthazar’s elder brother as he wants to use her powers to wage war on Renard. All four of them manage to stop him at Cattleya, but there’s no sign of Laura. Balthazar and Bernd go to the frontline where Renard’s army is coming, and Belinda and Franz go to find Laura. They eventually do but Franz gets hurt in the process and the dragon inside Laura is released. After much effort, Belinda seals it and Franz is brought to the hidden house to recuperate. Belinda and Laura also pick up Klaus and Gerda respectively, as both lost their parents. Things settle down but the truth about the dragon and Belinda sealing it isn’t told to the public. Balthazar feels the blame as things originated within Fasan, and Belinda has no intentions of forgiving him either. Balthazar asks her once more to be his wife and she rejects him again, so he passes her a beautiful brooch as a late reward for their performance touching his heart (unknown to them, it’s a symbol of a Fasan concubine). Balthazar also asks Franz again what their relationship is and now, after what they’ve been through, Franz answers that he loves her and wants to protect her.

Belinda and Franz later marry and have Tiana. They also hear of the royal struggles in Fasan concerning Angelica and Bernd (read Matheus’ review for more). Some years later, they receive a letter from Bernd and travel to Fasan. He asks them to help find his wife Cornelia. They agree and eventually are led back to the hidden room, waiting for Balthazar to unlock all three doors. He knows they’re there though and lets them in – but they see no one. Balthazar explains that he comes here everyday to remind himself of his sins. He shows them Cornelia’s diary, saying that she died of illness two years ago, but kept her death hidden from Bernd as she wished so that he keeps on living. Tiana’s parents agree to keep this a secret, but warn him that Bernd will find out eventually.

Years later, they hear that Laura has been kidnapped and go to Fasan to get Balthazar’s help. But there, they see Balthazar and Bernd fighting and Balthazar falls into the lake. Bernd leaves and the couple quickly save the Fasan king and take him back to the hidden house. Balthazar later tells them that Bernd learnt of Cornelia’s death, but he had no time to explain. Balthazar shows a moment of weakness and Belinda beats reality back into him, saying that he won’t be forgiven so easily. The couple later go to save Laura from Renard, but as they do they are stopped by Bernd and his men. Laura willing goes with him but Bernd doesn’t let them off as he injures Belinda’s legs and she falls into the waters, and Franz dives in after her. Things then unfold as in the first game with Tiana sealing the dragon. Later on, Balthazar also goes to save Bernd from prison as in Matheus’ route. It ends off with them tending to Bernd in the hidden house, and Balthazar feeding him personally much to Bernd’s disgust lol. Around this time, Balthazar is barely under 40 years old.

Other interesting diary entries are Lucia and Erik’s first meeting with Franz respectively. Lucia gave a bad impression but Erik convinced Franz smoothly, or more like trick him into approving of them lol. The last one is Franz and Belinda going to watch Tiana and Lucia’s contest performance. You can read how Franz is secretly cheering on Lucia and eventually breaks down when they win lol.

Mini-game: It takes place in an alternate world where you buy back either one of the guys in their animals forms, and they ask for your help to raise 50000 Nkrs to buy the gold dust to change them into humans. You get to feed them, train them, perform with them for money, and have mofu mofu time with them once each day. For the training and performance, it’s like a roulette where you have to do hand-eye coordination to stop the wheel at the “success” slot. It’s easier to succeed at this if you stop at places where there are two/three consecutive “success” slots. But with Twentyninenight’s advice, I eventually sped up my playing by changing the PSP date setting.

Concluding Thoughts: The fandisk actually has quite a bit of content, especially with the extra PSP stuff – but I breezed through everything so quickly lol. I guess it shows how much I enjoyed my playthrough of the game. All the routes had their plus points, though as mentioned, Silvio’s had a really convincing plot. But for Matheus, as the cover boy, his route helps you understand more of Franz’s diary entries – if you bother reading it’s actually a good detailing of the deeper history of the game lol. And of course my favourite characters remain as Erik, Lucia and Silvio.

I wished that Kurt’s dates had a bit more stuff – even though nothing happened, I wouldn’t have mind reading what went on in the tent lol. Dirk’s dates had more stuff in that his feelings came through really clearly. But it feels awkward since this happens following Alfred’s route. The events with the girls were short but fun – I really relate to the idea of sharing desserts so that we can try every other flavour lol. The mini-game was fun for me ‘cos I…like the mofu mofu times lol. /omg I sound like a pervert now.  Oh, and be warned that you can’t multi-task between guys.

All in all, I think that it was a nice follow-up fandisk to the first game! Hope that my reviews gave you a better idea of what you may expect from the fandisk. As for what’s next, I’ve just started on the fandisk for Amnesia. /still in the mood for shorter games

4 thoughts on “Moujuutsukai to Oujisama ~Snow Bride~ PSP: Misc. & Concluding Thoughts

  1. Roiya says:

    Kuwait a Kurt and dirk route??omg I want lol. I wish they were longer and had more romance in them. I like shota tsunderes like dirk even if he was the antagonist somewhat for the game *shot. His dates are bittersweet though since hes still sealed up and she only sees him virtually. Plus since its following Alfred’s route id feel like I’m two timing both brothers fufufufu and they’d never know *double shot*. I’m so excited you’re doing amnesia later next!!


    • Yume says:

      Yeah, it’s a pity that there wasn’t more content for them. Yeah actually Dirk really grew on me in the fandisk, he’s cute. XD Ikr he’ll be sealed up forever so all you can get are virtual dates with him. I wonder if his looks will change, like when he grows up. /o\ Haha, do wait for my reviews for Amnesia Later~ :>


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