Amnesia Later: Waka, Girls’ Party

“……What’s with that face-“
It’s my face of joy seeing you again Orion! (●´∀`)ノ+゜*。

So I started on the fandisk Amnesia Later. As a basic introduction of the game flow, you can only start on “New World”, which is a short alternate story to the original game. The heroine still lost her memory and Orion’s at her side, it’s still August, but there’s no crazy stalker guy, no crazy fanclub, no one after your life. Everyone dotes on you and everything seems dandy as everyone decides to go watch some fireflies with Ukyou’s directions. Oh, and you recall making a promise to go firefly-watching again this summer. From there you branch off and unlock more content: the “After Story” of each main guy, “Waka-san World”, “Girls’ Party”. Once all is cleared, you unlock “Orion Mode”.

Of course, there will be spoilers for the original game ‘cos it’s assumed that you played it already. Again, ‘cos the heroine has no name, I’m just going with “you” lol. I couldn’t decide on a playing order for the main guys so I did the extras first. Below you’ll find an introduction to New World, review of Waka and the girls’ branches there, as well as “Waka-san World”, and “Girls’ Party”.

In New World, you are given a simple re-orientation of the world with Orion’s help. There are a few mini events such as Ukyou showing the rest some photos he took, and Shin and Toma going to get yukata with you. It’s ‘cos of Ukyou’s photos (of fireflies at a river bank he was lying in lol) that Waka, Ikki and Kent grew interested. Waka then suggested gathering everyone to go see the fireflies since the place was nearby. But Ukyou fails to bring everyone to the exact right spot for firefly-viewing as the river he saw them the night before is huge. So Waka decides to split up the group and wander, to not spoil the fun.

Waka has a samurai spirit and he’s extreme so he’ll keep wanting to commit seppuku here and there and everyone has to stop him lmao. Oh, and of course he carries a sword around. And even though everyone came wearing their yukata, he came wearing a traditional kimono pffft. When you approach him, Waka basically comments how you look unexpectedly more grown-up and pretty so all the guys keep glancing over at you.

He also comments on how it’s a pity that there are no fireflies tonight, and remarks that there was an unusually large number of them this year and last year. You casually ask why and then he replies that he can answer if you really want to know – but you mustn’t tell anyone or else risk your life lol. You try to back out but then he goes on for 20 minutes or so on his family dabbling in some researches, failing and the side effects affecting the fireflies. If the research actually succeeded, he remarks that all humans wouldn’t have their human forms lol. He then randomly asks if you’ve any of the guys in mind and upon your hesitation, he concludes that everyone’s on equal standing then – including him. Both of you then join the rest who are down by the riverside.

For the three girls, you either approach Sawa, Mine or Rika. For Sawa, she recalls your first meeting being that you picked up her exam results she had dropped – which unfortunately was her worst yet. In fact it was so bad she was pretty much the last ranking in the cohort. You admit to her after three years of this meeting that you saw the grades, since it’s written where her name is too – so you had to see it to give it back to her. Sawa remarks that it’s ‘cos of this that sparked off your relationship though (and you’d seen her most embarrassing side already), and motivated her to work harder so as not to get anymore embarrassing grades. Later, the other two girls join you, remarking that the boys were below throwing stones in the river, and everyone got a bit heated to see whose stone goes the furthest. You girls can’t really find a way to interrupt their surprisingly childish fare, and decide to just hang out together and even decide to hold a real girls’ day out on another day.

For Mine, it’s basically her being a tsundere when you’re genuinely praising her and trying to be friends with her. She’s not used to this treatment since usually girls hate her, but admits that you and Sawa are exceptions and she enjoys her time with you. Later, the other two join in and remark that all the boys are below creating a stone crossing as Ikki suggested that perhaps the fireflies are further down the river. You then hear Ukyou falling in the river and getting carried away. The rest try to help him but Ukyou gestures that it’s okay ‘cos he’s used to this lol. The girls decide to leave this to the boys since they can’t really help and also decide to have a real girls’ day out next week.

Orion: “Is this some shoujo manga from way back!!!”

For Rika, she confides in you that she was confessed too by someone and asks for your advice (lmao what). She was on her way to school but bumped into a guy who had overslept and was dashing while munching on bread. Later at school, she saw him again as he was the class’ temporary teacher. Rika also realised that they had switched bags and goes to see him after class. There, he remarks that it’s fate and asks her out without giving her a chance to answer immediately lol. For her though, there’s only Ikki but she finds it hard to answer him. You advice her to just say the truth, and she accepts this, asking you if you could come with her when she does so…while blushing. Even Orion is shocked and wonders if this is some twin of Rika. The other two then join you and remark that the boys are building a dam in the river lmao. You all decide to ignore their childish play and also decide to check out a new café together upon Rika’s suggestion.

Now for Waka-san World, if you remember he has different personalities in each world. This takes place in May, before you lost your memory and YOU TALK. Yes you have lines. Anyway, they picked these four Waka personalities:

Drill Sergeant: Aka Waka from Spade World. The main gist is that Waka saves you from a customer harassing you (and even filming secretly) – in supreme commander style. Later, he takes you behind after some talking, he eventually decides to give you self-defense training after work. You spend two hours in the end with him and after that he sends you home. He apologises for taking longer than expected, and also remarks that you’ve a strong heart which was why he hired you. You ask to come to the café again tomorrow as a customer (it’s your day-off) and for him to teach you some more, much to Waka’s pleasure.

Taciturn: Aka Waka from Clover World. You, Mine, Sawa and Waka just had a meal together. Sawa ordered lots of chicken dishes and you all find out it’s ‘cos Waka got a new supply of chicken from some farmers but the condition was that the dish made had to be a hit. So he asked Sawa for some fresh, novel dish ideas. Mine jumps on the bandwagon and suggests going to another restaurant to try more. You excuse yourself though as you took over Toma’s shift today and have your own work shift tomorrow morning. On the way back though, you are harassed by two drunks.

Waka saves you in time though, and apologises for being careless since it wasn’t proper to let a girl go home late at night alone. He suggests going to the café to calm you down first. Waka makes you coffee and later teaches you some table games in his attempt to calm you down. He also calls Shin and Toma to meet Mine and Sawa so that they’re not alone too. Waka also admits that he’s the reticent type and prefers to listen, especially when it’s just the two of you. The reason he hired you is also ‘cos you’re always forward-looking. After that, he sends you home. You thank him and he asks you out to have coffee again another time.

Onee: Aka Waka from Heart World. The gist is that Waka accidentally spoils your earring so he offers to buy a new one for you. You both go shopping for it and there, you find out that he’s not…an okama lol. He says that he’s merely comfortable with speaking in a girly manner, and he’s interested in cute girls like yourself. Waka also says that it’s partly why he hired her. He tells you to be more conscious of him as a guy. The next day, he also slips out of work with you to check out a rival café (Arcobaleno lol). You see him speak like a guy the first time – when he’s ordering. After your time there, Waka sends you home and also asks you out again, and to consider him seriously within the next year.

Assassin: Aka Waka from Joker World. After work, it starts raining to you wait in the café for it to stop, while he asks you to taste a new tea blend he made. After that, Waka offers to walk you home and halfway, he asks you to stick closer to him and it’s ‘cos later you learn that there are two guys who’ve been following you, ever since you’d finished work. But he reassures you that they seem to have no ill intention. Along the way, Waka also mentions that the reason for hiring you is ‘cos you’re kind and stay true to your values. He adds that you, Shin, Kent and Sawa are of the same kind, who won’t tread outside of the path you consider to be correct. But as a balance, Ikki, Toma and Mine would take any other means to reach their goal. In the end, he sends you all the way back home, and tells you to check your mobile phone when you’re back at home.

You do so and you see that Shin and Toma tried to contact you. You call them back and you learn that they actually went to find you after work since they’d guessed that you didn’t have an umbrella – but caught you and Waka instead and didn’t know how to interrupt you both. They both demand to know why you seemed to close to Waka. You realise that Waka was referring to them but don’t know how to break it to them that it’s ‘cos you both thought that they were stalkers lol. So you say that you’ll explain to them tomorrow and hang up forcefully.

For Girls’ Party, it’s a follow-up of your girls’ day out. For Sawa’s side, it takes place at your home. For Mine’s side, it takes place at where you all work, Meido no Hitsuji. For Rika’s side, there’s no doubt that it takes place at Arcobaleno lol. For each, upon Orion’s advice you draw out information from the girls about two guys respectively. They’ll answer stuff like height, birthday, hobbies, club activities, likes/dislikes and certain personality traits. You’ll unlock their profile respectively.

Sawa: You can ask about Kent and Toma respectively. For Kent, some interesting stuff they pointed out was that he’s a surprisingly easy person to understand in that he doesn’t like trouble. For example, he doesn’t like to eat crabs ‘cos they’re troublesome to eat. He prefers keeping fish to dogs/cats since they’re easier to take care of.

For Toma, he’s a surprisingly complex person even though he appears very caring. For example, he joins many clubs casually without deep involvement. Yet he says he also enjoys playing cards with Shin and shopping with you the most. So it’s hard to say whether he’s frivalous or deeply committed. Also…humans are his favourite animals lol.

You also find out that Rika’s family is full of farmers, fishermen and so on to everyone’s surprise. Mine remarked that she looked like she lived in a castle and didn’t visit convenience stores etc. lol.

Mine: You can ask about Shin and Waka respectively. For Shin, despite his rough attitude he’s a surprisingly childish character. For example, he likes eating sweets but dislikes celery. He also seems to like dogs ‘cos one time there was a customer’s dog outside and he kept petting it – till he realised that Mine was there and then walked back into the store acting cool lol.

For Waka, he is the most mysterious though it appears as though stuff like wielding the knife is part of his hobbies. For both though, the girls are interrupted by the guy himself as he’s working in Meido no Hitsuji on that very day. Fortunately, none heard their conversation.

Ukyou’s hobbies include practising braids, collecting underpants with weird patterns, and talking with people…

Rika: You can ask about Ikki and Ukyou respectively. Rika has all the information on Ikki and so she offers up the basics. For example, he seems to prefer playing one-player games so he enjoys billiard. He also seems to like hamsters ‘cos when one fangirl brought hers, he commented that it looked cute running on the wheel.

For Ukyou, Rika also has the information ‘cos she felt the responsibility to check up on this suspicious person since he’s around Ikki. She got the fanclub to act as a street survey-er and so Ukyou filled out their survey willingly, and twice at that lmao. Ukyou apparently joined more than 15 clubs, including cheerleading lmao. He’s often approached by others who mistake him as a girl. There are some answers which don’t match though. For example, in one he said he had no preferences as his taste buds have gone dull, but in another he said he likes pudding and dislikes raw egg, seaweed.


All the content is quite brief and once you finish both Waka-san World and Girls’ Party, you get a completion CG each. Despite the briefness though, I quite enjoyed everything. I loved all of Waka’s personalities, and my favourite remains the Taciturn one (Clover World) – he was surprisingly kind~ For the girls, it’s still kinda creepy to be friendly with Rika but putting that aside, the girls’ talk about the guys was amusing. Ukyou’s was probably the most entertaining. Still, I wouldn’t have minded something more substantial for Waka if they were gonna make a mode for him alone.

But of course, the character that made me the happiest is Orion~ヾ(≧∀≦)ノ He’s such a darling and his tsukkomi lines always make me laugh. Well then, that’s it for this post! For the rest, I think that I may go with the play order I did for the first game (Kent, Toma, Shin, Ikki, Ukyou). Until then~

8 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Waka, Girls’ Party

    • Yume says:

      Oh is that so? D8 I thought that since he was the cover boy he would have something decent. I just finished Kent’s and started on Toma’s. I guess I’ll backtrack and do Shin’s asap then. o3o;;


  1. kayuune says:

    I have this game but haven’t played it yet (I bought the twin pack, so I’m still trudging through the first game) so I’m excited to read your posts on it :>

    Haha I love Waka. I’m a bit disappointed that he wasn’t given a real route though…

    Pfft Arcobaleno appears? That’s awesome I’m looking forward to seeing that


    • Yume says:

      I see~ O: I hope I don’t spoil you on anything major for the first game though. www

      Yeah it’s a pity. When they asked what kind of personality you’d like for Waka in the survey before, I thought they would be giving him a real route. Oh well~ Better than nothing.

      Yeah, I think you’ll enjoy the part where Waka visits Arcobaleno. XD


      • kayuune says:

        Oh no you didn’t spoil anything, don’t worry. I’m almost done with the game (I’m in the middle of Ukyou) so its fine :>

        Yes I’m looking forward to seeing Arcobaleno, especially since I LOL’d at the Beast Master posters already. Does Miko have some connection here or something?


        • Yume says:

          Ohh that’s good to know! \o/

          Hmm I don’t think Miko was part of the Amnesia staff (But I’m not very sure, I may be wrong XD). I’m wasn’t sure why Moujuutsukai made a cameo in Amnesia lmao. Not that I didn’t mind seeing Lucia and bunny Erik. X3


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