Amnesia Later: Kent’s route

Let’s hope I don’t get lazy reviewing the other guys like the last time, as I start with Kent (CV: Ishida Akira) again for Amnesia Later. Do read the previous post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you join Kent and Ikki for a two and a half drive to Shinano, where there’s a higher chance of spotting fireflies. Of course, you get to see Kent trying to be all cool and logical, while Ikki secretly tells you that him being silent is him being happy that you accepted their offer lol. At the destination, all of you head out but later notice that the flashlight is dying down. Ikki offers to go back to get batteries and that means about an hour of you being alone with Kent.

After a period of long silence, Kent finally apologises for dragging you into such a situation. He often has these impromptu trips with Ikki, and Ikki is the type who enjoys an occasional case of unexpected situations, so usually they don’t plan too thoroughly. However, he shouldn’t have done so if they were bringing you. Later, he spots something behind and goes to check on it, unintentionally leaving you behind for some minutes. When he returns, you say that you were uneasy on your own. Kent realises what you mean and apologises, saying that he won’t leave your side again for the rest of the night. The two of you then sit down to wait for Ikki, with Kent offering to provide some warmth, while constantly reassuring you that he won’t do anything more to you.

Kent then mentions that he’d wanted to show you fireflies, and he’s sorry to disappoint you – apparently he thought that he’d spotted fireflies just now and left to check, but it was actually street lights. Apparently last year, all the staff went on a trip and happened to see fireflies then. Kent remarks that you looked so happy like a kid and he was hoping to show you them this year too so see that smile. You finally recall that you had made that promise with everyone last year. Kent then receives a message from Ikki, saying that he’s gotten the batteries and making his way back – and to not do anything to you lol. Kent insists that there’s no way he would anyway, but admits that the current situation you both are in now is easy to misunderstand. But he wants to stay like this with you a bit longer, at least till before Ikki returns.

For Kent’s “After Story“, it’s November and it starts off with you two going on a date before heading to his place to have dinner with his parents. As he knows that you’re feeling nervous, he takes you to a macaroon store, and then to see cosmos at a park nearby. Of course you get to hear him go all embarrassed throughout. For example, you remark that seeing the flowers have a calming effect, and he says that it’s the for same when he sees you. Kent also tries to calm your nerves by explaining that in his parents’ hearts, “you’re already regarded as my—-……”. Pfft. ( *´艸`)

Also, Kent’s preparing for next paper though he’s pretty much set for London. You’re also working to be an exchange student over there and preparing to take English classes. At his place, his parents already treat you as their daughter-in-law, and even start asking you to take care of him while in London. They also tease Kent ‘cos he doesn’t really have any basic skills to live alone – he didn’t know that the futon is made up of a mattress and a cover, and he hasn’t cooked before.

You are happy ‘cos you’ve always wanted to be a source of reliance to Kent too. But while walking you back home, he assures you that he’s not merely bringing you along to London to just take care of him, but that he wants you by his side. But he then understands that relying on someone isn’t only a burden so he requests for your help to teach him how to do laundry, and later cooking.

On the day you’ve agreed to teach him cooking though, you’re at work and Sawa and Mine come to question you about your relationship. They’re surprised to hear that you’ve only kissed once, not that you see the problem. You later go with Kent to shop for the groceries to make nikujaga. There, you both get told that you look like a married couple, though Kent mutters to himself that you’re not even married and only kissed once, while blushing pffft.

Back at your house, you teach him how to cook and then it’s just waiting for the timer to go off when the food’s done. There, Kent opens up to you and confesses that he feels awkward when everyone comments and treats you two like a married couple – even though he does plan on marrying you in the future. He wonders if you feel awkward too and when you say you don’t, he goes all red on you and says that he’ll catch up on the relationship stages asap that you both have skipped over then. Kent closes in for a kiss but gets interrupted by the timer.

After dinner, you go outside to see how the weather is and then Kent hugs you from behind, wanting to continue from before and saying that you both won’t get interrupted by the timer anymore. But then he gets interrupted by his phone. Since it’s the professor calling, he guesses it must be urgent and will drag on, so he leaves for the night. The next day, you go over to see him and he admits that he didn’t call you over for any particular reason, but it’s only to see you. He asks if it’s a bother and of course you say otherwise. While he’s working on some stuff by his professor, you offer to get him a drink. Kent later admits that he thought that if you both get married someday, you’ll both live each day like now.

The next day, you go over to his university to show him the pamphlets you picked up on the English classes. Kent ends up rejecting them all though, and later apologises for his rough manner. He feels that you don’t have much time left to pick up the language and only wants you to get into the most decent class. He says that he asked around too and will offer to help you get more choices too. Later, he senses that Ikki is around and they started playing around little “attacks”: “Take my attack! Maths puzzle 100% confidently answered out!”, “I’ve a super difficult version of that puzzle prepared here for defense!”. After that, Ikki says that the professor was calling for Kent, but Kent’s phone was not switched on. Kent insists that his battery died (lol) before going off to check what the matter at hand is. While you’re alone, Ikki remarks that despite knowing Kent longer than you, he only sees Kent make certain expressions when with you. You also learn from him that the September 23rd is Kent’s birthday, though the man himself is probably likely to have forgotten it.

So you only have about one week left to prepare a surprise party for Kent. When Kent returns, Ikki excuses himself and Kent says that he had gotten the English class information from his professor and it seems decent enough so you’re all set in that area. Kent then tries to ask you out and if it’s possible to go to your place again that night, but you quickly say that you’ve some other shopping to do. When he offers to join you, you lie and suggest that you’re going to buy lingerie and he quickly backs out lol. However, over the next few days you’re stuck at what to buy for his present.

With Sawa and Mine’s help, you buy the required groceries and later even tail Kent when you bump into him at the department store, to snoop for any clues as to what he wants. You see him looking at some scarves but not buying any in the end, and Mine remarks that he’s probably really fussy about the details. So even though you know that he wants a scarf, you probably shouldn’t make him one since you’re no good at sewing anyway. You all almost get caught by Kent though, and so you have to make the excuse that you’re playing detective lol. You also offer to go out with him next time to buy a scarf together, and you manage to set that date to the 24th.

When his birthday finally comes, you invite him over but your efforts to bake a birthday cake for him failed. He sees the other food all laid out on the table though and so your hint at him what the occasion is. Kent finally realises that it’s his birthday, and admits that every year he’ll only realise it when someone tells him so. He finally joins the dots on how you’ve been acting strangely the last few days. He thanks you for your effort and says that besides cooking, he also started trying out baking and even brought over a cake he’d made today. Even though it’s weird to eat your own cake, he says it’s not that bad if it’s eating it together with you.

After eating your home-cooked dinner, you give him his present. You feel apologetic that you couldn’t make him one, but he’s happy either way ‘cos you went to the effort of searching in every other store to pick a perfect one for him. Kent thanks you and later you set the cake out and light the candles, asking him to make a wish. He’s at a loss at first ‘cos your happiness is his happiness, but you tell him to make a wish for his own sake. So then he finally does so, before later approaching you and admitting that even though he’s always going on about procedures and stages – when it comes to you he can’t think straight like that and wants to kiss, touch and hug you now. Kent says that he made the wish to kiss you again and asks if you could fulfill it for him now. Of course you agree and he kisses you~ After that Kent mutters to himself that he finally did it (pffft) and he kisses you again.

A few days later, you’re at Kent’s house and you’re looking at the various recipes he has learnt and written down in his notebook. But then you stumble upon a page with the words “How to Propose” and there it writes all sorts of notes like “bring her to a place with memorable moments”, “kiss after proposing” lmao. Kent gets all embarrassed and tells you to stop reading out lest he dies of shame. He didn’t expect this, but remarks that love usually doesn’t go as expected. He decides to go ahead then since things have developed like this and takes out a ring, and slips it onto your finger. Kent proposes to you and of course you accept, saying that ever since he had given you that pre-notice you’d already been set on marrying him.

In the epilogue, both of you are in the streets of London, on the way back from grocery-shopping (and Kent wearing his birthday scarf~). Both of you look back at how you successfully made it to London. However, you say that your English is still not good enough to make out what he was saying with the person at the supermarket before. Kent gets embarrassed but gives in upon your insistence and says that the person asked if you two were married and he said no, but will in the future. Though it turns out that you actually understood but want to hear him say the rest to you in Japanese. Kent eventually says that he loves you more than anyone else, and that you’re his most important woman.

In the end, Kent tells you to not tease him too much. Though he won’t kiss you right here in the streets, he doesn’t plan on leaving your side later back home and tells you to prepare yourself.


Look at how my reviews have shortened from Peter Pan lol. Anyway~ Kent is adorable as always. Maybe it’s my voice bias but when he goes all red on you and stutters on his lines, I can’t help but giggle at how cute he is. Also, all those meaningful moments of silence, and those “How to Propose” notes pffft. ( *´艸`) I’m glad that there’s no unnecessary conflict or drama in his route ‘cos it would’ve spoiled everything tbh. Just keeping it sweet and married-couple-like is fine for me.

Too bad that this is all for Kent. (Nope, no Side Stories or extra Dates like Moujuutsukai lol.) I’d actually started on Toma’s but since Hinano said to finish off Shin’s first, and I see fellow gamers tweeting about Shin’s being boring… I’ll backtrack to cover boy Shin. Until then~

10 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Kent’s route

  1. Roiya says:

    Awww Kent really is the sweet husband type. So cute how he tries so hard to be a good love following the steps hahaha. I guess its bad but I’m morbidly interested in seeing how Toma’s route will go since hes a yandere.


    • Yume says:

      Yeah he’ll probably make a sweet father too pfft. Oh hmm since I’d actually played a bit of Toma’s route too. Well…it’s amusing in a different way, I find myself laughing at the wrong moments. XD


  2. kayuune says:

    Shin’s route wasn’t that great mainly because of the heroine >_> I just finished it not that long ago…

    But omg Kent is adorable! Now I’m conflicted between doing him or Ikki next lol.


    • Yume says:

      Haha I think I got a taste of that last night when I started playing Shin’s route. ;;

      He is~ Haha anyone is fine, anyone will probably be better than Shin’s lol.


  3. Hinano says:

    Ken is the most precious bby, I left him for last before Ukyo xD; Get Shin out of the way and then Toma, and then do Ikki/Ukyo as their routes are fairly nice :3


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