Amnesia Later: Shin’s route

So finally I’m here with Shin (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) from Amnesia Later. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you head over to where Shin and Toma are, who observe that Ikki and Kent found a kid’s secret hideout and plan to make it even grander (lmao these two). Toma decides to go stop them, since if Shin goes he’ll probably get pulled into joining them. Toma also says that Shin has been furiously searching on his mobile phone for alternative firefly-sighting spots and tells him to bring you for a walk around those spots then.

So you two walk for a while towards where the park is, but then your feet starts hurting ‘cos of the geta. It’s only after a while did Shin realise this and starts scolding you for not saying anything earlier. Shin goes to get a bandage for temporary measures, and then he supports you as he brings you back to his home, which is closer, to tend to your injury. Along the way, Shin tells you to not bear with these things silently and to just say it out, as he’s not like Toma who realises these things immediately. He would’ve carried you but his movement isn’t 100% either when wearing the geta so he asks you to bear with it till you reached your limit and then he’ll carry you. He then muses over how you two probably look like a couple in other people’s eyes and gets a bit conscious.

At his place, Shin tends to your injury and then calls Toma to inform him of the situation. From Toma, he also hears that Ikki bought water guns so he and Kent are having a battle with Ukyou and Waka pffft. Toma says that it doesn’t seem dangerous so he didn’t stop them, though Shin thinks otherwise. Apparently Toma is playing with fireworks with the girls at one side though. Shin then says that even though you couldn’t see the fireflies tonight, at least you all will be going on another trip to do so with Toma, Shin and Mine. You ask why the strong desire and he brings up that you enjoyed seeing them at the staff trip last year but can’t make it for this year’s as you’re going to where your father is overseas. So everyone planned for this other trip.

Afterwards, Shin appears as though he has something else to say, but decides to leave it for another day and asks you out again. On that day, Orion asks if you know what he wants to say and both of you can roughly guess it. Orion says that he’ll support your decision no matter what and when Shin arrives, it ends off with him about to confess his feelings for you.

So for Shin’s “After Story“, the two of you are walking back (to your) home. It’s clear that he has holding it in though as when he reaches your doorstep and prepares to leave, he kisses you suddenly since you seemed lonely – you two have lesser chances to meet as Shin’s preparing for his college exams. But he assures you that you can still meet whenever you really want to. When you wonder why he’s been controlling himself, Shin answers that it’s ‘cos he promised to make you happy and so wants to consider your feelings more and be kinder to you.

The two of you promise to meet again the next day, but then Shin calls early that morning to say that he suddenly has class which he has to attend. Both Mine and Sawa see that you’re obviously disappointed but you tell yourself that there’s no helping it. After work, Shin comes to pick you up and walks you home, apologising for suddenly cancelling on you. In return, he promises to go out on another date with you and asks you to choose a location. But when your answers are either the park or elsewhere where it’s crowded and you want to relax, Shin rebuts that you don’t want relax alone with him and feels that you seem afraid of him jumping at you. You fail to clear his assumptions so then Shin suggests that every time you two meet, you’ll each listen to the other person’s request once in order to ease the tension.

The next day at work, you confide in Sawa and Mine, saying that every time Shin approaches to kiss you, you’re surprised and your heart beats like crazy and when he kisses you, you feel as though you’ll go breathless and that all things will let loose and get out of control. But they can’t help but lean in favour of Shin instead, with Mine even remarking that if his frustration builds up too much one day it’ll come back at you lol. They tell you to give in to Shin as well.

On another day, Shin comes over to your place with the excuse that he’s going to study there. But he lied ‘cos he knew that if he didn’t say so you wouldn’t let him. He uses his request and asks you to forgive him though you seem too stubborn to do so. Shin then closes in to kiss you but you get all tensed up then even he stops himself since you seem to be forcing yourself. He wonders if his “love” and your “love” are really the same and even though you try to confirm otherwise, Shin leaves for the day. You decide to go apologise to him the next morning and Shin apologises too, saying that he reflected too and realised that it’s almost like a miracle that you’re beside him and what you’ve been through. He tells her that till your feelings have reached up to his, you two will return to “childhood friends” for the time being – it doesn’t mean that you’re breaking up but keeping a distance till you’re more comfortable. A week then passes by till Shin calls you out suddenly.

Shin takes you to Meido no Hitsuji where everyone prepared a surprise party to celebrate your complete recovery. Also, Toma actually left till he feels ready to return to both you and Shin’s side one day – but to the rest Shin didn’t tell them the truth and said that when Toma wanted to save you, he inflicted injury on you by accident. There, you also seek some advice from Ikki about your relationship, and he tells you to plump up the courage and cross over this hurdle by taking the initiative – afterwards it’ll even be fun to act more lovey-dovey lol.

The adults get a bit drunk and at the back, Sawa and Mine hear from you about Ikki’s advice and support it too. You go to find Shin and finally manage to ask to go over to his place to listen to his bass-playing – something which he feels is the most difficult request lol. Shin agrees but on that day, he realised that his bass string broke so it’s a no-go this time. You finally muster the courage to ask to then hold onto him instead – Shin gives in but wonders wth you’re trying to do since he can’t control himself forever either. You finally confess your true feelings – saying that you get nervous ‘cos you love him so much so that your heart goes mad, and also add that Shin always looks all cool and like it’s nothing to kiss you etc. He’s shocked and says that he’s nervous too (but not to your extent) – but he’s always trying to control himself to not go further and feels that it’s only normal to want to kiss the one you love. But the two of you finally understand each other after going around in circles like idiots and Shin concludes that it’s a matter of varying values.

As you also confess that you were more proactive ‘cos of Ikki’s advice, Shin admits that he was also so troubled that he asked Ikki too and hence decided to pull back. Shin says that he’ll do his best from now on to meet your needs, but also asks that you say them too ‘cos he’s not a mind-reader. You say that your greatest wish now is to be by his side, so Shin says that if he gets an A on his upcoming mock test he’ll spend an entire day with you. Until then it’ll be hard to meet since Shin will be even busier studying and you agree.

On the day before his test though, Sawa and Mine urge you to meet him. You show up unexpectedly at his place, but Shin admits that he’s happy to see you. On the day of his test, he calls to tell you so and says that even though he planned on going back to sleep, he’s going over to your place now to see you. There, he hugs you from behind and kisses you on the cheek. Anyway, his test results are then released and he got an A as planned.

You go out on your date as promised too the zoo where Shin will listen to all your requests. ‘Cos of that, you embarrass him in a variety of ways, from feeding him your home-made bento to sharing an ice-cream with him. And when that’s not enough, when he sends you back home you ask him to stay with you longer. Shin gives in and goes into your place where you talk and spend time till it’s almost midnight. You also say that “boyfriend” seems to be something lost easily since you can break up anytime – unlike “childhood friend” which appears like an unbreakable cursed bond. Shin reassures you that he has no plans of letting you go, and asks you to remain within a distance just like now where he can hug you.

Shin then kisses you, saying that if “boyfriend” is such an uneasy term for you, why not get engaged? You’re shocked, though for Shin he says that he’ll agree immediately if it were the other way since they often said it when they were young. Anyway you agree and say that you didn’t mind that kiss from Shin just now as it wasn’t wild or anything. Shin laments that kissing is okay then if he calms down and does it gently – so the two of you kiss some more to make up for all those bloody times.

The next day you’re helping with Shin’s English revision at the park. But Shin actually has another purpose and that is to pass you his mother’s ring as an engagement ring. He said that he’d gotten this from his mother in the morning (who practically treats you like her daughter-in-law already)  she came to apologise him, so he was particularly surprised then. Shin proposes to you, saying that he’ll definitely make you happy in return for choosing him. This resonates with them as when they were young, they also promised to marry each other in this park. You finally agree and cue the credits.

In the epilogue, you are at work and when Sawa and Mine ask you about your feelings for Shin, for once you say them straight out and embarrass the heck out of Shin – who was actually present as he came to pass you your gloves which you had left at his place. Sawa and Mine tease the couple, and Shin quickly leaves. In the end, you see Shin off.


Even though Shin’s route felt much longer than Kent’s, my review for him is shorter…I think that you can emphatise why. I didn’t go into full-blown details but it was quite boring to see this “problem” between the couple drag out for most part of the route. And then they throw in the sweeter moments all at the back to so-called “reward” you for sitting through that. I was neutral to Shin from Amnesia, and then he grew on me in the previous routes of the fandisk. I thought that it would’ve been nice to see more of him acting cool despite being childish (refer to the Girls’ Party) aka make use of the moe gap! But apparently they decided that him jumping at the heroine deserved to be showcased more. Honestly though…I prefer the moe gap lol. Anyway~

Shin’s really kind, he is. But the personality they give the heroine just butchers everything. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that she has a zonked-out look in quite a few of the CGs which annoys you more lol. Moreover the so-called “problem” was rather roundabout. It’s not that I hate the idea of “going in circles”, I mean it can happen and be decent. But not in this case, just way too dragged out that you can’t help but emphatise with Shin and wonder why he puts up with the heroine.

Anyway, I actually just finished Toma’s route today so expect his review up next.

4 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Shin’s route

  1. Link says:

    A wasted potential D:
    I’d prefer a heroine without personality than one with Mary Sue profile haha.

    Ah well… At least MtO still have few conflicts here and there to keep it interesting.
    I was thinking that they would delve deeper into Shin’s past to provide some background.

    And hi-five on moe! I was thinking Otomate would at least give that. Oh well…

    Thanks for the review, again! ^^ It really helps my buying options!


    • Yume says:

      Lol now that you mentioned it, there is a difference. XD

      Yeah MtO is probably one of Otomate’s better FDs. Haha, I actually wasn’t expecting a FD for Amnesia since there really isn’t much plot to play around with – but I guess it was so popular the demand was there.


      You’re welcome! I’m glad that my reviews are useful. :3


  2. twentyninenights says:

    Oh my, that’s they way I felt about his route. Too childish reason to return their relationship to childhood step again. I think his story is like an old drama we can have in many old movies. Conclusion: BORING


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