Amnesia Later: Toma’s route

Now it’s time for Toma (CV: Hino Satoshi) in Amnesia Later. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you go to Toma’s side, who points out Shin, Ikki and Kent all hyped up about building a dam in the river. Initially it was Ikki and Kent’s awesome idea (lol) and Shin went to stop them but ended up helping them too as he keeps pointing out all the flaws and strengthening the dam instead. Anyway, after talking a bit with Toma, you recall being together with him in yukata in school as well so Orion suggests making an excuse to get him to go to school with you.

You tell him you left something in school which you have to get it. Unfortunately the school is closed for some cleaning so Toma says that you two have to sneak in. The two of you do so successfully, as Toma seems really familiar with the school grounds, even knowing where your classroom is lol. Once in Toma asks what you forgot and when you say your printout he sighs and says that he has the exact same one from last year as he took that class and the professor always gives the same assignment. Anyway, he suddenly gets the bright idea of telling you a ghost story and scaring the heck out of you (and Orion). Once done, he casually apologises upon seeing your reaction and Orion correctly sums up that Toma’s personality is rotten.

At the classroom, you pretend to find your printout, Toma suddenly grabs you and hides underneath a desk as security passes by. So you get some close-up time with Toma and once security is gone, he asks you to get off his lap and apologises. Then he mutters over how yukata is different from jeans and has a different feel pfft. Toma also recalls that both of you and Shin had a similar experience when young – all three of you sneaked into the school as a courage test on the way home from a summer festival. But then got caught by the teachers and ended up getting a scolding. However, this time it’s without Shin and Toma says that it isn’t good as he’ll feel as if you’re his.

The two of you head back to where the rest are, and find out from Sawa and Mine that the guys are washing themselves. Apparently Ikki fell into the mud, and then pulled Shin, Kent and Ukyou down with him. Rika got mad and made all off them wash off the mud from their yukata. Waka then asks Mine and Sawa to buy towels and get the uniforms from the café (Ukyou will be wearing Waka’s~). When they leave, Waka comes over and asks if you two, Shin, Sawa and Mine are going to see fireflies next week. Toma says that it’s ‘cos you can’t make it for this year’s staff trip so everyone wanted to at least show you fireflies. You finally recall that you saw fireflies with everyone last year and promised to do so again this year, but can’t make it ‘cos you’re going to see your father overseas. You ask why Toma is going to such lengths, and he answers that he’ll do anything for your sake including buying an animal cage for you.

For Toma’s “After Story“, it starts almost immediately after where the first game ends. You and Toma head back to his home and he suggests you staying at his place longer as even though the culprits themselves apologised etc. hate activity on the web is still ongoing. So he thinks it’s better for that to calm down first till you go back, and he estimates it to be a week or so. Of course you don’t mind ‘cos well, you say that after you’ve finally become lovers you want to be by his side too. Even though you two were together for the past month or so, that was different and you didn’t feel like yourself then too. Toma recalls what he did and apologises, saying that he won’t do anything you hate anymore. He also remembers your injuries and wants to tend to them properly later. Toma wonders how many more times he has to apologise and you answer as many as it takes.

Then the two of you go make dinner like a happy couple. You wonder why Toma never visits when you’re working at Meido no Hitsuji and he says that he can’t look straight at your maid look and ‘cos he gets jealous when you wait on the other guys saying “welcome back master” etc. You then ask if you should say it at home to just him and Toma gets flustered and ‘cos you two were talking too much you burn your dinner- still edible though. After that, Waka calls Toma to ask for his help at work for a few days as staff is tight. He’s worried about you and so tells you to stay at home, and if you go out – then to crowded places, especially since stalker guy was a problem too (omg Ukyou sobs). But he was planning to work too and you feel bad ‘cos he spent his money on you too when you first came over. Toma reassures her since it was out of his funds for a trip for the three of you childhood friends after Shin’s graduation. He can always save up again. Moreover, the most expensive expenditure was actually the animal cage sitting on the balcony now LOL okay.

After he bathes, you see him in pajamas for the first time and wonders he never did so before. Toma explains that it’s in the case anything happens, he can always carry you out and away – it’s nothing deep. I see. So then it’s lights out time and Toma lets you sleep on his bed while he goes to the floor. You want to sleep together too, citing that you two did so before and he says that it was an exception. Toma keeps refusing till he suggests sleeping in the cage outside tonight and you lock him in pffft. But in the end, Toma gives in anyway and climbs in next to you from behind. Still, Toma feels as though you forgave him too lightly and suggests this week also be a trial for you – if he does anything you hate you can break up anytime then. You feel otherwise though, and that it’s Toma’s way of being kind to you as he always prepares an escape option for you. You wonder how to convey your feelings and kiss his hand. Toma tells you to stop lest he loses control and you tell him that you love him. You know that it’s his way of being kind, just like how he was prepared to give you up to Ikki. Toma answers that as long as it’s for your happiness it’s okay.

The next morning, Toma teases you when you wake up, saying how you slept so peacefully like the last time when you were just childhood friends. You explain otherwise and he says that he knows – he actually likes your sulking face, he may be a maniac. …Right so then he kisses you to chase your bad mood away. When you remark how it’s sly of him, he confirms that he’s been that way since long ago. Anyway, he leaves for work and then Rika comes over. She passes over an apology DVD the culprits made, saying that it’s has been uploaded on the web this morning. Anyway, you have a conversation and it’s mostly Rika one-sidedly investing all sorts of reactions ‘cos you pretty much don’t care to hate. You even emphatise with her ‘cos she’s similar to Toma. I see.

Then it winds up with the two of you going to check up on Toma and Ikki who are working in the same shift. Rika and you observe from a hidden corner but then Toma spots you two and catches up when you leave. Apparently Toma checked all the hidden spots in the store too so he knows them well. He’s obviously on guard even though you say that everything is dandy already. Toma accepts this but remains on his toes, going back to ask Waka for an early leave to walk you back. Ikki remarks that Toma’s reaction is more normal so he understands where he’s coming from, while Rika is shocked that Toma’s stalker skills are levels higher. Anyway, Ikki gets curious about how you got together, and congratulate her. You refuse to say the embarrassing details and he gets more curious.

Things proceed on as you and Toma go back home, do the chores and…stumble upon an album of photos of you. Toma tries to explain that they’re not stalker shots as he bought shots from like school field trips and festivals, and then got a junior to help, and then a friend in film to help. It turns out that you understand though ‘cos you got Shin to help you sneak shots too. Toma then asks for the album back since it’s his treasure, though you yourself are his treasure now.

The two of you sleep together again and though Toma has no intentions of letting you go again he can’t sleep alone ever again after you leaving your smell on his bed, he still feels guilty inwardly. Anyway, the next day you two get to shop ‘cos Waka cancelled his shifts for a full day one the day after tomorrow. It’s also ‘cos the video uploaded by Rika seems quite effective so far. Anyway, on your shopping trip you get to shop for sweets, games, aprons (it’s every man’s fantasy to see their woman in one according to Toma) and…lingerie.  You both think it’s a different store from the last time but you see the same salesgirl working here too. So she drags Toma in and before she can embarrass him too much you both dash out.

Outside, somehow the topic shifts to Toma saying that he loves you and wants to protect you and give your happiness, no matter how much he sacrifices – with his whole body and soul. I see. Back at home, Toma gets a call and leaves for a while. But even after preparing the nabe for dinner, he’s not back and you hear Orion’s voice to chase after Toma and you go outside to see Shin punching Toma. You try to break things up but Shin doesn’t understand why you forgive so easily, and never said anything about the bulllying. You explain that you wanted to bear with it all till you confess to Toma – and that was probably all you were only concerned about. You didn’t want to confide in anyone, not even Shin, ‘cos Toma would find out somehow. For you, the other things that happened were scarier than what Toma did, and everything he did was to protect you even though it hurt himself too – just like he had promised when young.

Shin concludes that the way Toma keeps all the burden to himself and makes decisions by himself for other people is annoying, and that you should be the one fixing the mess not him. Toma agrees that without you, he’ll be in pain and without Shin, he’ll go astray. Shin punches him again, saying that even though it’s true he’s rotten, you’ve been together with him since young ‘cos he’s like that and you both need him. So he shouldn’t entertain thoughts of disappearing away by always creating escape routes. If he considers you as brother and lover, these ties can’t be cut off easily.

Next thing you know, all three of you are having nabe, and you two getting Shin to come back again for another round tomorrow. After he leaves, Toma suggests you going back home tomorrow too. But then everything spills over as you both actually don’t want to leave each other’s side, so then Toma suggests that if you don’t want to then to get married. He proposes to you and says that he’ll properly ask for your hand from your parents and live together.

The next day, Toma calls up his mother first to inform her – though actually everyone already knew of your cohabitation from before thanks to Shin. She even complains that Toma messed up the order and acted way too slow ‘cos they all anticipated you two getting together since forever. After that shocking revelation, he then calls up your parents.

A few months later, you both go on a date to the amusement park and ride the ferris wheel. Everything is dandy as you reaffirm your love and how happy you are together now – even entertaining the thought of having kids someday, not that you’re married yet. And things end off in flowery land not cage land~


First off, sorry that if I accidentally typed “them/their” instead of “you/your” somewhere in the above review despite double-checking. Maybe it’s tiredness or that I couldn’t resist inserting one-too-many third-party comments ‘cos the fact is – I probably laughed more than I should’ve in Toma’s route. All the random lines suggesting how the relationship is so screwed, and Toma developing a skill to hang out her underwear to dry without looking at them directly? Moreover in the Amnesia comic anthology Toma + cage was made so much fun of. Yeah I’m easily amused.

I know that actually his route is heavy with all of his “issues” but I suppose it didn’t truly hit the home-run for me ‘cos I’m easily amused and a lot of this felt like – come on we must insert all the justification we can for Toma’s cage antics and why the heroine is so forgiving. Idk how to explain this well I guess it felt forced, unnatural? Not that I didn’t enjoy Shin lashing out at the two – it was like omg everything I wanted to say. And I do like Hino’s voice, especially when he says the tender lines so I can’t hate Toma. Conflicted feelings lol.

Anyway, this means that Ikki is next on my list!

6 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Toma’s route

  1. Link says:

    Hooray, Ikki, at last!!
    Lol this is why I usually avoid FD since the contents aren’t just ample enough to sustain the fun factor and some are so short to even worth the price *cough* Hanaoni *cough*.

    I should also start Toma on Amnesia soon but eh…
    Haha even Otomate failed to save him.
    I mean, in normal circumstances, a sane girl would already dumped / scared the living daylights out of him. I wonder why they don’t continue from the cage scene lmao xD

    Thanks for your hard work, I really appreciate it. ^_^


    • Yume says:

      I’m guessing his review should be up by the weekend~
      Ahaha what everyone says of Hanaoni FD. XD But yeah usually it’s like a bonus to the original game (and they may plan to purposely leave some content for the FD).

      Ohh start on Toma, as in the first game? Well, you may just wanna see why he’s the most the popular character lol. He’s actually quite nice in other routes (well, except still a bit creepy in Shin’s). But he totally lost it in his own route. >:

      You’re welcome! Thank you always for your comments! \o/


      • Link says:

        Lol yeah but really, I can only see Amnesia as a ‘finished’ story, and as much as I’d like a sequel for CZ, I can’t really see a point of having one especially if you still want to maintain the original suspense / post apocalyptic roots. xD

        Yeah, actually I was troubled as with whom should I start the first game with. It’s either Ikki / Kent *But Ikki’s my bias and I’m afraid I won’t have as much motivation if I am to play his route first*.

        In what flow do you play Amnesia for better after taste? Let’s imagina Ikki as Erik lmao xD


        • Yume says:

          That’s true. As much as I’d love to see more of CZ, making a FD is probably…tough. Which is why I think Shima made a comment somewhere (I forgot where) that there won’t be an FD and CZ is complete as it is. :>

          Hmm for the first game, I think you definitely want to go with Toma then Shin. I feel that the opposite leaves a worse impression of Toma. I personally did Kent, Toma, Shin, Ikki (and of course Ukyou is last) and it was quite okay for me. You can consider shifting Kent’s order of play differently depending on your mood ‘cos even though I loved how adorable his route is, I admit that his speech is heavy pfft. His route is probably the most normal though, something which you may want after the craziness from Toma/Shin lmao. Hope that helps~ 😀


          • Link says:

            I never heard about that… Thanks for the information, Yume. ^^

            And for the feedback as well haha. I think I’ll go with Toma first, followed by Shin, Ikki and Kent. Even though I love Ishida, I don’t think I could handle his long dialogues of mathematical formulae in the first playthrough lmao.

            Clearing a yandere first is a better option, it seems 🙂
            And yay for Hino Satoshi pfft.


            • Yume says:

              I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I think it’s best not to hope too much. No problem~

              Sounds like an awesome order! Hope that you enjoy playing the first game. 😀


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