Amnesia Later: Ikki’s route

Now here’s some Ikki (CV: Taniyama Kishou) from Amnesia Later for you. Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

Like in Kent’s “New World“, you follow Ikki and Kent for a two and a half drive to Shinano, where there’s a higher chance of spotting fireflies. Ikki mentions that the two of them often go out on impromptu trips and even challenges like this, recalling how once they drove up to the forest to see who can find the biggest beetle – though it ended up in naught and they both went to get ice-cream instead lol. At the destination, all of you head out but there’s no luck and Kent guesses that it’s ‘cos the weather it’s too cold and maybe they all died last night.

You can probe more about their beetle challenge here and Ikki basically explains that it’s ‘cos Kent recalled catching a huge one when he saw a mantis land on the window. This triggered to say the same too but since it’s all memory-based they couldn’t decide on a winner and did their impromptu trip. This gets them into a kid’s fight again as they almost get carried away into launching into another challenge, and Ikki gets embarrassed before you. You remark that it’s cute of him (or you can remark that Kent is cute and get Ikki jealous). In turn, Ikki approaches you wondering why so and wants to know more till Kent breaks it up.

All of you then return back, with Kent retiring for the night since he’ll have to drive you all back the next day too. Ikki prepares coffee and while waiting for it to brew, he brings you out to see the moon hanging clear in the sky. He goes on to say that it’s a pity you couldn’t see fireflies and mentions that everyone went on a staff trip last year and saw them, and promised to see them again together this year. You finally recall that you made the promise to everyone but also lose your balance as you’re dizzy and Ikki supports you. He admits to wanting to bring you away from everyone else so that you could be alone aside from showing you the fireflies. He’s unsure of his own feelings for you, and wants to know it and asks you to promise him to meet again like this even back in Tokyo – if not he won’t let go. You agree and he thanks you, though he wants to stay like this a bit longer and suggests going together to next week’s firefly festival.

In Ikki’s “After Story“, it first shows a scene from 15th July when you and Ikki were still in the 3-months trial relationship and had to act secretive from his fanclub. Shin spots you watching from afar at Ikki and his fangirls and when he finds out the truth, he remarks that it must be tough but also means that you love Ikki if you’re willing to bear with this. You think to yourself that you must already be falling for Ikki, but is hesitant to say so ‘cos then it’ll certainly be painful. Shin then points out that Ikki is running past and so you leave to go to your meeting spot. Ikki is embarrassed to later hear that you long knew that he always ran on his way here and you answer that you like seeing these hidden sides. He tells you not to mention “like” so lightly and you apologise, asking him to give you more time and of course he does since the trial time is till end August.

Time skip to 31st August at the meeting spot but this time you finally say out your true feelings and of course Ikki has no plans of letting you go and the deadline no longer applies. Further time skip to 15th September and you’re moving in to Ikki’s place. It’s technically a 1-month trial period but obviously you two plan to stay together past that deadline even. You two pack out your things though when you go put your clothes in the closet you smell Ikki’s scent and think about how it’s bitter like coffee (sorry I drink coffee everyday and it’s aromatic to me, and my clothes don’t smell like it uh )): ). Anyway, Ikki catches you zoning out and wonders what you’re thinking since you seem embarrassed.

You’re hesitant to answer so then Ikki makes his own conclusion that you’re thinking about what will happen tonight etc. and so you finally admit the truth. This surprises Ikki instead and cue lover’s talk about smells and such. Later on, you two go out for dinner (at Arcobaleno lol) to celebrate. Ikki mentions though that even though you two finally get to spend the whole day together, it’ll be university again for you in a week, and he has to go for a seminar camp. During dinner, he also gets a call reminding him that he has a mini-report due for the seminar camp too.

For the rest of dinner, you two decide on certain agreements for your cohabitation (eg. who does what household chores). But Ikki’s terms are kisses when you say good morning/good night, hugs when you leave and return home, saying you love him once a day, and only showing him how you look after you bathe pfft. He’s serious and even wants to write them down on paper. Back home, you bathe first and Ikki’s happy to see how you look when you come out lol. Whilst he’s bathing, you decide to write down the actual house rules on paper but stumble upon his photo album instead.

You wait till he’s out to get his permission and then you both end up looking through it together. You find a photo of him in a maid uniform and Ikki explains that it was from a school cultural festival where his class did a maid café. He actually went to Meido no Hitsuji to research for it but ended up causing a ruckus ‘cos of his eyes. He then had to apologise to Waka, who asked him to work instead. Time flies and it’s lights-out time.

But first, as you two promised, Ikki comes to whisper sweet nothings into your ear, and asking you to say that you want to sleep with him. You find it to embarrassing though so Ikki leaves it tomorrow and you two sleep separately. The next morning, you try to wake up Ikki with much trouble and he even went back to sleep while changing clothes midway pfft. Both of you then walk to work today as you both recall back when Ikki was still surrounded by his fanclub and you had lost your memory and suspected him. He apologises and wonders if he must do so for the rest of his life, but you reassure him that you believe in him wholeheartedly now.

At work, both you and Ikki (especially) are still basking in your couple mood as Shin tries to stop Ikki from holding your hand at every chance he gets, and later Waka telling Ikki to focus more on work since his eyes always wander to you – or rather attack the customers here and attack you at home lol. Back at home later, the two of you are preparing dinner till your father calls you out and wants you to reconsider living together as he feels that you’re just one of the many girls Ikki has and will tire of – apparently her father was also like that so he understands…lol. When you go back, Ikki tells you to rely more on him and not to face your father alone as your separation will trouble him the most. So you two promise to face this issue together. That night, Ikki comes to your side again but you still don’t say the words out of embarrassment.

The next day, Sawa hears you out on your issue with your father. But the real purpose of your outing is to get a matching-couple-something to celebrate your cohabitation and she picks out a matching pair of chopsticks for you two. On your way home, Ikki calls you as he waits for your return as he misses you. When you reach home though, Kent takes you captive and he and Ikki play out their pretend-game lmao. They laugh when you try to get in-act too though and decide to end it as Kent forces Ikki to hand over the answered maths puzzle, but Ikki is not confident and Kent guesses that it’s ‘cos he’s distracted by living with you. But his other purpose was to return Ikki’s reading glasses which he had left at his side. You’re surprised to hear this and Ikki says that he’s embarrassed and doesn’t like wearing them – especially since Kent always makes fun of it lol.

The two of them drink and Ikki gets drunk, pouring out to Kent how cute you are and how he realises that more so now that you’re co-habitating – from when you’re cooking, watching TV, sleeping, out of the bath etc. Eventually Kent has to excuse himself, though he does enjoy observing Ikki’s disgraceful behaviour too pfft. Now that you’re alone, Ikki acts spoiled and asks to lie on your lap. You allow him to do so and when he’s all comfortable, you ask to see how he looks with glasses since he promised to do so when alone. Ikki does as told and you remark how he looks more adult-like.

You elaborate that you find him giving more off the sexy vibe without the glasses. You add that Kent seems special to Ikki since he calls Ikki by his real name, he knew that Ikki wears glasses, and they can fool around so freely. Ikki is happy to see you jealous, though he says that you’re an irreplaceable special someone. He doesn’t mind if you call his real name once though, but starts laughing when you do as “Ikkyu”‘s similar to a certain monk. Ikki confesses that it’s ‘cos of his real name that made him wish to be popular, as everyone made fun of him. Looking back though, they probably teased him ‘cos they also wanted to get closer to him. However, even if you call him by “Ikki” it’s still special and he asks you to call his name more. At night Ikki is at your side again, and he’ll be away the next two days for the seminar camp and your school term starts after that. Still you can’t bring yourself to say it and he tries going a step further by kissing you. But later Ikki apologises since he went further than you had promised, and says that he’s probably not completely sober yet.

Ikki leaves the next day and you go to work. After work though, Waka warns you that the girls are outside, asking you to come back if need be. You go out and two fangirls and they try to invite you out to join them to a club, till Rika stops them saying that they broke the rule of approaching you without her permission. They leave and you and Rika talk some more (at Arcobaleno no less), saying that though the FC supposedly broke up, a new one formed as she feels that organising the girls gives Ikki less pain, since they have all them rules. She apologises for before, since she was carrying out the punishment on you for breaking the rules. You reveal that you’d lost your memories and she apologises further. You don’t agree with the ways but understand that she’s doing it for Ikki. When you separate ways, Rika gives some homecooked food and also said that she came to see Ikki to apologise for how a girl imprudently confessed to Ikki in the open, crowded streets yesterday. Ikki has also been receiving random fangirl calls and you realise that those were probably the reasons why Ikki seemed down recently, and drank yesterday.

You are amazed at Rika’s cooking and realise that the fangirls probably know Ikki better, and decide to brush up on your cooking too. Ikki calls you that night and you inform him of what had happened. The next day, you are approached by the fangirls again, who obviously want to get close to you and hence Ikki. You reject though and return home, but then see a message by Ikki that he accepted their invitation (fangirls participated in the camp too) ‘cos he wants to talk to them. You decide to trust him as he must’ve his motive, and then later a fangirl sends you a photo of them having fun. You don’t waver and go out to get a missing ingredient from the supermarket, till Ikki calls you and hurries over. You two discuss what happened, and he clears up that the photo was an old one before he dated you. Ikki apologises, saying that he wanted to protect you etc. But you tell him to rely on you, like he told you so before. In the end, you both agree to share each other’s pain and happiness.

At home, Ikki happily eats your dinner and receives the matching chopsticks with pleasure. Rika also calls Ikki to report that she later disciplined all those fangirls. Lights out time but Ikki doesn’t come to your side to your surprise, and he admits that it’s ‘cos he doesn’t think he can hold himself back after how you promised to spoil him more just now etc. But eventually things develop to where he kisses you as he can’t hold himself back anymore and you finally say the words – except that Ikki has no plans of merely sleeping together and asks you to prepare yourself for lots of loving.

The next morning you two bask in more couple time before you leave for university. After that your father calls you out and so you decide to see him together with Ikki. Ikki seriously asks for his permission, saying that he plans to marry you after you graduate and your father finally gives his consent. On another morning, Ikki falls asleep while changing again and he remarks how you’ve become less embarrassed around him. At work, Shin puts up with Ikki’s outpours of how cute you are lol and tells you two to leave, but to you he adds that he’s happy to see you’re happy and that Ikki seems to be smiling more now. Outside, Ikki tries to kiss you but ‘cos he removed his sunglasses two girls start fangirling so you two run off, but hear them remarking that you two look compatible.

In the epilogue, you two hold your own wedding under the starry night sky. A shooting star passes by and Ikki wishes that you’ll always be together till death, while say that you’ve always wished for Ikki’s eyes to be normal again and for him to live peacefully – whether it be just now, when blowing birthday candles, or at shrines. Ikki says that his biggest fear is losing you now and all he needs is you now. He changed his wish ever since he met you and asks you to consider changing too, so you answer that you’ll do so from now on and you both kiss.


Is it me or did Ikki’s route feel the longest? Lol, I bet it was ‘cos of the fanclub business. I wouldn’t have minded if they took that out – it would’ve been just as sweet as Kent’s. But well, it didn’t spoil Ikki’s route too much. The heroine was too shy for her own good at the start, but at least she didn’t submit to the drama and was more normal than she was in Shin/Toma’s routes. And I like Ikki’s sweet whispers. \o/ But he broke my “insert blushing-face with no-speech screenshot at-the-start pattern” …’cos he didn’t have any lol. Oh well. Definitely one of the sweeter routes.

And last but not least it will be Ukyou’s turn!

4 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Ikki’s route

  1. roiyachan says:

    yay Ikki! im glad his route is sweet because he is my favorite. I kinda like Toma too because i like his looks? maybe? haha or i might be a bit perverse since his personality is the most interesting because hes so warped in a way lol. anyways i am glad the FD doesnt ruin Ikki’s route =)


    • Yume says:

      I like Toma in my own way too lol. Half of the first Amnesia probably couldn’t be what it is if Toma wasn’t twisted. XD

      But yup, Ikki’s route for the FD is sweet~


  2. Link says:

    “…but hear them remarking that you two look compatible.”

    Ah~ must be the one of the few otome / shoujo genre that people ever complimented how the couple look compatible lol.
    I’ve invested so much hope on Ikki’s and his route does not disappoint me, given that the heroine is ‘quite’ normal here and Ikki being the ever sweetheart. ❤

    And hnng at the wedding CG! XD
    So I guess Ikkyu's the only one who get a wedding ED, and seriously no 'happily married with children' ED? Oh well…
    Will be anticipating Ukyou's, although I doubt it will beat Ikki's. *Lol obvious bias*


    • Yume says:

      Yeah I was surprised when I first heard it, it was sweet~ Seems like Ikki and Kent got the sweeter slices of the pie (in Kent’s everyone keeps asking if you’re husband-wife pfft).

      Yup, I’ve actually just finished Ukyou’s route and can safely say that only Ikki got a wedding CG haha. Ukyou’s is pretty nice too but since Ikki is your bias…XD


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