Amnesia Later: Ukyou’s route

So the last guy from Amnesia Later is none other than Ukyou (CV: Miyata Kouki). Do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

In “New World“, you approach Ukyou who gets really shaken, demanding that you can’t get defenseless around him. You recall talking with Ukyou before about how he wants to take photos of fireflies with you. So with Orion’s persuasion, you force him to accompany you as he should take responsibility for failing to see any fireflies lol. He gives in but tells you to wait as the guys are having a watergun fight with Kent’s specially-made coloured ink (which will disappear when it dries up). Ukyou shoots them all down like a pro in a flash, much to everyone’s surprise, wondering if he’s an ex-assassin lol. Apparently he was barefoot so that he could walk around soundlessly, though everyone couldn’t comprehend since it looks painful. But of course Ukyou says that this pain is nothing. The guys agree to hold a rematch next week, and Ukyou is so touched that he tears up.

Ukyou then returns to your side and you congratulate him. He thanks you but insists that though he’s good at creeping up on people, finding their weak areas etc. it’s nothing to be proud of lol. Both of you go to other possible firefly spots aka where there are rivers. The first one is the park but unfortunately though it’s crowded, there’s none. You see that Ukyou got his sleeve wet and he reassures you that he didn’t slip and fall into the river when checking pfft. Next is the cemetery ‘cos in his memory there was a little river off to the sides, not that you know of any. You wait for him as he goes to check but when he comes back it’s the other Ukyou, who questions why you’re wearing a yukata before returning to the normal Ukyou. Ukyou asks if he acted weird and you answer that he took notice to your yukata. He then concludes that the other Ukyou must’ve been been impacted by your yukata look (too much “damage” lmao) so he retreated back. Of course you don’t understand anything, especially when Ukyou suggests that you wear something cute every time you meet but then adds that it would be problematic for him to control himself. Orion and you can only wonder what he’s thinking pfft.

Ukyou suggests going back to the original site since that was where he’d seen the fireflies last night. You two make your way back but no one is around, so Ukyou decides to call Waka later. He then wonders why you approached him out of all people, since he’s merely a customer to you. You answer that you wanted to see the fireflies with him, and he’s happy to hear that but still doesn’t comprehend your reasons. Both of you then head down to the river banks, and Ukyou apologises if he’s too close but wants to block the wind for you as the you he knows is afraid of the cold.

The fireflies then appear to both of your delight. Ukyou is happy to be able to see the fireflies together with you, and your memory is triggered: you remember telling Ukyou about the staff trip and he envies how you all got to see them, as he’s only heard of them from his grandmother. He hopes to snap them with his camera next time, with you if possible. You realise that you wanted to show Ukyou the fireflies ‘cos of this and hence the effort. As you say all of this out, Ukyou is surprised to see that you recalled, but also extremely touched and tells you that he loves you.

For his “After Story“, it starts off with Ukyou carrying you off away from the fire in the school, and assuring you that everything’s alright now and the nightmare’s over. Time skip to September and Ukyou visits your workplace, as he regularly does, and asks Waka if there’s any good store nearby to buy furniture. Apparently his place is bare and he almost let slips as he remarks “it’ll be too inconvenient if I’m going to stay in this world forever”. Later, Waka reveals that he’s planning to hold small-scale wedding services here. But Ukyou misunderstands this and thinks that he’s asking you and him to wed here lol. As much as Waka enjoys seeing Ukyou fret, he corrects him and says that he’s asking him to be the photographer as he gets the staff to pose as wedding couples – he’s planning to make pamphlets to advertise about this new service and Ukyou agrees.

Ukyou waits till you’re off work and asks whether you could help him pick out some furniture. You agree but ask to see his place first so that you can get a better idea. So Ukyou brings you over, and it’s empty except for his trunks up in the loft which contain some change of clothes and other necessities. Before Ukyou never saw the need but now he plans to stay here and even one day live with you – but not now, though he does think how blissful he is every time you call his name. Ukyou then sees you home that night, and he always makes this a point to never be together with you at night. He gives you a goodnight kiss on the forehead before leaving, as if he does so on the lips he may not bear to leave you. You get the feeling that sometimes you don’t understand what Ukyou is saying, and it’s probably linked to the fact that your memories of August is a blur. Ukyou told you that there was an explosion and fire on August 25th and that affected your memories, but throughout this route you begin to start seeing flashes of visions which seem all-too-familiar.

The next day, you accompany Ukyou with his shopping as promised. It goes smoothly though being Ukyou, he does panic when deciding on what bed to get – that he’d like a double but it’ll be too large, no but that doesn’t mean he intends to sleep together with you lol. He also buys matching cups~ But then he starts delving into why he doesn’t meet you at night as you probe him, stating that there’s no idea what he may do to you since he’ll be tired and his reasoning weakened. This sounds all very though and Ukyou realises this, and corrects himself that he doesn’t mean it that way – he won’t jump on you, probably, as he surprisingly has a high threshold of endurance. ‘Cos he gets louder and louder, everyone starts looking and laughing, so you two end up leaving before Ukyou says anymore lol.

Outside, Ukyou’s shopping is done but most of the stuff will be delievered to him the next day. You then receive a call from Rika who asks to see you now, and agrees that Ukyou can tag along. There, the three Ikki fanclub members apologise for locking you up in the shrine and leaving you behind even when a fire started. The thing is, you don’t remember and Ukyou confirms this with Rika and the girls. You don’t blame them since you don’t remember and Ukyou says that it was an inescapable fate so it’s not 100% their fault. However, he still tells them off as they held such negative feelings even though you only see Ikki as a friend. You then suggest that the girls should approach Ikki as a friend too. You leave the rest up to Rika to handle, including what measures to take against them.

Both you and Ukyou then walk back home. Ukyou mentions that he did something unforgivable to you in August too and you say that you’ll forgive him too, though Ukyou still feels uneasy whether you’ll grow to regret this decision. He also wonders which side of him did you fall for, ‘cos even though he loves everything about you – he himself is an idiot, airhead, always fretting, an otome at heart, a phantom, suspicious, a shinigami, has long hair, can’t calculate two-digit numbers, has no common senses, has no friends, self-claimed photographer, shady etc. Moreover you’re surrounded by a bunch of ikemen with high-specs, even though they have their flaws too it’s not as bad as him lmao.

In response, you say that you like all those things about him, and will continue to do so from now on too. Upon hearing this, Ukyou is touched and resists the urge to hug you in the open now. To him, he had always been watching you from afar and thought that his feelings may have died down but apparently not – in fact it’s not enough. Later that night, Ukyou calls to ask you about your work hours (so that he knows when to go over). After work you two also agree to visit his place as the furniture should’ve arrived by then. You offer to give him your work schedule but he says to leave him a reason to call you. The topic wanders to how you should go out on a proper date one day and he suggests visiting a haunted house and you’re reluctant on that idea. Ukyou himself doesn’t really fear anything though and you ask if he enjoys seeing your responses, but he says that it’s so that he can hug you.

The next day Ukyou visits you at work as promised, and the other guys are all surprised to see for themselves that it’s really true that you’re going out. They’re all obviously not too happy with this, though Toma says otherwise since it’s your choice (but doesn’t deny that he may be thinking otherwise) – Shin adds that it’s Toma’s dream to walk down the virgin road with you (aka as your parent) lmao. They all decide to add some extremely spicy spices to Ukyou’s order, but Ukyou’s senses are all numbed and he even asks for more tabasco sauce to their surprise pfft. After work, both of you go to Ukyou’s house which is all nicely done up now. It also has many potted plants and Ukyou explains that his friend who works at a flower shop pushed them to him. You remark that it’s a problem ‘cos of the nature of his job, and Ukyou agrees but the plants only require water once a week so it’s not as bad.

Ukyou then goes to get some tea for you but when he comes back he accidentally spills them on you. He panics and wonders if he should lend you his pajamas to wear while your clothes dry (but that’s another problem in itself lol). You then decide to change into your work clothes since you brought them back. But after you’re done changing, Ukyou gets all embarrassed and finally hugs you as he’s unable to hold back himself anymore. He’d always looked at your working from afar and he got emotional as he recalled all of the past up. But then he rushes out with the excuse of buying some stuff from the convenience store before he goes any further. While he’s away, you realise that a piece of paper underneath the carpet is wet and take it out to dry – till you see the contents and it looks like a dialogue going on between Ukyou and someone else about various household chores etc. You don’t exactly suspect Ukyou of two-timing but can’t help but feel something amiss as the other person sounds like a fellow roommate. But you can’t bring yourself to question Ukyou – even when it’s the next morning, you start over-imagining and cry.

When you later go to work, everyone is shocked to see the aftermath of your breakdown. When Ukyou later arrives, Waka asks him about it and he says that he planned to apologise for yesterday’s events. Still, Waka understands that Ukyou is the root cause and when Ukyou hears that you are troubled (not knowing that it’s ‘cos of him) and agrees that the culprit should die a terrible death, such as how Toma did to him once before…lol. Rika then brings you back, with Waka’s agreement, and you confess the truth to her. Once that’s done, she brings you to confront Ukyou, who is shocked to hear that he’s being suspected of infidelity pffft. He apologises for causing you uneasiness once he learns of the truth and asks to bring you out to clear up the misunderstanding.

Outside, Ukyou reassures you that he loves only you – before confessing that he has a split personality. Even though he has subsided quite a bit already, he still comes out when he’s tired and that’s why Ukyou always avoids meeting you at night. By right there’s no reason anymore why he should come out but then Ukyou explains that it’s ‘cos he can’t stand the fact that Ukyou’s such a slob lmao. Ukyou admits that he used to be more proper and methodical but after all he’s been through he just does whatever he needs to do to survive. He’s probably is more like his old self and would come out at night to do the laundry, throw away expired food etc. pfft. Ukyou would then get surprised to see these changes (though you agree that expired milk should be thrown away lol) so they decided to start this exchange of notes to keep track of each other’s movements. Ukyou kept this from you as he did some terrible things to you which you don’t recall anymore, and didn’t want you to remember those memories. You decided to believe Ukyou, though everything’s a little distant and you remark how you’d like to meet him once. But of course Ukyou is highly against this. At the end, he agrees to let Waka and the rest know this too since it may be better.

The next day, Ukyou tells Waka and Rika the truth, and agrees to let Waka tell the rest of the staff this too. Waka remarks how split personalities arise from tough situations and sees Ukyou’s photographer job in a new light lmao. Ukyou also then lets you and the rest know that he has to leave for four days starting tomorrow for a job offer to take photographs of a flower which only blooms now, and he accepted it ‘cos it’s reminiscent of his grandmother’s hometown though he’s very reluctant to leave your side too. But you assure him otherwise and it’s a temporary goodbye.

Over the next few days, you spend them with Sawa and the rest – though on the third day Ukyou’s away, you go to his place to water the plants. But over there, you encounter Ukyou sleeping much to your surprise – he probably ended work early. However you recall what Ukyou mentioned about him and decide to quietly slip out. Unfortunately, he wakes up and pins you to the ground, surprised to see you after so long. He remarks that he’d only either watched you from afar or finished you off with his own hands – unlike now, he’s up close to you but has no reason to kill you. Of course you don’t understand any of this. He then says that he actually shares similar feelings with Ukyou, so that means he’d always longed for you too. The doorbell then rings and at that moment Ukyou regains control and tells you to make a run for it before he returns, saying that he’ll apologise later.

Outside, you bump into a young boy who’s here to deliever some nutrients from the flower shop but Ukyou didn’t answer. He asks if you know Ukyou and you say yes, but don’t think Ukyou will come out. The young boy then asks you to help him. Seeing your reluctance, he says that even though you’re probably really scared since you don’t recall anything, you shouldn’t run away or let go of Ukyou as you’ll definitely regret it. You sees flashes of visions, including that of how the boy looks extremely familiar, but he leaves you before you can confirm. You then decide to act on his words and return inside to see Ukyou. He’s shocked to see you but you insist on him telling you the truth about August, especially as you recall the promise you made to each other to always stay by each other’s side. Seeing your insistence, Ukyou finally gives in, saying that it’s partly his own ego since he doesn’t want to let you know his past sins. He explains everything to you and you finally recall everything. Ukyou confesses that the past few weeks were happy, but at the same time he felt an incredible amount of guilt.

You express that you want to meet him tonight to talk. Ukyou is against this but eventually gives in and the two of you wait, saying first that just like him, he also loves you. However, he also sadly points out that ever since you got your memories, you reverted back to using keigo and addressing him as Ukyou-san. You explain that it’s probably ‘cos you recalled strongly of the time when you still used keigo and Ukyou blames it all on him, saying that you should hit him the minute he comes out etc.. At that time, he finally comes out. He wonders if what he did before wasn’t enough to scare you or whether you’re looking forward to more. You apologise for all the pain he put up with ‘cos of you and for forgetting about his existence. Naturally he’s shocked, since he continuously (tried to) killed you, since he only holds malice and the intention to kill.

In response, you say that you can’t hate him as you don’t recall, and also that if you met in another world and fell in love, you’re sure that the you would’ve died willingly for him to live. He scoffs at you, saying that everything isn’t that beautiful. But then he goes quiet as he realises that it’s probably not that since both he and Ukyou died in exchange for you that night. He then admits that even before Ukyou and Neil realised, he started to see that killing you doesn’t always mean that he can live on as the world removes irregular existences. So killing you continuously was meaningless, and essentially so was his existence too – but he was born madness and couldn’t stop himself.

As he laughs wryly at how meaningless and aimless all these killings and deaths were, you reach out to hug him and you say that there’s no way he only hates as he looks like he’s about to cry now, and maybe is just as much of a crybaby as Ukyou. He’s shocked at first, but then apologises in return and says that he’s glad that he didn’t kill you that night, and kisses you. He then deliberately retreats and Ukyou is shocked to find himself kissing you lol. Ukyou thinks that he forced himself on you so he should go jump off a building in order to punish him lmao – thankfully you clear up the misunderstanding in time.

Time skip to October and it’s the photo-shoot for the pamphlets. But upon seeing you in the wedding gown, Ukyou is torn to see you line up alongside another guy. He asks if you’ll wear one for him only one day, and upon your positive answer, he promises to properly propose to you once you graduate. Outside, Waka tells you that the guys are doing rock-paper-scissors to decide who is the groom lol. But in the end Ukyou can’t take it – he carries you and dashes off from the scene. But apparently, Waka actually prepared a tuxedo for Ukyou too and the guys were planning to give in to Ukyou lol. They give chase though since they can’t continue the photo-shoot without you two. At your side, Ukyou reaffirms both his and his love for you.


I don’t know why this review turned out much longer lol. Anyway, playing this made me think how Ukyou is indeed the OTP. I enjoyed his route a lot, especially when Ukyou starts panicking – it’s really amusing. Also, I can’t believe that his other self turned out to be appealing for me lol. I guess the image of him doing the household chores got to me good. All in all, Ukyou got one of the better slices of the pie~ Oh and of course I was extremely delighted to see Orion hnng. So speaking of Orion, the next post will be on Orion Mode and probably my concluding thoughts too!


4 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Ukyou’s route

  1. kayuune says:

    I played Ukyou first since he’s my favorite, and because I had just finished his route in Amnesia I figured my baby needed his happy ending lol.

    I really liked this route, it was so sweet! I was suprised to find myself liking Evil!Ukyou too, but the part about him doing household chores was just pfffft

    Overall this route made me go ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ , which was quickly ruined since I did Shin next….>_>;;;; I haven’t had time to do anyone else yet 8D

    Looking forward to your Orion post!


    • Yume says:

      Yeah Ukyou is such a dear~ I was glad to see him have a happy ending, and I didn’t mind the little drama inserted in between too. I couldn’t stop laughing when Ukyou complained about how the other Ukyou would do the household chores – I think the other Ukyou should be complaining more about how much of a slob he is pfft.

      LOL oh dear, I can imagine how it must’ve been to play Shin after Ukyou. You should probably play a sweeter route next! Lol, or I guess you’re busy playing another game? XD

      I’ll try to get it up soon! I absolutely love Orion ❤


    • Yuuki Sara Arisu Kiyori says:

      Yas! Finally somebody who agrees with me that Ukyo should be the OTP with the Heroine/whomever is playing!

      Also, I heard that there are profiles that you can unlock in Girls’ Party ( which, in turn, is unlocked by choosing to talk to the girls during the fireflies event ). Could you write a post with those profiles? I’m very curious and I can’t find them elsewhere.



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