Amnesia Later: Orion & Concluding Thoughts

Yes, here’s the last post for Amnesia Later!  I’ll go through the unlocked story (after finishing literally everything else) for Orion (CV: Igarashi Hiromi) and later my concluding thoughts. But do read the first Amnesia Later post for the basic game flow. /lazy

Orion Mode” follows the end Ukyou’s route from the first game (but the contents of Ukyou’s route in the FD don’t happen). Here, Ukyou is away for three weeks as he’s forced to take on a job at some remote rainforest (lol) so it’ll be hard to keep in contact due to almost zero reception. Anyway, you’re trying to pass time without feeling too lonely and you decide to wander around certain areas – including the park. There, you chance upon a young boy taking a nap in the grass, and suddenly you see flashbacks of Ukyou doing the same and the young boy. As the boy wakes up, he’s surprised to see that it’s late already, and even more shocked to see you. You wonder if you’ve met before and he points out that he picked up your handkerchief before and that only – before zipping off.

The next day, you finish school and meet Toma at the entrance. Both of you talk about how your school times are totally different and about now the elementary kids would be making their way home. This reminds you of the young boy from yesterday and you visit the park again in hope of seeing him again but he’s absent. On your way back home, you see him in front of the mansion you live. His grocery bag breaks and you offer him your tote bag and to help him carry his shopping back. It turns out that he lives in the apartment right above you, much to your surprise. He thanks you and mutters about how his ‘brother’ insisted on living somewhere nearby. He mentions that his brother is a college student at your school, in the same year as Toma apparently. He himself helps out at the flower shop he runs with his brother and plans to enter school next month.

He wonders if you’ve a lover and you answer that he’s away right now etc. He then ponders a bit and says that you endure too much and it’s only natural to be lonely if your important someone is away, and it’s alright to just state it. You’re at a loss for words, as you feel that he seems much more mature, and agree that you’ll try to do as he advised next time. The boy then invites you in for some tea and you accept the offer – to see a room filled with random decorations, thanks to his brother’s tastes lol. You get the impression that they’re living away from their parents, and he answers that he moved in here with his brother a month ago. As the conversation wanders to him entering school soon, he wonders if he can adapt well and even questions what it means to be a friend. In response, you refer to yourself as his friend which both surprises him and touches him. At the end, he sees you off and you welcome him over to your place anytime too.

On another day at work, Waka asks you and Mine to decorate the tables with flowers he got from a flower shop he happened to pass by in the morning. After further questioning, you find out that the descriptions of the workers sound very similar to the young boy so you decide to drop by there later. Waka also reveals a new cookie recipe he’d made and gets the two of you to taste-test them. When you approach the flower shop after work, you see him working efficiently with a customer. He’s surprised to see you and you explain how you came to know of this location. As you’re talking, he lets slip that his own name is Orion. However, he says that it’s a temporary one as he plans to change it. You’re then invited in to see more of the shop.

Later, he walks you home (or it can be the other way around too) and on the way you receive a message from Ukyou and then decide to ask Orion to exchange numbers. In front of his place, you talk a bit more and Orion remarks how the little things everyday excite him despite everything being new, and how every little bit of him changes everyday excites him – and he’ll surely be a fine man 5 years later lol. You wonder why he has such a familiar feeling. Orion says that he can’t answer you, but then grabs a flower from inside to give to you, even though it’s from his own store – and that it’s a type of rose called Amnesia.

The next day it’s your day-off work. You keep having flashbacks in the past few days and can’t help but want to question about Orion further. But it feels odd to just go up to ask about that randomly so you decide to try out the cookie recipe you’d gotten from Waka and give the excuse that you made one-too-many and that it’s in return for the rose. However, you fail and lots of smoke ends up filling up the room. Orion hurries down as the smell travelled up to his place and worries about whether there was a fire. He is relieved when he learns of the truth but wonders why the fire alarm didn’t go off, concluding that the battery is probably out, before muttering to himself that if you’d stayed at home on August 25th it may have been disastrous then. Orion then asks if you’re feeling uncomfortable ‘cos of the smoke though it isn’t as bad as previously, and ‘cos of that situation you suddenly recall being stuck in the shrine set on fire – and you finally recall everything that occurred in August.

You hug Orion as you reveal that you finally remember and apologise for taking so long as you welcome him back. Later you’re outside as Orion wants to bring you to buy cleaner for the stove lol. He looks back and tells you not to feel apologetic since Neil went too far in granting Ukyou’s wish, and says that it was a fortunate thing after all for them to become humans since that meant he could look over you even more closely. Even though he felt lonely that you forgot about him, he didn’t know how to approach you with the truth and thought that it would be painful for you to remember all the not-so-dandy memories. Orion also reveals that it wasn’t as easy to adapt to human life ‘cos of all the paperwork, and they only got the apartment ‘cos they cried and begged, saying that they didn’t have any other family to rely on. The flower shop is also run to finance them and Neil managed to study with a fee exemption as a special student. But in the end, he’s happy that you remembered as you were always special to him – since he shared his soul with you etc.

At that moment, Ukyou calls you as he managed to get some reception and is surprised to hear Orion too and learn that you recall everything. Orion remarks about how he’s worried to hand you over to Ukyou since it’s worrying and tells Ukyou that if he continues like this he’ll take you once he grows up in 5 years’ time lol. Of course Ukyou starts panicking and can’t rest easy now but then the line gets cut off pfft. Orion then asks you to choose a new Japanese name for him to use (Neil is a no-go as he almost wrote 汚離恐 lmao). You get the option to pick a new name for him (I left it as ‘Orion’ ‘cos I can’t think of him by any other name). He’s extremely happy and decides that today shall be his birthday too (October 5th) since he has kinda reborn.

The next day, Orion gets invited over to a surprise belated birthday party at Meido no Hitsuji. Apparently you had requested Waka to make a belated birthday cake but then he suggested throwing a party instead – and the other staff heard that you’re celebrating a birthday for a guy and misunderstood so everyone came over to prepare out of curiousity lmao. Orion is both surprised and touched, as he says that he heard everything from Neil and remarks that no matter in which world there were people who loved you, so he feels like thanking everyone. Orion starts crying as he never anticipated that such a day would come for a spirit who had no body and no one could see/hear his existence. He never imagined to be able to possess such happiness, to have a day where people wish him happy birthday and celebrate for him etc.

The birthday cake then comes out and Orion thanks everyone (though he still likes you the best). Outside, Ukyou and Neil are standing and wondering how to enter – apparently Ukyou rushed over here after that phone call lol. Neil remarks that they should just walk in and it should be a heartening reunion between lovers pfft. But even Ukyou has more sense and says that the very first birthday for Orion as compared to his constant departures and returns is more important for now. They then decide to at least go out to buy a birthday present, but with Ukyou having the deciding role (Neil almost wanted to buy a wooden sword lmao).

Concluding Thoughts: First let me go into my thoughts for Orion – why is he such a darling omg I teared up when Orion cried as he went on about how fortunate he was etc. when you celebrated his belated birthday. It’s shorter than the normal routes but thankfully Orion got a proper one unlike Waka – so happy to see how everything wraps up nicely for Orion. I feel so sad now whenever I think about the other worlds ‘cos that means Ukyou probably died and then Orion would probably be watching over you – just that you don’t remember, and you can no longer see/hear him (well…except for that brief moment in Toma’s route, it was weird). Anyway, I loved Orion’s route~

So for the whole game, I could definitely feel the lack in content as compared to Snow Bride since I played them back-to-back. There were both hits and misses – I think everyone knows lol. But well, since I left most of the neater routes for later I’m left with a more positive aftertaste. Still, it’s not like you’ll miss out on too much if you don’t play this with the first game – in other words the first game is also nice and complete on its own. I suppose if you love the characters then yup it’ll be a nice addition~ Personally I played everything so that I can see what they did for Orion haha.

Anyway, that’s it for Amnesia Later! I have absolutely no idea what game I’m gonna dabble with next. But I think that I’ll give it a rest till my semester is done next week ‘cos everything’s rather hectic at the moment. I may do random reviews but well other than that, I’ll be thinking about what to play next lol.

4 thoughts on “Amnesia Later: Orion & Concluding Thoughts

  1. kuromin says:

    Reblogged this on Freude! and commented:
    I didn’t know that there was an Orion route! Seems fun, so I should check this game out one day, even though it’s a bit late.


  2. Roiya says:

    aww Orion why so cute!! I dun care if hes a shota now lol I waaana date grown up Orion. I wish he had a real route like how Waka should’ve had a route.


    • Yume says:

      Lol when I compare to what Waka got, I’m quite happy Orion got somewhat of a route. Especially when the staff did the survey to see what ‘Waka’ everyone wanted. Anyway, but yeah Orion’s really a dear~ /super bias to Orion XD


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