Hey guys!

Sorry for the absence from the blog. Thanks to Yume for keeping the blog updated! Been really busy with school and stuff so just to let you know that I’m not dead, here’s yet another doggie video!

As for otoge reviews, I haven’t got the time to play much and i’ve put Arcana on hold due to some game system issues i experienced which led me to frustration lol. I apparently erased all my memory of the game and had to restart EVERYTHING. I read that other players had that problem. So after restarting, i’m left with Dante and the general routes. Hopefully, i’ll have the motivation to finish lol.

On another note, Yume and I are planning on something interesting to put out so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Plans

  1. Yume says:

    Thanks for the update! 8D I was thinking of posting something as a form of update too but got distracted by other stuff haha. Can’t wait for us to work together on the “something”! \o/

    Ikr one can only imagine the horror. /o\ Look at how long it took me to finish Renai Banchou when I lost the save data twice lol.

    And the video~~ XD


    • regina.y says:

      Np! Yes can’t wait too!
      haha i rmb you telling me about that incident. I think it’ll be more aggravating to lose a data on a rpg type game than visual novels =A=.


  2. Hinano says:

    oh look Aracana’s KUSO system strikes again. fortunately for me it was only dante’s route that I never finished but lol if i had erased everythign I think I woulda quit completely =_=


    • regina.y says:

      lol ya man, i was getting ready to quit but then i had luca’s route to do so i couldn’t! They better fix the game system in the fandisk or else!


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