Hey guys!

Earlier on, we told you that we have something planned and this is it!

Hope you enjoyed our very first and awkward podcast!

If you have anything to request or want us to answer on the next podcast, tell us and leave a comment!

Stay tuned for the next one!


6 thoughts on “Podcast~

  1. doropyan says:

    OMG A PODCASSSTTT!!! *listens*

    Haha, I never did do that meme coz it was so hard to answer. x3 Maybe I’ll try again. *spots Suki-Kirai, Rolling Girl, Just be friends, RISKY GAME in the bgm.* ARE YOU VOCALOID/NND FAN?!!

    ISHIDA AKIRA IS MY BIAS! I’m a Libra so haha >w< Hoshizuki-Sensei!!! <333 Mine.

    Haha, dw, this podcast was so much more interesting than my French grammar quizzes… I look forward to the next, if you ever do one!!


    • Yume says:

      It’s fun, you can definitely try answering the meme! Haha I wouldn’t call myself a vocaloid fan per se (since I don’t really listen to them…) but more of the NND covers of them. :3

      Lool what does that “Mine” meaaan~

      I’m sorry that we distracted you from French. orz Thanks, we will see when we have time to do another one! 😀


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