Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, Jyuzaengi, B’sLOG, Kaori Wakamatsu Artbook

Back with some buys so I’ll clear these in this post before continuing with my review posts. I’ll briefly do the usual of describing the contents of Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, and Jyuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ Limited Edition. They’re both such mouthfuls so I’ll refer to them as Aoiza Ibunroku & Jyuzaengi from now on! Next shall just go through a bit of content of B’sLOG though not everything since I’m quite lazy. Lastly, I’ll briefly go through the Kaori Wakamatsu Artbook – and hopefully you will become fans of her art by then lol. Image-heavy post!

As you can see, Aoiza Ibunroku the remake game simply comes a preorder drama CD. I was given the choice of getting the maker tokuten or not (price included/deducted respectively) and I decided not to get it since Ishida wasn’t inside… /bricked

Jyuzaengi  Limited edition consists of the game, limited edition drama CD, and a booklet. As a preorder, I also got the preorder drama CD, and the drama CD plus short story tokuten from Stella Worth. Inside the booklet you can find game illustrations, character profiles, short stories etc. To be honest I was expecting full-colour. I can understand if the text pages are in black and white. But the game backgrounds at the back were in greyscale which is awkward. Call me picky but yeah. Anyway I was expecting more from the booklet which is unfortunate. The recent LE print stuff from Otomate haven’t really been that great, so I suppose if it doesn’t concern Ishida then I’ll give them a rest.

Next we have the most recent issue of B’sLOG. Freebies are as seen above, plus a CD + booklet advertising Broccoli’s stuff. To be honest I mainly got this ‘cos of Kazuaki’s art splashed on the cover so let’s jump to her newest work with honeybee: Seishun Hajimemashita! It features a pair of twins taking the centre stage, and obviously takes place in a high school setting. As you may guess, the theme is youth (青春; seishun) and basically the game takes place in the last year of high school as they make memories with their friends etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

Idk why honeybee wants to do another high school setting when they’ve had…6 games and now going-to-be 6 ports of which it’s all a high-school setting? I guess this looks more interesting with two protagonists (I would like both of them to be voiced though) and honeybee is calling for ideas from the public around the theme of youth. Their website isn’t out yet but you can head over to B’sLOG ( instead and fill out a “youth” experience you had or a “youth” experience you like with your penname. Examples would be going to the beach in summer, seeing fireworks etc. I guess they’ve done so many of these scenarios in Starry☆Sky they would like more ideas. You’ll see your name in the credits if yours is chosen but of course, all rights would go to them. The deadline is end July~

Jumping into the otome game wagon is BlackButterfly, most well-known for their Soine Shuukan series. I guess they wanna learn to be like honeybee – by splitting their game up into three. Their game, Dousei Kareshi, is basically about cohabitation with the guy. As you can see, illustration is by Kirishima Sou, aka the one who drew for Mousou Esthe. Idk if I’ll be interested in playing ‘cos…it’s like other drama CDs have done this cohabitation scenario already so I’m not sure what the “new” thing BlackButterfly is adding as of now. Oh wait, dummy head microphones. But still.

More news from honeybee x BlackButterfly – the former’s latest Hitsuji de Oyasumi CDs are out (fans of Terashima Takuma and Okamoto Nobuhiko may wanna check them out; the theme is “childhood friends”) and the latter is going to compile all of their Soine Shuukan CDs as of now – into a digest version which they promise to be around an hour…okay.

Moving on, Toki no Kizuna basically showed some backgrounds links between the sub and main characters (I didn’t really read in detail yet though) and our Kamigami no Asobi game has thrown in Hades and Loki into the cast. If it’s going in this direction I hope they throw in a wider variation of mythological gods. OZMAFIA!! finally announced its cast but I’ve no idea who they are lol.

Amnesia’s CD jacket cover is out and it looks pretty as usual – not that I’m actually interested in the CD ahaha. I get a feeling that Otomate is going to milk this series a lot more though. QuinRose’s new game, School Wars, once again features a heroine holding a gun lol. But hey, at least it looks badass and the heroine seems to have more of a backbone as always. Though I’m actually secretly hoping for a day when they do their own spin of The Wizard of Oz. Otomate’s Glass Heart Princess made me raise my eyebrows further since the premises is that the heroine has to train her ‘fragile’ heart by going through dokidoki date moments lest she dies from her heart condition due to sudden shocks…okay.

Arabian Lost PSP remake comes out next month and honestly I’m only tempted ‘cos of Ishida’s character, so I’m sitting on the fence on whether to get it or not. L.G.S is going to have its opening song sung by Gero (and I saw that the song Polaris is being released on his other album). First VALSHE, then Dasoku, and now Gero – who’s next up in line? \o/ Bloody Call’s PSP remake will be out next month too and its probably one of the few games I don’t mind playing again (…except for Wataru’s route, maybe not).

After that it’s the BL section and Si-Nis-Kanto was included – still without a specific release date. To be honest this was one of the few other BL games that interested me last year but idk if I’ll still be interested in it since only so little information has been revealed in almost a year since its first announcement lol. \o/

Lastly, the Kaori Wakamatsu Artbook is one of my favourite buys ever. I’ve been dying for her to release an artbook since I first knew about her…quite a while back (I don’t remember). The only printed stuff you could get were her postcards or calendars/organisers since her other stuff comes from novel covers, to credit cards etc. Her pop art style which uses clean lines and a limited amount of colours is impressively eye-catching. This artbook was released last August and the first thing one would notice is that it’s hardcover. What in the world – of course that makes it heavier and more costly. The paper inside is non-glossy though so the colours have less shine and all but at least the paper’s relatively thick. The 80+ selected illustrations range from almost 10 years ago till 2011.

One of the things I like about the artbook is how spaced out all the illustrations are. I guess it depends on you – whether you’d prefer more and smaller images, or less and bigger images in the same amount of pages. I prefer the latter as I can’t help but drool over the pages and the use of white space. The series of blue, yellow, red illustrations on the top right are even specially printed bigger so that they fold up instead. For the record, I love all her illustration with traditional, country, modern feels etc. Yes, they all have gorgeous white skin.

I can safely say that not all of her existing illustrations to date are included inside. For example, her Monday to Sunday series of illustrations are not inside, and the above centre one is actually a remake of her older and orange “Welcome to Lunch” illustration (which wasn’t included). Well, that’s for anyone who follows her stuff closely. But in any case, it’s still a good collection of her works. I’m just ecstatic to get my hands on this and I’m such a huge fan, so I’m clearly bias.

At the back is an index of all the featured illustrations and a few pages showing some of the rough sketches (printed on thinner paper) – BEAUTIFUL. I can’t help gushing over this artbook, I finally have something more of hers than some postcards. Definitely recommend this to fellow fans of Kaori Wakamatsu’s art. It is more costly I think but hopefully once you receive the actual thing, you’ll feel just as happy as I did when flipping through the pages.

And that’s it for this post! I’ll get back to DMMd once I sort out some RL stuff and when I do finish that game, I’ll most probably move on to either Aoiza Ibunroku Saien or Jyuzaengi – depends on whether the walkthroughs are out then. Till next post~

12 thoughts on “Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, Jyuzaengi, B’sLOG, Kaori Wakamatsu Artbook

  1. Julia says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confused about the way the color stopped in the limited edition booklet! I was wondering if I’d gotten a glitched printing.

    Jyuuzaengi does seem to have its share of yanderes. However, as others have noted, the heroine is quite strong, both physically and mentally (though she has her more typical otome moments), which helps somewhat. Also, in the only route I’ve completed, the yandereness is both expected for the historical character basis and accounted for in the in-game backstory. The good end for him is pretty fab, too, I thought.


    • Yume says:

      Unfortunately, it’s probably the case for all of the booklets. D8

      I don’t mind yanderes as long as they aren’t flippantly thrown in just for the sake of it. They can have compelling situations sometimes so I am quite happy to hear you say that. :3 Having a relatively strong heroine also does help since she won’t grate on your nerves too much. \o/


      • Julia says:

        Oh yeah, I absolutely hate yanderes as a rule (admittedly I don’t play many otome games and don’t read romantic stuff at all for this reason, so I don’t have much to compare the game to), and yet I was able to forgive this one because it made perfect sense and wasn’t just the writers trolling the player. And, of course, the heroine was badass in the route and didn’t just go along with him. (Also because I love the historical guy like I love kittens. Bloodthirsty, evil but clever and oh-so-cute kittens. Sooooo your mileage may vary on that. ^^;)


        • Yume says:

          Yup~ They’re not my favourite character type either with some exceptions. Glad to hear that the writers weren’t trolling lol. I’ve heard many good things about the heroine – despite the eyebrows raised at a female Guan Yu at first, perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

          Ahaha to be honest the main thing I’m looking forward to is the shota catboy turning into a hot catman. /briiiicked But I’m sure I’ll enjoy the other guys too since I’m keeping my expectations down so that I can (hopefully) enjoy the game more. :3


  2. Yumii says:

    Thank you for the post~
    Since the magazine cost a bit I usually buy every two months or sometimes only Girl’s-Style and not B’s Log or vise versa, so it’s always nice when people scan some pages to let the rest of us in on the news.

    Have you started Jyuzaengi yet? I remember reading someone’s comment on how the guys are super possessive and might even be a bit yandere? Σ(゚Д゚|||)


    • Yume says:

      No problem! I used to buy Girl’s Style regularly too – but then I stopped haha.

      No I haven’t, ‘cos I’m still in the middle of playing another game. :3 Eh is that so? Both pocketbiscuit and twentyninenights seem to be okay with the game so I wasn’t aware of that. XD I hope that isn’t the case though, at least not with Ishida’s character pfft. /bias


  3. kaizokugarizoro says:

    those extra with the b’s log are the animate one? you know the nfs cards , usually i don’t get them if i buy from CD Japan or HLJ :/

    is there any news about a drama cd named tenshi x akuma? or a game named koi sentai love and peace, there is Nakai in the main cast i’m interest >w<


    • Yume says:

      Hmm I never quite paid attention until now – but now that you mentioned it, I think the small postcard comes only with Animate? ;;

      Yes there was news on Koi Sentai Love and Peace but this issue didn’t show much on Nakai’s character. ><;


  4. twentyninenights says:

    Whoaa, that’s nice. LGS will use GERO! I can’t wait to hear the song. I’ll remember Hotokenser then.. And I’m playing Jyuuza Engi too. It’s interesting, the heroine is strong, but the Chinese history will knock down my brain.


    • Yume says:

      Yup! I’m really curious about how his song will be like. :3 That’s good to hear! Ahaha, that’s part of the reason why I usually don’t play games set in olden times as much. ;; But looks like that will change when I play these two games.


  5. pocketbiscuit says:

    I’m playing Jyuuza right now, Ishida’s character is so adorable I think you might like this game. 8D I also like the badass heroine and plot is good! I totally agree the LE stuff from Otomate is so boring, I hope they do something about this lolol.

    Glass Heart Princess -> in the bad ends, heroine dies of moe ww


    • Yume says:

      Hnng Ishida catboy~ ( * ﹃ * ) It’s really encouraging to hear that from you! I’ll just have to tell myself to not just play for his character and ignore the other routes when the time comes. XD Lol yeah, they definitely should if they’re charging so much for the LE stuff. ;;

      LOL, I’ll feel tempted to purposely go for the bad ends if they do that. 8D


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