Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien Prologue

So I decided to start on Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien, as I predict it would be shorter to complete (?) and I’m not ready to read about my Chinese history in Japanese yet (meanwhile, I’ll go refresh my memory on it). So the main difference in this remake is that there are about 30 new CGs, some tokimeki kirakira system, a reference to the jargon-ish terms, character profiles, and three side characters get their own routes too. Other than that, I think the main story is the same.

The prologue is actually quite short. But since the game operates in that once this prologue is over you pick the guy to go after, I might as well do a prologue post.

The game starts off with the heroine, Mito Aoi, getting revision on her Japanese history with the tutoring of her childhood friend, Kaminari Sousuke (who’s apparently a huge history lover unlike herself). They’re going onto their last year of high school and it’s currently end March. They both live at the temple Aoi’s family owns. We also learn that Aoi has had a heart-shaped stone with her since she was born. Her grandma often told her that it’s linked to her fate. They’re interrupted by Aoi’s mother, who asks them to help to clean the warehouse. Among the things they find in the dusty place, is a silver mirror. Aoi starts seeing visions of another place when she holds it. As a thunderstorm seems to approach, Sousuke advises on leaving this for another day. But before they can leave the room, Aoi finds herself sucked in and in an unfamiliar place as a mysterious voice appears to be waiting for this. She climbs up the stairs to find herself face-to-face with a group of strangers (Aoiza) on a performing stage – who identify her as Futaba Aoi. Aoi recognises one of them as an older-looking Sousuke though he tells her that he’s Kaminari Kensuke.

They decide to end their work for today and bring her back to Miyoshino, an izakaya of sorts run by Hisoka, which also serves as the base for Aoiza. Aoi reluctantly tags along and learns that Futaba Aoi refers to the heart-shaped stone she wears on her wrist. Aoiza is a travelling troupe which has also been protecting the stone all this time. But it has disappeared from the box and is now on her, so they believe that she’s an incarnation of it. Aoi obviously rejects this, but she can’t remove her bracelet from her wrist to prove them otherwise even though she always used to do this easily.

Aoi also learns that she’s currently in the year 1873, Meiji year 6. With no one to rely on, Kensuke offers her to stay with them, and they can also continue to protect Futaba Aoi too. Aoi decides to accept this invitation, and from here we can choose which character route to go into.

For the first play, you can only go after any of the 5 Aoiza members. I’ll most probably go in this order: Kensuke, Rin, Nanami, Seiji, Hachi, Kikaku, Hisoka, Housen, Yukichi. …yes I’d like to believe that this game is shorter, lol. Anyway, I’ve already started on Kensuke and his route will contain most of the jargon explanation so please look out for it when I get it done!

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