Special Podcast 3 (contains spoilers)

Hey everyone!

This podcast is dedicated to the game Dramatical Murder, containing our thoughts about it, fav. characters etc.
It’s filled with major spoilers so listen at your own risk!
Bear with us cos… it’s pretty long. lol


2 thoughts on “Special Podcast 3 (contains spoilers)

  1. Spider9 says:

    Hello 🙂 Firstly i’d like to thank Yume for all the detailed summaries of all the characters in DMMd — I referred to the posts religiously while playing the respective routes and they helped me understand the game a lot better.
    Next, we’re from the same country! Went O_O when I heard you guys speak.

    Noiz was my favourite character, my adorable and playful baby… and his voice.. /o\ I love Hino satoshi’s low voice!! I felt that the gradual change in Noiz’s personality was very very sweet, or maybe i’m just biased ^^
    I didn’t like the 3P end either… it was probably too extreme for my ‘poor innocent mind’, with DMMd being my first bl game lol. I’ve always had a self imposed restriction on yaoi all these years but Aoba changed my mind XD
    The best song in the ost for me is definitely ‘Only finally there is the free end’, like this flood of emotions whenever it plays on itunes -blissful smile-


    • Yume says:

      Hi! Thank you for listening to our rants, haha. XD And I’m glad that my posts could help you enjoy the game more!

      LOL I guess it was super obvious from the way we talked since we got really carried away. If we happen to ever go to the same con/event/something, feel free to bump into us. Somehow /o/

      We all have biases so it’s understandable! Noiz is an awesome character too, it’s very fun since he has a “my-pace” kind of personality. 100% agree with you on Hino’s low voice. 8D

      Ohh, well I’m glad to see that your first taste of a BL game was pleasant on the whole~ Aoba is a great protagonist. ^^ I have experienced hmm more extreme stuff than the 3P end I guess, but still didn’t sit very well. It’s probably down to personal taste in the end. :9

      I guess it’s also ‘cos that’s the song played when you reach the good ends! Makes you feel even happier~ \o/

      Thank you so much for your comment and glad to meet a fellow fan! ❤


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