Podcast 4!

Hi, here’s yet another podcast!

It’s back to us answering the otome game meme but this time there are spoilers! Please skip these parts if you don’t wish to be spoiled on the following:

  • 1:05 – 2:02 (Fukuchi’s route, HaruToki5)
  • 2:48 – 5:27 (On Tooya in Ao’s route, Shinigami to Shoujo – but overall, a MAJOR plot spoiler /can’t stress enough)
  • 6:12 – 10:14 (Ukyou’s route, Amnesia – may affect enjoyment of other routes; 9:34 – 10:14 is minor theme spoilers on Steins;Gate and Clock Zero though lol)

Hope you enjoyed our extremely random talk! As mentioned, we will soon be disappearing till end July. Till then~ /o\

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