Arabians Lost, Intensity

My most recent game buy is Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~ PSP Deluxe Edition. It comes with the game, deluxe edition drama CD, booklet (illustrations of the old game covers, from B’sLOG/Cool-B magazines, short comics [Aileen x Curtis, Lille, Roberto], and short stories [Aileen x Stuart, Shark]). There was also the preorder drama CD and the bromide tokuten.

Also got amu’s second album Intensity (official website), with the DVD. It’s been on repeat for the past week and I’m in so much love with it. My favourite tracks are bullet, Propaganda, 501 and Ame Nochi Futari. I think Intensity has a more balanced mix of hard and soft than step on does, if that makes any sense. XD I also got the animate tokuten which is amu’s solo version of Shounen Ginga.

The website has a preview of all the tracks so you can actually make your own judgement from there! So I’ll try to give my impressions based off the whole song.

01. bullet

Just like Silvia, bullet is so damn addictive. Besides having the J-rock vibe, there’s a lovely combination of the violin. It gives a good emphasis such as the accented parts in the chorus, and also nicely accompanies the softness of the opening, bridge and ending sections of the song.

02. プロパガンダ
作詞・作曲・編曲:カラスヤサボウ *カバー曲

The first Vocaloid cover song, Propaganda. I didn’t think that it would fit amu so well! Okay, maybe I’m bias at the end of the day but it’s a surprisingly awesome choice of song. Nice strong beats, ironic song lyrics and amu’s Engrish…yes please, thank you.

03. 501
作詞・作曲:□しろくろ■ 編曲:wasshoi’s

I’m still trying to figure out the significance of the title, but that aside, 501 is probably the saddest song of the album if you just take a look at the lyrics. It’s a heavy song in that sense, but once again amu delivers in my (bias) opinion. I wouldn’t have minded if the keyboard came out more ‘cos it was a bit drowned out in my opinion. But other than that, I love this song. It also happens to be the longest song, almost 6 minutes!

04. ハルシオン

Unfortunately, I prefer the other PolyphonicBranch songs amu did before. ;; As the shortest song of the album, Halcyon started out promisingly. But then a lot seems to be going on and before I can get into the song it’s over. I do like the lyrics though and I think that it leads up nicely to the next track.

作詞・作曲・編曲:LIQ *カバー曲

The next Vocaloid cover song, and once again a nice choice of song. I don’t have much to say except that amu sings this pretty strongly and convincingly.

06. egoistic lovers
作詞・作曲:ダルビッシュP 編曲:ダルビッシュP & wasshoi’s

I love it when amu sings these sort of songs. I don’t know what genre they fall under, but egoistic lovers is similar to how amu sings Doku Ringo to Cinderella I guess? Catchy tune, singing with his higher register…and I should also add that the lyrics are rather suggestive too haha. Sexy amu /bricked  Anyway I love his high notes here~

07. celluloid
作詞・作曲:baker 編曲:松岡美弥子 *カバー曲

The last Vocaloid cover song and I am happy that all three songs are pretty different! As you may know already, celluloid is a pretty song and amu sings it nice and soft. It transitions well between track 6 and 8 as the pace of songs gradually slow down.

08. アメノチフタリ
作詞・作曲:amu 編曲:V系うどん職人

amu’s composition! It’s such a cute song, both in terms of lyrics and melody. As you may judge from the title (referring to two people after the rain), it talks about two awkward lovers’ relationship with the metaphor of the weather. And his high notes lovely as always. I find it a positive, calming song to end the album with, it’s like the feeling of sunshine after rain.

DVD: It contains the PVs for Silvia (from step on) and bullet. In bullet we get to see his face full-on. Enough said. o///o

Animate tokuten: Amu’s solo cover of 少年銀河. I enjoyed the PointFive version so I could expect that I would enjoy this too. It fits amu’s voice very nicely. Though I admit, I’m rather curious about his solo cover of Holography ‘cos I can’t quite imagine it as well.

All in all, 8 tracks, 33 minutes, a few bonuses – and I’ve no idea what I just wrote here. I find this as enjoyable as the first so if you enjoyed step on, I would recommend fellow amu fans to buy this!

Please do not ask me for download links or request me to share my copy here.


2 thoughts on “Arabians Lost, Intensity

  1. Hinano says:

    ah I wish I could read whats in that arabians lost comic. qr’s comics are so cute, the grimm one was really adorable. i think from now on I will only buy limited editions of QR’s games lol


    • Yume says:

      Ahh I only browsed through it since I haven’t played the game yet. /o\ But yeah they’re usually really cute (I enjoyed the Peter Pan one)! The one that caught my attention though was Lille’s ‘cos there was no dialogue in all the pages, except the last two. O:

      Lol, at least you can count more on QR’s LE since the characters are usually enjoyable so you wouldn’t mind reading/listening more about them.


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